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  1. Brightmoon's New Mascot
  3. By PantyAnon
  5. Tales From Brightmoon University
  7.     This story begins with a problem and ends with a solution. Granted, in the whole grand scheme of things, the problem itself is nothing truly large to get worked up about. It's not like the entire faculty got robbed, or that one of the buildings caught fire. Because of this, don't really expect the solution to be as big of a deal as one might imagine. It's not like Brightmoon's bullying and hazing issues are dealt with in the end. However, conflict is conflict, and like any other problem in life, it needs resolution. So here's where it shall begin.
  9.     As many readers may or may not be aware, Brightmoon University is quite a prestigious college to get into, and like most colleges, it has multiple sports teams. Because this is an American school, football is one of the biggest deals for the whole campus. Home games are typically a big deal, with the school going all out. The home stands are almost always filled with screaming fans, the cheerleading squad garners more attention, the band blares with triumphant music, the whole nine yards.
  11.     Of course, what would a college with a football team be without a mascot? The Brightmoon Jackalope is a rather different approach to the mascot. Instead of being just a simple animal outfit with an over-sized head, the designers went all out to try and make it appear as sweet and cute as possible, in hopes that it would make their team more popular. Large, sweet brown eyes and matching, fluffy brown fur, with short, deep red hair, and an adorable smile with cute antlers made her a lot more appealing than anyone would've imagined. More often than not, the outfit that follows is a type of tight fitting fursuit of sorts, with a rather perky body to match. Without clothing, the body is featureless and simple, yet just as fluffy as one would imagine the jackalope to be.
  13.     During sports events, the mascot is typically seen wearing sports attire to match. During basketball games, she'd be seen with a tank top and basketball shorts. Baseball games would have her in a baseball outfit, as well as a little baseball cap. During football games, she'd be in a jersey and a matching skirt, often times following along with the cheerleaders or just trying to hype up the crowd. She was quite a popular figure, and her likeness was often used on posters, banners, advertisements, t-shirts, mugs, hats, anything that could have a print on it.
  15.     Naturally, with the mascot's popularity, she was often put into... less than family friendly situations by various artists. Sexual positions, lustful gazes, flashing her body, and dozens of other pinups made the rounds online, especially on forums related to Brightmoon University. The school, as always, did very little to deter this type of behavior, only going as far as to post warnings on forums to not post such discriminatory artwork, with the threat of being put on parole if anyone was caught. The school never went through with any of it's threats, despite their warnings, of course. On the outside, they showed concern for their reputation, but on the inside, they knew that it would only bring in more people, since they were often talked about. For better or for worse, they knew smut of their adorable jackalope was helping them get more money. That and the incredible amounts of money given to them by wealthy families, but that's another matter.
  17.     One mystery that was gently veiled around the mascot, was who was in the outfit. Everyone knew there was no way it was an actual anthro jackalope. For one thing, despite the fact the head was given blinking capabilities, the mouth never moved, and the zipper was quite visible on the back of the outfit as well. Not only that, but anthros went to a different school entirely. None of the current students had ever had the event of meeting an anthro furry at their school. Rumors began to spread about the person in the jackalope girl outfit. Some often repeated how it was just some perverted furry in the suit, wanting to take advantage of dancing about as a cute furry girl. Others knew that, with the outfit itself being quite tight, if padded, there was no way the figure in the suit was a guy. It was almost certainly a girl. Some people often cited that evidence of this was the fact that, if they got close enough, they could hear the jackalope girl laughing, and it was definitely with a feminine tone.
  19.     But who was it? Because of the fact that the school was so big, no one could come to a consensus as to who it could be. At some point, almost every girl was accused of being the Jackalope, to the point where it was even made a meme on the Brightmoon Facebook page. Again, though, the theory of multiple girls trading the mascot outfit around was debunked, as the voice that could sometimes be heard coming from the outfit were the same each time. There was no denying that, whoever it was playing the mascot, was doing an excellent job at keeping their identity secret. At least until one Saturday night, when the secret was revealed.
