(OLD) First Movie date with Lyra (DL 3/3)

Mar 31st, 2014
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  1. Part 3
  3. With some difficulty you got Lyra to accept your offer to take her back home. Lyra was always a very lively individual, but it seems like all her energy has been sapped due to all the weird and embarrassing things that transpired tonight. You were initially confused and repulsed when Lyra had her little accident but right now you can do nothing but feel sorry for the Mare.
  4. Lyra shamefully drags herself during your walk to her home. She doesn't even care that it's obvious her ripped Jeans are sagging so her diaper shows. It's like the night can't get any worse for her. You simply say nothing during the walk back since you fear you will just stress the Mare out more. You try your best to conceal Lyra's backside but your efforts are futile as this one mare catches a glimpse of Lyra's soaked diaper and jeans and gives you one of the most awkward stares you have ever received in your life time as she blurts out “"Oh sweet merciful Luna!" she then instantly runs off as far as possible from you and Lyra..
  5. You finally reach her house and you are immediately greeted by Lyra's neighbour and best friend Bon Bon. Once again you find yourself positioning yourself to cover most of Lyra's backside, luckily Bon Bon hasn't notice it yet. "Hey Lyra and Anon. How was that new Masked Stallion movie? I heard it was ... really ... intense ... " Bon Bon face scrunched up you see that she is now looking directly at Lyra's Jean. Lyra is now mortified and she instantly falls flat to the ground with her front hooves trying to cover her now bright red face face. “I um liked it.” you flatly say to Bon Bon "O-oh good, I am um glad you enjoyed it. I've been wanting to watch it but I've been so busy with catering... ha-ha so much to do so very much to do... I erm- really gotta get going now-seeya two around." and with that Bon Bon in a panic runs back to her home and slams her front door.
  6. "...Well, that was nice of Bon Bon to ask how the movie went... I guess we can call this a night now." Lyra slowly and pathetically stands up, she gives her jeans a good look and frowns. . “Heh, I think I will stay out for a bit... See you around anon.”. If only she didn't drink all that soda... Lyra's diaper is still leaking and there is no way you are letting her stand outside in that state. Look like things are going to get even more awkward anon. "I think I have to get you inside now... Totally a time-honored human tradition we all do... Can't break that tradition now haha” you say to Lyra. "Oh-kay, can't let that happen... I think there is a cheap towel in the kitchen. Maybe we should get that before you take me inside". You slowly step inside Lyra's house and take the nicest looking towel in the kitchen and bring it back to your date. Neither you or Lyra says a word as you wrap the towel around Lyra's backside, which produces a faint crinkle sound that causes Lyra to blush even more. "Well... I gotta finish the job now and- take you to your room hehe." You say while rubbing the back of your head. Awkwardly you pick up Lyra and you slowly march her to her room. You notice that Lyra's mouth is agape with an expression of confusion.
  7. Lyra smells absolutely rancid. Stepping inside her room you lightly place her on the ground. You notice Lyra's mouth is still agape. Despite that you desperately want to make a run for it you tell yourself once again that you can't leave her like this and without saying a word you begin to remove her Jeans exposing her in nothing more then a pee soaked diaper and her hoodie. “H-human tradition” you simply say to Lyra as she continues to stand still in shock. You then unfasten her diaper tapes and remove the diaper. “Uh, it's also a tradition for humans to change their date... Where's the trash?” you ask Lyra. “It's in the closet” you walk to the closet and open it when suddenly Lyra blurts out “WAIT” however it's too late and you literally get to see the skeletons in Lyra's closet... Well minus the fact that there aren't any Skeleton and instead toy robotic human hands, a bunch of human dolls and clothes and a huge supply of adult diapers.
  8. And that is the story of the first date with the love of your life and how the two of you began a healthy relationship... Well kinda sorta healthy at least...
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