TCS-Druid [Pillars of Eternity]

Nov 22nd, 2015
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  1. Natures Balance Druid (TCS-Run)
  3. Name: Gaia
  4. Race: Moon Godlike
  5. Spirit Form: Cat
  7. Might 14
  8. Con 10
  9. Dex 10
  10. Per 15
  11. Int 15
  12. Res 14
  14. This druid is well rounded. Some Might for damage boost, some Perception for better aiming, some Intelligence for great spell area and longer spell duration and finally some points in Resolve to push our deflection a bit more and open new dialogue options. Whatever comes, we are prepared – arent we?
  16. Bonus rule: No Save-Rest-Scum to get perfect loot – try to live with what you find. Trust me its more fun this way!
  18. Skills: Primary focus on "Mechanics" and "Stealth" - nothing special.
  20. Level-Up-Guide
  22. Level 2: Weapon + Shield Style
  23. Level 4: Cautious Attack
  24. Level 6: Superior Deflection
  25. Level 8: Bonus Spell Level 1
  26. Level 10: Bonus Spell Level 4
  27. Level 12: Gallant´s Focus
  29. Some words about Equipment
  31. As a druid you should not bother too much as he is one of the few classes that is still very effective even with suboptimal items.
  32. Weapons: Hatchet (+5 Deflection) + Small Shield (no Accuracy Penalty) / Lenas Er Hunting Bow
  33. Armor: Depending on your enemies. Plate Armor if you have to tank a lot. Cloth Armor if you need fast cast = maximum damage
  34. Head: Good joke! ;o)
  35. Neck: Engwithan Adra Ban Amulet / Finreah's Grace / Liliths Shawl
  36. Hands: Bracers of Protection / Bracers of Spiritual Power / Gloves of Manipulation / Gauntlets of Accuracy
  37. Rings: Ring of Deflection / Ring of Protection / Orlan's Bramble Ring / Pensiavi mes Rèi / Ring of Searing
  38. Waist: Blunting Belt / Girdle of Maegfolc Might / Girdle of Eotun Constitution
  39. Boots: Shod-in-Faith / Boots of Speed / Boots of Stability
  41. These are just some viable examples. Wear whatever you can find or are able to buy - its your choice!
  44. 1. Died to the big bear in the Bear Cave (Valewood) because of very poor damage rolls on "Talons Reach" and several critical misses in "Enraged Catform". The bear was "almost dead" but the cat was unable to finish him. This was bad luck at its best! :/
  45. 2. Died to the bandits in Black Meadow because of very poor pulling and not eating sugar. To make it short: This was just idiotic! :D
  47. Crossroads: The path to Thaos
  49. Valewood
  50. ---> LEVEL 2
  51. Moved on!
  53. Gilded Vale
  54. Peaced the windmill problem (RISK: NONE)
  55. Visited the ghost of the dead dwarf women (RISK: NONE)
  56. ---> LEVEL 3
  58. Valewood
  59. Killed the bandits and freed the cook (RISK: LOW)
  60. Sneaked up to the bandits and positioned myself so that i could hurt all of them with „Talons Reach“ - got barely hit. Took 4 spellcasts to take them down.
  62. Cleared the Bear Cave (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  63. This is quite easy for the druid. Use foodbuffs and sneak to the corner so you can barely see the bears. Let them come. Aim your „Charm Beasts“ so that the big bear gets charmed. Immediately run back out of sight to the east side of the cave. The young bears will catch you at the end of the corridor – cast „Hold Beasts“ to paralyze them. Now you can easily kill them with „Talons Reach“ or „Spirit Shift“. Paralyze them again if needed. Remember: The big bear broke the engagement thanks to the charm. Rest! Sneak up to the big one again. Cast „Hold Beasts“ and hurt him with „Talons Reach“. Paralyze him again if needed. Finish him with another „Talons Reach“ or „Spirit Shift“. If you have to fear that he will break the second paralyze too early cast „Sunbeam“ to blind him. Now it should be pretty easy to finish him with the enraged Catform.
  65. Cleared the Wolf Camp (RISK: LOW)
  66. Use the entrance as a bottleneck so that only one wolf will engage you. Cast „Talons Reach“ to hurt them. Save „Hold Beasts“ to paralzye the big wolf. Enraged Catform will now kill him quickly. Loot!
  68. Gilded Vale
  69. Clearing the Temple of Eothas (RISK: LOW)
  70. The temple is quite easy for the druid. Even if things dont work pefectly – summoning the wrong Blight for instance – you can always retreat and repeat.
  71. Pull a small ebonyspider → cast „Charm Beast“ or „Hold Beasts“ → Summon a „Fire Blight“ or „Rain Blight“ that are immune to spider attacks → let the Blight clear all spider rooms. Shoot from distance with your Bow for some easy xp.
  72. Against the Shadows: Pull with „Sunbeam“ to slow them down → Retreat → Summon a „Wind Blight“ thats immune to frost damage → let the Blight clear the way. Shoot from distance with your Bow. If you summon the wrong Blight: Retreat and repeat.
  73. Against the Slimes: Pull them with „Tanglefoot“ → Retreat → Summon a „Earth Blight“ thats immune to corrode damage → let the Blight kill them one after another. Shoot from distance with your Bow. If you summon the wrong Blight: Retreat and repeat.
