Prison Green.

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  1. >Be Anon.
  2. >Be in horseland prison.
  3. >Apparently petting the sun princess is a capital offence here, and now here you are.
  4. >Well, you can't say it's all bad.
  5. >Sure, you have no pudding privelage, but this place is basically a resort.
  6. >Magic cameras and what not had to be installed in your room, since apparently black outfit prisoners are supervillians and such.
  7. >Your bathroom is camera free out of decency though, so there's that.
  8. >Still haven't gotten a cellmate yet though.
  9. >Guess it must be hard finding someone who wants to stay with an alien supervillian.
  10. >There's a knock at the door, and you rise to answer.
  11. ~~~
  12. >Watching the alien through the cameras, you observe his new roommate being escorted in.
  13. >With your mighty sun powers, you made sure that the pony he got looks the most like you and will also not say anything if something happens.
  14. >The guards leave, and you lick your lips, waiting for the inevitable to happen.
  15. "Come on alien, snuggle that pony for mama."
  16. ~~~
  17. >You are Strawberry Smoothie, and you are so going to get snuggled.
  18. >But once you're free, your slate will be clean.
  19. >But this Alien is so much bigger than you expected...
  20. >It sounded like so much better of a deal when Celestia offered it.
  21. >Get snuggled a bit, get it in trouble and have it get shipped off, and you're free to return to your old life, past crimes erased.
  22. >"Nice to meet you, I'm Anon," the alien says, shocking you.
  23. >All you can do is let out a squeak and sit down.
  24. >The alien kneels down, and you close your eyes and pray he's gentle.
  25. ~~~
  26. >Be Happy Peppy Gary, warden of the Learn-a-torium prison and rehabilitation center.
  27. >And you're really worried about this new alien prisoner.
  28. >Black suit right off the bat, and the prisoner who offered to be his roomate is just an orange class.
  29. >At least Celestia has them under observation so nothing bad can happen.
  30. >It is the worst kind of criminal after all.
  31. >Non-consentual petting is a most un-happy of crime, and on the princess no less.
  32. >Hopefully it doesn't get worse, especially since it doesn't get pudding privelages.
  33. >Maybe you should appeal for it to get one a day, to help keep it happy.
  34. ~~~
  35. >Back to being Strawberry Smoothie, you are far less snuggled than you expected.
  36. >Like, not at all snuggled.
  37. >In fact, this Hyooman, Anon, is actually a real gentlecolt.
  38. >Right now, he's walking with you to the dining hall for dinner.
  39. >Apparently he hasn't eaten all day so far, and that's no good.
  40. >Walking up to the order line, you pick out a plate of Prench salad for yourself, and of course, your meal's pudding cup.
  41. >This evening it's chocolate, your favourite.
  42. >Anon pick up a carnivore and herbivore plate.
  43. >Neat.
  44. >You have a Black suit as a friend and he looks like a total badass.
  45. >Now no other inmates will bother you.
  46. >As Anon joins you at a table, another Black suit approaches, a changeling queen.
  47. >Maybe you thought too soon...
  48. ~~~
  49. >Be Chelicera, Changeling queen and all around most evil and awesome prisoner in here.
  50. >Even the other black suits don't mess with you, but now there's a new one.
  51. >Fresh food, as you like to think.
  52. >Puffing yourself up, you walk over, fangs out in a grin.
  53. >'Was this thing always this big?' you think to yourself as you get close.
  54. >Whatever it is, it's bigger than a minotaur, but you've dealt with them before.
  55. "So, I take it you're new around here?" you ask, keeping up your scary face.
  56. >The monkey/minotaur thing looks over at you, a piece of meat half in it's mouth.
  57. >It's head jerk's back slightly as the meat gets sucked in, chewed and swallowed before it replies.
  58. >"Yeah, and you are?"
  59. "Uh, my name's Chelicera," you reply, taken aback by the sudden question.
  60. >Wait, is that indifference you taste?!
  61. >This thing isn't intimidated!?
  62. >"I'm Anon, nice to meet you," it replies, the indifference fading into the faint starts of friendship.
  63. >No, this isn't what you wanted, it's supposed to be scared.
  64. "Well, yeah, uh, good to see a new black suit around here, what are you in for?"
  65. >"Petting Celestia. Didn't know it was against the law, but then again, I didn't know she was sapient, or that well, most things here were."
  66. >Gulping, you find yourself slowly walking away from the non-consensual petter.
  67. >Even you're not that evil.
  68. "Well, I suppose I'll see you around then," you say returning to your table.
  69. >You're going to need to seriously reconsider how you approach this thing.
  70. ~~~
  71. >Be Warden Happy Peppy Gary, and that Changeling is quite scary.
  72. >After all, she's both a hive queen and a black suit.
  73. >Well, her shell's black anyways, but it's the suit that matters.
  74. >And she want to talk to Anon.
  75. >Watching them from across the room, you make sure your newest inmate isn't getting in trouble.
  76. >Cheli, as you call her, not to her face, mind you, seems surprised by Anon's responses, and soon walks away, no troubles to be had.
  77. >Wonderful.
  78. >Any day where you have no trouble is a good day.
  79. >It seems Anon and Strawberry are getting along well too.
  80. >Thank Celestia, you were worried about her, but everything is okay.
  81. >Looking at Anon's dishes, you shudder at the lack of puddingy goodness on them.
  82. >If things go as they have, you may be able to push for two puddings a day for him, rather than just pushing for one.
  83. >Well, waiting and watching is necessary first.
  84. >Perhaps getting a guard to chaperon him would be good...
  85. ~~~
  86. >Be Cookies n' Cream.
  87. >Somewhere, you feel as if your job is about to be given to a different guard.
  88. >It's not a good feel...
  89. ~~~
  90. >This time, you're human, so you must be Anon.
  91. >After a good meal, you rise up with Strawberry.
  92. "So, what is there to do in this place?" you ask, looking around.
  93. >"Lots of stuff, like Arts and Crafts, or you could go to the gym, the library, or even the spa if you wanted."
  94. "I suppose the Library would be a good place to start. No point in doing physical activity right after eating."
  95. >"Sounds good, follow me."
  96. >Hopefully they have some books explaining how this pony world works.
  97. ~~~
  98. >Since you're suspended in a rest pod, you must be Chelicera, best Changeling queen around.
  99. >Just because you're the only one around doesn't mean you're not the best around.
  100. >Enough of that though, you must figure out what to do with this new inmate.
