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Vinyl gets a ride from Anon 18+

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Mar 19th, 2016
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  1. >It’s a cold, rainy Friday night
  2. >You are anon, driving home from work.
  3. >After a hard work week, all you want to do is get home and relax
  4. >You make a turn down a lonely street, towards the direction of your house.
  5. >As you proceed down the road, you spot a thin, pasty girl walking in the opposite direction
  6. >She looks miserable, you can see her shivering, with her arms folded to keep warm.
  7. >You keep driving, it’s the end of the week, and the beer is calling
  8. >Glancing at your dashboard, it reads 39 degrees outside
  9. >Now you feel really bad, you’re letting a young girl freeze outside.
  10. >You slow down, and bust a real quick u-turn, pulling up to the strange girl.
  11. >Rolling down your window
  12. >”Are you okay miss? Do you need a ride?
  13. >I-It would help… But I don’t have any money to make it worth the trouble”
  14. >”Well where ya headed?”
  15. >Across town, by the Hay Burger, the apartments nearby”.
  16. >”That’s pretty far from here, I can give you a ride, hop in, don’t want you getting sick out here
  17. >”I really appreciate it, mister.”
  18. >”Naah, don’t worry about it”
  19. >She gets in, and closes the door
  20. >”What’s your name, honey?
  21. >”Vinyl Scratch”
  22. >”I’m Anon, pleasure to meet you Vinyl”
  23. >”Likewise”
  24. >Her face is all wet from the rain, she wipes it with her hands.
  25. >You put on the heater for her
  26. >”Thanks”
  27. >All you can do is smile
  28. >”So what’s a little thing like you doing walking in the rain”
  29. >”I was heading home from school”
  30. >”Oh, where do you go? CHS”
  31. >”Yeah”
  32. >”I went there when I was your age, been a while”
  33. >”Is that Mr. Cranky Doodle still teaching? I remember messing around in his class all the time”
  34. >She smiles and nods.
  35. >A loud grumbling sound can be heard from her abdomen, as you drive through the city
  36. >”Phew, someone’s hungry, you want me to get you something really quick?”
  37. >”I’m good, thanks” she says, looking away.
  38. >”Come on, you know I don’t want to see you go hungry.”
  39. >”Okay”
  40. >You pull into the Hay Burger drive thru, and order a hamburger and soda.
  41. >”Here”, you hand her the food, pulling out of the drive thru
  42. “Thank you, Anon”
  43. >Your passenger quickly unwraps the burger and starts ravishing it.
  44. >The rain is coming down hard now, she looks glad to be in your car.
  45. >Vinyl finishes the burger.
  46. >”Damn girl, put it away!”
  47. >She chuckles, sipping on her soda.
  48. >You both arrive at the aforementioned apartments
  49. >”Thanks a lot Anon, for everything”
  50. “Don’t mention it”
  51. >She opens the door, and half steps out of the vehicle, and pauses
  52. >”Anon, what if I can make it worth your while?”
  53. >”What do you mean, Vinyl?”
  54. >”It’s just, you’ve been so generous…”
  55. >She starts rubbing your cock through your pants
  56. >”Engh, Vinyl, you don’t have to do this, it’s okay, really.
  57. >She leans right into your you and whispers,
  58. >”I want this…”
  59. >You look around, no one is there, your windows are pretty dark anyway.
  60. >”Okay Vinyl, I understand”
  61. >She smiles, and closes the door.
  62. >While raising the steering wheel out of the way, you recline your seat all the way back.
  63. >Vinyl is staring at you from the other side of the car
  64. >She’s got the sickest half grin right now, showing teeth, she also takes her tinted glasses off, placing them on the dash.
  65. >”Okay Vinyl, I’m ready”
  66. >Vinyl leans over, and unzips your pants. Causing your cock to flop out
  67. >She licks her lips
  68. >”Mmm, so... big.”
  69. >”Heh, I guess so, Vinyl”
  70. >This girl could be your daughter, but for some reason, you’re okay with that.
  71. >Vinyl lays on top of you, and starts kissing you,
  72. >She also grabs your arm, placing it on her tender breast.
  73. >Her soft body laying on your hardening cock feels divine
  74. >She doesn’t even care that she’s wiping your precum on her skirt.
  75. >With Vinyl’s body so close, you notice how pleasant she smells, the combination of her hair, perfume and girly deodorant are intoxicating.
  76. >*kiss* umph *kiss* “You’re so beautiful, baby”
  77. >She sits up
  78. >Vinyl wraps her hand around your cock, her gentle touch gives you the chills
  79. >”ahh, nice and hard” She says.
  80. >Vinyl stands up, as much as she can inside of a car,
  81. >She hikes her skirt way up, her ass looks good in those purple leggings
  82. >Both of her thumbs hook around her waist pull down the leggings with a peeling sound
  83. >With her leggings around her knees, you can see a wet spot where they were in contact with her vagina
  84. >She then side steps her way back over to you, and begins squatting with her back facing you
  85. >A deep breath is taken is her warm wetness makes its way towards your cock
  86. >You pause for a second, prodding her vagina with your head, rubbing it around her lips
  87. >Vinyl herself moans a little when you do this
  88. >”Phew, here we go”
  89. >With her hands on the steering wheel, Vinyl lowers herself onto your rod
  90. >“AAAAaaaaaaaaaa… ffffuuck that’s good, mmph”
  91. >She’s tight.
  92. >As Vinyl makes her way down your shaft, she bottoms out near the base
  93. >Back up she goes, repeating the action over and over
  94. >You and Vinyl fuck in silence
  95. >With sound of rain hitting your car, and the warmth provided by Vinyl’s pussy, you couldn’t be happier.
  96. >Vinyl excretes more femcum, it runs down your cock, lubricating it
  97. >At the same time, she rides you faster, your girth hugged tightly by Vinyl’s private parts
  98. >Vinyl’s heavy breathing is becoming vocal
  99. >”unh… fuck me with that big cock, Anon”
  100. >*Heavy breathing* “Alright…”
  101. >You place a hand on each of her ass cheeks, and really let her have it
  102. >The sound has gone from a wet smacking, to the sound of skin slapping.
  103. >One of your thrusts slams her head into the ceiling, but she doesn’t care
  104. >”Oh… Fuck! Vinyl! I’m gonna cum!”
  105. >“I’ve got it, I’ve got it”
  106. >She dismounts your cock, and sits on the seat next to you
  107. >Vinyl then puts her mouth on your now twitching cock.
  108. >You unload in her mouth, it’s seeping past her lips, she swallows it all.
  109. >She brings her head back, licking the film of cum from around her lips
  110. >”Well that was a big load” She says
  111. >”Yeah, it was”, you say, still catching your breath.
  112. >Vinyl drinks her soda, probably to wash the cum down.
  113. >She stands once again, pulling up her leggings, fixing her skirt, and messed up hair from banging against the roof.
  114. >”Vinyl, that was… great”
  115. >”Thanks, so were you, Anon.
  116. >All you can do right now is lay back with your eyes closed and recuperate
  117. >”Hey Anon?”
  118. >”Yeah?”
  119. >”Thanks for the ride home, for everything”
  120. >”It’s no problem at all Vinyl, and thank you as well”
  121. >She opens the door, and exits the car towards her apartment
  122. >You open your eyes, it’s about time you got home yourself
  123. >You sit up, fix your seat, and start the car
  124. >But you notice a torn piece of paper on the passenger seat
  125. >Flipping the paper over, you notice the initials V.S written in cursive, and a phone number on it.
  126. END
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