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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. sub_atom_* is mostly for when you are needidng to created and decompose new global identifiers
  2. 2:49 PM same as with atom_concat/3
  3. 2:51 PM teh reason to use use global identifiers (atoms) is that they can be hashed in the prolog database
  4. 2:51 PM well they hash for free
  5. 2:52 PM the hashcode gets created at the time of concatenation
  6. 2:53 PM (because it gets found/created at that moment)
  7. 2:54 PM like i'll atom_concat('Player',2,PlayerID).
  8. 2:55 PM ⇐ pie_ quit (~pie_@unaffiliated/pie-/x-0787662) Ping timeout: 272 seconds
  9. 2:57 PM
  10. <stoopkid> so you say that stuff like "atom_concat('Player',2,PlayerID)" is now generally frowned upon?
  11. 3:01 PM
  12. <dmiles> ... sorry, no, that isnt frowned upon.. but would would be is what people youed to do like ..
  13. 3:02 PM atom_concat('Player you ID number was ',2,PrintMe)
  14. 3:03 PM atom_concat('Player',2,PlayerID) finds or creates 'Player2' in the atom table.. which will be used to access the prolog database
  15. 3:03 PM
  16. <stoopkid> so it's not frowned upon if you're just generating an internally-used identifier, but is frowned upon if you're planning to use it in I/O or whatever?
  17. 3:03 PM
  18. <dmiles> ... correct
  19. 3:04 PM
  20. <stoopkid> so in general if i'm outputting it as text, use a string?
  21. 3:04 PM
  22. <dmiles> ... yes.. whenever your onl;y intent was to output it
  23. 3:05 PM also reading and taking in input should be a string
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