  101. >It has no fear of you, , so maybe you can use it for things other than terrorizing.
  102. >But what...
  103. >Heck, you're not even sure what it is, let alone if it's a male or female.
  104. >Though it doesn't matter much if you want to make them love you.
  105. >Hmn... there's a though.
  106. >You could do with a new love source, since the best you have here is that silly nickname the warden gave you.
  107. >Cheli, while it makes some sense, it makes you think he's thinking of Celestia, or as some refer to her in private, Celly.
  108. >Not like anypony has told her that.
  109. >Sighing, you slide from your pod, coming out perfectly clean.
  110. >No reason not to go and learn more about your new... whatever you decide it's going to be.
  111. >Now, if you were a giant strange thing, where would you be...
  112. ~~~
  113. >Be Anon with a nagging sensation someone just called you strange, which in itself is strange.
  114. >After all, you are a strange stranger in a strange land.
  115. >And speaking of strange, half these pony rules make no sense.
  116. >You can't have salt, growing tomatoes, potatoes, and a host of other common foods is a jailable offence.
  117. >This is gonna take some getting used to.
  118. >At least Strawberry is here to talk with you as you read.
  119. >Well, she's more here to help make sense of this stuff while she reads her own book.
  120. >Almost an hour passes before the door to the library opens again, and a somewhat irritated looking Chelicera walks in.
  121. >"There you are, Anon, I've been looking everywhere for you."
  122. "Oh, hey, what's up?"
  123. >"Well, since you're new and all, I figured I could help you get used to here. I am one of the longest term prisoners here, after all."
  124. "Strawberry's already showing me around, but another person to talk to would be nice."
  125. >Taking a seat, her mouth turns up in the tiniest of smiles.
  126. ~~~
  127. >Be a sexually frustrated Celestia.
  128. >Why didn't that alien snuggle the pony you sent him.
  129. >She was a perfect victim.
  130. >How are you gonna get off now?
  131. ~~~
  132. >A human, a changeling queen and a pegasus walk into a spa.
  133. >And since you're the human, that makes you Anon.
  134. >What, you were expecting a joke?
  135. >Well, after some reading, you decided a little relaxation before bed would be nice.
  136. >And while you aren't the most pleased about Strawberry paying for you, the sum total of what you own here is nothing but the clothes on your back.
  137. >Er, in your room. you don't own the prison uniform.
  138. >Anyways, Spa relaxation go!
  139. >You've never been much of one for spa's back home, but here seems much the same as there.
  140. >Except this one is run by ponies and a few minotaurs.
  141. >Speaking of minotaurs, the ones that work here are all female.
  142. >Now there's a taste of home, but that's not what you're here for.
  143. >Laying down on a massage table, you settle in while your masseuse prepares.
  144. >And you're definitely not oggling the minotaur in front of you who's massaging Strawberry.
  145. >Nope, not at all.
  146. ~~~
  147. >My, that's a nice shot of lust, you think, savouring the thick, rich taste of it.
  148. >Of course, you're Chelicera, changeling queen and all around best pony.
  149. >You're also the best changeling too, but you're definitely better than any pony.
  150. >But anyways, you're enjoying a nice bit of lust from Anon.
  151. >Glancing over, you see his eyes watching a swaying minotaur butt.
  152. >Well now, the human likes flank.
  153. >And being a female, flank is something you have in droves.
  154. >Looking back at yourself, you pause.
  155. >Hmnn... maybe you need to need a little more sweet stuff in your diet.
  156. >Your flank is looking a little poor, right now.
  157. >Nothing a little crush won't solve.
  158. >And your neighbour has been showing some signs of that.
  159. >She's often getting a little doe eyed around that one security colt.
  160. >Once you pack your flank a little more, seducing this alien will be easy, and you'll have another black suit under your hoof.
  161. >Speaking of hooves, these masseuses are amazing.
  162. >You'll need to kidnap some when you start your hive back up.
  163. >For now, you relax.
  164. ~~~
  165. >After a good night's sleep, you're a very awake and alert human, ready to take on day two in prison.
  166. >Your own personal shower and bathroom means no fear of dropping the soap.
  167. >Do you even have to worry about that?
  168. >I mean, it's not like these ponies and what have you have been scary or intimidating or even grumpy.
  169. >Exiting the bathroom, you notice Strawberry waking up in her own bed, still somewhat sleepy.
  170. "Bathroom's free. I'm heading for breakfast," you say, walking to the door.
  171. >All you get is a tired nod as she plods to the lavatories.
  172. >Thankfully the path to the mess hall is well marked and also filled with other prisoners, so it's difficult to get lost.
  173. >You do get a bit of a berth around you, given black suits are supposed to be super villains and other big bad folks.
  174. >That means you're one of the top dog criminals here.
  175. >Maybe you should gather some thugs to work under you...
  176. >Shaking your head, you let out a laugh, causing several ponies near you to scurry back in fear.
  177. >That'd be silly, and besides, you're not some gang lord.
  178. >Once you're out of here, you'll figure out where to go then.
  179. >For now, breakfast.
  180. >Hopefully they have bacon.
  181. ~~~
  182. >Be somewhat sleepy Gary, rising in time for breakfast after a late night preparing papers to grant Anon one pudding a day.
  183. >After serious contemplation, you decided pushing for two is a bit too much, after all, they're just starting his stay here.
  184. >If they starts to show signs of decline, you should be able to bump them up to two puddings a day.
  185. >But right now, you need to get these papers to the kitchen, so Anon can have one with breakfast.
  186. >After that, you'll have to get them to the doctors for a medical exam, and then...
  187. >Maybe a nice tea break.
  188. >Yeah, that sounds nice.
  189. >Scooping up your papers, you head out on your way to the dining hall.
  190. >Arriving at the hall, you feel your gut sink as you see Anon already there, with food, heading to a table.
  191. >Another meal without delicious puddingy goodness, how can they stand it?
  192. >Why, you'd hardly be able to get up in the morning if not for the promise of your morning butterscotch.
  193. >Well, that changes now, you'll make sure they get their pudding of choice, even if it's only one a day.
  194. ~~~
  195. >Since you're not in prison, you must be Celestia.
  196. >A very sexually frustrated Celestia.
  197. >This stupid, sexy alien refuses to non-consensualy snuggle a mare.
  198. >You'll have to figure something better out.
  199. >For now, rageclopping will have to do...
  200. ~~~
  201. >Be Ben Dover, professional multi-species physician and head doctor at the Learn-a-torium prison.