  21.     One thing about mascot outfits is that it gets stuffy and hot in the suit. Especially during hot and humid nights. One football game, it was very humid, and almost everyone attending the game was adorned in summer attire. Despite the fact that the football players and the band were sweating incredibly bad, no one was suffering more than the jackalope girl. It was clear just how badly the heat was getting to her, as she seemed to move much more sluggishly, and often left the area to get some air or get a drink of water. Since doing so would require her to remove her head, she did this in private. It was clear that, despite the permanent smile on the mascot's face, she was miserable under her suit.
  23.     During the third quarter, one of the football players from Brightmoon had intercepted a throw, and was making a run for it to the end zone. The crowd was cheering and screaming as he ran, though it was clear that, due to the ambush of rival players coming on him, he couldn't remain on the field without being tackled. He ran off the side of the field, earning a first down for Brightmoon. Unfortunately, this was a bad time for the mascot to be looking away from the field.
  25.     The player got tackled by one of the visitors, making him trip and stumble forward, towards the nearby jackalope. Due to how sudden the action was, his hands made a grab for anything. Unfortunately for the girl, he grabbed her suit. As he fell, the weight of his body yanked the entire suit down her body, fully revealing her body and making her fall to her front, making the head fall off and roll away. The entire crowd gasped and stared, sitting in silence for a few seconds as they drank in what was happening.
  27.     The girl under the suit, due to the immense humidity, was wearing nothing but a pair of panties, which were styled to look similar to tighty whities. To two girls in the crowd, they recognized the panties... and the body... and the skin... and the hair! A redheaded girl turned to her brunette friend, gasping out loud, "That's Setsuna!"
  29.     Soon, the crowd began to get worked up, some chattering loudly, others starting to laugh loudly, with quite a few whistling and cat calling the half nude goth girl. Setsuna herself was slowly trying to get up on her feet, in a daze. She shivered a bit, feeling her sweaty, half nude body cool off, due to being exposed to the air. It wasn't until she was on her hands and knees that she realized she was exposed. Her face burned a bright red as she quickly shambled to her feet, which wasn't easy due to the football player clinging to the suit at her ankles. The girl nearly tripped once more as she got to her feet, trying to cover up her body with her hands. She used one arm to hide her perky boobs, the other hiding her crotch.
  31.     As more of the crowd got excited, many taking pictures and video of this event, Julie turned to her friend, Felicia, saying to her, "I had no idea Setsuna was the mascot!"
  33.     "I know, right?!" Felicia responded with a giggle. "With how she danced around and giggled, I wouldve never imagined her to be doing all these things!"
  35.     The only other article on the poor girl that could be considered clothing was a strange pendant. Both Felicia and Julie had seen her with it before, but neither one of them really knew where she got it from. Whenever they asked, she just waved them off with the simple explanation of how it was a gift from home.
  37.     It was clear that with the humiliated, shocked look on the girl's face, plus the fact that she was shivering from embarrassment, it was becoming too much for her to handle. Risking more exposure, the girl did a rather... strange act. Despite the fact the crowd kept laughing and looking at this half nude girl, she took off her pendant and held it above her head. As she stared at it expectantly, the crowd somewhat grew quiet. At this point, the football player had removed himself from her, but he and the rest of the team were staring at her in confusion, amusement, and lust.
  39.     After a few seconds of nothing happening, a random girl in the audience began to howl with laughter, others soon joining in.
  41.     "What's she doing?!" Julie asked aloud, covering her mouth and flushing brighter. "Doesn't she know we can all see her... boobies?"
  43.     "What a sight!" Felicia giggled more, snapping a picture of her half nude friend.
  45.     "Who would've thought the mascot was the cute goth chick?" Whistled the voice of some random guy.
  47.     "She must be a pervert!" Laughed the voice of another guy. "Why else would she wanna wear nothing but her undies?"
  49.     "She actually fell for it?! Hahaha!" Cackled the voice who started laughing loudly a few seconds ago. "Wow! Thanks for the show, Jelly Girl!"
