Zephyr Part 13

Sep 19th, 2012
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  1. His hug ends with a kiss on the forehead, and he immediately sets himself about whatever his next task involves all while talking to you. You're looking at him but not quite watching, still giddy with what's just happened. You're not getting sold! This is home now, for real and for good! You do stop for a moment and consider the "for good" portion of that. Yeah, no, you're still more excited than afraid. You internal dialogue, however, has drowned out what Master's been saying.
  3. "-hink it's probably for the best, right?"
  5. "I'm sorry Master, what did you say?"
  7. "You weren't listening? Bad girl. I said we should keep this a surprise for Autumn. She'll probably be more excited about it than you are, she really loves having you here."
  9. "You're in charge. When should we tell her?"
  11. "I've got something in mind. Just keep quiet about it for now."
  13. "Yes, Master."
  15. Oooh, Autumn's gonna be so happy! With the whole foreseeable future available to you, you might even figure out what to call your messed-up relationship with her! Is she your friend, your lover, or the big sister you never had? As you ponder, Master seems to finish whatever he's been doing with his back turned, and wheels back around with a hypodermic needle in hand.
  17. Maybe you have an infection and he's giving you medicine?
  19. "W-what's in the needle?"
  21. "Nanomachines."
  23. He hasn't even finished the word and you're already trying to put distance between the two of you. Considering your enfeebled state, all that really means is pressing yourself against the back cushions of the couch. More machines?
  25. "Why!? I just said I love you! You don't need to mess with my head!"
  27. He takes a second to chuckle to himself before putting his hands up in a "woah" gesture and explains himself. "Really? If you distrust me that much, I might argue otherwise. But no, these aren't going to mess with your head, we both know what happened last time I did that. They'll help that leg heal faster so you're only stuck on the couch for a few days, not a few months."
  29. "You promise?"
  31. "I promise."
  33. You assent to the shot, and while the sensations coming from your leg are strange, your mind remains unmolested to the best of your knowledge. After a long session of quiet mane stroking and ear scratching, practically all the reward you could possibly need, Master vanishes off downstairs somewhere. It isn't long before a very strung out Autumn appears by the couch. She looks like she hasn't had more than a couple hours of sleep in days.
  35. "Autumn! Are you okay?"
  37. She's very quiet for a few seconds, but tiny, squeaking sobs begin to escape from her throat.
  39. "I... I was asleep on the f-floor and -they- had me before I knew w-what was happening and they -hurt- Master and -he- was trying to take me away and.. and.. and.. you. You got h-hurt. For me."
  41. The squeaks have ascended, she's bawling like a child now. You extend a forehoof and pull her closer, but it takes some coaxing to get her to join you on the couch. You hold her tight and whisper sweet nothings the way Master did for you, eventually calming her down. Before you realize it she's fallen asleep while clinging to you, and you settle for enjoying her warmth and the serene view out the window.
  43. The next few days were a slog of mind-numbing television, being spoiled rotten with junk food, and the return of your old friend shame as you now required major assistance every time you needed to go to the bathroom. Master spends his afternoons upstairs working on his "something special" for the men in the basement, but a quick yell brings him downstairs whenever you need him- he even thought you were pretty cute when you "needed" that kiss. Autumn is a more constant companion and attendant, and considering you're still too clumsy to operate the remote with the tip of your hoof the way she does, you end up needing her a lot.
  45. Finally, five days after waking up, Master declares your leg to be healed and sets himself about cutting your makeshift cast off. You're twitchy for the entire cutting process, eager to be up and moving again, even if your wings wouldn't be in flight condition for a few more days.
  47. "Aaaaalright, just another couple cuts, and you're all se- Hey!"
  49. It takes all of three seconds before you're bounding around on the floor again... and all of three seconds for that to end with your face meeting the floor.
  51. "I was going to say that nine days spent immobile on the couch is going to leave you pretty weak, but I think you've got that figured out, yeah?"
