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  1. What is your name?
  2. Moe
  4. How old are you?
  5. 15
  7. What is your in-game name?
  8. F1ew
  10. Have you had any previous in-game names? (If so please list them, otherwise clearly indicate ‘none’)
  13. How long have you been playing on the AquaMC server?
  14. First time
  16. What is your timezone?
  17. GMT+3
  19. What is your discord account? (Include your four digit # code)
  20. F1ew#6090
  22. What rank are you on the server? (Member/Donator)
  23. Member
  25. Why do you think you would you make a good helper?
  26. I feel like I should be picked to be staff then other people because I help a lot and i am really active 10 to 15 hours a day, Its a hobby to help people because I like to be helpful because if u help people they will treat u the same way it's just the saying, treat people the way you want to be treated. Lets say I got staff right, The first thing I would do is go Discord and handle staff support and help people who need it game and try my hardest and my best way to help people because its also fun and respective way to help people. I can be on anytime I want I always am on and even if I'm not on I can always move people out and help them on my phone. I will always be in contact with the higher up staff with reports and bugs and more. Don't forget I got also shadow play so I can record anything unexpected and send it to the higher ups, not only that I have a YT and if i do get accepted I will do staff series depends on how much help people need and help with reports. I will also find hackers that need to be taken care of. And don't get me wrong I know I will get a lot of hate and that but I don't care what people words mean I only care about how help people and peruse helping people. lets also say I got promoted to Mod or Sr.Mod and I'm staff now I also pay attention to chat a lot even if I'm busy just so if there's anything wrong going on in chat like hate or racism or etc. if my job will get a little harder like I got another monitor to keep in contact with people and help more people at the same time and make them feel like they can leave it with me to help them and handle there issues and get or anything else. I know how to SS really good I have my own strings and know my way around hackers and how to find them easily I hope my time and effort towards (Server Name). And I will befit my future as staff if I get accepted on (Server Name). I will help players that are new with any questions that they may have when I am online even if there are no other staff online i will never ignore players, I may ask how is everyone and do they need help with anything that i can assist them with. I am very respectful to everyone on the server and very friendly. I am never toxic at any time when I am online. I am a really nice person. also, I am patient and respectful in certain situations that may happen. I am very unique and I will be professional, if something happens I can still stay calm and professional.i will be online and will be able to help people in need in discord, forums and in game. I have a lot of knowledge of what to do as staff and how they deal with certain situations and will try my hardest to be the best staff member I could be and help out the players when I can. one thing I have to say is being on the staff team is hard work and I will be very dedicated to getting every I do to be done right. I will do the best I can do and I will make the job serious for me if I get accepted as a staff member. I will try to make a better relationship with the players with the staff team. The last thing I wanted to say is I can help players in many more ways than what I could do now, one thing is I can help them if they have trouble with a hacker or help them with a question about the server that I might not know right now. I will always help players that need help and try to figure out how I can help them and help fix or help with what they need help with. I also want to say since I working at a hosting company I am very knowledgeable about developing, I would love to help develop the server and help improve the performance of how to the server runs and make sure there is not as many bugs that may occur. i currently have some discord bots I can lend the server and they can use it for moderation on discord.
  28. Determination - I will make sure that I am exactly what you need in a helper. If you need something done, I'll do everything in my power to get it done. I won't allow myself to slack off as staff. I refuse to let any of my staff or fellow members down
  30. Honesty - I am a very honest person. I won't lie if a friend/member or staff are doing anything against the rules. If I did something wrong I will be honest about it and will receive any punishments that I deserve. If I feel I or another doesn't deserve a certain punishment, I will make sure to make a thread about it, or ask a fellow staff member about it.
  32. Loyalty - I am very loyal to this server. I won't betray this server or anyone here. Being loyal to this server is top priority. I respect the staff and members here. I feel like we should all respect the community and the people around it, because we are the ones who create it.
  34. Staff Community
  35. I would try to help the staff bond together and become I can help the staff team be more professional with my experience and I can stop the constant staff disrespect If I see on the server all the time. If we do everything correctly and professionally, nobody will be called "immature" or bad at their job. I as well can be he Head Of SS department since I'm very experienced and would love helping the staff team out
  37. Rules
  38. Because I have been staff on multiple servers, I know that you MUST follow the rules to continue being staff. Also, this experience has made me remember most basic rules almost all servers have. If you don't follow rules in general, you will be punished for it, so you will probably be demoted if you are staff and do not follow the rules.
  40. Activity
  41. I will be on as much as possible to help out the community every day. If I am not the server, I can help people through Discord. If you are not active, you will not be able to make a change on the server and help out the community.
  43. Honesty
  44. I will be honest to everyone in the community, including players and the staff team. By being honest you can get a lot done. Lying will just lead to failure. Nobody wants a liar, and that will make you untrustworthy if you lie.
  46. Communication
  47. I can communicate through Discord, and Minecraft at any moment. If I am on my phone, I can still talk through Discord. If you have no way of communicating, you have no way in updating staff or the community in what is going on on the server or on Discord.
  49. Screen Sharing
  50. I know how to SS mostly. I am familiar with A lot of and ways to find GUIs to see if a player is cheating. I have my own strings that will help find hackers easily and  improve the community and not have hackers hack on the server.