  51.     At all the laughter and cat calls, the girl realized that nothing was happening. Upon hearing the words 'jelly girl', Setsuna quickly scrambled up her mascot outfit, desperately trying to drape it back over her almost naked body, leaving the head behind as she ran off. "I knew this piece of crap wouldn't work!" She cried out, hoping that no one could see the wet spot forming in the crotch of her tighty whities, hoping they'd think it was a sweat stain.
  53.     Needless to say, with pictures and videos of Setsuna's mascot incident making the rounds online, the faculty knew that she wouldn't return to her position. Not wanting to risk being in the same situation, no other girl stepped forward to fulfill the role. Their mascot was one of the most popular figures on campus, and they didn't want the humiliation of one of their students to take that away from their money making capabilities.
  55.     Their solution came to them in the form of a new student application. As stated, anthros rarely went to all human schools, even if the opposite was somewhat common. However, this potential student was almost too good to be a coincidence! They looked over her credentials as well, before reaching their decision.
  57. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  59.     Daisy's alarm went off for the third time that morning, which she lazily silenced after the fifth buzz. Finally deciding that it was time to get up, she slowly sat up from her bed, groaning as she stretched. Her over-sized t-shirt rode up just a bit as she reached upwards, taking care to not let her hands bump into her own antlers.
  61.     As she slumped off of her bed, she did little to adjust her shirt so that her own fluffy tail wasn't holding her shirt up, exposing her butt in cute white panties with a pink trim. She was alone in her apartment, so who honestly cared? As she lazily brushed her red hair out of her face, she turned on her coffee pot and began to search for breakfast. She decided on a microwave breakfast sandwich, brewing up some coffee while she heated up her food.
  63.     The jackalope headed into the bathroom as everything was preparing, both to use the bathroom, and to also make herself look somewhat presentable. Even though she was lazy, she didn't like to feel like garbage first thing in the morning. After splashing herself with water and brushing her short hair, as well as some of her brown fur, she looked over herself. Her brown eyes were always very pretty, and her fur was always quite fluffy, even if it did get tangled quite often. After shrugging over her appearance, Daisy left the bathroom to eat and have her coffee.
  65.     During her breakfast, the jackalope decided to check her phone, keeping herself entertained for a little while. Various news stories, funny pictures, messages, the usual. One interesting article involved a school she was trying to get into. "Brightmoon mascot exposes her naked body during football game?" The jackalope read aloud in between bites of her sandwich. "Heh, at least she's cute," She said with a smirk, quickly polishing off her coffee. "Also, am I crazy, or does that outfit look similar"
  67.     She shrugged, deciding to not think too hard about it as she checked her email. Her eyes quickly widened as she quickly tapped it and read it through. After reading it through a second and third time, she jumped up, pumping her fist in the air. "YES! I've been accepted into Brightmoon University!" She squealed happily, hopping in place due to excitement. It had always been a dream of Daisy's to get into a really good college, and Brightmoon was one of the best around. Reputation aside, it's classes were top of the line, and many people often got really good careers, if they managed to pass their classes. Being a human-centric school, however, they never had the opportunity to accept or enroll any other anthro students. She considered herself quite lucky to be the one of the first of her kind to be accepted.
  69.     Her fingers worked overtime as she paced in place, posing online how she was accepted, tweeting it to everyone, and so on. Daisy took the opportunity to read the email for a fourth time, reading the last line out loud. "Please come by our campus as soon as possible for assistance in housing, classes, and a small tour of what our school has to offer!"
  71.     With that, the girl tossed her phone to her couch, quickly stripping her shirt and underwear off, running to take a quick shower. The jackalope's body, while fluffy and fuzzy, was quite perky and slim, with a round tush, and decently sized c-cup boobs. Daisy quickly shampooed and cleaned her hair and fur, rinsing off before blow-drying her entire body. After brushing her fur a few dozen times over, she found herself properly fluffy and adorable. While still naked, she ran off to her room to gather up her wardrobe.