  53. "Yes, Master" is all you can manage from your spot on the floor. You shakily rise back on to your hooves, at once furious at having lost muscle needed for takeoff and embarrassed at your trembling legs. A look down reveals slightly skinnier legs, and the one that just came out of the cast is... eww. Matted fur stained yellow, with small specks of blood visible. Just like the rest of you, it hasn't been washed in over a week.
  55. "We'll get you into the bath later, right now I'm wondering if you'd like to see what I've been cooking up for our two guests downstairs."
  57. Autumn declines, saying she'd meet them once Master "made them better", but you're on board if only for the chance to see the transformation from a different, unaffected perspective. Master seems proud of himself, you'd guess he knew Autumn would be out and you'd be in. He knows you both so well!
  59. You start to trot after Master toward the basement, but your weakened legs coupled with your prior difficulties with stairs meant Master ended up carrying you down. Not that you mind being in his arms, anyway. You get set down beside the door to your old cell, and for a minute you freeze up. Your subconscious mind absolutely refuses to let you consider entering that room. Youcan'tgointhereyoucan'tgointhereyoucan't!
  61. You have to take a minute to get yourself under control, but Master seems to understand the issue you're having. "As long as you're in the room, that door stays open. You can leave whenever you want. Are you ready?"
  63. You give him a small nod, and he swings the door open. They both recoil from the light, but it gives you a good look. They're both in bad shape. Master didn't do much to treat the injuries from the bat, and the two of them are nude save for what look like towels draped over their laps for decency's sake and a gag apiece. They're strapped into chairs which have been affixed to the floor you were once chained to, which now has a pair of pans beneath the seats. Ugh, even with Master's concern for waste disposal, nine days down here did not do anything for their odor. You hope you didn't smell this bad when Master took you out.
  65. They looked frightened from the moment you saw them. They looked terrified when Master spoke in a tone you've never heard him use. That mirth in his eyes seems to have a cruel edge to it now. Your Master is very, very angry.
  67. "Well, gentlemen, it looks like it's finally time for you to be of any use to anyone. I'm sure you remember my pony, Zephyr? The one you came here to steal?"
  69. The accomplice seems to be trying to beg through his gag. Master saunters over behind him, resting his hands on the accomplice's shoulders.
  71. "Now, now David, no need to be upset. You've done wrong by me, and now I need you to make it up to me. Zephyr, he'll be getting a similar treatment to you. Care to tell him what he's in for?"
  73. You get it! Master wants to scare them first, and you're part of the act. Well, nothing's scarier than the truth. You throw on the happiest voice you can muster, and wear a big, big smile as you lean your forehooves against his thighs to get your face right up in his.
  75. "It's going to hurt more than anything you've ever felt, so bad that you'll think you're going to die. It's worth it though, because when you come back around you're going to be a pretty little mare like me! Everyone loves pretty little mares, and I'm sure when Master's machines are done you'll love your new owner just as much as he'll love you!"
  77. He begins to struggle as madly as you did when he had you, and the sound of water striking the pan below indicates that you're much, much better at this than you have any right to be.
  79. "Well boys, now that my little Zephyr has given you some idea of what you're in for, let's get to details. For starters, knowing everything that tubby over here knows about me, why would you two bring your laptops along? You must have known I would look through them. David, did your fat fuck friend Charlie over here ask if you'd made a p0ny for shits and giggles?"
  81. He's quick to give an affirmative nod.
  83. "And what did you say?"
  85. He gives an equally fast nod in the negative
  87. "But that would make you a liar! I know it must have been embarrassing, but you really should have admitted to having your stories about a night guard mare. What did you call her, Opal?"
  89. His face says it all. He knows exactly what's coming, and his eyes flit in every direction as though he's looking for a way out.
  91. "Now, I looked through more than your stories. I know you were in debt and this guy over here offered to pay it off if you helped him steal my treasured pets. You have poor judgement and lousy friends. Now, I've never made a night guard p0ny before. Those little bat wings, the different ears and eyes aren't much of a difference, but there's still a chance something could go wrong and hurt the pony-to-be. Now, David, can you think of any reason I should worry about hurting you?"
