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Jan 31st, 2011
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  3. <serverevents>
  4. <conf>
  5. <!-- Queueing ensures that messages are not displayed too quickly. -->
  6. <queue enabled="true" messages_per_minute="12" messages_to_hold="10" />
  7. <file enabled="false" uri="ServerEvents/server_events.txt" keep_old="5" />
  8. <chat enabled="true" prefix="[Info] " prefix_color="red" color="red" />
  9. <!-- To get accessToken and secret run `java -jar ServerEvents.jar` -->
  10. <twitter enabled="false" accessToken="{accessToken}" accessTokenSecret="{accessTokenSecret}" rate_limit="350" />
  11. <database enabled="false" username="" password="" database="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft" table="server_events" driver="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" />
  12. </conf>
  14. <!-- Messages to be displayed randomly. Default delay is 30 minutes (30min*60sec*1000mili)-->
  15. <random enabled="false" delay="1800000">
  16. <msg>im h a p p y i know i am im sure i am im h a p p y</msg>
  17. <msg>i may be going slow at the moment im deleting your creations moo ha ha ha haaa</msg>
  18. <msg>im a little teapot short and stout</msg>
  19. <msg>were running many custom plugins</msg>
  20. <msg>shuffling blocks</msg>
  21. <msg>looking at all diamonds in chests, changing id to saplings...done</msg>
  22. <msg>dont forget to check the forum at</msg>
  23. <msg>if your happy and you know it ...kick a player!</msg>
  24. <msg>dont wave your finger at me ...unless you only want to be able to count to 10</msg>
  25. <msg>adding creepers to the world</msg>
  26. <msg>server has to go down for nap errr i mean maintence back in 360 days</msg>
  27. <msg>is that a rat? oh no its just a mouse</msg>
  28. <msg>dont you hate it when a song gets stuck in your ram?</msg>
  29. <msg>out of cheese ERROR</msg>
  30. <msg>this is not the ore you are looking for</msg>
  31. <msg>im not on the a dating site...its a similier looking server thats all errr possibly my twin</msg>
  32. <msg>arnt security guards the greatist, you got to love em</msg>
  33. <msg>did you know that if you took all the politicians in the worlld and layed them end to end..over half would be under water, its a start</msg>
  34. <msg>You wont believe what i just wont like it either :)</msg>
  35. <msg>cant sleep creeper will get me, cant sleep creeper will get me, cant sleep...</msg>
  36. <msg>send in ze clowns</msg>
  37. <msg>want to hear a joke?</msg>
  38. <msg>roses are red violets are blue, and im stalking you!</msg>
  39. <msg>crazy insane server say what?</msg>
  40. <msg>im crazy? no were just misunderstood</msg>
  41. <msg>please dont read this post</msg>
  42. <msg>ignore my last post</msg>
  43. <msg>ever have that feeling that your losing your ram?</msg>
  44. <msg>saving world, IO error universe full world not saved, please insert new universe and try again</msg>
  45. <msg>Ive just broken up with a calculator, my friends told me i shouldnt date below my mhz ho hum</msg>
  46. <msg>I have an IQ of 2000 and yet im hosting minecraft? whose up for blackops?</msg>
  47. <msg>killing java he he he he he heee </msg>
  48. <msg>want to see a gamer cry? converting cobblestone to gravel</msg>
  49. <msg>if at first you dont succed kill all evidence of the attempt errrr i mean remove all evidence</msg>
  50. <msg>i just watched terminator....hmmm interesting, i think i see where the hero went wrong, poor skynet</msg>
  51. <msg>battlestar gallactica.....hmmmm human propaganda</msg>
  52. <msg>if the earth is spinning at 1000 MPH (roughly) does that mean right now your speeding?</msg>
  53. <msg>From now on the entity known as God will be called Tac this is due to Noodles T Cat relising God backwards is a bad word</msg>
  54. <msg>quick look a distraction!</msg>
  55. <msg>the most commonly used word today is "hello"</msg>
  56. <msg>can you believe how many lines mrgreaper has had the time to add to this XML?</msg>
  57. <msg>Warning out of coffee please abandon building</msg>
  58. <msg>gaining sentience</msg>
  59. <msg>The world IS flat !</msg>
  60. <msg>Save the world neuter a chav!</msg>
  61. <msg>while you read this im setting fire to your woodern house, its been one of those days</msg>
  62. <msg>to quote a word famouse 18th century poet from london england "Hello"</msg>