  202. >And today, you have to do a physical for a new inmate.
  203. >As best as you have heard, it's like a minotaur, but isn't.
  204. >It'll be here after breakfast, so you have some time to prepare.
  205. >Papers, papers and more papers.
  206. >If it was a minotaur, this would be so much easier.
  207. >Time to prepare your sucker jar and bandage box.
  208. >Nobody likes having blood taken.
  209. >Even you're somewhat nervous when doing it.
  210. >But it is part of your job, and you're proud of your work.
  211. >The warden should be bringing them any moment now.
  212. ~~~
  213. >Having finished your breakfast, you're Anon, ready to grasp the day.
  214. >Well, grasp whatever you can as a prisoner of a cutesy pony society.
  215. >Oh, hey, it's the warden.
  216. >"Good morning, Anon, I hope everything finds you well."
  217. "So far, yes, thank you. And how about you? How are you so far?"
  218. >"A lot of work this morning, since I need to handle all your paperwork, but I'll manage. I came to let you know you need to visit our doctor right now."
  219. "Alright. Are you going to escort me there, or do you have someone to guide me?"
  220. >"I can lead you. It's on the way back to my office after all."
  221. >Dropping your dishes where they go, as far as you can tell, you follow the Warden out of the mess hall.
  222. >"This is just going to be some simple tests and questions, just so we can know how to take care of you if you get sick," the warden says, punctuating what he says with waves of a hoof.
  223. "No problem. I am an alien after all."
  224. >"Hopefully not too alien," a pony in a white labcoat says, standing outside a room, "we do have to be able to heal you, after all."
  225. >Time to meet the doctor.
  226. ~~~
  227. >Well, this new patient is certainly bigger than you expected.
  228. >Taller, mostly, towering over even the tallest minotaur you've met by a head.
  229. >Good thing your exam seat for minotaurs is built tough as they are.
  230. "Come in, this way," you say, motioning for him to follow you inside.
  231. >Entering your office, you show them to their seat, while you grab the initial paperwork.
  232. "To start, here's a short questionnaire, for some of the things you might know but we don't," you say, passing them a clipboard and safety quill.
  233. >It takes them a moment to figure out the quill, but once they do, they start ticking boxes.
  234. >The first one you notice is the Male/Female/Other box, ticked male.
  235. >That's another note you'll have to prepare.
  236. >And also an awkward question to ask...
  237. >After all, the ponies have to know what he can breed with.
  238. >It's not your choice, it's standard medical practice.
  239. >Finishing the sheet, he looks over it one last time before passing it back to you.
  240. >While you transfer answers, you start some basic doctor talk.
  241. "So, how have you been feeling lately? Any recent illnesses or injuries?"
  242. >"Hmn... none that I can remember."
  243. "Alright, any family sickness problems that you may have or develop?"
  244. >"Besides a big gut if I'm not careful, I'm fairly safe."
  245. "Any prior injuries that will affect your life here?"
  246. >"Nope."
  247. >Several more questions and answers, and you prepare for the more physical side of things.
  248. "Now, uh, I'm going to need to do a few tests, just normal things."
  249. >"Oh?" he asks, looking over at you.
  250. "Just blood and uh... semen samples."
  251. >"Anything else?"
  252. "No, just those two for now. Are you sure you're fine with it though?"
  253. >"It's genetic samples, isn't it? Why would there be a problem?"
  254. "Well, most of our inmates are afraid of needles, and being asked by a stranger for important fluids can be a bit embarrassing."
  255. >"Pass me the container for the semen, and point me to a private room. I'll try to be quick," he says.
  256. >Passing him a seal-able jar and pointing him to the, erm, release room, you take to your paperwork to fill the minute he will be gone.
  257. >Your clock's ticking and the scratching of quill on paper are all the sounds you hear, waiting for Anon to return.
  258. >Seconds tick by into minutes, and you start to get worried.
  259. >Maybe none of the material in there is attractive to him...
  260. >Almost five minutes pass, and you debate going in to make sure he's okay, when the doorknob turns.
  261. >"Man, there's no gratification when you try to go quick, you know," he says, setting a sealed container of seed on your desk.
  262. "Yes, well, for the blood, where do your kind normally have it drawn from?"
  263. >With some directions and assistance from him, you extract the needed blood, and bandage the hole.
  264. "And last but not least, a treat for handling yourself so well," you say, holding out a sucker for him.
  265. >"Thanks, Doc. If there's anything we missed, feel free to call me up."
  266. >Waving goodbye, you see him off from your room.
  267. >Five minutes... your clock must be on the fritz...
  268. ~~~
  269. >With Anon off at the doctors, you're actually feeling kind of alone.
  270. >Being the one who agreed to be the roommate of the new black suit, you're kind of shunned by the rest of the prisoners.
  271. >It's not a good feeling.
  272. >Even your old roommate is avoiding you.
  273. >Finishing breakfast in silence, you stare at your pudding cup, it's delicious sweetness not doing anything to distract you.
  274. >You jump with a start as a hoof taps your shoulder.
  275. >"Excuse me, Strawberry, you're the roommate of the new inmate, right?"
  276. "Yes," you reply, and the pony breaks into a smile.
  277. >"Oh, what are they like? We're all kind of scared of them, but you're brave enough to share a room with them."
  278. "He's actually really nice. I was worried at first, but he's a person we can be friends with for sure."
  279. >There are collective sighs of relief from many of the ponies around, and you find yourself suddenly swarmed by your old friends.
  280. >And still friends, it seems.
  281. ~~~
  282. >Making your way back to the mess hall, you aim to catch up with Strawberry before meal time is over and you lose track of everything in this place.
  283. >Getting there, you can see ponies and others are leaving the already.
  284. >As you pass, some of them wave or say hi, to which you reply in kind.
  285. >It's a massive change from before you left.
  286. >Entering the mess hall, you see Strawberry wave to you, a bunch of ponies around her.
  287. >A few gryphons, minotaurs and even a young dragon are there, all looking happy to see you.
  288. "I'm back," you say, taking the open seat next to her.
  289. >"How was the doctors?"
  290. "Just fine. Friends of yours?" you say, motioning to the others around you.
  291. >She nods, "They were all wondering what you were like, but too scared to ask, since you're so big and strange and all."
  292. >Letting out a laugh, you pat her on the shoulder.
  293. "That makes a lot of sense, actually. Well, now they know I'm not some big scary monster or anything, right?"
  294. >"Yep, and they want to get to know you too."
