Mar 11th, 2017
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  2. Injustice: gods among us
  3. +100-That’s murder, jumper! I'm used to it
  4. priority target +400 if my idea works. This will not be too bad
  5. drop in
  6. Czarnian -400 discount for drop-in I always stack regeneration
  7. time to kick my ass free for drop-in don't need it, but it's free
  8. magical cab free for drop-in it's free
  9. Nth metal ingots -100 discounted for drop in more materials!
  10. extreme durability -400 got to boost this up if I'm going to play in the big leagues
  11. Extreme regeneration free for Czarnian a big part of why I went this route, can't have my Mosaic organ active all the time . After all
  12. Extreme strength , free for Czarnian hell yes!
  13. Rogues gear-600 this belt will come in handy
  15. The plan is simple , I'm going to go back in time with the Nanban Mirror , stop the Joker from kidnapping Lois and disarm the bomb, when I spring forward in time , I'm going to be a stable time loop where I leave the future and returned to the present to leave the Phoenix gate at the time and place I return from the future to the present at it's just a submarine and a bomb, and I'm immune to poisons , what could possibly go wrong? Roll(1d100)+0:63,+0 Total:63 okay a chunk has gone wrong , Monique has got the bomb but in trying to stop Superman from killing his wife and unborn child . I wind up as the guy who looks like doomsday, combat begins -40 because I'm using NGE evil powers to emit red sun radiation Roll(1d100)-40:100,-40 Total:60 yeah. That's my arm flying away from me in orbit next roll is at, +20 -20 total okay I'm using my internal radio to tell Monique to get the kryptonite . I picked up all the way back in DC, it's insured so it must be somewhere in the warehouse. And fortunately my arm grew back. Roll(1d100)-40:97,-40 Total:57 okay he just tried to throw me into the sun, fortunately I am charged by the sun! So I'm able to fly away, back to the moon by the time I hit the photosphere , but unfortunately I lose bonuses because he is also charged by the sun , let's see if the combination of my high impact psychotherapy and being right in solar orbit is having any effect on him . Modifiers are removed! Roll(1d100)-0:37,-0 Total:37 okay is coming to his senses but he remembered the kryptonite and is quite angry about it! Roll(1d100)-0:68,-0 Total:68 that's a hit, one of my bodies is splattered against Olympus Mons! And the kryptonite is out of play for the rest of the jump, also, I'm a wanted man. But you know it doesn't happen? Injustice!
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