  52. Bias
  53. Bias is very important in muting or banning people. If you have bias, you will be quickly demoted. You need to be fair. If your friend is cheating, you need to ban them, even if they want to harass you after the ban. Others will be happy that another cheater is gone from the server.
  55. Experience
  56. As you can see, many of these reasons have to do with experience, such as SS,ing and rules, and I have quite a bit of experience as staff on other servers. Same as SS'ing, it is not necessary to have experience, but it is really helpful to quickly get into the community as a staff member. But if needed I am willing to share my private strings and help the staff team able to SS and deal with it professional.
  59. Why do you want to be a staff member on the AquaMC server?
  60. I feel like I enjoy my self on the server, and I would like to help even more than I do now, and introduce new ideas.I always want to be creative and come up with ways to combine it, to make it even better and enjoyable. I'm very talented, and I know that I would be a great asset to the staff team. There are certain qualities that would make me a great staff member: determination, honesty, and loyalty. In addition, I will do whatever it takes to help my fellow staff members if they need help. I am a team player and I won't accept failure. One of my favorite things to do is help people and that's why I'm here. Also because I see a lot of potential in myself being staff and helping people who are in need of it and its fun, I always learned to help people because if you help people they will show that same help that you need in the future. I can do my job efficiently since I know what it takes to be a staff member I have also already stated that I do not believe I am "better" than others I just think that I can reach a higher potential of work. I am patient with younger people. If they are having trouble, I will dedicate some time to help them understand. If someone wants to start an issue with another player, I will take appropriate action and not freak out or get frustrated. If there is something I need to fix, I will take my time doing so and make sure it is as perfect as possible.
  62. I work hard at what I am tasked. I try my hardest and perfect what I can and critique the rest. My job as a staff member isn't just something I enjoy doing, I've been staffing for a long while and I cannot stress the fact that it is a passion of mine. I believe that most people do not see staffing this way. They see it as something they want. Something they wish they could have so they can have power. I am not here to earn power. I am here to join a nice community and help control it whilst keeping it fun at the same time. Most staff applicants believe the more they type the better the application that is not the case for me. I believe that you could have 5000 words and if it didn't have meaning it could be useless and a waste of time.
  64. The main reason I would like to join the staff team is to help people. If someone isn’t being treated right by someone, I try to break it up or talk to people. If that, of course, gets out of hand, I would take appropriate actions toward the user(s). I am intuitive and bright and have big dreams for my future. I am a good listener and I memorize things fairly well. If I am assigned a certain job or role, I’m happy to take on that responsibility.
  66. I am responsible for my actions and what to say. I am as well obedient. I do not consider myself better than other applicants trying for this position, because everyone has some potential; however, I would make sure to try to reach my maximum potential. I believe I have a good set of qualities that would be a great addition to the group and reasons I should be chosen as a staff member here. I am dependable. I can be online and active often during the day. If I am assigned a task, you can count on me to finish it with effort and in a timely manner. If I need to get on instantly, I will try my best to get on.
  68. I have an outgoing personality, and I can get along with almost everyone. I’m kind to people. If someone tries to be friends with me or talk to me, I will reply to them and be as friendly as possible while also doing my job as a staff member. I try my best to be as pleasant as possible and give people a good impression of me. That is why I would like to be a staff member. I do want this position and I truly care about it.
  70. I like any human have good qualities and bad qualities. My greatest strength is honesty. I am an honest person and feel it is important to always tell the truth. I can use this crucial and essential quality of the staff team by always being honest. I would never be dishonest to make me look like a better person and or staff member, or tell a player something knowingly incorrect just for them to go away or find someone else. I also would keep anything that is supposed to stay confidential, confidential only. My greatest weakness is perfectionism. I try to make sure everything is as perfect as possible. Yes, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my own work. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but sometimes it can be bad. I also have another weakness. It got the best of me when I was staff before. I lost my composure and it bested me into saying and doing things I wish I didn't. Overall I can see right in my wrong, but If I cannot help you to understand me, then I will just reapply and hope for forgiveness. I hope you decide to give me another chance here. I was told I would have a better chance than most to be accepted back. I want this position and I thank you for everything you've done.
  72. How much time can you dedicate to the server?
  73. 10-15 Hours a day (NOT A JOKE)
  75. What do you think is required of a helper? What does the job involve?
  76. To help people in staff support and help people in game also monitor chat.
  78. What previous experience do you have as a staff member?
  79. FantasyCloud: Helper // Player base 150-400// Demoted
  81. DuskMC: Manager // Player Base: 100-250 //Resigned
  83. DuskPvP: Admin // Player Base: 50 250 //Resigned
  85. PotPvP: Mod // Player Base: 25-150 //Resigned
  87. LiquidFactions JR.Mod //Player Base 50 - 350 //Resigned
  89. ExlodePvP: Admin // Player Base 75 - 275 //Resigned
  91. CrankedPvP: Ban-Team// Player Base 25 - 75 //Resigned
  93. KingPvP: Owner/Admin // Didn't release yet //Resigned
  95. Minemen: Trial-Mod// Player Base 175- 550// Demoted
  97. EnforcedMC: Offered to be mod by KrizzDawg.
  99. Zonix: Mod //Player Base 50 -500 // Resigned
  101. JurassicPvP//Player base 100 - 250 // Demoted
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