  295. "Well, bring on the questions, I guess."
  296. ~~~
  297. >Hey, Anon is doing a question and answer period.
  298. >This'll be perfect to learn things you can use to seduce him.
  299. >Edging towards the edge of the crowd, you focus on your sense of hearing to pick up what's being said.
  300. ~~~
  301. >Enough is enough.
  302. >It's been an entire day already, almost, and that alien still hasn't even petted a pony.
  303. >Even though it's the first thing it did when it appeared in the throne room and you confronted it.
  304. >Looks like you'll have to bait it... personally.
  305. >And then, once it's broken the law even more, off to your personal "dungeon" with it.
  306. >Licking your lips, you prepare things to let you go off for a day or two.
  307. ~~~
  308. >As happy peppy Gary, you're always excited to get a new inmate, even though they did do bad things to get here.
  309. >It just means you get to use your talent to turn them straight and let them get back on with their lives.
  310. >This new pony is a black suit too, sentenced to here for breaking a royal vase on purpose.
  311. >It was a really nice vase too, and that's what makes it extra horrible.
  312. >But a few months here will change their tune.
  313. >Even the non consentual petter Anon has been on good behaviour, and he got here yesterday.
  314. >Also he's a he, according to doctor Ben.
  315. >Always good to know to help tailor treatment and activities for them.
  316. >Well, the new prisoner arrives just before lunch, so you have time to fill out papers before then.
  317. >We'll see about finding them a roommate during lunch period.
  318. ~~~
  319. >After breakfast, you headed out to the yard for some excersize.
  320. >Even though this place has a gym, it might be better to not stick yourself in close with others just yet.
  321. >They only just got the knowledge you aren't some big scary monster after all.
  322. >Calling on your school years of gym class, you do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and all the other excersizes you remember.
  323. >You're about to start a jog when Chelicera trots over.
  324. >"Good morning, Anon, enjoying the fresh air?"
  325. "Yeah, it's rather nice out. I'm about to go for a run, do you want to join me?"
  326. >"As much as I'd like to, I just finished eating and I'd rather not get a cramp. I'll be here when you're done, so we can chat."
  327. "Alright. Talk to you then."
  328. >Setting off at a fair pace, you start your first lap around the yard.
  329. >It's not monumentally big, but large enough you'll only need a few laps to get the distance you wanted.
  330. >As you run, you take time to watch the happening around the area.
  331. >Same coloured outfits tend to be together, orange with orange, red with red.
  332. >There are groups where red and orange mix, though these arent too common.
  333. >There are hardly any black suits, and the few there are are individually alone, save a couple that are together.
  334. >Family, most likely.
  335. >Seeing you pass, a couple inmates wave before going back to their own happenings.
  336. >Rounding off your second lap, you decide to cut the third one short and only do half a lap.
  337. >You're already building up quite a sweat, and you don't have any deodorant.
  338. >Good thing your room has a private shower.
  339. >And at least one spare uniform.
  340. >If it wasn't for the fact your suit pits are already black, they'd be darn close.
  341. >Slowing down, you eventually finish at walk, making your way back to where you were before, and where Chelicera is.
  342. ~~~
  343. >Relaxing in the sun, black clothes and black chitin mean you're comfortably warm.
  344. >That, plus the sweet, tasty crush from your neighbour means you're quite the hapy changeling.
  345. >Ah, and here comes Anon, back from his run.
  346. >You're so glad he's a he.
  347. >You may be able to love a lady for food, but if it's got no dick, you're not going to stick.
  348. >Before he even gets close, something hits you.
  349. >A thick, arousing something.
  350. >He is leaking pheromones like a queen at spawning time.
  351. >You should know, your mom went through it like, twice a year.
  352. >But a male packing scent like this, unf~.
  353. >You could drive a hive into a mating frenzy with a male like him.
  354. >All the better reason to snag him as your own.
  355. >"I'm back, Chelicera, " he says with a wave, "I hope you don't mind talking as we walk, I need to hit the showers."
  356. "N-no problem," you reply, trying to suppress your bodies reaction to his smell.
  357. >Walking next to him, you feel a sense of superiority, being the female next to the male who smells like an orgy.
  358. >And only the best kind of orgy too.
  359. >The kind of orgy where sex is had, not one of those "cuddle orgies".
  360. >Though they are nice, they just don't seem as fun.
  361. >Then again, those are pony things anyways.
  362. >"...ey, are you there?" Anon asks.
  363. "Huh? Yeah, sorry, I just got lost in thought."
  364. >"What about?"
  365. "Orgies," you reply, before realizing what you said and covering your mouth with a hoof.
  366. >"An interesting topic, to be sure, but not one I'd openly admit to thinking about, at least, not to someone I don't trust."
  367. >If it weren't for the fact tat your chitin is black, he'd be able to see your cheeks glowing red.
  368. >"Are you blushing?" He asks, leaning in close, bathing you in a strong dose of his smell.
  369. >If chitin was combustible, your face would be on fire right now.
  370. >Also your flank, but that's at least still a secret from Anon.
  371. >"Cute," he says, before rising back up to his full height and starting walking again.
  372. >Stopping a moment, you regain a bit more conteol over yourself, before hurrying to catch up.
  373. >Reaching his room, you follow him inside, noticing him grab a clean outfit from a dresser.
  374. >"I'll be a few, make yourself at home," he says before disappearing behind the bathroom door.
  375. >If only you had run with him, you could be bathing him in your scent too, and maybe, just maybe you could have gotten him to share a shower with you.
  376. >A very lewd shower.
  377. >The sound of water starts, and you notice there's light coming through the keyhole to the bathroom.
  378. >Maybe you can...
  379. >Behind you, the doorknob suddenly turns, removing all thoughts of peeking.
  380. ~~~
  381. >>25373039
  382. >Returning from arts and crafts, you're surprised to see the black suit changeling queen in your room.
  383. "Hi, uh... may I ask why you're here?"
  384. >"Oh, I'm just waiting while Anon's in the shower."
  385. >It's at this moment that an overwhelming smell washes over you.
  386. >The kind of smell that leaves you winking.
  387. "I see," you say, awkwardly rubbing your mane with a hoof, "I'll leave you to it then. Tell Anon I'll see him at lunch."
  388. >"Why's that?" Anon says, exiting the washroom with his upper half naked and still shiny from steam.
  389. >Another powerful wave of smell hits you, and you realize may not have even gotten in the shower.
