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Jun 18th, 2020
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  1. Browse the web with your voice - eating, multitasking or just to give your hands a break. Speech recognition for executing commands in the browser that would normally require a mouse and keyboard.
  2. An excerpt of the basic commands:
  3. * Scroll up, down, little down, little up, autoscroll, bottom, top…
  4. * Write emails and dictate into forms (Premium)
  5. * Open websites (Premium)
  6. * Control videos: play, pause, mute etc.
  7. * Add custom corrections, shortcuts, homophones or synonyms by clicking the transcript!
  8. * Activate via push-to-talk key, or wake-word (say "hey LipSurf" to turn it on) (Premium)
  9. * Click things by saying "click [thing text]" or "tag" then saying the annotation in the yellow box next to it.
  10. * Navigate tabs: next tab, previous tab, select tab 3, new tab, etc.
  11. * Zoom in, zoom out
  12. * 100+ built-in commands that can be expanded to infinity with additional plugins and tons of options.
  13. * Multi-language support (Russian, Spanish, French and Japanese - more languages may be added by anyone via our forum)
  14. Please go through the tutorial to make sure you configure everything properly, and just say "help" to see the commands that are possible for the current page you're on! Enjoy!
  15. See information about updates along with video demos here:
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