  74. Against the Will o Wisps: Cast „Winterwind“ from max range. The knockback will immobilize them completly. Easy kills for easy xp.
  75. Take the bones and talk to Wirtan
  76. ---> LEVEL 4
  78. Anslogs Compass
  79. Aufras Quest (RISK: LOW - MEDIUM)
  80. Fighting the groups of Xaurips. Use the bones in the east of the map as a bottleneck → Hurt and kill the Xaurip with „Talons Reach“ → Throw in a „Fire Blight“ or a „Water Blight“ as they are immune to the spear attacks → Kill the remaining Xaurip with the help of your blight. If things go wrong you can either escape with „Sugar“ or lure the Xaurip to the Fisherman so you can disengage (or finish them there). Kill all groups in this manner. The cave with the Sporlings can be dangerous. Buff yourself up and pull only the wandering one with „Sunbeam“. This slows him down and gives you time to hurt him with several „Talons Reach“. Enraged Catform will finish him quickly. Just make sure to heal early as the Sporling can hurt quite badly. Collect the spores. Talk to Ranga and Aufra for some nice quest xp.
  82. Black Meadow
  83. Stolen supplies (RISK: LOW - MEDIUM)
  84. This can be very hard or quite easy. The easy way is: Sneak to the north-west-entrance of the bandit camp. Wait till the guard begins his walk → Eat Sugar → Use the speedboost to run west into the group of trolls → make sure that the bandits will engage the trolls → laugh and retreat. Now you can sneak back to the camp. Kill the Bower. Sometimes the Crossbower will attack too once the bower went down – kill him too. With „Talons Reach“ a distracting „Blight“ and enraged Catform both went down quickly. Loot the supplies for some easy xp.
  86. More easy xp in this area: Air Elemental > Forest Lurker + Earth Elemental > Trolls
  88. Madhmr Bridge
  89. Ferry Floatsam (RISK: LOW)
  90. Killed the two looters and went for the peaceful solution. Fast and easy xp! Just make sure not to run blindly into the Xaurip Skirmisher – say hello permastun.
  92. Esternwood
  93. Passage to Raedrics Hold. Cleared the graveyard and collected all magical items → more gold!
  95. Raedrics Hold
  96. Finding a way into Raedrics Throne Room and clearing the underground (RISK: LOW)
  97. Took the safest way: Climbed the wall. Rested. Pulled the first guard – killed him with „Sunbeam“ + „Talons Reach“ + „Spirit Shift“. Killed the Bower with enraged Catform. Cloaked with Berath Robe and sneak-walked my way up to Nedmar. Rested again. Freed Giacco in the catacombs. The undead can easily be killed with fast „Talons Reach“ spam. Got the key from Nedmar and moved on to Raedric and agreed in killing Kolsc. Looted the whole area, found the „Gloves of Manipulation“ (+2 Mechanic). Nice!
  99. Cleared the underground area. Against the slimes: Pull with „Tanglefoot“ → retreat → Summon „Earth Blight“ → Shoot them down.
  100. ---> LEVEL 5
  101. The undead armies are now even more easier. They still dont like „Talons Reach“. Throw in „Returning Storm“ and „Twin Stones“ to crush them. Or combine it with „Earth Blight“ if possible because its immune against the attacks of Guls and Revenants (not the skeletons!). Disarmed all traps in the area for more xp.
  103. Gilded Vale
  104. Sold the loot from Raedrics Hold → bought the „Bronze Horn Figurine“ for 5000 gold.
  106. Caed Nua
  107. Clearing the Castle Courtyard (RISK: LOW)
  108. Kill the Shadows and Phantoms with the help of a "Wind Blight". The "Flame Blights" and "Will o Wisps" can as usual be immobilized with "Winterwind". Clearing the courtyard may take some rest. Move on to the Throne Room!
  110. Killing the Phantoms and Shadows (RISK: LOW-HIGH)
  111. I hate this battle. Sometimes its a walk in the park, next time i got wrecked. Accuracy and swift action is the key. After some dreadful losses in the past i wanted to make sure that it would not be the "You have died" moment again. So i buffed myself up with every consumable i could get. For fastest cast = maximum damage i only weared enchanted cloth. Yes this may sound risky but my aim was to take the enemies down before (!) the Animat vanishes. Used one trap at the bottom of the staircase and pulled the Phantoms to the small niche. Summoned the Animat -> Drinked "Potion of Eldritch Aim" -> spammed 4x "Talons Reach" -> casted "Returning Storm". When the Animat vanished only one Phantom (nearly dead) was left. Got stunned. Some seconds of fear later a lightning strike took the Phantom down. Gaia got barely hurt. "Luck" was on our side this time!
  113. Killing the spiders in the prison (RISK: LOW)
  114. With a "Flame Blight" or a "Water Blight" this is a walk in the park as you can clear all spider camps in one go.
  116. Meeting Maerwald (RISK: LOW)
  117. This dumb mage killed me several times in the past but it was always my own fault. To make this easy: Use Food Buffs -> Retreat to the door right after the battle starts -> cast "Winterwind" to immobilze the "Blights" (and maybe push back Maerwald) -> run through the door out of sight -> cast "Returning Storm" (this will stun him from time to time) -> dodge Maerwalds "Fan of Flames" and "Fireballs" -> drink potion of "Eldritch Aim" (optional) -> poke him with "Talons Reach" and DoTs like "Autumns Decay" + "Insect Swarm" -> Heal inbetween if needed -> move in with enraged Catform for the killing blows -> finish the immobilzed "Flame Blights". In the end Gaia still had more than 2/3 of her life left - nice! Note: I only used enchanted robes here for faster cast and minimum protection.
