GLoG Racial Classes

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  1. Halfling
  2. Starting Equipment: Sling, 3 stones, 3 extra rations, good shoes.
  3. Starting Skill: Depends on background
  5. A: Small, Second Breakfast
  6. B: Unnoticed, Rock Chucker
  7. C: Beast Tamer
  8. D: Invisible, Lucky
  10. You gain +1 Save for every Halfling template you possess and +1 Stealth for every two Halfling templates you possess.
  11. You must take Halfling A as your first template. You can take different templates from other classes afterwards.
  12. You are an obligate vegetarian (unless you want to become a goblin)
  14. Small: Small creatures get no penalty for fighting in cramped spaces, they eat half as much as a full-size human. They must use armor and weapons sized for them. Small weapons deal one die size smaller. If they attempt to use regular weapons, they get -2 to hit.
  15. Second Breakfast: You may consume a meal to restore 1d6 HP twice a day.
  16. Unnoticed: If you hold your breath and stand perfectly still, you turn invisible. You can hold your breath for as many rounds as half your constitution.
  17. Rock Chucker: You can throw a stone as hard as a sling and try to do trick shots, like stunning the enemy, knocking something out of their hands. Enemy gets a Save to resist.
  18. Monster Taming: Make an opposed Charisma vs Wisdom check against a creature. Award a penalty or bonus for the difference between the Halfling’s level and the creature’s HD. The creature gets a +2 if above half HP and -2 if below 25% HP. If the Halfling succeeds, the creature will obey the letter and intent of their commands. If the creature winds, it will be filled with madness and fear, or try to escape if intelligent. They can make a Save if the Halfling forces them to do something against their will. Two saves in a row means they break free.
  19. Invisible: Unless someone is looking right at you, you can use your Unnoticed ability to creep along at half speed.
  20. Lucky: Once a day, you can reroll one of your d20 rolls, or a single Skill test.
  22. Elf
  23. Starting Equipment: sword, bow, 10 arrows, spell book
  24. Starting Skill: See background
  26. A: +1 MD, +1 Spell Slot, +2 Spells (1-6), Fey, Changeling
  27. B: +1 MD, +1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-8), Spellsword
  28. C: +1 MD, +1 Spell Slot, +1 Spell (1-10), Stances
  29. D: +1 MD, +1 Spell Slot, Master of Magic
  31. You gain +1 Magic Die (MD) and +1 Spell Slot for each Elf template you possess, to a maximum of 4 each.
  33. When you first gain a Elf template, you must choose a school from the list below. You cannot change schools later. You are a spellcaster.
  34. You must take Elf A as your first template. Afterwards, you can take templates from other classes.
  36. Fey: Iron is elf bane. When in contact with it, you take -1 to hit and damage, plus an additional penalty for each MD you posses. These penalties last for as many rounds as you have MD currently. Silver imposes a similar effect, but does not stack with additional [dice]. In addition, you have a [dice]-in-6 chance or clerical magic failing when cast on you.
  37. Changeling: You become more alien the more MD you possess. With one MD, you have long pointed ears, an acute sense of hearing, and are only surprised on a 1-in-6. With two MD, your fingers and teeth grow cold and sharp. You gain a d4 unarmed attack and a d6 bite attack. With three MD, your eyes shine and you can see in the dark. With four MD you gain Wizard Vision.
  38. Spellsword: You use your weapon as a focus for your magic, gaining the ability to cast spells while armed.
  39. Stances: You can choose to go for an all out attack, gaining +2 Attack but taking -4 Defense until your next turn. Alternatively, you can fight defensively and get a +2 to Defense and a -4 to Attack until your next turn. Additionally, when you parry, you get a +4 to Defense instead of just a +2.
  40. Master of Magic: Learn up to 6 spells from your school’s spell list or create an entirely new spell.
  42. Dwarf
  43. Starting Equipment: Chainmail, shield, axe
  44. Starting Skill: See below
  46. A: Stout, Dwarven Psychology
  47. B: Sword and Board
  48. C: Craftsman, Stances
  49. D: Grudge
  51. You gain +1 to Save vs Physical Damage (this includes poison, falling, disease, dragonfire, etc) and a free point of encumbrance for every dwarf template you possess.
  52. You must take the Dwarf A as your first template. You can select different templates from other classes afterwards.
  53. Your starting rations are rats.
  55. Stout: You are short in stature. You have a base movement of 8. You get a +2 to resist being shoved and pushed, and gain an extra +1 Defense bonus from shields.
  56. Dwarven Psychology: You are agoraphobic and must Save vs Fear if in a large open space but get a +4 to Save vs Fear. You are also incredibly uncreative, you must make a Wisdom save to enact any novel plan of action or apply an old solution to a new situation. Both of these penalties and bonuses vanish when you are drunk, but you are more reckless.
  57. Sword and Board: If holding something in your off hand, you can make a second attack for 1d4 damage and add your Strength Bonus.
  58. Craftsman: With half a day and proper tools, Dwarves can repair a break in your armor or a weapon.
  59. Stances: You can choose to go for an all out attack, gaining +2 Attack but taking -4 Defense until your next turn. Alternatively, you can fight defensively and get a +2 to Defense and a -4 to Attack until your next turn. Additionally, when you parry, you get a +4 to Defense instead of just a +2.
  60. Grudge: Now, and whenever you level up, you may declare a grudge against an enemy. If it’s a specific thing, you get +4 to-hit, if it’s a type of enemy, you get +2 to-hit. These bonuses do not stack, so if you have a grudge against orcs and Grogmurk the orc shaman, that’s only +4 to hit, not +6.
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