Fallout: Beyond Equestria 184: Black Rose (Part 3)

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  1. [2016-06-08 13:27:04] <Kkat> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-06-08 13:27:10] <Kkat> 3Drawn by the atmospheric disturbances caused by the temporal portal, the Enclave Loyalist Remnants have arrived in the Tenochtitlan Basin in a rebuilt Raptor to investigate.  They have begun setting up their operation, and have sent wings of black-armored pegasi to meet with the zebra air pirates.
  3. [2016-06-08 13:27:16] <Kkat> 3The group is currently hidden in plain sight aboard the spirit-stealthed Shadowbolt.  A short time ago, they caught an encoded burst transmission from an unknown source on a frequency used by New Roam.  It seems certain that there are Imperial scouts or spies in the area, and that New Roam now knows of the Enclave's presence.  
  4. [2016-06-08 13:27:23] <Kkat> 3Expectations have been high that the Imperials would be drawn here by the same disturbances that brought the Enclave.  Now, it seems just as likely that the presence of a Raptor will prompt the Imperials to gather a more significant military force before arriving.  At least, this means they have some time.  Probably.
  5. [2016-06-08 13:27:29] <Kkat> 3Shatara has noticed at least one familiar and friendly pony amongst the pegasi: Star Dust.
  6. [2016-06-08 13:27:31] <Kkat> 3...
  7. [2016-06-08 13:28:02] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost is still checking frequencies, but not transmitting, even if her radio is open on receiving.
  8. [2016-06-08 13:28:09] <Kkat> 3>> Nothing that the locals can bring to bear poses a threat, but the New Cumulus is not capable of taking on a Leviathan.  Please advise. <<
  9. [2016-06-08 13:28:15] <Kkat> 3>> Acknowledged.  The General's Council has received your transmission and are conferring.  Please continue original operations until further notice. <<
  10. [2016-06-08 13:28:16] <Kkat> 3...
  11. [2016-06-08 13:29:09] <Kkat> 3Shatara sees a hovering robot.  The thing has a dish and several relay antenna, as well as plasma weapons mounted on a rotating belt.  The design, as well as the paint job, suggests it is an Enclave device.  Shatara quickly realizes that the robot is a communications relay.
  12. [2016-06-08 13:29:18] <Kkat> 3Through the scope, Shatara sees a shimmer in the air near the robot.  A zebra mini-blimp robot decloaks, floating close to the Enclave relay.  
  13. [2016-06-08 13:30:12] <Kkat> 3The twin plasma guns of the Enclave machine spin around, locking on the zebra bot.  They fire twice -- lines of brilliant green energy flash in the air.  >> KA-BOOOM! <<  The zebra robot explodes with far greater force than anyone would anticipate -- the aerial equivalent of a depth charge -- tearing apart the Enclave relay robot with the blast.
  14. [2016-06-08 13:30:28] <Kkat> 3Shatara blinkblinks into his scope. "Check that: stripey suicide blimp just killed the Enclave's commo."
  15. [2016-06-08 13:30:36] <Kkat> 3...
  16. [2016-06-08 13:31:00] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Four: Black Rose (Part 3)
  17. [2016-06-08 13:31:08] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  18. [2016-06-08 13:31:35] <Kkat> 3Below the clouds, the comms officer aboard the New Cumulus watches as screens turn to static and all communication with home base is lost.
  19. [2016-06-08 13:32:11] <Kkat> 3"Captain!  We're under attack!"
  20. [2016-06-08 13:32:17] <Kkat> 3...
  21. [2016-06-08 13:35:50] * Mitzi scowls and flexes her claws. An attack, and she could do nothing. She had none of her weapons, and she could not fly. She suddenly felt weak. Useless.
  22. [2016-06-08 13:40:44] * Golden_Dream  looks around with fervor. "Folks, it's time to make plans and moves."
  23. [2016-06-08 13:40:54] <Kkat> 3Hunter seems to sense the change in Mitzi's demeanor and whines.
  24. [2016-06-08 13:41:30] * Bookwright nudges Scales with a hoof. "Wake up sleepyhead. We might be needing your help soon."
  25. [2016-06-08 13:42:04] * Mitzi takes Hunter off his normal perch on her broad shoulder and gently sets him down.