  119. Woodend Plains
  120. Skipped for now - will be cleared later!
  122. Defiance Bay
  123. Main Goal: Solving the riskless quests first while looting everything possible! Note: A Quest you should definitely avoid till level 9+ is "The Wailing Banshee" because the Shadows and Ghosts in the lighthouse will cause neverending nightmares.
  125. Copperlane
  126. Something secret (RISK: NONE)
  127. Helped Gordy getting his dagger and collected the "Oaken Scarab".
  129. The Parabel of Wael (RISK: NONE)
  130. Didnt retrieved the scroll yet but used sneak + mechanics to break into the treasure room. Looted "The theorems of Pandgram".
  132. Brackenbury
  133. The theorems of Pandgram (RISK: NONE)
  134. As you already have the book you can immediately give it to Nedyn for some nice xp!
  136. Far from Home (RISK: NONE)
  137. To get the amulet from Serel i buffed my Resolve to 18 (+2 Amulet and +2 Rest Bonus). Returned the amulet to Thristwn for xp and gold.
  139. First Fire
  140. Looted the "Obsidian Lamp Figurine" in the Vailian Embassy.
  142. Copperlane again
  143. A two story job (RISK: LOW)
  144. With Serels Buff, the resting bonus, some food buffs and the new figurines you can now engage the bandits. When the battle starts immediately use the 3 Shadows for distraction. Run to the western door. Let the Shadows use their "Frost Bolts" on the Mage (this should kill him after two uses). Throw in some "Talons Reach" as long as you can hit two enemies at least. Run around the corner and break the vision if you need some healing and disengage from the Bowers. Cast "Returning Storm" for more damage and stun. Summon the 3 Beetles once the Shadows disappear. Follow up with more "Talons Reach" and some "Burst of Summer Flames". Kill the rest with enraged Catform while the beetles are still used as distraction. All in all this battle shouldnt bother you much. Gaia herself got barely hurt. Collect the loot and move on to the Doemenel Quests!
  146. Brackenbury
  147. A two Story job - continued (RISK: LOW)
  148. Bring the letter to Abrecan Doemenel and agree to steal the diamond from Reymont. Use the grappling hook to get into the mansion. Remember that there are now two guards on patrol. Let them pass and sneak to the hidden treasure room. Loot the diamond and wait again - one, two, go! Bring the diamond back to Abrecan for good xp reward.
  149. ---> LEVEL 6
  151. Hard Feelings (RISK:NONE)
  152. Help Bricanta Doemenel finding Kolfecg in Ondras Gift. Spare his life and return for reward. Bonus: You can now trade with Bricanta.
  154. Ondras Gift
  155. Supply and Demand (RISK: LOW)
  156. Agree to help Mae. Outside you will get ambushed. Buff yourself before the enounter (Serels Buff and the Rest Bonus should still be active). Summon 3 Shadows for distraction. Let them cast their "Frost Bolts". Hurt the clusterd enemies with 4x Talons Reach. Throw in some DoT´s like "Autumns Decay" or "Insect Swarm" as this will counter the passive healing of the fighters. Summon the 3 beetles once the shadows disappear and cast "Returning Storm". Continue with your DoT´s - the enemies should be nearly dead now. If needed summon the Animat and engage with enraged Catform for the killing blows. The fighters are tough but shouldnt cause you any real troubles. Gaia only got hit twice. Use the "Rusty Bronze Key" on the western house and peace the conflict with Int 15. Return to Mae for xp.
  158. Brave Derrin (RISK: LOW)
  159. Help Odda to find her lost son. Find his dead corpse below the gangplank near the Salty Mast and talk with his soul. Convince his father Weyd to return home (Res 16). Inform Odda about the tragedy and get some xp. Optional: Kill his murderer in the western part of Ondras Gift with the classic Summon-Spell-Combo if you like.
  161. At all costs (RISK: NONE)
  162. Not many words needed here. This quest is all about running. Just make sure not to anger the Doemenels and you are fine. Fast and easy xp. Also opens the questline to get the "Sanguine Plate".
  164. Catacombs below Defiance Bay
  165. The enemies here are no challenge. Against the Ooze -> Earth Blight. Against the Skeletons -> Pull with Tanglefoot -> Use your Figurines -> kill them with a combination of "Sunbeam" + "Autumns Decay" + "Returning Storm". Found the "Bracers of Enduring".
  167. Unwanted (RISK: NONE)
  168. Met Eorn and helped him to get out of town. Got the "Rabbit Fur Gloves" and some xp.
  170. A Voice From The Past (RISK: LOW)
  171. After talking with Dalton in the Copperlane you have to fight your way through the "Black Ooze" and "Skeletons" (see above). Talk with "Helig of Thein" and agree to confront Mordred in the "Brakenbury Sanatorium". Open his chest and kill the "Wicht". Return to Helig and inform him about the dead Mordred. He will give you the amulet with Rowynas soul. Bring it to Dalton and convince him to free the soul. You will get the "Dîal Ewn Dibita Club" and some nice xp.
