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Bonnie Rill

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  1. Name: Bonnie Rill
  3. Racial skills:
  4. Pegasus Flight: Pegasi can fly, and get a +1 bonus to actively evade and dodge midair. Flight is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  5. Toxic Slime: passive; A specialty of the cult of Smooze and the main reason why goo ponies are treated with caution and skepticism. Your slimy body is now poisonous and all your unarmed attacks have the poisoned tag and deal direct wound damage. You can also poison weapons of your own or a willing ally with a DC6. Poisoning weapons will last a successful roll - 5. (i.e. 1 turn on 6, 2 turns on 7 etc.) [Fluffed as saliva, poisonous at will]
  6. Class skills:
  7. Koan: Instant, recharge 3; You know a variety of ancient sayings that provoke thought and inspire success. You may roll to turn an ally's noncritical failure into a noncritical success. May be used while helpless.
  8. Stances: Passive; Switching stance is an Instant Automatic action.
  9. Stance of the Bear: You gain X max hits at the cost of X max wounds
  10. Stance of the Tiger: You cannot benefit from weapon tags, but gain +2 to all normal attacks
  11. Stance of the Cross: Self-inflicted helpless does not cause a wound of damage.
  13. Talent:
  14. Gentle inward
  15. Koan recharge reduced by 2
  17. Notable equipment:
  18. Necklace with a lucky charm (fluffed shield)
  19. 100 Bits/Dillies/Gold
  21. Bio:
  22. First thing one should take note of when dealing with this particular filly is that, despite her dual lineage, her image resembles one of a full-fledged Pegasus. In fact, the the only notable leftover from her Goo Pony parent is the specific quality of her saliva glands, which turns her spit poisonous, thick, sticky, purple-coloured or any combination of those. In the process, it makes it look and feel like the infamous Gak at times. It's been an issue for this filly during her first years, but with the aid of her Goo Pony father's expertise and some training of her own, she managed to get the gist of it, much like any other creature learning naturally over time control over own body. Being self-conscious about the workings of it, as well as her appearance, that pony found both exercise and grooming a vital part of her days. While straining at times, her graphic was suited to make her the pretty mare she wished to be. Her appearance reminded one of a colourful sky at dusk. Off-white coat, tinted with soft pink at the upper part, fading into light violet along the way to the hooves, with a multitude of cheerful, intervining shades of blue and orange in her mane and tail. Such was the little bundle of joy, proud and aware, making sure to keep herself fit and in shape. Contrary to what one could expect, she was not one to be accused of being overly self-centered, as the study of details and harmony of the whole helps her in bringing out the beauty of others, be it in their appearance or their actions. Simply speaking, she's a sweetheart who cares for others both with her advice or simply her presence. She has a thing against show-offs, though due to her gentle nature, tends to turn a blind eye to that, unless others seem to be affected negatively. On a regular basis, she strives to be the good girl but does not object to alternative solutions if the one in question is a thick-headed meanie.
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