  26. [2016-06-08 13:43:15] * Get_Lost opens frequency with the cumulus "new cumulus, we witnessed the assault from here. some sort of drone approached your communicatrion probe and kamikaze-ed it! it looked like zebra technology, probably imperial. checking the imperial frequencies we caught some short unintellegible signals, they could be related to the assault"
  27. [2016-06-08 13:43:42] <Kkat> 3Scale stirrs and looks at Bookwright with a mixture of interest and 'I was sleeping' annoyance.
  28. [2016-06-08 13:44:28] * Bookwright "Yes I know, I'm sorry for interrupting your nap. But I think we're about to have aerial problems."
  29. [2016-06-08 13:45:28] <Kkat> 3Scales hisses.
  30. [2016-06-08 13:46:56] * Shatara tries looking around again. "If the bugpone empire is around, we probably need to get some proof before they start suspecting we're trying to pull something..."
  31. [2016-06-08 13:47:19] * Bookwright "Do you think you can smell the difference between a zebra and a changeling in disguise?"
  32. [2016-06-08 13:48:03] * Bookwright "Yes I know you can /taste/ the difference, I'm just saying we'd want to identify the changeling without you biting every single zebra we come across."
  33. [2016-06-08 13:48:34] <Kkat> 6>> Shadowbolt, this is the New Cumulus.  Thank you for the intelligence.  The relay transmitted a few frames of the attacker, matching wartime Roaman cloud-charges.  We are on high alert.  Please don't enter our airspace without clear announcement.  We don't want to accidentally shoot down a friendly. <<
  34. [2016-06-08 13:49:54] * CopyCat frets. Which involves nervously hoof tippy-toeing in place. "Oh dear, oh dear!"
  35. [2016-06-08 13:49:59] * Bookwright "No, spitting them out after 'a quick taste' doesn't count."
  36. [2016-06-08 13:50:20] <Kkat> 3Scales reluctantly nods.  It's definitely something the couatl might  be able to do... with a fair chance of being right.
  37. [2016-06-08 13:51:28] * CopyCat stops suddenly at the New Cumulus' announcement. "Th-they aren't immediately opening fire, at least..."
  38. [2016-06-08 13:51:29] * Shatara blushes and fidgets uncomfortably and does his best pokerfacing...oh, right. He's talking to the snake. Who else would he be talking to?
  39. [2016-06-08 13:52:52] <Kkat> 3Shatara is rewarded by three baby dragons scurrying across the deck and trying to climb Mount Griffon.
  40. [2016-06-08 13:53:58] * Shatara squawks in surprise, collapsing under sudden durgassault.
  41. [2016-06-08 13:54:40] * Noble_Heart frowns, ruffling her feathers. "What is more concerning is that there is no sign of what launched the mine. There is likely another ship such as ours among the clouds."
  42. [2016-06-08 13:55:31] * Shatara wriggles his head out from dragonpile. "But how do we see something that you can't look at...?"
  43. [2016-06-08 13:56:34] <Kkat> 13Pink-E notes, "Thankfully, we're totally like not a target because we're super sneaky and invisible and OMG lookat the dragons!  They got Shatara!  Griffon down!  Griffon down!"
  44. [2016-06-08 13:57:20] <Kkat> 3One of the dragons finds Shatara's tail, sticks it in her mouth, and starts sucking on it.
  45. [2016-06-08 13:57:32] * Mitzi raises her head, then looks to Shatara. "How gud eez yur nose?"
  46. [2016-06-08 13:58:20] <Kkat> 3Hunter scrambles down off Mitzi and tentatively joins the other baby dragons in their play.
  47. [2016-06-08 13:59:27] * CopyCat can't help but giggle at the catbirb. "I wish we'd asked Pan more about spirits and stuff... it's a spirit that causes the stealth effect, right?"
  48. [2016-06-08 13:59:40] <Shatara> "They're also most likely super sneaky and invisible, and I'm not sure if they manage to find a super sneaky stripeyship, they'll care if it's us or them...or notice..." He blinks at the dragon, his tailtuft twitching in her muzzle. "Is...this the time for this?"
  49. [2016-06-08 14:01:14] * Golden_Dream  rubs the back of her neck. "Bookie, you're on spy-checking then. I'll get th' CRUX primed. It's th' only thing I figure can take down a leviathan on th' quick." She made a point to never let the dragons around her explosives collection. A very high on the list point.
