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##latinitas rules v1.03

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Aug 1st, 2014
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  1. The Rules for ##Latinitas, version 1.03
  3. 1. English and other vernaculars are banned unless in quotations, examples and rarely out of lack of a proper Latin word. If you need to discuss Latin in English or assess your translation, do it in ##Latin. Only Latin is allowed in ##Latinitas
  4. 1a. By Latin we specifically mean the Latin used by the Western Roman Empire and the contemporary people somehow connected with it during its existence. That is, dominantly Classical Latin and other Latins that do not differ from it by any more than 350-650 years. Modern versions of Romance languages are considered vernaculars and therefore not allowed (they are however allowed in ##Latin).
  5. 1b. Dead / not living languages (i.e. their versions from a definite time period in the past, such as Attic Greek but not Modern Greek) are not considered vernaculars, but Latin should be used more frequently than some other 'scholarly' languages.
  6. 1c. There are always some operators online (even when not bearing visibly the @operator status) who will watch over the forementioned language policy. Non-obedient beginners will always receive less warnings than non-obedient advanced latinists. For special and absolutely necessary cases (in the case of problematic advanced latinists), the discussion might rather get moderated (the channel receives +m and individual users their +v voices to allow them to speak) to prevent unnecessary kicking (or even banning) of people.
  7. 1d. If you happen to be a beginner and you have not spoken in months/weeks, you might be asked to leave until you feel like speaking in Latin again.
  9. 2. Everybody present is required to speak Latin sometimes (e.g. when they are present on the chat and have a free time). Nobody present on the channel is allowed to a priori refuse to speak Latin and/or feel antagonistic towards such activity.
  10. 2a. If you are a beginner, then the Latin you are confident enough to produce should follow at least basically some grammatical rules and it should be rather objectively correct and comprehensible than objectively incorrect and not comprehensible. If it is not, you will be asked to /part and spend some time in ##Latin until you are ready. Minor mistakes are tolerated (none of us are perfect).
  11. 2aa. If your Latin seems to an advanced latinist incorrect only in details that do not represent serious issues with comprehension (such as: a non-Latin word order used by a beginner whose purpose is surely not to appear poetic and original in using it), then:
  12. 1) the advanced latinist is absolutely not recommended (and rather not allowed) to tell the beginner to leave the channel.
  13. 2) the advanced latinist is prohibited to correct the beginner in a language that is not allowed (that is pretty much everything but Latin).
  14. 2ab. All corrections of others MUST be done in Latin. It is unthinkable to correct somebody using a vernacular (such as English).
  15. 2ac. The only occasion where English will be used is when you are told to /part from the channel and stay in the mean time in ##Latin, until your written Latin becomes more comprehensible/better.
  16. 2b. For an absolute beginner it helps (and it is recommended) first to read the textbook called 'Lingua Latina: Per se Illustrata - Familia Romana' by H. Ørberg or 'Le latin sans peine/Il latino senza sforzo/Latein ohne Mühe' by Dessesard which will give you a basic idea how Latin sentences work and thus allow you to write grammatical and comprehensible sentences.
  18. 3. A flame war (conducted in Latin, since any other is prohibited by definition) should not get personal, ad hominem, with one side of the flame war feeling too uncomfortable about it.
  19. 3a. It is a known thing that a flame war is always conducted faster and better in English or some vernacular than in Latin. But be aware of doing it! The flame war MUST NOT turn into a non-allowed language. If your debate is purely philological / Latin-related and you desire to conduct it in a vernacular language for whatever reasons, then do it in ##Latin, otherwise in private.
  21. 4. No open hating/abusing of other members is allowed, unless both sides do it clearly in jest (It is not allowed anytime when the other side feels *repeatedly* uncomfortable by the ad hominem remarks of the other side, if the other side makes them).
  23. 5. By entering the channel you are automatically treated as if you have read these rules, understood them and agreed with them.
  25. 6. The rules might get updated and it that case it will be announced.
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