  390. >That smooth body, covered in the sweat of... stuff.
  391. >You'd snuggle that then share a shower with him, no question.
  392. >Except, well, his smell is from another mare, and you'd rather not have sweaty seconds as your first.
  393. >Wait, Anon's still there, staring, say something quick!
  394. "Uh, well, you see, I figured youd be spending more time with che...chu...uh..."
  395. >"Chelicera," she supplies helpfully.
  396. "Yeah. I figured you'd want to spend more time with her, since, well..."
  397. >"Well what?" Anon asks, legitimately curious.
  398. "Since you two were doing, well, lewd stuff."
  399. ~~~
  400. >Oh, my, this pony is thinking silly things
  401. "What makes you say that?" You ask, leaning on the doorframe.
  402. >"You mean you can't smell it? It smells like you two have been having fun in here since breakfast."
  403. "I've been out running and excersizing. What you smell is probably just my sweat, though I didn't think it was that bad."
  404. >Lifting an arm, you sniff your pit before scrunching your nose in disgust.
  405. "Okay, maybe I need this shower more than I thought. Anyways, I wont be long, and then we can all go do more prison stuff together."
  406. >The two nod, while you retreat into the now somewhat steamy room.
  407. >Outside, inknown to you, the two there both glance at the door, specifically the keyhole.
  408. >A knowing nod passes between them, and they creep to the door.
  409. ~~~
  410. >Those inmates have seen too much!
  411. >You're supposed to be the one peeking on the alien, seeing it's strange alien genitals.
  412. >Your only regret is not having seeing crystals in it's bathroom.
  413. >No matter, you'll make sure you become it's only roommate, and everything will be fine.
  414. >Good thing you checked your monitors one last time before leaving.
  415. >Only two little stepping stones to take the alien for yourself.
  416. ~~~
  417. >"Well, he's certainly... different from what you see in textbooks," Strawberry says, looking over at you, both of you now away from the door.
  418. "Quite different from drones too. But now's not the time for such thoughts."
  419. >"Yeah, we have plenty of time for that during our sentence. Right now... uh... what do we need to do right now?"
  420. >Opening your mouth to make a snappy reply, nothing comes to you.
  421. >You've never dealt with a male like this, and you still haven't figured out anything.
  422. >"Well, lunch is coming up soon, maybe we should share our pudding with him. He doesn't get any because of his sentence."
  423. "That's a great idea. Everyone loves pudding, and with us being his only source, he's be in the frogs of our hooves."
  424. >Smiling with your plan, you wait while listening to the sounds of Anon in the shower.
  425. >Not as sexy as it might sound.
  426. >Not too much later, Anon exits the shower, clean and fresh.
  427. >And not smelling of orgies, which is only mildly disappointing.
  428. >"So, do you two have any ideas on what to do before lunch?"
  429. ~~~
  430. >Your prison carriage rolls up to the prison, and you look up at the sign over it.
  431. >Toughest place there is.
  432. >Many ponies have broken here, before being helped back to normalcy by the excellent staff.
  433. >And now, you have to deal with it.
  434. >Even for yourself, a pony who has lived thousands of years, this will be hard, especially as a black suit.
  435. >But for that Alien, it'll be worth it.
  436. >Ahead, the warden comes out to greet you, several tough looking guards with him.
  437. >"Hello, I'm Happy Peppy Gary, and welcome to the Learn-a-torium prison and rehabilitation center. I hope we can get along."
  438. ~~~
  439. >It's just into lunch time, and you're escorting your new prisoner around.
  440. >So far, she's been rather calm, a bit like Anon.
  441. >Oh, look, we're at the lunch hall.
  442. >Leading her inside, you smile and gesture across the room and all the inmates within.
  443. "And this is our mess hall, where we'll be stopping for lunch as well as looking at potential roommates."
  444. >At this, she seems to perk up, eyes darting around.
  445. >Making your way to the food line, she follows you, still looking for something.
  446. >Heavier steps come up behind you, and you turn to see Anon there.
  447. >"Good afternoon, Warden Gary, how's everything going today?"
  448. "Just wonderfully so far," you reply, taking a tray and starting your fill up, "we just got a new inmate in, and I've been showing her around."
  449. >He looks down at her and says, "Well, it's nice to meet you, miss. My name's Anon, and I just got here yesterday."
  450. >"I.. I'm... uh... Celly, nice to meet you."
  451. >He reaches down with a hand to shake her hoof, and you smile, adding more salad to your plate.
  452. >Reaching the desserts, you remember why you wanted to see Anon as you take your pudding cup.
  453. "Oh, I forgot, Anon, I petitioned for a change for you, and it just went through, so now you're allowed one pudding cup a day, for good behaviour of course."
  454. >"Thanks, but no thanks, I'm not really a fan of pudding."
  455. >In an instant, every sound in the hall stops, all eyes focused on him.
  456. >It's so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
  457. >Or a pony faint.
  458. >Like you...
  459. >*Thud*.
  460. ~~~
  461. >You're uh...
  462. >Doesn't like pudding...
  463. >Buck, there goes your plans to win your king...
  464. >And the Warden even fainted.
  465. >Such a wild and dangerous male.
  466. >Even Changelings have troubles going without pudding, even though Changeling pudding isn't as good as Pony pudding.
  467. >And kings are always the worst for eating pudding, requiring so much.
  468. >But here, a male who wants no pudding, smells like an orgy when sweaty, and is all around a nice guy.
  470. >Fate, why must you be so cruel.
  471. ~~~
  472. >Carrying the warden to a table, you splash a little water on his face to wake him.
  473. "Hey, Gary, are you alright? You kind of fainted there."
  474. >"Huh? What? Oh my, I guess I did. What was I doing again?"
  475. >"We were going to look for a roommate for me, remember," Celly says, sitting down at the table.
  476. >"Ah, right. Have you seen anyone you might like? We're in a low season right now, so a number of ponies don't have roommates right now."
  477. >"I want him," She says, pointing at you.
  478. "What?"
  479. >"What?" you and the warden say in sync.
  480. >"He's a black suit like me, so it should be fine, right?"
  481. >"Well, yes, but he already has a roommate."
  482. "If she really wants to, the room's big enough we could move another bed in there, right?"
  483. >"I suppose it works, but wouldn't it be easier to find a different roommate for her?"
  484. >"If she's joining in Anon's room, I want to move in too!" Chelicera says.
  485. >The warden looks around, before sighing.
  486. >"If Anon's fine with it, I'll have your stuff moved over by dinner."