  50. [2016-06-08 14:01:57] * Golden_Dream  adds, "Start by makin' sure none of th' dragons are changerlin's."
  51. [2016-06-08 14:02:06] * CopyCat then tilts her head. "Wait, shouldn't our ship have a spirit, too?" The mare glances around, "Have we ever met our spirit?"
  52. [2016-06-08 14:02:10] <Kkat> 3Below deck, the mass of dragon babies are pretty much everywhere.
  53. [2016-06-08 14:02:33] * Get_Lost "cumulus, don't worry about our position, we are trying to keep an eye above the clouds, if we catch something, we will relay ASAP"
  54. [2016-06-08 14:03:17] * Noble_Heart taps her chin thoughtfully. "The usage of other spirit powers was sufficient to suppress the stealth effect in the past. Perhaps something similar might work again?"
  55. [2016-06-08 14:03:19] <Kkat> 6>> Copy that. <<
  56. [2016-06-08 14:03:25] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright. "Cun yu make ur ears or node better?"
  57. [2016-06-08 14:05:36] * CopyCat mutters under her breath, her mind concocting an elaborate mental image, "Such a shy spirit... I best she's cute!"
  58. [2016-06-08 14:06:07] * Golden_Dream  adds to Copycat, "Given what our ship does, I don't imagine they want us lookin' at them."
  59. [2016-06-08 14:07:04] * CopyCat replies, "Well that just makes her cuter."
  60. [2016-06-08 14:07:05] * Bookwright shakes his head. "I can make your eyes better, but that's it."
  61. [2016-06-08 14:09:27] * Golden_Dream  looks around. "How do y' know it's a her?"
  62. [2016-06-08 14:10:38] * CopyCat then quickly turns to Get_Lost. "Get, please warn the pegasi about that metal-burning fire weapon some of the airships had. The one they could use from above. If anything is capable of sneaking up and seriously damaging their ship it would be that."
  63. [2016-06-08 14:16:06] * Noble_Heart contemplates a little more, tilting her head to one side. "It's possible any sufficiently large release of arcane energy might similarly disrupt the stealth field..." She frowns and furrows her brow, stamping a forehoof. "Perhaps if they caused a major electrical disturbance in the clouds?"
  64. [2016-06-08 14:17:04] * Golden_Dream  looks somewhat skeptical. "So you want them to go up and go stomping on the clouds t' make lightnin' happen?"
  65. [2016-06-08 14:17:29] * CopyCat smiles at Golden_Dream. "Because a boy would want to show off."
  66. [2016-06-08 14:18:53] <Shatara> "We still need to make sure they either don't compromise our stealth, or they expect us beforehand..."
  67. [2016-06-08 14:21:01] * Golden_Dream  shrugs. "How do you know it's not a boy either? Sometimes, a spirit is just a spirit."
  68. [2016-06-08 14:21:38] * Shatara blinkblinks at CopyCat. Is not particularly fond of showing off.
  69. [2016-06-08 14:26:06] * Get_Lost relays the infos from copy to the cumulus
  70. [2016-06-08 14:29:24] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side. "That might help. Though We are uncertain if they could cause enough on such a scale. We were thinking perhaps some form of pegasus joint flying operation?" She scowled. "We are not certain it would be enough."
  71. [2016-06-08 14:38:14] <Kkat> 6>> We have contact.  Zebra wheel-bot on approach vector. <<
  72. [2016-06-08 14:43:24] * CopyCat blinks. "Wheel bots?"
  73. [2016-06-08 14:43:40] * Bookwright "As opposed to imaginary bots, I guess."
  74. [2016-06-08 14:43:59] * Shatara drags himself out from under a durgpile and searches for offending wheelybutts.
  75. [2016-06-08 14:44:06] * Golden_Dream  nods. "Right. Let's just play this quiet. They'll have t' reveal themselves if they wanna attack. I only wish there were some means of finding 'em before they did it, but there's nothing really we can do otherwise other than respond and respond hard."
  76. [2016-06-08 14:45:06] <Shatara> "They might be using drones. That may or may not also be stealthed..."