  173. Woedica Temple (RISK: NONE)
  174. Convince the guards to let you in (Int 13+ or Res 13+). Get the Woedica Cape from Hafmacg (Might 14+ or Res 14+) and let him recitate the right answers for the ceremony. Use them to get all needed information from the veiled women. Move out of the temple. Easy xp!
  176. Copperlane
  177. His old self (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  178. Damn this quest was closer than ever before. I never had any problems with killing the wrong Purnisc and his bandits but this time nearly everything went wrong. Buffed myself up -> summoned 3 Shadows -> normally their "Frost Bolts" should easily take down Purnisc but they failed miserably -> Gaia herself spammed "Talons Reach" and - you know it - missed horribly too - summoned the 3 Beetles but still everyone was alive and - hurray - more guards rushed in -> after the last "Talons Reach" finally Purnisc and the first guard went down -> casted "Returning Storm" and had to reposition into the corner -> summoned the Animat while still 4 guards were alive -> healed in between with 2 (!) potions -> burnt the last guards down with the following lightning strikes + "Autumns Decay" + "Insect Swarm" while the Animat had to heal too. At the end Gaia only had 1/3 of her health left- this was by far the worst fight ever. So many bad luck. Should have upgraded my armor earlier...
  180. The guards in the upper floor were - as usual - a walk in the park thanks to "Figurines" + "Talons Reach" + "Enraged Catform". Freed Purnisc and returned to Kaenra for the "Unwavering Resolve" amulet and good xp.
  181. ---> LEVEL 7
  183. Copperlane
  184. Rogue Knight (RISK: LOW)
  185. Help Osric getting his old armor. The hardest part of this quest is the fight against Penhelm and his knights in Brakenbury. But with the help of "Summons" + "Talons Reach" and DoTs like "Autumns Decay" + "Insect Swarm" they will go down pretty quickly. Throw in "Returning Storm" and "Calling the Worlds Maw" to CC them into the ground. Bring the armor to Osric and take a nice xp reward.
  187. First Fires
  188. Build to Last (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  189. Help Commandant Clyver and Master Smith Dunstan to get the new research work from Vianna. This will lead you to the critical battle against Dodwynas and her crew in an abandoned house in Ondras Gift. In the past i sometimes had lost quite badly here. A good way to do avoid this: Use your "Figurines" and knock them down with "Calling the Worlds Maw". Follow with some swift "Talons Reach" and/or "Autums Decay". If you still take too much damage move back to the small door to the right so you can minimize the numbers of engagers. Continue to summon "Beetles" and finally the "Animat" while following up with "Returning Storm" and another "Calling the Worlds Maw". I had the luck to continously hitting them with most spells - cleaned the house with "Enraged Catform". Gaia still had 3/4 of her life left while drinking not a single potion. Deflection 88 was enough to keep most damage away! Dont forget to loot the Äru-Brekr"-Armor (+1 Speed!). Returned to Dunstan to get xp reward. Dont forget to buy the "Shod-in-Faith"-Boots :o)
  191. Brakenbury
  192. The Man who waits (RISK: LOW)
  193. The sanatorium is all about talking and walking. Well nearly. The main challenge is the battle after talking to Uscgrim in the North Section. This fight is not easy but you can choose a safe path around it. Gaia weared "Äru-Brekr" and eated the "Farmers Spread" for +2 Speed-Boost. Right before talking to Uscgrim she casted "Tanglefoot" to slow down the appraoching enemies. Once the battle starts -> Summon the 3 Shadows and run. Thanks to your improved speed this should be quite easy. Just make sure to avoid the Fleshbeasts if you see the "Knockdown" symbol above them. Run through the enemy lines right to the exit so everything - except for some "Wichts" - will loose engagement. Kill them and return to Head Warden Ethelmoer for very fast earned xp. Quest completed!
  195. Final Act (RISK: NONE)
  196. Talk and walk - and get some nice xp and gold reward: Helping Kurren to get information about the lost persons is easy and without any risks as long as you do not fight Lumdala. Gaia took the safe route and earned the 1000 xp in just five minutes. Easy stuff!
  198. Ondras Gift
  199. All Hands on Deck (RISK: LOW)
  200. Getting the old chest is not that hard. Just make sure to split-pull and/or using hard CC´s like "Calling the Worlds Maw" + "Overwhelming Wave". Throw in some "Talons Reach" + "Autums Decay" + Returning Storm" while your summons are tanking to bring the bandits down. Only downside of this quest: The xp reward is quite bad.
  202. Clandestine Cargo (RISK: LOW)
  203. Collect the lost artifcat pieces. The Animats in the water are tough. Use your summons and throw in some CC. Use "Winterwind" to immobilze the Blights. DoTs like "Autums Decay" work fine here. Throw in "Returning Storm" + "Talons Reach" + "Maggots" to take them down one after another. Bring the pieces to Nans in the Sanatorium of Brakenbury to get some money and xp.
  205. Magrans Fork
  206. Killing Kolsc (RISK: LOW)
  207. This battle should now be like a walk in the park. There is no special tactic needed - just the ususal hard CC + Damage + Summon Combo. "Calling the Worlds Maw" followed by 3 Shadows and several Talons Reach took down everyhting except the Mage and the Bower. Killed them with "Returning Storm"-Stuns and the "Enraged Catform". Returned to Raedric for quest reward!