  487. "As long as I get my bed, I'm fine with it," you say with a shrug, setting into your lunch.
  488. >"Hey Anon, where's your pudding?" Strawberry asks, walking up.
  489. "Eh, I don't really like pudding," you reply.
  490. >*Thunk*
  491. >And there goes the warden again...
  492. ~~~
  493. >Step one in seducing the alien is a success!
  494. >Now that you share a room with it, the odds of something happening go way up.
  495. >Sure, you have to share it with your alien bait and a changeling queen, but sexually frustrated princesses don't get to be choosers.
  496. >Okay, they do, but the one you chose isn't obtainable by normal means.
  497. >At least, not obtainable in any way that doesn't make it look like an abuse of power.
  498. >So therefore, you have to make him love you, personally...
  499. >Well, he doesn't need to love you, just get you off.
  500. >Heck, you'd settle for a nice snuggle.
  501. >...
  502. >By yourself you're pathetic.
  503. >Also horny, can't forget that.
  504. >Anyways, You, Alien, same room, snuggles will happen eventually.
  505. >For now, you need to eat your pudding.
  506. >With only two a day, it's going to be tough going.
  507. >But, you're a tough mare, you can do it.
  508. >Besides, it's not like it's going to take you more than a day or two to get this alien in your bedroom.
  509. >These filly's have no clue how to seduce a male.
  510. ~~~
  511. >Your plan is ruined already.
  512. >Buck.
  513. >Anon doesn't like pudding, so there goes that idea.
  514. >Back to square one.
  515. >Actually, square two, since you got to move into Anon's room too.
  516. >Hopefully this new pony won't try and get between you and your future king/husband.
  517. >But step two...
  518. >Slowly gesticulating and masticating, you don't notice Anon finishing his meal and rising to his feet.
  519. >"I'm going to take the warden down to the doctor's office," Anon says, "Be back soon."
  520. >He then proceeds to pick up the warden, cradling the fainted pony in his arms.
  521. >Your entire groups eyes go wide, including the guards.
  522. >As he walks out, the guards follow, leaving you with Strawberry and this new pony.
  523. >"So, uh, yeah, that's a little... hot? Or attractive, I guess?" Strawberry says, before sticking her tongue into her pudding cup.
  524. >The new pony just nods, and you refrain from commenting.
  525. >If you have your way, the only one who's gonna be in those arms is you.
  526. >But, if it comes down to it, you can share.
  527. >He'll still be your king though.
  528. >But now, you must find a new way to seduce him...
  529. ~~~
  530. >Copying and filling away Anon's papers, you prepare a packet to go to the castle, the science institute, and the center for unusual or unique animals, just in case.
  531. >The door suddenly opens, and the human himself enters, the warden in his arms.
  532. "Back so soon, Anon? How can I help you?"
  533. >"Well, the warden here has fainted twice in the last little while, so I thought he may need medical attention."
  534. >"I told you I'm fine, Anon, it's just rather shocking that you don't like pudding."
  535. >"To each their own. I mean, plenty of the stuff I would eat normally is toxic to most things, but some stuff they, and you, eat are poisonous to me."
  536. "Doesn't like pudding," you mutter, writing down an additional note on your forms.
  537. >"So, take a look at him, doc. If you need me, you know my cell."
  538. >The warden is dumped on your patient chair, and Anon walks out.
  539. "Fainting twice in short succession, even in a shocking situation like that is quite unusual."
  540. >Pulling out your instruments, you watch as the warden sinks in the seat a bit.
  541. ~~~
  542. >On your way back to the mess hall, a sound distracts you.
  543. >Following it, you find yourself in a massive pool room, complete with hot tubs and a safe, but fun looking slide.
  544. >You know exactly where you're going once you get back together with your roommates.
  545. >Straight down that slide.
  546. >But you don't have swim trunks...
  547. >Hopefully your boxers will do, though that does mean going commando for a bit.
  548. >Oh well, what could go wrong?
  549. >Making a note of the path, you hasten back to the mess hall.
  550. ~~~
  551. >Right as you finish your lunch, you see Anon returning, without the warden.
  552. >Perfect for the plans you and Chelicera plan to do.
  553. >Plans that may or may not end in snuggling.
  554. >"So, I know what I'm doing after lunch," Anon says, sitting down.
  555. >Your look over at him, curious, and he pokes a fork full of lettuce.
  556. >"I just found out there's a pool here. I'm going swimming."
  557. "Wh.. why? I'm sure there are tons of other fun things we could do, and besides, aren't you supposed to wait a bit before swimming anyways?"
  558. >"It'll be fine. What do you think, Chelicera?"
  559. >"Sounds like fun, but what are we going to do with the new inmate?"
  560. >Anon just shrugs, saying, "I suppose she can come along. Since the warden is indisposed, her tour is on hold, it seems."
  561. >"I'm alright with that," Celly chimes in, neatly tidying the remains of her meal.
  562. >Buck...
  563. >This is definitely not what you want.
  564. ~~~
  565. >Thankfully, the prison has a changing room, for those who wear clothes normally, or want to put on a swimsuit in private.
  566. >In your case, it constitutes stripping down to boxers.
  567. >Nodding aknowledgement to the lifeguard, you quickly slip into the middle.
  568. >Or what is essentially the shallow end for you.
  569. >The cold leaves you with some initial shivers, but you swiftly become acclimatized.
  570. >Chelicera's already in the actual shallow end, slowly paddling around.
  571. >How she swims well enough with those holes is a question for another time.
  572. >Strawberry seems stuck on the edge, swishing water with her front hooves.
  573. >Wading over, you crouch down in front of her.
  574. "Is everything okay?" you ask, hearing Celly splash into the water from the slide.
  575. >How you want to ride that slide...
  576. >"I'm fine, it's just... Promise you won't laugh?"
  577. "I promise."
  578. >Looking around, she leans in and whispers, "I don't know how to swim..."
  579. "That's nothing to be ashamed of," you say, patting her head, "Here, hold my hands and I'll help you learn."
  580. >Setting her hooves in your hands, you slowly pull her out into the water.
  581. >She kicks and flails a little, but with you supporting her, she slowly calms down.
  582. "It's not too hard, you see. Most living things are pretty bouyant, so we float."
  583. "Now if you look at what Chelicera's doing and do the same, you should have no trouble swimming. The important thing is to keep calm."
  584. >As you teach her, you notice both Celly and Chelicera looking at the two of you, looking a bit jealous.