  77. [2016-06-08 14:45:35] * Bookwright "Well... we found this umbra because Parley could track its radio signal. This umbra seems to be controlling its robots, so it's probably broadcasting."
  78. [2016-06-08 14:46:45] * Golden_Dream  blinks. That... Was a good point. "... Noble, Shatara, go see what wizardry ya'll can get up to."
  79. [2016-06-08 14:46:59] <Kkat> 3From below the clouds some the violent, screeching sound of a massive energy discharge.  Even through the clouds and storm, it can be heard.
  80. [2016-06-08 14:47:06] * CopyCat turns to Parlay and Get_Lost. "Keep searching for signals... which you're already doing, aren't you? Then, um, good plan! Keep it up!"
  81. [2016-06-08 14:47:52] <Kkat> 6>> Enemy contact neutralized. <<
  82. [2016-06-08 15:02:55] * Bookwright "Wheelbots... Oh, wait, I think I remember reading about them. They're blitz assault robots. The zebras used them for coastal assaults because they could actually run across water if they were going fast enough and the water was smooth enough. They're extremely poorly suited to forest work though... And they're emphatically not stealthy."
  83. [2016-06-08 15:04:42] * Bookwright "Assuming it wasn't placed in advance, we could probably trace its path back to where the Zebra airship dropped it very easily. And possibly find that airship still in the vicinity."
  84. [2016-06-08 15:04:58] * Shatara hmms. "Why would they start probing with definitely-not-stealthy stuff? Seems odd to just randomly drop out something so obvious..."
  85. [2016-06-08 15:05:38] * Noble_Heart frowns. "They have depth charges. Likely the end of that trail leads to a minefield."
  86. [2016-06-08 15:05:55] * CopyCat blinks again. "Oh!" Then she looks at their mechanics expert to corroborate Bookie's information. "Could a robot like that really travel over water through pure speed, Shatara?"
  87. [2016-06-08 15:07:28] * Noble_Heart flattens her ears. "When those who have been hiding suddenly scream 'we are here', it is almost never a good idea to follow the call."
  88. [2016-06-08 15:07:32] * Golden_Dream  blinks. Sciency talk makes boozepony a quiet pone.
  89. [2016-06-08 15:08:45] * Bookwright "Yeah, but we don't have any other leads."
  90. [2016-06-08 15:16:09] * CopyCat looks at her friends. "Could it be worth us taking a look? Seeing if we can track it from the air and find where it came from and what dropped it off? If we keep radio silence we should stay as hidden as we usually are."
  91. [2016-06-08 15:17:48] * Bookwright "That sounds like a good plan."
  92. [2016-06-08 15:18:30] <Kkat> 6>> Major Tripwire to New Cumulus.  We are following the path of the wheel-bot.  I've got to say, the path is... obvious.  I've got a bad feeling about this. <<
  93. [2016-06-08 15:18:55] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly. "The magic of the ship doesn't work on machines, does it?" She furrowed her brow. "If those floating bombs are autonomous, then we might not be protected against them at all."
  94. [2016-06-08 15:19:19] <Kkat> 6>> New Cumulus to scout team.  Major Tripwire, be on alert.  Trap suspected.  We are here to provide support. <<
  95. [2016-06-08 15:20:23] <Kkat> 13Pink-E ooohs.  "Oh, that's right!  Hey, maybe I can spot the invisible ship!"
  96. [2016-06-08 15:23:00] <Kkat> 6>> Major Tripwire to New Culumus.  We have spotted a poorly camoflaged structure.  We believe it is a grounded airship.  Approaching with caution. <<
  97. [2016-06-08 15:23:15] <Kkat> 6>> Roger, Major. <<
  98. [2016-06-08 15:26:00] <Kkat> 3Shatara, Golden_Dream, Get_Lost and Noble_Heart are each alerted to the sudden appearance of a new broadcast.  
  99. [2016-06-08 15:26:28] * Noble_Heart pulls up the new broadcast out of curiosity.
  100. [2016-06-08 15:29:00] * CopyCat nods. "Good idea, Pink-E. Shatara, please take us below the clouds so we can spot the wheelie-bot's wreck and follow its path. Pink-E, please keep watch for any stealth ships or bomb balloons..." CopyCat tilts her head. "Actually, we don't know how those balloons are hidden... oh dear."