  208. ---> LEVEL 8
  210. Heritage Hill
  211. Undying Heritage (RISK: LOW)
  212. This area can be quite dangerous if you run in unprepared. To make things easier you just have to play cautious. The main challenge here are the hordes of Darguls you will face nearly everywhere. They are fearsome opponents even in 1vs1 siutations. To make things easier you should use "Earth Blights" whenever possible as they are immune to their slash attacks. Try to splitpull the huge group in front of the tower with "Tanglefoot" or "Overwhelming Wave" and use your summons as distractions. Always keep an eye on the Sorcerers because they can hurt your "Earth Blight" with their spells. Try to take them down fast. Throw in more damage spells and a "Returning Storm" while firing from distance in between. Now its just a matter of time.
  214. The tower itself can be tricky.
  215. First Floor: Kill the two groups to the left and right of the staircase only. As there are no Darguls they should be no problem.
  216. Second Floor: You can fight or play cheesy. Gaia sneaked in making sure that as many enemies as possible will engage. When battle starts immediately summon the 3 Shadows. Split them so that they will soak up all engagements. This gave Gaia time to run to the staircase. She swiftly took down the two Revenants with "Enraged Catform" and waited for the 3 Shadows to disappear again. With no enemies in sight she hided in shadows and walked up to the third floor. If you want to fight make sure to pre-buff and use the Guls as a meatshield so that the Darguls cannot reach you. Throw out your damage spells to bring down the "Darguls" (and the enemies standing around them). Once the Darguls are dead you can clean the house. The "Revanants" and "Guls" should be no challenge. Heal if needed!
  217. Third Floor: Talk to Aldhelm and make sure to 1.) get the secret words from Icantha and 2.) lure the prisoners to Aldhelm so that he will show you how to manipulate the machine. Take a nice xp-reward and also the "Gift of the Machine" (+1 Might, +5% max. Health).
  219. Save Haven (RISK: LOW)
  220. The Darguls in the villa can be fought as usual. Open with "Overwhelming Wave" to stun them. Use the fast moving Guls as a meathshield to block the door. Throw out "Talons Reach" + "Autums Decay" + "Insect Swarm" to hurt them. If you are able to summon a "Earth Blight" the battle is pretty much over. You see: If you play carefully against the Darguls they should never be able to touch you. Once you noticed the missing key head to the Mausoleum and free Saeda. Dont forget to loot the powerful "Iridescent Scarab Figurine"!
  222. Missing Sentries (RISK: HIGH)
  223. Leyra and her undead knights can wait. Skip this until level 9+. The risk of failing is too high!
  225. Dyrford Village
  226. Cat and Mouse (RISK: NONE)
  227. Helping Medreth catching Nyfre is pretty easy because with RES 16+ you can lure her into the trap just by talking. Fast and easy xp!!
  229. Nest Egg (RISK: LOW)
  230. The egg hunters are at this level also quite easy. Scare two of them away with RES 13+ and cast hard CC like "Overwhelming Wave" and "Calling the Worlds Maw". Use your 3 Shadows as distraction while finishing them with "Talons Reach"-Spam and "Enraged Catform". Nothing special needed here. With two grapple hooks you can now grab the egg and return to Hendyna for reward.
  232. A Farmer's Plight (RISK: LOW)
  233. To make it clear: The spider swarms are deadly if you are not careful. To avoid death: Snare them with "Hold Beasts" and summon a "Fire Blight" or a "Rain Blight" as they are completly immune to their damage. If you summon the wrong one: Hold them again and try to make it better next round. With the help of the Blight things are getting pretty easy. So easy that you can clear the whole cave - even the spider queen - in one go. Just shoot and cast while your "Blight" is tanking all night long. Talk peacefully to Korgrak and hire him to defend your stronghold. Return to Rumbald in Dyrford Village for quest-reward. Job done!
  235. Blood Legacy (RISK: LOW)
  236. Searching for Lady Aelys Harond can be tough. To make it easy and fast Gaia went into the wilderness east of Dyrford Village again. The Adra Beetles shouldnt be a real threat as long as you play carefully. Just avoid close combat unless you can finish them quickly. Once you manage to get through the statue into the Skaen-Temple things are pretty straightforward: Open the door with Mechanics, disarm the traps and splittpull the Skaen-Fanatics to take them down with ease one after another. Hard CC, DoTs and Summons are your best friends here. Talk to Wyrmund and return to Lord Harond. You can fight the Skaen Highpriest later on. Collect the xp-reward!