  73.     Almost as if she were planning it, she slid on a pair of purple and pink panties, with the black logo of Brightmoon printed on the bottom of her underwear, stretching out a little over her bubble butt, with a purple bra to match. She was too excited to take notice of the tightness, instead putting on a Brightmoon t-shirt and a matching varsity jacket. She wore simple denim shorts as well and plain sandals. Shoes weren't viable in her opinion, and putting socks on with sandals was not a fashion choice she liked, even if she did have the cutest pair of Brightmoon thigh high socks.
  75.     After brushing her fluffy, yet short, red hair and putting a skull hair clip in it, she gathered up a backpack and shoved her personal information in it, if she needed it, as well as a few books, papers, pencils, and money as well. She grabbed her keys and phone, and ran out of her apartment, hurrying to the nearby bus station to get to the school.
  77.     Due to her excitement, Daisy was a bit naive to everything that was happening, bouncing in her seat on the bus as she grew closer and closer to the school. She didn't realize that less and less anthros were becoming visible to her, and soon enough, she was the only one with a literal fur coat sitting on the bus. Many people looked at her with unease, wondering why a furry jackalope girl was headed into a mostly human dominated area. Her kind was a rare sight in and of itself, and it was only accentuated by the fact she was a rare species anyways.
  79.     Daisy wouldn't let the odd stares of others deter her, however. Once the bus stopped at the large school, she quickly hopped off and began to quickly walk her way to the campus, looking around. She didn't realize she was holding in her breath as she looked from building to building, seeing various human students talk to one another, walking from place to place.
  81.     She didn't even realize that she was standing in the middle of the walkway, unsure of where to go. Thankfully for her, there was a map of the campus standing nearby, so she hurried right over to it, scanning her eyes over it, her finger following along various paths. "Hm... the student center is there..." She murmured to herself, unaware that she was now starting to attract attention. Not in the way she expected, either.
  83.     "Hey, Gothie!" Called the voice of some random guy. This caught the jackalope off guard, turning her head towards the source. "Trying to hide your embarrassment in your fursuit? Hope ya got clothes on this time," He snickered, eyeing her over in a rather perverse manner, which she didn't appreciate.
  85.     "Gothie? Fursuit?" She asked in a confused tone, raising an eyebrow to the stranger. She briefly looked over her own body before she continued her reply. "I mean, I am wearing clothes, as you can see."
  87.     This instantly got him off guard, not only seeing her mouth movie, but also hear a different voice come out of the fluffy girl, especially when she sounded nice and clear, and not muffled whatsoever. Not only that, but her fur looked a lot more realistic and fluffy, and there was no zipper or seams anywhere on her body. The stranger found himself incredibly flustered as he stood before an actual jackalope girl. "Oh..! Uh... sorry," He mumbled awkwardly. "Thought you were someone else... I mean, we don't get your kind around here... often," He continued on, slowly growing more and more quiet as he spoke.
  89.     Daisy managed to hear every word, of course, due to her long ears. She took a few steps towards him, tilting her head in a curious manner. "I mean, I figured, but no reason to talk to me like that, y'know?" She continued on. The jackalope wasn't speaking in an offended tone, nor did she look annoyed in the slightest, but there was this sort of imposing aura to her that made the other guy back off somewhat. "I don't think you'd want me to treat you like that... right?" She concluded, putting on a rather... menacing tone. One that accidentally slipped through without her knowing.
  91.     Mumbling an apology, the guy slunk away, avoiding eye contact with the furry girl. Daisy blinked, unsure of what fully just happened, although she was somewhat aware of the few people that were now staring at the fuzzy bunny girl. With a small, casual shrug, she followed the path to the student center. "What an odd way to greet someone," She said to herself.
  93.     Multiple other students also murmured something about her being some other girl, possibly the same one the other guy had mentioned earlier. Of course, more and more conversations overheard by the jackalope mostly involved how they had never seen anyone like her around campus before. Many were impressed, and some rather selfish individuals were heard muttering something about a furry could find themselves on such a prestigious campus in the first place. After all, she didn't seem like the type to have a lot of money, and with her current wardrobe being mostly Brightmoon related garb, a few accused her of kissing plenty of ass (and other derogatory activities).