  101. [2016-06-08 15:29:10] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart hears a panicked-sounding voice speaking poor Equestrian in a thick Imperial accent, " hostile!  Peace!  Please!  We civilians!  Have foals!  No hostile!..."  
  102. [2016-06-08 15:29:29] <Kkat> 3The new broadcast cuts off abruptly, disappearing.
  103. [2016-06-08 15:29:50] * Shatara quickly tunes into the broadcast. "Poorly camoflaged? Sounds like something we should have picked up on...wait..."
  104. [2016-06-08 15:30:10] * Shatara dives for the radio "IT'S A TRAP, GET OUTTA THERE"
  105. [2016-06-08 15:31:16] <Kkat> 3Parlay catches another micro-burst transmission on the same Imperial frequency as before.  Again, the transmission is nothing but coded noise.
  106. [2016-06-08 15:32:04] <Kkat> 6>> Major Tripwire!  Scout Team!  Report!  What just happened?  What was that explosion?  Report! <<
  107. [2016-06-08 15:35:52] <Kkat> 3Everything is quiet as seconds stretch on.
  108. [2016-06-08 15:36:11] * CopyCat winces.
  109. [2016-06-08 15:38:36] * Shatara slumps, dropping the handset, and slowly returning to the helm, bringing the ship downward. "Let them know we're investigating. Telepathically if you have to, we don't want our quarry to get an idea where we are..."
  110. [2016-06-08 15:38:49] <Kkat> 6>> ..kzzzzzzk...ajor Tripwire.... zxxxzak... ly wounded.  Everypony else...zzassk... peat, no other serious injuries.  We weren't even close to... kzzzzazckle... just blew up! <<
  111. [2016-06-08 15:40:13] * Shatara sighs an nods. "Of course. They're trying to paint us as genocidal invaders...can't do that if there's no innocents getting murdered..."
  112. [2016-06-08 15:40:31] * Golden_Dream  inhales. Count to four. Exhales. "... This is how they do it. They cut off the outside communication, and slowly cut away at their defenses."  She gets on the microphone. "This is Freelancer Shadowbolt. Advised to get th' hell back. They are gonna try /every trick/ to get us seperated and dead."
  113. [2016-06-08 15:40:43] * Noble_Heart frowns at that, shuffling a bit in annoyance. "More than that, they're attempting to take advantage of the good nature of ponies."
  114. [2016-06-08 15:42:23] <Kkat> 6>> New Cumulus to Freelancer Shadowbot: are the zebras *trying* to start a war? <<
  115. [2016-06-08 15:43:47] <Shatara> "Yes. Yes they are."
  116. [2016-06-08 15:44:01] <Kkat> 13"Yeah, cuz painting the Enclave as genocidal invaders?"  Pink-E comments to Parlay.  "Who would buy that?"
  117. [2016-06-08 15:44:22] <Kkat> 3Parlay lets out a long booooop.
  118. [2016-06-08 15:46:52] * Noble_Heart moves up to the radio. "Yes. We have evidence that their empire has been compromised by Changelings, who are presently in the process of attempting infiltration and execution of military actions against Equestria, with support of the Zebra populace implicitly, though not currently explicitly. A major international incident which paints Equestrians as violent thugs, outsiders
  119. [2016-06-08 15:46:52] * Noble_Heart and destroyers of peace and their 'beloved' empire would likely place them in a position to mobilize a full invasion."
  120. [2016-06-08 15:50:10] <Kkat> 3The radio remains silent at that.  But there are surely a lot of conversations happening aboard the Raptor.
  121. [2016-06-08 15:52:09] <Kkat> 3A new voice comes over the radio.
  122. [2016-06-08 15:53:26] <Kkat> 6>> This is Captain Hurricane.  Based on your intelligence, do you believe this set-up will be sufficient for them to justify an invasion?  Or is there more coming? <<
  123. [2016-06-08 15:55:05] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that. "Uncertain. It is definitely a first step for them. But probable that they will take action in that direction if given the opportunity. Their populace is extensively dedicated to their leader, arguably fanatically so. Demonizing ponies will certainly be a first step, though I am uncertain this will be a sufficient attrocity to do so on its
  124. [2016-06-08 15:55:05] * Noble_Heart own."