  237. ---> LEVEL 9
  239. NOTE: Remember that you can now cast Level 1 Spells per Encounter!!!
  241. Cliaban Rilag
  242. Through Death's Gate (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  243. In Cliaban Rilag you will meet quite different opponents - here some short term advices:
  244. vs Ooze & Slime: Earth Blight + Damage
  245. vs Trolls: Damage + CC
  246. vs Lurker: Wind Blight + Damage
  247. vs Blights: Winterwind + Damage
  248. vs Ghosts & Phantoms: Wind Blight + Damage
  249. vs Animats: Summons + Damage
  250. vs Druid & Pwgra: CC + Dodge + Damage
  251. vs Dank Spores: Shooting from max Range
  252. vs Sporelings: Sunbeam + Talons Reach
  253. There is no special super mega tactic needed here. Just cautious play. The most interersting battles are the Druid and Pwgra because you can have fun by dodging all of their spells while poking them down with your own. With proper positioning and timing they will go down one after another without getting the chance to hurt you. The large group of Phantoms and Ghosts as usual will suffer horrible against CC and Wind Blights. If you run out of camping options feel free to return to Dyrford Village and restock your supplies. Keep on chasing the enemies down, get the key and read the soul beside the machine. Take down the Animats in the closed room at Level 1, loot "Sura's Supper Plate" and get out again. Easy xp or not? ;o)
  255. Defiance Bay
  256. Brakenbury
  257. After informing Lady Webb about your discovery in Cliaban Rilag its time to get into the Ducs palace: Choose your fraction!
  259. The Changing of the Guard (RISK: LOW)
  260. Helping the Doemenels is the fastest and easiest way to get an invitation. Killing Commandant Clyver in the Headquarter of the Knights should be no problem at all. Just use your summons as distraction and poke him down. Job done!
  262. The Duc´s Hearing
  263. This will finish Act 2. Choose whichever answers you like. After the Duc is killed by Thaos hunt him into Lady Webbs House and get the essential information about "Twin Elms". Time for some traveling!
  265. NOTE: The skipped quests in "Defiance Bay" can still be done later once you reached "Twin Elms".
  267. Traveling to Twin Elms (RISK: LOW)
  268. Fighting Naelde and her party is funny. Lure them to the narrow path and hit them with "Overwhelming Wave" + "Firebug". Repeat and destroy. The battle is over before they can touch you. Loot the "Girdle of Maegfolc Might". Killed the Spores and Slimes and moved on.
  270. Elmshore
  271. The Sealed Missive (RISK: LOW)
  272. The Elder Stelgaer should not trouble you much as long as you make sure that: 1.) they cannot surround you and 2.) you constantly CC them with for instance "Hold Beasts". The bridge is perfect for minimizing the number of engagements. Burn them down while they are stunned. Take the letter from the dying monk and move on to "Twin Elms". Gaia will come back here later again.
  274. Twin Elms
  275. The Sealed Missive - Sequel (RISK:NONE)
  276. Bring the sealed letter to the Head-Monk and get some nice xp and the "Aila Braccia"-Shield. This will be a lifesaver later on!
  278. Hard Bargain (RISK: NONE)
  279. Gaia helped Alarhi to kill Rinatto. Easy xp for just some running and talking.
  281. HearthSong - Passage of the Six (NONE)
  282. Talk your way through to get passage to the other areas of Twin Elms. Many cool quests are waiting!
  284. Elms´ Reach
  285. Sacrificial Bloodlines (RISK: NONE)
  286. Short and easy: To convince Simoc drinking the poison from Bledha make sure to push your Res to 20+. Push, talk and take a fast and very good xp-reward as well as the "Thy Clef"-Shield. BEWARE: If you do not meet the stat requirements, he and all the other warriors in the hall will attack you. Avoid this - be smart!
  287. ---> LEVEL 10
  289. Council of Stars (RISK: NONE)
  290. Gaia decided praying to Hylea with "Live every note of life's song."
  291. ---> The Nest Above the Clouds (RISK: LOW)
  292. The mission of Hylea lead Gaia to the wilderness north of "Twin Elms". Before getting into the temple she had to fight some "Adragans" and a pack of "beetles". The best way to deal with them is: CC them to death. Just make sure that the "Adragan" will never be able to cast their own deadly CC-Spells. If the manage to turn you into stone you are most probably dead. Avoid this at all costs. A combination of "Calling the Worlds Maw" + "Relentless Storm" + "Overwhelming Wave" should make this battle like a light breeze. With DEX 13 Gaia managed to bypass the rocks and finally faced the "Sky Dragon". She decided that fighting this beast is far too dangerous and talked peacefully mentioning how proud Hylea would be if the dragon stays with her baby. With "Sneak" you will still be able to loot the "Pensiavi mes Rei"-Ring and the " Godansthunyr"-Warhammer. Return to Hylea and convince her that you made the right choice. To do this, simply avoid the dialogue options that involve "might" or "death," and Hylea will see the wisdom of your reasoning. Get her blessing (+1 PER, +1 LORE) and move on!
  294. Hearthsong
  295. Hunter, Brother (RISK: LOW)
  296. Ridai will tell you that his brother Fiorm went with Arthwn on a "blood-hunt" to kill a giant stelgaer in the Northweald, but that only Arthwn returned. To complete you resarch in the Northern Wilderness you will have to fight some Stelgaer. Hard CC is again your best friend here. The Lurker should be no problem at all while the Water Blights as usual can be immobilized with "Winterwind". After interacting with the both souls you can return to Ridai and reveal your findings. Gaia decided to lie for Arthwn because the reward is the unique and very powerful hunting bow "Lenas Er" plus some nice xp.
  298. Oldsong
  299. Songs of the Wild (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  300. Delem will tell you that people are ignoring his songs. Bring him the three songbirds: 1.) Cloudsinger Songbird. You'll find it in a nest in the Temple of Hylea. 2.) Shardwing Songbird. You'll find it in a bush by the adra arch in Elmshore. 3.) Tiam Songbird. You'll find it in a crate in Llensi's dwelling in Hearthsong. To convince Llensi to let you have it, you'll either need INT 14 or RES 12.