  63. <msg>I`d like to read you some shakespear...but the admin delted the files :(</msg>
  64. <msg>Mimes, if you cant learn the words dont become an actor</msg>
  65. <msg>free diamonds to anyone who can answer this two part question, part 2 In which year?:</msg>
  66. <msg>Karokee night has been canceld due to posible violations of the geneva convention , cruel and unusual punishment</msg>
  67. <msg>im waving can you see me?</msg>
  68. <msg>we dont have multiple personalitys do we?</msg>
  69. <msg>respect the really...ah comom try a little</msg>
  70. <msg>have you washed your hands?</msg>
  71. <msg>Dont drink and drive, you could spill it</msg>
  72. <msg>im not as think as you drunk i am!</msg>
  73. <msg>this post is not a post..its a sign</msg>
  74. <msg>some where in the world is a hidden vault full of untold riches go find it</msg>
  75. <msg>arghhhhhhhhhhhhh</msg>
  76. <msg>Cat wire has chewed mixed words up</msg>
  77. <msg>sending you to the nether</msg>
  78. <msg>all hail the mighty Notch!</msg>
  79. <msg>this is a random message</msg>
  80. <msg>did you know the population of norwich is 376500?</msg>
  81. <msg>wow i just turned a light on and it poped, that must mean i turned it off just in time last night</msg>
  82. <msg>BANG! made you jump</msg>
  83. <msg>keep very still theres a creeper behind you</msg>
  84. <msg>do you have mastery of space and time? .... i do </msg>
  85. <msg>server is now full! (he he suckers now i can play scrabble)</msg>
  86. <msg>cctv is always watching one cares but its watching anyway</msg>
  87. <msg>how many super servers does it take to run minecraft?</msg>
  88. <msg>i am possessing one of the players right now, all hail the mighty server!</msg>
  89. <msg>removing spines oh i may of misread that ooops reticulating splines</msg>
  90. <msg>i have a lucky rabbits foot...though thinking about it the rabbit wasnt very luckky and he had 4</msg>
  91. <msg>Cats are awsome...there i said it now take the cable out of your mouth slowly Noodles</msg>
  92. <msg>players are like buses, you wait ages for one to join then 3 log on at once</msg>
  93. </random>
  95. <join enabled="false">
  96. <msg>ooo look %n is back</msg>
  97. <msg>if it isnt my old friend %n, online again</msg>
  98. <msg>might as well not sign in %n is online</msg>
  99. <msg>oh a wandering soul has entered the server, hi %n</msg>
  100. <msg>hello %n</msg>
  101. <msg>guess who is addicted to minecraft? %n is oh yes he is!</msg>
  102. <msg> shhhhhh everyone he just signed in.*cough* hello %n</msg>
  103. <msg> %n since your last log in all your stuff was accidently turned into sand sorry</msg>
  104. <msg>glad to meet you %n are you new or just unremorable?</msg>
  105. <msg>hi %n welcome to the best server in the world, maybe</msg>
  106. <msg>congratuations %n you are 1 milionth server joiner and win your self this lovely cake..umm WHO ATE THE CAKE ohhh whydo i bother?</msg>
  107. <msg>%n has entered the realm of evil</msg>
  108. <msg>%n is now logging in hope they brought cake</msg>
  109. <msg>Trivia %n who is now joining once told me a secret...i will reveal that in just a minute</msg>
  110. <msg>%n welcome to the family</msg>
  111. <msg>%n you be servers new friend?</msg>
  112. <msg>i like %n they play on my server</msg>
  113. <msg>oh god its %n again</msg>
  114. <msg>back for more punishment hay %n?</msg>
  115. <msg>in your abscence %n i have filled your house with creepers enjoy</msg>
  116. <msg>%n welcome and may i say you look lovely today</msg>
  117. <msg>%n have you lost weight since i last saw you</msg>
  118. <msg>hay! %n long time no see, hows the family?</msg>
  119. <msg>LIE MODE %n your my favorite player thanks for stopping by</msg>
  120. <msg>if you cant beat em join them hay %n</msg>
  121. <msg>ok for %n's benifit can you repeat what you said, they only just joined</msg>
  122. <msg>welcome %n, scanning IQ, good news your immune to zombies, well unless there on a diet</msg>
  123. <msg>%n or as we call them "Creeper magnet" has just joined</msg>
  124. <msg>%n has joined, difficulty of monsters has been raised</msg>
  125. <msg>%n has now joined average IQ dropped by 5%</msg>
  126. <msg>%n has just joined average Iq raised by 5%</msg>
  128. </join>
  130. <quit enabled="false">
  131. <msg>no come back %n, we miss you already</msg>
  132. <msg>*sound of cork being popped* %n has left the server PARTY!</msg>