  95.     Thankfully for Daisy, no one else really tried to confront her at the time being, deciding to make her way to the student center for enrollment options, which she was greatly excited for. Even if the process itself was quite boring (made slightly more odd due to the fact everyone still found the sight of her quite interesting and strange), her excitement knew no bounds. Her foot bounced idly as she sat through a quick explanation of the classes offered, how to make a student account, how to enroll in classes, clubs, activities, and so on.  
  97.     Daisy decline the offer to return to campus for a tour, however, knowing that there was too much to explore and get to know for her to wait. As the jackalope left campus, she decided to explore around on her own, giving herself a tour of her own. Even if she had no real idea of where she was going, she didn't mind killing some time in getting to know her future campus. One thing that stuck out to her, though, was how she was told that one of the coaches in the gym wanted to meet with her at some point. An odd request, especially since this was her first time at the school, but nonetheless, she accepted his offer. After trying to figure out where to head to, of course.
  99.     After a few detours through a couple of different buildings, Daisy finally found herself in front of the recreation center. Figuring it was the perfect time to look for the coach, as well as check out a new place, she went inside. As usual, she was met with various whispers and stares from other students, who weren't used to seeing an anthro on campus. Either that or they were comparing her to that other girl that she didn't even know. Maybe it was that one girl in the news article she read?
  101.      Before too long, she found her way into the gym, looking around at the various people doing stretches, exercises, and other such activities. Once Daisy found someone who looked like an educator of sorts, she made her way towards him. A taller man with a buzz cut and tight fitting clothing, and not to mention a very muscular form, turned his attention slowly to her, doing a sort of double take at her. His face seemed to brighten up a little as he made his way over to her. "Well hey! You're here a lot sooner than I thought you'd be. I'm Coach Braxton," He greeted, extending a hand to her, which she accepted. His grip was hard, even if he wasn't trying to show off his own strength. Regardless, she did her best to hide her pain as they shook. Once he let go, she gently held her own hand and replied.
  103.     "Hi..! I'm Daisy," She greeted to him. "I heard that a coach wanted to see me?" She explained, somewhat awkwardly. Coach Braxton nodded and began to lead her towards a back room, where the offices for coaches resided.
  105.     "That's true," He began. "You see, our mascot is... well, the same species as you," He bluntly explained, pointing specifically to her antlers, which she idly felt. "Aside from your stellar grades from high school and past tests, the school decided it would be a good idea to enroll you, even if we've never had a... uh... girl like you before." As the coach continued on, Daisy couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed, her smile fading somewhat.
  107.     At this point, the coach was at his desk, opening the drawer to his desk and pulling out a Brightmoon women's basketball uniform. "We recently had an... incident involving our mascot outfit, and the person who wore it," Braxton went on, with the image of the news article Daisy read fresh in her mind. Not that she could blame the human girl, of course. If she were in that position, she'd quit her job too. Nevertheless, Daisy rubbed her arm as she looked to the outfit and back to the coach in an uncomfortable manner.
  109.     "Wait... so I was chosen just so I could fulfill the role of... school mascot?" She asked in a dejected manner.
  111.     "Well... more or less," The coach replied bluntly. "Your classes and campus expenses will be completely paid for by a student work grant, however, since this is technically an on campus job."
  113.     This immediately brightened up the jackalope, having not heard that while she was going over how to enroll in classes (and since she forgot to ask). Dancing around during football games and getting the crowd hyped every once in awhile, with free classes as well? She'd have to be an idiot to not accept it. "Oh great! So when do I start then?" She asked brightly, accepting the uniform as it was handed off to her.
  115.     "Our next home game is this Saturday," He explained, his smile growing as well. "Go ahead and try this uniform on, since it used to fit our old mascot uniform. If it doesn't fit, we'll get uniforms that do. We're gonna use this as a basis to how she should fit you," He finished.
