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Sep 14th, 2015
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  1. bind TOGGLEKEY "vstr togglecounter"
  2. bind PRINTKEY "vstr printcounter"
  3. bind RESETKEY "vstr resetcounter"
  4. set togglecounter "vstr counteron"
  5. set counteron "bind LOADKEY vstr 1counts;set togglecounter vstr counteroff;echo COUNTER ON"
  6. set counteroff "bind LOADKEY load;set togglecounter vstr counteron;echo COUNTER OFF"
  8. set printcounter "echo Load count:;vstr 1count;vstr 2count;vstr 3count;vstr 4count"
  9. set resetcounter "set 1count echo 0;set 1counts vstr 1count1;set 2counts vstr 2count1;set 3counts vstr 3count1;set 4counts vstr 4count1;set 2count echo ----;set 3count echo ----;set 4count echo ----;echo COUNTER RESET"
  10. set 1count "echo 0"
  11. set 2count "echo ----"
  12. set 3count "echo ----"
  13. set 4count "echo ----"
  15. set 1counts "vstr 1count1"
  17. set 1count1 "load;set 1count echo 1;set 1counts vstr 1count2"
  18. set 1count2 "load;set 1count echo 2;set 1counts vstr 1count3"
  19. set 1count3 "load;set 1count echo 3;set 1counts vstr 1count4"
  20. set 1count4 "load;set 1count echo 4;set 1counts vstr 1count5"
  21. set 1count5 "load;set 1count echo 5;set 1counts vstr 1count6"
  22. set 1count6 "load;set 1count echo 6;set 1counts vstr 1count7"
  23. set 1count7 "load;set 1count echo 7;set 1counts vstr 1count8"
  24. set 1count8 "load;set 1count echo 8;set 1counts vstr 1count9"
  25. set 1count9 "load;set 1count echo 9;set 1counts vstr 1count10"
  26. set 1count10 "load;set 1count echo 0;vstr 2counts;set 1counts vstr 1count1"
  28. set 2counts "vstr 2count1"
  30. set 2count1 "set 2count echo +10;set 2counts vstr 2count2"
  31. set 2count2 "set 2count echo +20;set 2counts vstr 2count3"
  32. set 2count3 "set 2count echo +30;set 2counts vstr 2count4"
  33. set 2count4 "set 2count echo +40;set 2counts vstr 2count5"
  34. set 2count5 "set 2count echo +50;set 2counts vstr 2count6"
  35. set 2count6 "set 2count echo +60;set 2counts vstr 2count7"
  36. set 2count7 "set 2count echo +70;set 2counts vstr 2count8"
  37. set 2count8 "set 2count echo +80;set 2counts vstr 2count9"
  38. set 2count9 "set 2count echo +90;set 2counts vstr 2count10"
  39. set 2count10 "set 2count echo +0;set 2counts vstr 2count1;vstr 3counts"
  41. set 3counts "vstr 3count1"
  43. set 3count1 "set 3count echo +100;set 3counts vstr 3count2"
  44. set 3count2 "set 3count echo +200;set 3counts vstr 3count3"
  45. set 3count3 "set 3count echo +300;set 3counts vstr 3count4"
  46. set 3count4 "set 3count echo +400;set 3counts vstr 3count5"
  47. set 3count5 "set 3count echo +500;set 3counts vstr 3count6"
  48. set 3count6 "set 3count echo +600;set 3counts vstr 3count7"
  49. set 3count7 "set 3count echo +700;set 3counts vstr 3count8"
  50. set 3count8 "set 3count echo +800;set 3counts vstr 3count9"
  51. set 3count9 "set 3count echo +900;set 3counts vstr 3count10"
  52. set 3count10 "set 3count echo +0;set 3counts vstr 3count1;vstr 4counts"
  54. set 4counts "vstr 4count1"
  56. set 4count1 "set 4count echo +1000;set 4counts vstr 4count2"
  57. set 4count2 "set 4count echo +2000;set 4counts vstr 4count3"
  58. set 4count3 "set 4count echo +3000;set 4counts vstr 4count4"
  59. set 4count4 "set 4count echo +4000;set 4counts vstr 4count5"
  60. set 4count5 "set 4count echo +5000;set 4counts vstr 4count6"
  61. set 4count6 "set 4count echo +6000;set 4counts vstr 4count7"
  62. set 4count7 "set 4count echo +7000;set 4counts vstr 4count8"
  63. set 4count8 "set 4count echo +8000;set 4counts vstr 4count9"
  64. set 4count9 "set 4count echo +9000;set 4counts vstr 4count10"
  65. set 4count10 "echo LIMIT OF 10000 LOADS REACHED;vstr resetcounter"
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