  93. He's crying now. You feel bad for him, but there's no other way to end this without killing him. He'll be happy enough when this is over, anyway.
  95. Master produces another hypodermic needle from a pocket, and you know what's about to happen.
  97. "Shhhh, David. The person who'll buy you has been wanting a little bat-p0ny for the longest time. He's already got two other p0nies who are extremely well cared for, spoiled even. More money than he knows what to do with, considering what he offered when I told him I -might- be able to make this happen. You'll never have to work another day in your life."
  99. He still looks scared to death, but his tears have stopped.
  101. "I'm going to remove your gag because I do feel a bit guilty about all this. If you have any questions or requests, I'll listen, but you're not going to talk your way out of this. Deal?"
  103. His nod is slow now, and his voice is shaky and he's on the edge of hyperventilation once the gag comes out.
  105. "I'm sorry! He didn't even tell me what we were going to take until we were outside your house! I-I panicked!"
  106. His head swings back down to face you, and you're suddenly very uncomfortable. Somehow you felt less responsible for this man's anguish when you could pretend to be a fly on the wall.
  107. "A-and I'm sorry I hit you! I'm sorry I said those things! Please believe me!"
  109. There's not much you can do but gently lay a hoof on his leg and smile up at him. You turn to face Master, who gives you an exasperated look.
  111. "I hope you're not about to ask me to let him go."
  113. "No, but he seems like he's a victim of circumstance. The transformation is painful, and he doesn't need to suffer more than he already has. Could we put him under before it really kicks in?"
  115. Master gives a soft sigh, the hard anger on his features long gone. Having been reminded that the man he was toying with mere moments ago is a person with feelings seems to have taken the fun out of it for him. You're a little disconcerted at his behavior in the first place, but it looks like he won't continue.
  117. "That would be the humane thing to do. Is there anything else you'd like to ask, Dave?"
  119. "Will I remember who I am?"
  121. "Everything but your name. Opal will be much better off without it."
  123. "W-When I'm... Like her... Please... You're not going to hurt me, are you?"
  125. Master slides the needle into his arm, slowly working the plunger before replying.
  127. "Never."
  129. The needle removed, Master steps out to find something to put David under before the machines go to work. You sit with him, trying to calm him down as the initial numbness spreads over his body. He snaps out of it, just like you did, and starts to speak. At first it's just nonsensical panic speech, telling himself that it's going to be alright in between breaths. He seems to have forgotten you're there at all until you speak.
  131. "It's okay, you know. You really are going to be alright."
  133. "I'm not even going to be a person!"
  135. You're trying to come up with a comforting reply, but Master returns with a familiar looking rag and an unlabeled bottle. It doesn't take any coaxing for David to breathe deep, and he's out like a light.
  137. Master unstraps him from his chair and, hoisting him over a shoulder, carries him into the other room. The one for p0nies. There wasn't any way to keep him alive and keep the secret but this. Just keep reminding yourself that, and hope that Opal, not David, forgives you.
  139. Forgives you? No. Forgives him. You wheel around to face the still-gagged other occupant.
  141. "Charlie? Was that it? I'm going to guess that a guy like you doesn't have many friends. Well, I hope you know that this is your fault. David, soon to be Opal, is only here because you brought him."
  143. He's just staring at you. There's a dose of apprehension in his eyes, but behind them you can see that cold hunger still burning. Even now, he's thinking of all the ways he'd like to be able to break you. No remorse, no pity.
  145. "You sick bastard. I don't know what my Master is going to do with you, but I hope it gives you some fucking empathy."
  147. "Leave him, Zephyr. We'll make sure his friend turns out alright before starting on this one."
  149. You do as you're told, of course, but after Master helps you back up the stairs all you want to do is flop back down on the couch and feel shitty. You just helped scare a person out of his wits before putting him through something that was already horrendously traumatic! Master, however, carries you up the next flight of stairs as well, before setting you down and running a bath. While the tub fills, you decide to voice your concerns.