  117.     With a nod, Daisy beamed and held the outfit close to her. "Great! I'll go try it on right now!" She said, bouncing off towards the changing rooms. Coach Braxton watched her as she bounced off, trying to not watch her fluffy tail and butt as she left.
  119.     "She's way too cute for her own good," He muttered to himself, grinning a bit.
  121.     The jackalope was soon in the girls' changing room, holding the outfit up to her half nude body. Her clothes laid in a neat pile right next to her feet. At first glance, she figured the clothes were just loose fitting. Once she put them on over her body, she realized that they were much too big. They were meant to fit over a slightly enlarged suit, not over a naturally furry girl. Standing still, the shorts could stay in place, albeit a bit below her hips. This would've exposed her panty line, if it weren't for the fact that the basketball jersey she was wearing was much too baggy. It barely held onto her shoulders, which she had to constantly adjust so that it didn't fall off of her body and expose her chest.
  123.     The outfit itself was very nice to look at, however, even if it didn't fit. She found herself posing a few times, being both goofy and suggestive. Of course, it was hard for her to do, since she found herself quickly trying to fix her top, or pulling her over sized shorts back up. After a couple of minutes of screwing around, she decided to show Coach Braxton that the size wouldn't do. With each step, she found herself holding onto the waistband of her shorts so they wouldn't wrap around her ankles and trip her up.
  125.     Upon finding the coach again, Daisy showed just how much it didn't fit, which he agreed with. Of course, a somewhat embarrassing incident would happen where her grip on her shorts loosened for a second too long, allowing them to fall to her ankles. She squealed out and tried to pull them back up before the coach or anyone else got a view of her underwear. With her bending forward, however, the coach got a nice view in her shirt, admiring her cleavage.
  127.     After she readjusted her clothes and the coach cleared his throat, trying to act as if he hadn't noticed (since Daisy was unaware of what he saw). "Not to worry, though. I'll show you the way to our tailor. She's in a class right now, but I'm sure she can find time to do a fitting for you," He informed the jackalope.  
  129.     "The school has tailoring classes? Wow, what don't you guys have?" Daisy asked with a curious look. The coach merely shrugged, not knowing the answer. After getting changed once more, the jackalope handed back the large uniform and followed the coach. They walked across campus for a few minutes before heading into the Humanities building.
  131.     Naturally, artwork was hung around the walls, and the muffled sounds of an orchestra could be heard from somewhere in the building. Walking up a flight of stairs, Daisy found herself on the second floor, following Coach Braxton to a door. "This here's the main sewing room, where Mrs. Florence usually is. She and her students make every uniform on campus," He explained, knocking on the door.
  133.     "Come in," Called the voice of a woman. The coach opened the door and entered a bit, letting Daisy follow after him. "Oh, Coach Braxton! Need another uniform-" She began to ask before her eyes fell upon the furry girl. At this point, Daisy noticed that her class was indeed in session, with all of her students looking in her direction. On each of their desks were sewing machines and notebooks.
  135.     Ignoring the awkward silence, the coach nodded in response. "More or less. Daisy here is the one taking over the mascot role, aside from attending the school. She needs to be fitted for the uniforms needed."
  137.     After blinking, the middle aged woman nodded and cleared her throat. "Right..! Well, we can manage that, no problem! Perfect timing, actually..." She trailed off with a smile.
  139.     "Excellent!" Braxton replied, turning to the jackalope. "We'll let you know when the uniforms get done for you. After your fitting, you're free to head wherever else you need to go."
  141.     "Uh, thanks..!" Daisy said with a small, unsure smile. Wasn't it considered rude to interrupt a class like this? She already felt out of place, due to not being human, but was it really okay to put a whole class to a halt just to get fitted for clothes?
  143.     "Come up here, Daisy," She said, gently pulling her up in front of the class. She felt uncomfortable, especially with everyone eyeing her over expectantly. She gave them a small wave and a grin, letting Mrs. Florence continue to address the students. "Since we're learning how to measure clients, this is also the perfect opportunity to show the proper technique. If you could please remove your clothes for us, Daisy?" She told the jackalope, who quickly flushed a bit and looked to the woman.