  125. [2016-06-08 15:55:37] * Mitzi frowns at the talk of war. War meant death, but not just for warriors. For everyone. That was how it had been in the before-time, and if it was allowed to be again, then it would be as it was then. "We must stop eet befur eet starts," she remarks resolutely.
  126. [2016-06-08 15:56:29] * Bookwright agrees with Mitzi. "We must."
  127. [2016-06-08 15:57:00] <Kkat> 6>> Thank you.  By any chance, do you know their end goal?  What are they after?  Land?  Resources? <<
  128. [2016-06-08 15:57:11] * Shatara nods, using every device at his disposal to try to sniff out the hostiles.
  129. [2016-06-08 15:57:15] <Kkat> 6>> Slaves? <<
  130. [2016-06-08 16:00:19] * Noble_Heart contemplates a moment. "As of right now, Our estimate is that they seek to claim Equestria in the wake of the purging of balefire radiation from its lands. The zebra lands still remain damaged by the shadows of the war. Likely they wish to expand to claim new territories as a result. However, given their nature, it is probable that they also seek to expand their population
  131. [2016-06-08 16:00:19] * Noble_Heart with any who would be ammenable to following them."
  132. [2016-06-08 16:00:34] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bobs close.  "Love.  Tell them it's love."
  133. [2016-06-08 16:00:38] <CopyCat> "Love," CopyCat answers. "The changelings will feed on our love."
  134. [2016-06-08 16:02:22] * Golden_Dream  adds, "Slaves. Love slaves. They want t' turn Equestria into a food source."
  135. [2016-06-08 16:03:12] <Kkat> 13Pink-E nodbobs at CopyCat.  Then shakes back and forth.  "I think they want more love from the zebras."
  136. [2016-06-08 16:04:08] * Shatara blinkblinks. "Maybe the populus is already suspecting something's up. Maybe they're looking for a distraction..."
  137. [2016-06-08 16:04:22] <Kkat> 13The pink spritebot says, "Changelings feed on love.  But like everything else, they changed after the war.  Now they're not feeding on romantic love.  They're feeding on *nationalism*.  And nothing makes that stronger than fighting an enemy."  She lets out a sad whistle.  "I've seen it.  I know."
  138. [2016-06-08 16:07:08] * Bookwright "That would explain... That would explain. Would it explain the first war too, I wonder?"
  139. [2016-06-08 16:11:14] * Bookwright shrugs. "We still don't know who fired the first shot. I mean, I hope it was the zebras... but I just don't know. I don't think anypony or zebra knows."
  140. [2016-06-08 16:11:50] * CopyCat listens to Pink-E, frowning, then her eyes go wide. "Oh... oh shit. What if... what if after this war they take over the war-weary Equestria, too. Then they rebuild it. Ready for the next war. And the next..." Her pupils shrink to pin pricks.
  141. [2016-06-08 16:14:19] * Bookwright "You see the problem then."
  142. [2016-06-08 16:21:05] <Kkat> 3Parlay beepboops.
  143. [2016-06-08 16:22:53] * Noble_Heart scowls. "That does seem likely. 'We have always been at war with Equestria'."
  144. [2016-06-08 16:23:05] <Kkat> 13Pink-E boopbeeps back, then says to CopyCat, "They're already planning that, right?  They already know who to replace with a changeling queen.  Who is more loved than Fluttershy?"
  145. [2016-06-08 16:23:23] * Shatara blinkblinks. "Ohdear."
  146. [2016-06-08 16:25:03] * Mitzi frowns. She remembered seeing Fluttershy in that vision of... not quite hers, but about her. She flexes her claws again.
  147. [2016-06-08 16:28:36] * CopyCat bites her lip. "I... I really think we should talk to the pegasi. In person. There are things we need to explain."
  148. [2016-06-08 16:30:24] * Golden_Dream  grumbles. "Fine. But I'm bringin' the bomb with me, and I /ain't/ doin' the talkin' there. Far as I'm concerned, I'm not doing it 'cause I want them t' survive, I'm doin' it fer' Equestria."
  149. [2016-06-08 16:30:39] * Bookwright "I find it interesting that the changelings are attacking Enclave remnants though... I mean, they're a military society, but they're in decline. If the Changelings want a real war, they ought to be provoking the NCR."