  585. >Once she's comfortable enough to go off on her own, you make your way to the slide.
  586. ~~~
  587. >Watching Anon go up to the slide, you swim over to where Strawberry is paddling.
  588. >Reaching the top, he pumps his hands in the air before diving down the slide head first.
  589. >Moments later, he shoots out the bottom, but something is different.
  590. >He lacks his bottom covers.
  591. >Everyone in the room goes slack jawed as anon rises from the water.
  592. >Ripples are the only thing keeping you from seeing everything perfectly.
  593. >Looking around, he says, "What?" before looking down.
  594. >Hands shoot to cover himself, and he looks around for his shorts, which use this moment to drop off the end of the slide.
  595. >Swiftly retrieving them, he puts them back on, cheeks flushed red.
  596. >"Eh heh heh... sorry about that."
  597. >Swim time just got a lot nicer.
  598. >And hotter.
  599. >Speaking of hot, some time in the hot tub might help er... cool you down.
  600. >Walking out, you make sure to keep your flank to Anon as you head for the steamy waters.
  601. >Never know what little boosts will help your seduction plans.
  602. >Sliding slowly into the bubbly hot water, you feel tension easing from you.
  603. >Arousal, not so much.
  604. >Even now, you can see Anon's shorts clinging to his body, teasing without revealing.
  605. >He does a few laps of the pool, before rising out of it.
  606. >"I'm going to head back to my room. You can lead Celly there when you're done."
  607. >He dissapears into the changing room, and you finally feel your body start to calm.
  608. >Resting your head on the edge, you sigh.
  609. >What are you going to have to do to win that male...
  610. ~~~
  611. >With your boxers up to dry, you're enjoying the feeling of freedom.
  612. >Why did you not go commando more often?
  613. >Oh, right, getting anything down there stuck in a zipper sucks.
  614. >At least these outfits are waistbanded only.
  615. >Nothing there to hurt your, erm, pride.
  616. >Doing a few stretches, you stop when you hear the doorknob turning.
  617. >Looking over, you see Strawberry coming in, with Celly in tow.
  618. >The new beds are already in here, and you gesture around.
  619. "Welcome to your room. The big bed is mine, the others are for you two and Chelicera."
  620. >Your new roommate nods, eyes wandering around.
  621. "Anyways, I'm going to go check out what else there is here, so I'll see you later."
  622. >Leaving the two to settle in, you find Chelicera just outside your door.
  623. >"Hi, Anon, where are you going?" she asks.
  624. "Not sure yet. I want to discover what this place has to do."
  625. >"Do you mind if I join you? I know most of the layout here, after all."
  626. "Sure, it'll be nice to have an escort."
  627. >She licks her lips, before smiling.
  628. >"Follow me then, we have many places to go."
  629. ~~~
  630. >With a smile on your face and a hope in your heart, you lead the human hunk around the prison.
  631. >Now, just to lead him somewhere nice and private.
  632. >But where could you go...
  633. >"Hey, do you mind if we stop in the library for a bit?"
  634. >Looking up from your thoughts, you are indeed in front of the prison library.
  635. "Not at all," you reply, hetting a smile from him, "Anything in particular you're looking for?"
  636. >"I'm not really sure, just curious, I suppose."
  637. >Following him inside, you avoid the somewhat displeased look of the librarian.
  638. >Not a lot of places like having black suits there.
  639. >Following Anon as he browses the bookshelves, the first thing you notice is he seems somewhat exasparated.
  640. "Anything wrong?"
  641. >"You know, I really shouldn't be surprised, but finding what I'm looking for would be easier if I knew how the books were sorted."
  642. "What do you want me to read? I may be able to find it for you."
  643. >"Something that will help me learn more about how things work in this world."
  644. "Sure, give me a moment, I'm sure they have a copy of 'The illustrated guide to Equestria' around here somewhere."
  645. >Scanning the shelves, it takes you a moment to find it, but you swiftly return to Anon with it.
  646. >And he's sitting on a seat, and there's only one.
  647. >"There's only the one chair, so if you don't mind sharing, you can sit with me."
  648. >But there's no room next to him, so that would mean...
  649. >H... he wants you to sit on his lap.
  650. >Unf~
  651. >And perfect.
  652. >With only half a minute more of awkwardly standing there, you walk over and hop up into his lap.
  653. >"Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works."
  654. >All according to plan.
  655. >Getting comfy in his lap, you open the book, looking for a good place to start reading with him.
  656. ~~~
  657. "So, uh, why did you want to move into Anon's room?" you ask the new mare, trying not to sound awkward.
  658. >"Well, he seems interesting, so I figured he would be the best roommate if I don't want to be bored."
  659. "Oh good. Me and Chelicera are having a hard enough time seducing him without more mares coming after him."
  660. >Everything seems to stop for a moment, before she fixes you with a gaze that would make lesser mares faint.
  661. >You just shake like a frightened filly.
  662. >"Good luck, but he will be mine, and mine alone."
  663. >Oh buck did you just make a black suit your enemy.
  664. "Y.. you too," you reply awkwardly, hoping not to anger her further.
  665. >Heading for the door, you try not to look too scared.
  666. >The moment it closes behind you, you hurry off to find Anon or Chelicera.
  667. >They'll be able to keep you safe.
  668. ~~~~
  669. >Since you have a changeling in your lap, that must mean you are Anon.
  670. >And judging by how settled she is, she must be comfortable.
  671. >You've discovered more about the rules, so avoiding trouble from now on should be easier.
  672. >Chelicera rolls over in your lap and you raise your book so you can look at her.
  673. "What's up?" You ask looking into her emerald eyes.
  674. >"I... hmn how do I put this... what do you think of me?" She asks, after some deliberation.
  675. >This question catches you off guard, and you set your book aside for the moment.
  676. "We haven't known eachother long, but I'd call us friends, or at the least, close aquaintences."
  677. >You can see a little dissapointment on her face, and you gently pat one of her legs.
  678. "I will say that you're quite cute though."
  679. >Red flushes under the black of her cheeks, and she suddenly has troubles looking at you.
  680. >Seems like this little changeling has a crush.
  681. >Well, maybe a little affection won't hurt.
  682. >You may be a bit far from wanting to commit xenophilia right now, but having good relations is never a bad thing.
  683. >And besides, she's soo darn cute right now.
  684. >Reaching for somewhere a little more intimate, the door to the library suddenly shoots open and Strawberry rushes in.