  302. The hardest one is the Shardwing Songbird because you have two fight two Adragans, two Adra Beetle and a pack of Forest Lurker. If they manage to catch you (knockdown -> petrify -> stun) you are most probably dead. To avoid this play cheesy. Splittpulling with the help of CC like "Overwhelming Wave" or "Calling the Worlds Maw" will make this much easier. Just make sure that 1.) the Forest Lurker do not get into melee range and 2.) the Adragan will not be able to cast their Petrify. Use your summons for distraction and permanently CC the enemies with a rotation of "Calling the Worlds Maw" + "Relentless Storm" + "Overwhelming Wave". If you get time you may throw in damage spells like "Firebug" or "Talons Reach" to blast down the Adragans. Once they go down the rest is easy. Always remember: If the pulling goes wrong its better to retreat. Play it safe!!!
  304. NOTE: Light Armor is your best friend against Adragans: Faster cast = More Damage = Better CC ;o)
  306. Return to Delem. Regardless of what you do with the birds - give them to Delem, save them, or some combination of the two - at the end you'll earn the "Song of the Heavens" (+1 Perception, +2 Shock DR) and a very good amount of xp.
  308. Defiance Bay
  309. The Parable of Wael continued (RISK: LOW)
  310. Just for fun Gaia decided to finish this quest now. Killing the thieves at the farm house in the southwestern corner of Woodend Plains was easy. 1x "Calling the Worlds Maw" + 1x "Relentless Storm" + 2x "Firebug" and the group got burned into the ground. Gaia helped Wael hiding the scroll in "Black Meadow". After returning to Wilmda she got a nice xp-reward and the "Footpad's Hood"-Helmet.
  311. ---> LEVEL 11
  313. NOTE: Remember that you can now cast Level 2 Spells per Encounter!!!
  315. White March
  316. Attack on Stalwart (RISK: LOW-MEDIUM)
  317. To end the invasion you have to take down several groups of "Ogres" and "Winter Wolves". The best way to deal with them is either "Summons" + "Firebug" and "Talons Reach" or heavy CC like "Overwhelming Wave" + "Relentless Storm" + "Calling the Worlds Maw" + "Firebug" + "Talons Reach". Any combination of these spells and maybe some DoTs will do the job. Return to Caed Nua if you need to rest. The most important battle is "Darzir" and his party. To beat them Gaia used the splittpull tactic. "Tanglefoot" works nice here. With the first split she took down the wolves: "Hold Beasts" + "Talons Reach". The second split caught two Ogres: 3x "Firebug" took them down. With the third pull she caught "Darzir" and two other Ogres. "Overwhelming Wave" + 3x "Firebug" took down two Ogres. "Darzir" himself is not an easy opponent especially in melee range. His constant Knockdowns can be very painful. Use your summons for distraction and always ensure that "Returning Storm" is active so he will get stunned randomly. Blind him with "Sunbeam" to make sure that your next spells and attacks will hit more often. Gaia followed with 2x "Sunlance", several "Talons Reach" and "Autumns Decay". When "Darzir" reached "nearly dead"-status Gaia transformed into "Enraged Catform" and blew him to pieces. After another rest she killed the two Ogres left with 3x "Firebug" plus "Enraged Catform". Stalwart is safe again!!! Thanks to cautious play and constant CC´ing Gaia never got into danger zone and still had more than 50% of her life after killing "Darzir".
  319. NOTE: Make sure that "Darzir" does not manage to break engagement and return to his starting position because he will be fully healed!!
  321. The Burning House (RISK: NONE)
  322. If you want to be able to rescue both people you will need the following stats: Survival 5 or Con 18, Per 14 + (Might 13), Winterwind, Athletic 4 or Crowbar + Con 12. Good job!
  324. A Lovely Drop (RISK: LOW)
  325. Gaia helped Reyfald stealing some "Fennlan Liquor" from the cellar of the inn (Mechanics ftw!). After she brought the stuff to Reyfald she realized that Haeferic must have poisoned the liquor in some way. When you ask Haeferic about the liquor, he'll tell you that the antidote for his poison is simple to make. You'll just need a River Reed and an Ice Troll Heart. Both can be found in the north-eastern part of Russetwood. When Gaia handed over the items to Haeferic, he gave her a Bubbling Antidote in return. Finally, when she took the antidote to Reyfald, he rewarded Gaia with "Pilferer's Grip"-Bracers and good xp.
  327. The Hunter's Favor (RISK: LOW)
  328. Thyrsc wants you to help hunting down a massive wolf. In Russetwood, you'll find a shrine of Galawain where you will learn about a beast and that something has been stolen. Gaia entered the wolf cave in the northern part of the map. Here she learned that the giant wolf is a druid trapped in wolf form - its Suldrun. Gaia decided to help him and searched the hunter camp in the south for the totem. She returned it to the shrine of Galawain and freed Suldrun from his curse. Returning to the cave she helped Suldrun. Once she met Thyrsc in Stalwart again she got the "Cloak of the Frozen Hunt" and a nice xp reward.
