Dec 7th, 2013
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  1. >You give a sigh as you climb down the ladder and put the basket to the side.
  2. >It was hard work, but the Apple family did pay top bit for hand-picked apples.
  3. >While bucking did get the work done faster, it did leave more of the crop bruised.
  4. > Apple Jack handed you a sack of bits after inspection of the apples and gave you an earnest smile.
  5. >”Enjoy your time off!” She shouted after you as you wave good bye to Granny smith, Big Mac and Apple Bloom.
  6. >Applebuck season was finally at a close and while the Apples did treat you like kin, it was a relief to at least have some time to spend with your sweetheart.
  7. >You head down the lane, whistling a tune as you watch Celestia set the sun and Luna rose the moon.
  8. >Many of the shops were closed, but the one that you were interested in still had its lights on.
  9. >You head down to the shop, the door jingling as it opened.
  10. >”Thanks, Doc!” the trotting pony said before heading down an alleyway.
  11. >The blue pony smiled back and locked up the shop before turning to address you.
  12. “Hey Colgate. Did you have a good time at work?”
  13. >Her cheeks flashed a faint purple hue. “I thought that I told you that my name’s Minuette. I still didn’t get an explanation of where you get that silly name from.” She teased, rearing up and putting her front hooves upon you.
  14. >You support her easily, but you do notice that she is considerably heavier since the last time that she’s done that.
  15. >You nuzzle her cheek and place a tender kiss on her lips.
  16. “Because you are a dentist, and because your mane reminds me of toothpaste. Where I come from, that is a popular brand.”
  17. >”Did you use ‘Colgate’ frequently?” She asked, her eyes transfixed on you
  18. ”I wouldn’t have called you that if I didn’t like it.”
  19. >Your hands runs down her sides and resting on her hips to stabilize her.
  20. >”G-good. Because if you didn’t you’d get a firm tongue lashing.” She scrunched a bit, trying to give a serious face.
  21. “I think that I’d enjoy that. Isn’t that what lead to this?”
  22. >You smirk as you patted her taut belly.
  23. >She tried to come back from that, but was unable to break the silence.
  24. >She settled for nipping at your shoulder
  25. “Ah! Okay, nothing too crazy outside.”
  26. >She gave a smug smirk, getting back on all fours as she flicked her tail.
  27. >She turned and headed home, giving you an inquisitive look.
  28. >You quickly catch up, swapping stories with her about Apple Acres
  29. “…And the entire apple bounty fell on poor Big Mac! I’ve never seen Apple Jack turn cherry red so quickly!”
  30. >She snickered and tapped on you as you both pass Sugarcube Corner, Mr. Cake waiting for you like clockwork.
  31. >”One super sweet-and-savory Lilac and Sprouts sandwich!” He presented, proud of his work for his regulars.
  32. >You respond by handing him some bits, holding the wrapped sandwich in your arm.
  33. >After a small wave goodbye to the Cakes, you reach to her house.
  34. >She opens the door, the sweet scent of a clean house filling your nostrils.
  35. >You close the door as she flops on top of the couch, her horn lighting up as she flipped the light switch on.
  36. >You sit down, facing her and place both of your hands on her thick middle, the fur tickling your digits as she leaned up to look at you.
  37. >You smile to her and place your hands to the side as you place another kiss on her lips, supporting yourself with one hand on the couch and the other rubbing her foal-laden belly tenderly.
  38. “I love you…”
  39. >She broke the kiss and smiled. “I love you too, Zap.”
  40. “Zap?”
  41. >”You work on an apple farm, you’re sweet as nothing else, and you’re rare.” She explained, pushing your other hand with her hoof to rub with both hands.
  42. >It was your turn to blush, her whimpers sweet music to your ears as you enjoy each other’s company.
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