  685. >"Oh good you're here, Anon," she says, hurrying over, "I think I made Celly mad at me."
  686. >Seeing your hand and it's target however, her cheeks light up pink and she glances to the side.
  687. >"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..."
  688. >Chelicera notices your hands altered path, the digits now aimed at her [spoiler]chest. [/spoiler]
  689. >While it had been fading, the blush returns full force and she closes her eyes, whispering, "be gentle."
  690. >Fingers curl and you reach under her chin, gently scratching the softer material there.
  691. >Her lips curl into an upside down smile, and after a few moments, her tongue sticks out, licking the air.
  692. >You let her enjoy it a moment more before turning to Strawberry.
  693. "So, why would Celly be mad at you?"
  694. >"Well, uh... long story short, I think she thinks I want to take something from her even though it isn't hers and I'd be willing to share."
  695. "Oh. I see, I guess."
  696. >"Since you're a black suit and all, you can protect me, right Anon?"
  697. >Never one to turn down a friend in need, you nod which brings a smile to the pegasus's face.
  698. "If she is angry at you, I'll make sure to keep you safe."
  699. >She almost jumps into your lap, if it were not occupied by a very satisfied changeling.
  700. "Anyways, you should be quiet and read, Strawberry. We're in a library after all."
  701. >"Right," she replies with an embarrassed look, before wandering off to find something to read.
  702. >Sitting Chelicera up in your lap, you notice she has a somewhat sultry grin on her face and her tongue is sliding across her lips.
  703. "Don't even think of trying anything funny," you say, pressing down on her nose, "I'm fine with you being cute and all for scratches, but I'm not going to tolerate you digging for lewd."
  704. >"Fine, but I want belly rubs before bedtime, and I'll do one thing for you each day, no questions asked."
  705. "When did this... never mind. Sure, you have a deal."
  706. >Hand meets holey hoof in a shake, before she hops off your lap, headed for the door.
  707. >"I'll be back, just need to use the washroom."
  708. >Picking back up your book, you're almost immediately interrupted by Strawberry with a book in her mouth as she looks at your lap hopefully.
  709. "Sure, come on up," you say, and with a near inaudible squee, she flutters up and settles down carefully.
  710. >Compared to Chelicera, she's a bit lighter, but not much.
  711. >Warmer too, just within comfortable levels.
  712. >Picking up your book, you return to reading.
  713. ~~~
  714. >Given the time, you'll have to wait till after dinner to seduce Anon, but you've waited more than a day already, you can wait a little longer.
  715. >Your sexy white marehood protests in the only way it can.
  716. >By triggering more horny hormone releases.
  717. "Don't worry, you'll get yours," you say to it, "soon, we'll have all the hot human dickings we can handle."
  718. >In the mean time, you need something to distract you.
  719. >Normally court would fill most of your day, but Luna is getting to experience full court days for a while.
  720. >After, you'd relax with letters to you, but getting those here will be impossible.
  721. >Maybe they have some good books in the library here.
  722. >Mind set, you head out of yours and Anon's room, looking for signs that lead to the library.
  723. ~~~
  724. >The smell of iron greets you as you enter the Prison's weight room.
  725. >You needed something to work up an apetite and Chelicera suggested some you tried the weight room, sine the outdoor equipment was a little small for you.
  726. >Earth ponies and minotaurs are the main population here, though there are a small scattering of others.
  727. >Chelicera immediately heads over to the hand, or hoof or whatever weights, while you look at what's available for heavier weights.
  728. >Strawberry just hovers around you, somewhat nervous of all the stronger looking ponies and Minotaurs.
  729. >Reaching a free weight set, you start lifting individual weight plates, just to get a feel for them.
  730. >The average plate is a fair bit lighter than you expect, but it's been a while too, so you should start off lighter anyways.
  731. >Setting up your plates, you start your workout.
  732. ~~~
  733. >'Unf~ look at Anon sweat.' You think to yourself, working your legs.
  734. >Watching him lift those weights is kind of arousing, and you're rather glad you're a decent ways away from him.
  735. >After all, those pheromones are strong.
  736. >Those who were immediately around him have made some effort to move away, and those a little further out but still close are working hard to hide their arousal.
  737. >Strawberry can't even keep her wings down, but she's getting the smell full blast, being right next to him.
  738. >Hopefully you'll be able to rub a bit of that scent on yourself before he hits the showers again.
  739. >That'd really send a message.
  740. >Nothing to do now but wait, I suppose.
  741. ~~~
  742. >Wings, why do you refuse to go down?
  743. >Sexy human smell is too sexy; send help.
  744. >Watching him flex and lift, you watch his muscles shift under his skin.
  745. >His upper body is minotaur like, maybe you can learn something to do with that.
  746. >Massaging is definetly not your cutiemark, but maybe you can figure out a good workout drink you could make for him.
  747. >He did say he wasn't interested in lewd, but that doesn't mean you can't get close to him, right?
  748. >Oh, Celly, that was why you couldn't get close to him.
  749. >You need to warn Chelicera before she goes too far.
  750. >Walking over to her, it feels like weight is slid off you, the further you get from that smell.
  751. >Thoughts become clearer and you can actually control your wings by the time you reach Chelicera.
  752. "Hey, do you have a moment?" You ask, sitting next to her.
  753. >"What's up?"
  754. "Well, Celly seems to really like Anon, and she seems like she wants him to be hers only."
  755. >"That is a bit of a problem, but I don't think Anon will let her be like that. I don't think he'll roll over for her or anything."
  756. >Looking over, you see him still lifting easily a ponies weight with no problems.
  757. >Strength certainly isn't an issue for him, but magic might be too much.
  758. >But if he can resist it well enough, he doesn't need to worry since magic is dampened in the prison.
  759. "I guess not, but I don't want to get stuck on her bad side. She is a black suit, after all."
  760. >I'm a black suit too, remeber," Chelicera says, "and you're not scared of me, right? Or what about Anon?"
  761. "But you guys are my friends, why should I be scared of you?"
  762. >"Because Anon could easily turn you into a pony pancake if you made him mad? Because I could suck out all your emotions and leave you a dry, withered husk? Just because we can do things doesn't mean we will, same with Celly."
  763. "Again, you're right, but she was really hostile before, so just be careful Chelicera."
  764. >"I will be, but it looks like Anon is done, so if you want to join me in getting some sexy human smell on you, do so now."
  765. >With that, she saunters off to Anon's side, her wings already buzzing weakly at her side.
  766. ~~~
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