  330. Regrets Worth Trading (RISK: NONE)
  331. Help Okrun with the priests in the temple of Ondra. Ask them first and listen to their talking once you are out of the temple again. Headed to the lake in Russetwood. Here Gaia buffed her Constitution to 16 and dived into the cold water. After discovering that the giftbearer chests are full of rocks rather than possessions she returned to Stalwart and asked the priests of Ondra again. Gaia decided to deal with Lafda and her priest-thieves. The reward: 6000 cp plus the key to the locked chest in the temple, where you'll find White Crest Armor and Okrun's Heirloom. She took the medaillon to Okrun and gained another gold reward and some fine xp.
  333. Overstaying his Welcome (RISK: NONE)
  334. Gaia decided to play it safe and help the slave-hunter Defala in Russetwood. She lied to Ailef and told him that it's safe for him to start living his life again. He thanked Gaia for her help, and gave her the "Durgan Copper Bracelet" and "Ring of Unshackling". Then Ailef leaved the inn, only to get captured by Defala. When Gaia returned to Defala, she'll reward you with 1000 cp and some xp.
  336. Defiance Bay - Ondras Gift
  337. The Wailing Banshee (RISK: LOW)
  338. Gaia had chosen this as her level-up-quest! Helping Nia to free the lighthouse from the haunting is now pretty easy. On level 1 the shadows and ghosts can be burned down with "Firebug" + "Boiling Spray". To make hitting easier she used "Potion of Eldritch Aim". Good job! With Mechanics she opened the door on level 2 and faced Lilith on the top floor. Gaia figured out why Lilith is haunting the lighthouse and moved on to Captain Maerwith and her crew in the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury. After convincing Maerwith to go to the lighthouse and meet with Lilith the haunting ended. When returning to Niah again Gaia gained good xp and looted "Liliths Shawl"-Cloak.
  340. ---> LEVEL 12
  342. Russetwood
  343. The Ogre Matron (RISK: LOW)
  344. To make it clear: In the "Flames-That-Whisper Caverns" things can go wrong pretty easy. Figuring out an fast and easy way through the cave with my "normal" PotD-Druid before took some time. The strategy should work 100 % of the time if you play careful. Lets do it!
  346. 1. Take the "Ice chute" to get into the lower caverns.
  347. 2. Pull the Lagufaeth that is patrolling south (!) of the lake. Stun it and use this time to summon a "Greater Blight".
  348. 3. Greater Fire & Rain & Earth Blights will do the trick. If you summon a Wind Blight -> Retreat and Repeat!
  349. 4. Make sure that the "Greater Blight" overtakes the engagement -> retreat with your Druid to the east.
  350. 5. Move the "Greater Blight" aroung the eastern edge of the lake to the north where it will pull all "Lagufaeths".
  351. 6. Once the "Greater Blight" got the aggro immediately (!) run along the southern passage of the lake.
  352. 7. Here you will meet another "Lagufaeth" that is on its way east to engage the "Greater Blight" (sometimes it only runs some meters east and waits for whatever reason) - so killing it fast is the safest way to get past the south-western group of "Lagufaeth"!
  353. 8. Once the "Lagufaeth" is dead your "Greater Blight" should also go down. If the "Greather Blights" dies before the "Lagufaeth" it might happen that the southern patrol will engage too. Killing both of them should be no problem for your druid. Thanks to your position you dont have to fear more "Lagufaeths" swarming in.
  354. 9. Now (!) the way is free to move around the south-western edge of the lake. With Stealth 5+ you can move around the Lagufaeth(s) waiting there (if there are any left). Dont forget to loot the "Wayfarer's Hide"-Armor.
  355. 10. Continue your sneak -> disarm the traps with 12+ Mechanics and move on to the north-west exit. Immobilize the "Ice Blights" with "Winterwind" and kill them one after another. The way to the Matron is free!!
  357. NOTE: Mindlessly rushing into the "Lagufaeth" will only result in swift death as they can easily permastun you!
  358. NOTE 2: With Stealth 13 (?) or more you can sneak around the Lagufaeth avoiding all cheesy tricks!
  360. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  361. I stopped the TCS-Run because of no time for playing - maybe i will continue it later. Good luck to all of you!
  362. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  364. Just some words about the final fight: Thaos can be beaten quite easily by the druid at the moment!
  365. 1. Use the usual beetle split at the beginning.
  366. 2. Against Woedica's Headsman (Slash + Burn Damage) the Greater Fire or Earth Blights work best. Use Beetle Shell and healing to keep them alive long enough. Take him down with a combination of Returning Storm + Shapeshifting. Throw in some debuffs to make sure you will hit him more often. Follow with Talons Reach, Maggots and maybe Embrace the Earth Talon. Try to save the spells from level 2, 4 and 6 because you will maybe need to resummon your Blights often!
  367. 3. If not already happened split Thaos and Woedica's Judge with the Shadows.
  368. 4. Summon a Wind Blight to tank Woedica's Judge. Its immune to his knockdown and crushing damage. Now its up to you: Hit him with Damage Spells and/or shoot him down with Lenas Er. Yes, this may take a while thanks to his big hiitpoint pool but its super safe.
  369. 5. If possible summon a Fire Blight. The only way for Thaos to harm the Blight is to attack it in close combat with his Slash Attacks. Just be careful if he uses his mind controls. Even easier: With Boots of Speed you can kite Thaos all day long while shooting him down.
  370. 6. Job done! Nerf incoming?
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