  151. "Master... Did we have to be so mean?"
  153. "I was angry. Autumn was traumatized, I was concussed, and you almost died. I just assumed they were both equally horrendous. I'll apologize to Opal when she wakes up. Is alright to be mad at the fat one?"
  155. "Absolutely."
  157. "So, um, Opal... is she going to be alright?"
  159. "I triple-checked everything, she should be fine. Gave her the regular mental package as well. She'll have her moments of confusion or sadness, every one of them does, but she'll be prepared to accept it."
  161. "And that's the only difference between me and your usual ponies?"
  163. "Are you still worried about that? You're amazing because you came around to this on your own, with only my rules to follow. If I thought they'd all be like you I wouldn't bother with the subconscious suggestions."
  165. Your conversation takes a pause while he hoists you into the tub, which is a blessing in disguise. You're distracted by a sudden rush of warm feelings; no one has ever called you "amazing" before.
  167. "I... um, thank you."
  169. "For what"
  171. "Being so nice to me."
  173. "You're my pet pony. Of course I'm nice to you."
  175. For the rest of the bath you allow him to pamper you in comfortable silence. Getting your recently healed leg clean again takes quite some doing, and the two of share a few good jokes about how inconvenient your color selection was. His hands scrub every last bit of you, and you're feeling quite frisky as his hands rub your flank. The notion of really, well and truly being his returns in force, and despite some residual male ego rallying against the idea, you find yourself wondering when he'll decide to, ah, "consummate" your relationship. You arch your back a bit and stick your rump out, and the sound of a small chuckle indicates that he's noticed.
  177. "In the mood, I take it?" He jabs at you, even as his fingers begin to massage more aggressively.
  179. "Well, I'm sorry to say that we don't really have time. In a few minutes those machines will properly kick in, and I need to be watching for trouble when they do."
  181. Even as he turns you down his fingers continue and assault, beginning to rub against your crotch.
  183. "But you know me, I love to keep you waiting."
  185. His hands are suddenly gone, and you try to contain the burning in your nethers...
  187. Until a sudden, hard spank to your rear end takes you by complete surprise. Your sharp inhale of surprise is followed quickly by a loud moan, and you bite your lower lip while being forced to admit to yourself that you enjoyed that. A lot. You offer a passing thought to the shame that should probably still be here, but it's long gone. You're a horny mare, why wouldn't you enjoy it?
  189. You spend the rest of your time in the bathroom trying to entice him to change his mind, but he's terribly efficient about drying you off and brushing your mane and tail. It's only a matter on minutes before everything but your still yearning marehood is dry and brushed, and the two of you return to the basement.
  191. He seems to have become a bit paler since last you saw him, but it also looks like a five o'-clock shadow is slowly spreading across his torso. Wait, night guard, of course the fur is going to be dark. Does that mean your extreme paleness was actually the beginning of your fur? Interesting.
  193. Master pulls up a seat nearby the sleeping transformee and you set yourself down on your haunches next to him. Neither of you looks away from David-who-is-becoming-Opal, but his hand automatically settles on your head and starts petting.
  195. "Master? Do you do this for all of your ponies?"
  197. "Sit and watch them? I check on them, but this kind of attention is reserved for when I'm trying something new."
  199. "Can I ask... How did you know I wasn't, um, mentally changed?"
  201. "You were, a little. Your name changed just fine. I knew there was a problem when you tried to call for help once the changes really started."
  203. "I wasn't supposed to do that?"
  205. "Nope. The first thing you're supposed to feel is an overwhelming sense of calm. You were terrified. I didn't know what did or didn't work until you woke up."
  207. "So when she wakes up?"
  209. "If everything goes as planned? She won't have a panic attack like you did. She'll need a little time to come to terms with it, but she'll come around before long."
  211. So they don't just wake up ecstatic about having been transformed? You suppose that makes more sense than what you thought.
  213. "Could I be here when she wakes up?"
  215. "I usually watch from outside and wait for the right moment, but this is a special case and I think it would help if you were. Which means we're both not going anywhere for a while. I'll get some coffee."
