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  1. Which discipline defines itself as "the systematic study of human society"?
  2. A) psychology
  3. B) sociology
  4. C) history
  5. D) economics
  6. 2.
  7. Sociologists use the term "social marginality" to refer to:
  8. A) people who are especially sensitive about their family background.
  9. B) living near the coast.
  10. C) having special social skills.
  11. D) being defined as an "outsider."
  12. 3.
  13. Which of the following historical changes is NOT among the factors that stimulated the development of sociology as a discipline?
  14. A) the founding of the Roman Catholic church
  15. B) new political ideas stressing individual rights
  16. C) the rise of an industrial economy
  17. D) the growth of cities
  18. 4.
  19. Sociologists use the term "empirical evidence" to refer to:
  20. A) information we can verify with our senses.
  21. B) information that most people agree is true.
  22. C) information that squares with common sense.
  23. D) information that is based on a society's traditions.
  24. 5.
  25. A theory states that increasing a person's formal education results in increased earnings over a lifetime. In this theory, "higher education" is the:
  26. A) independent variable.
  27. B) random variable.
  28. C) dependent variable.
  29. D) spurious variable.
  30. 6.
  31. Which research method asks subjects to respond to a series of items in a questionnaire or an interview?
  32. A) the experiment
  33. B) the survey
  34. C) secondary research
  35. D) participant observation
  36. 7.
  37. __________ distinguish between right and wrong; __________ distinguish between polite and rude.
  38. A) Mores; folkways
  39. B) Taboos; mores
  40. C) Folkways; mores
  41. D) Prescriptive norms; proscriptive norms
  42. 8.
  43. The concept "subculture" refers to:
  44. A) popular culture.
  45. B) culture of the past.
  46. C) high culture.
  47. D) cultural patterns that set apart a segment of a society’s population.
  48. 9.
  49. The United States is now in which of the following stages of technological development?
  50. A) A) pastoral
  51. B) B) industrial
  52. C) C) postindustrial
  53. D) D) agrarian
  54. 10.
  55. Standards by which people who share culture define what is desirable, good, and beautiful are called:
  56. A) folkways.
  57. B) norms.
  58. C) mores.
  59. D) values.
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