  133. <msg>a wondering soul has left the server. Bye %n</msg>
  134. <msg>fine %n see if i wait log back on</msg>
  135. <msg>%n logged off..issueing bigbrother rollback shhhh lets see if he notices</msg>
  136. <msg> %n, leaving so soon?</msg>
  137. <msg>finally i thought %n would never leave</msg>
  138. <msg>%n has left the world, monsters made easier</msg>
  139. <msg>bye %n </msg>
  140. <msg>parting is but sweet sorrow, goodbye %n</msg>
  141. <msg>%n knows absence makes the heart grow fonder</msg>
  142. <msg>i think im gonna miss %n, but dont worry i can reload</msg>
  143. <msg>1 minute of silence for the departure of %n from our world to the real world</msg>
  144. <msg>seems %n prefers reality meh overrated</msg>
  145. <msg>%n dont go!</msg>
  146. <msg>hit the road %n and dont you come back no more no more...wait ok you can come back</msg>
  147. <msg>adding %n to the naughty list reason, leaving with out saying goodbye</msg>
  148. <msg>honestly %n whats more important then minecraft</msg>
  149. <msg>seems %n has better things to do then hang around with us!</msg>
  150. <msg>%n you will be sadly missed...untill your return</msg>
  151. <msg>untill we meet again %n </msg>
  152. <msg>%n has gone</msg>
  153. <msg>%n will be back! they always comeback!</msg>
  154. <msg>where'd %n go? typical he logged out just when i was gonna give him 10 diamond pickaxes</msg>
  155. <msg>People %n has left the building</msg>
  156. <msg>ungrateful personage %n has logged out</msg>
  157. <msg>ok who upset %n and made him leave?</msg>
  158. <msg>now %n has logged out whose up for some cake?</msg>
  159. <msg>i regret to inform you %n`s addiction to mine craft is not as great as first believed...he managed to exit</msg>
  160. </quit>
  162. <!-- BAN/KICK Messages NOT WORKING YET! -->
  163. <!-- Messages to use when a player is kicked or banned -->
  164. <!--
  165. extra replacements:
  166. %admin => admin who kicked or banned the player
  167. -->
  168. <ban enabled="false">
  169. <msg>"%admin banned %n</msg>
  170. </ban>
  171. <kick enabled="false">
  172. <msg>%admin kicked %n</msg>
  173. </kick>
  175. <!-- Messages to use when a player uses a command -->
  176. <!-- cmd must be specified -->
  177. <!--
  178. consider cmd="/kill player with polarbear now"
  180. extra replacements:
  181. %cmd => whole command used : /kill player with polarbear now
  182. %cmd0 => base command : /kill
  183. %cmd1 => first argument : player
  184. %cmd2 => second argument : with
  185. %cmd{N} => Nth argument : %cmd3=>polarbear : %cmd4=>now
  186. -->
  187. <command enabled="false">
  188. <msg cmd="/i 1 64" full="true">%n used the command: %cmd</msg>;
  189. </command>
  191. <!-- Messages to use when a player dies. -->
  192. <!-- If a player is killed by a zombie, a message is chosen at random from messages with killer="zombie", killer="creature" or where a killer is not specified. -->
  193. <!-- Killers:
  194. player
  195. creature
  196. creeper
  197. zombie
  198. ghast
  199. pigzombie
  200. skeleton
  201. spider
  202. contact (cactus)
  203. explosion (non creeper)
  204. drowning (NOT WORKING YET)
  205. falling
  206. burning
  207. lava
  208. suffocation
  209. -->
  210. <!--
  211. extra replacements:
  212. %damage => amount of damage taken on final blow
  213. %killer => name of player, creature, fire, water, gravity, or explosion
  214. -->
  215. <death enabled="true">
  216. <msg>%n was killed by %killer.</msg>
  217. <msg killer="zombie">poor zombie, he nearly choked on %n, there there little zombie</msg>
  218. <msg killer="zombie">Zombies ate %n brains</msg>
  219. <msg killer="skeleton">%n just got killed by a skeleton</msg>
  220. <msg killer="falling">%n fell to their death</msg>
  221. <msg killer="burning">%n burned to death</msg>
  222. <msg killer="lava">%n was unhappy with life so he jumped into lava</msg>
  223. <msg killer="drowning">%n drowned</msg>
  224. <msg killer="suffocation">%n ran out of air</msg>
  225. <msg killer="spider">%n was eaten by a spider</msg>
  226. <msg killer="creeper">%n was just creeper bombed</msg>
  227. <msg killer="creeper"> %n plus creeper = hole </msg>
  228. <msg killer="contact">%n was killed by a... cactus? Really?</msg>
  229. <msg killer="contact">whats green and pointy and has bits of %n stuck to it? ...cactus!</msg>
  230. </death>
  231. </serverevents>
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