  217. It occurs to you at this point that you had a full night's sleep before the changes came in force. You're gonna have to wait -how- long?
  219. Several hours later you've learned quite a lot. First and foremost; Coffee is a lot stronger than it was before you had hooves. It's taken a while just for you to stop being so damn twitchy. Master thought it was pretty funny to see you wired, and he seemed to think it was even more funny once you were all strung out and crawling all over him until he gave in and started petting you.
  221. In the same time span the two of you have relocated to the same floor cushions Evergreen and Gizmo had been sitting on when you first saw them, with the television playing softly, mostly for the benefit of background noise, and David-who-is-now-mostly-Opal off to the side. Watching this transformation take place has been absolutely fascinating in spite of how long it's taking. The five-o'clock shadow from before has blossomed into a shiny-looking dark grey coat of fur all over her body, which seems to shimmer different colors as she writhes about on the floor. Considering the lack of clothing, you're now quite certain you're looking at a mare. Watching that particular section of anatomy rearrange itself gave you sympathy pains. Watching her fingers and toes merge into digitless stumps which eventually became hooves was absolutely fascinating. What's happening now is really the wild part, though.
  223. It looks like steam is rising from every part of her body, which Master explained as the machines shedding excess mass. Her frame is steadily shrinking, and small popping sounds can be heard as her joints are reconfigured to suit an equine shape. Muscles twitch and ripple and the sickly-looking bulges you had are just now breaking open on her back, revealing full-blown bat wings, covered in some gross-looking fluid.
  225. Eugh. The sheets you had on your bed at home must have been covered in it. You wonder who would have found them by now. What did they think happened? Master's voice breaks a long silent streak, drawing your focus away from the mare-to-be on the ground.
  227. "She'll be finished soon, and the changes that could have gone wrong have all gone off without a hitch. She'll be asleep for another few hours after this, how about we take a quick walk and then you can stay with her."
  229. You're pretty exhausted, but lingering caffeine in your system means you're probably not sleeping any time soon no matter how bad you might want to. After quickly checking in on a sleeping Autumn, the two of you enjoy a brisk walk through the yard in the chilly twilight hours of the early morning. You really wish you could fly right now, but with one wing still bandaged and healing you absolutely can't. Master seems to notice your lack of enthusiasm for the exercise, though.
  231. "You need to run around more if you're going to get your strength back."
  233. "I know, it's just hard to get excited about much besides flying these days."
  235. He responds by cracking a stick off of a nearby tree, and holding it in front of you.
  237. "See the stick, girl?"
  239. "I thought we established that I'm -not- a dog?"
  241. "And I thought we established that you -are- my pet. Now go get it!"
  243. He tosses it several yards away, and in spite of yourself you do take off after it, if only to humor him. Certainly not so he'll scratch behind your ears when you bring it back. That would be silly.
  245. A few more rounds of this take place, each returned stick meriting more of the ear-scritching attention you so crave.
  247. Your game of fetch ends right around when you tried to catch it with your mouth mid-air, but mostly just hit yourself in the throat with an airborne piece of wood. It didn't do any real harm, but you'd had enough by then and Master seemed satisfied that you'd had a decent enough workout, so the two of you turn back toward the house.
  249. "I'm still not a dog, you know."
  251. "What does that have to do with anything? I once had a cat that would fetch. Now I've got a pony that does."
  253. You know he's making fun of you, but you still find yourself nuzzling his leg. He can make as many jokes as he wants as long as he loves you.
  255. You return to the basement to find a nearly fully-formed pony, devoid of any of the traits you saw on David a few hours ago save for the remaining patches of dark hair which are gradually becoming a deep violet hue. Master double-checks her vitals, then points out an intercom button by the door with instructions to press it once she's awake and ready to move on, or if you need anything.
  257. Now you're alone with sleeping beauty, watching and waiting to meet the new mare. You recall your first moments of conscious habitation of your new body. The terror, the disgust, the anger.
  259. You really hope she's happy.
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