  150. [2016-06-08 16:33:42] * Golden_Dream  raises an eyebrow. "They /don't/ want a real war. They want somethin' weakened so they can supplant them. Ain't you been listening?"
  151. [2016-06-08 16:34:02] * CopyCat looks to Golden_Dream. "I don't mean going to the Raptor. They're setting up that camp by the lake. Star Dust was there. That's where I think we should meet them."
  152. [2016-06-08 16:34:44] * Golden_Dream  waves her hooves around. "Culturing the pony savages. One errant tribe at a time." She spits. "No point putting it off any longer."
  153. [2016-06-08 16:35:00] * CopyCat adds, "It should be easier to get out of there if we need to than if we went straight to the New Cumulus."
  154. [2016-06-08 16:37:38] * Golden_Dream  step to the precipice of the ship, and then a bit more once safe. "Pink-E, play nanny fer' th' Dragonlin's. We got some bugs to zap."
  155. [2016-06-08 16:38:52] * Noble_Heart follows along beside Golden_Dream. "This shall no doubt be complex." She frowns. "But We have confidence that Our friends will be able to see it through."
  156. [2016-06-08 16:39:28] <Kkat> 13Pink-E salutes with one of the spritebot's.  "I'm on it!  Don't you worry about a thing.  I'll be the best nannybot ever.  I was programmed with all the babysitting skills of the real Pinkie Pie!"
  157. [2016-06-08 16:39:38] * Bookwright "I should go along. I'm the only one who Scales trusts, and she thinks she can spot changelings by smell. It can't hurt to have a little extra insurance."
  158. [2016-06-08 16:40:28] * Golden_Dream  stops and looks to Pink-E with a pair of eyebrows raised. She looked /severely/ worried.
  159. [2016-06-08 16:40:58] <Kkat> 13Pink-E whines, "I've got this!"
  160. [2016-06-08 16:41:16] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright. "Eef uh knew wut to smell fur Uh cud help sneef out bug ponees."
  161. [2016-06-08 16:42:06] <Kkat> 3Scales gives Bookwright a look that relays how much tasting them would be so much better.
  162. [2016-06-08 16:43:06] * Bookwright "Yes Scales I /know/ it would be easier to just taste them all, but I don't think the Enclave or the Zebras would take kindly to having their butts chewed by a flying snake."
  163. [2016-06-08 16:43:37] * Bookwright gives Scales a Look. "Well, okay maybe one or two of them would like that, if they're into it, but that's another conversation entirely."
  164. [2016-06-08 16:43:39] <Kkat> 3Hunter scampers back over and looks up at Mitzi.  Apparently, Mount Griffon has been thoroughly explored.  One of the baby dragons has found Mount Griffon's left ear and is nomming at it.
  165. [2016-06-08 16:44:16] * CopyCat smiles gladly. "Thank you, Pink-E." Then she nods at Bookwright in agreement. "Typically one should seek permission before butt-chewing."
  166. [2016-06-08 16:44:18] <Kkat> 3Scales gives Bookwright a questioning look.
  167. [2016-06-08 16:44:20] * Shatara squakblushes. "Hey, that's only for special pones..."
  168. [2016-06-08 16:44:47] * Mitzi smiels and picks Hunter back up, setting him on her shoulder.
  169. [2016-06-08 16:44:59] * Bookwright "Um. You know what, nevermind. Please do not bite, chew, nibble, or swallow any ponies or zebras that are definitely not changelings in disguise."
  170. [2016-06-08 16:45:09] <Kkat> 3Hunter burbles happily.  "Mama!"
  171. [2016-06-08 16:46:44] * Mitzi chuckles and pats his head. "Uh suppose so."
  172. [2016-06-08 16:55:14] <Kkat> 3The group prepares, gathering what they need before leaving the ship to make a groundside visit to the Enclave lakeside camp.
  173. [2016-06-08 16:55:32] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  174. [2016-06-08 16:55:33] * CopyCat nods. "Right. So we'll go down, leaving the /Shadowbolt/ hovering with Pink-E, Parlay, and our crew, and visit the pegasi camp below. Star Dust is there, and they sent one of their sky-tanks, too. I have a feeling that somepony of importance was on it, but even if not we can at least talk to somepony there and explain what we know. The parts we /want/ them to know, of course."
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