  145.     "What?!" She yelped out, a few students' grins growing more, a few whispering to themselves excitedly or suppressing snickers. The teacher was nonplussed by this reaction, somewhat expecting it.
  147.     "Oh, come now, it's no different than if a model were posing for a painting," She explained calmly. In Daisy's opinion, it was completely different! For one thing, every student wasn't oogling the model in a perverted, expectant manner. However, from the looks of it, there was no other way around this, despite her protests.
  149.     "...can I at least keep my under-" She began, being cut off by the teacher.
  151.     "Completely nude, hon. Now if you would please hurry up? I do have other lessons planned for today." The jackalope's ears fell in shame as she gulped, nodding in silence. She removed her varsity jacket and gently set it on the floor, just a few feet away. The easy part was done, and with her hand on the hem of her top, she slowly revealed her chest, which bounced slightly in her purple bra. As everyone watched, the student's starting to murmur to themselves, she hurried up and removed her bra, wanting to get this over with, if she couldn't do this in private.
  153.     Her boobs were soon revealed, her nipples poking outwards, due to the cool room. As she began to remove her shorts and panties at the same time, she could hear the students, as they were getting slightly louder.
  155.     "Oh wow, she's so fluffy..!" Cooed a girl near the front row.
  157.     "Wonder if she'd let us pet her..?" Asked a curious boy next to her.
  159.     "So they do have exposed nipples? I thought she'd have more than one," Another guy asked himself, scanning her body over.
  161.     "Wonder how soft she is... 'down there'?" A third boy snickered to his friend.
  163.     "I'm a fan of her tail, if you know what I mean," His friend joked.
  165.     Soon, Daisy stood completely nude, standing in only her sandals, her hands clung over her exposed body, hoping to hide her nipples and her mound. Her furry face flushed a deep red through her fur coat, almost matching her hair color. As the girl expected, she wouldn't be allowed to cover herself for long, as the teacher was gently moving her arms away, putting one to her side and lifting the other, measuring with a tape measure.
  167.     As she explained the proper methods on how to measure a body, doing the motions on the jackalope girl as she talked, many students kept their eyes glued to the naked furry girl, which embarrassed her further. The tape was wrapped around her hips, her waist, her breasts, her thighs, and anywhere else it could go.
  169.     Ten minutes felt like an hour to the naked furry girl, doing her best to avoid eye contact with anyone as she shivered in place for the whole ordeal. While her whole front was exposed, she heard one girl whisper to one of her friends, the two then holding back their giggles, as they stared at her crotch. Sure enough, as much as Daisy didn't want to admit it, she was turned on. Her mound was glistening, and if it weren't for the fact that her thighs were closed nice and tight, she'd most likely be dripping!
  171.     At the very least, Mrs. Florence didn't seem to bring attention to this, and merely stepped away from the nude, aroused girl, who quickly flung her arms over herself once more. "And there's our lesson on how to measure a body. I do hope you all were paying close attention," She said, looking between each of her students, who nodded with wide, interested grins in response. With a nod, she peered to the furry girl, nodding at her. "You may get dressed now, hon. By the way, your fur coat is just... extravagantly soft!"
  173.     "Thank you..." She mumbled, quickly scrambling her clothes back on. Gossip among the other students filled her large ears.
  175.     "Ooh! I wanna touch!" A girl squealed quietly.
  177.     "Me too," A guy said, laughing in a lewd manner.
  179.     "Guess she's excited to attend our school. Did ya see those panties?"
  181.     "That's not all she's excited about~"
  183.     "Hope she's single..."
  185.     "I wanna measure her next time!"
  187.     As the jackalope hurried out of the class, trying to hide her embarrassed face, Mrs. Florence called to her, "Hope you have fun at our school, Daisy!"
  189.     Daisy knew for a fact that being the school mascot would make her beyond popular, but she just hoped she didn't get into anymore embarrassing situations, like she did just then. The last thing she wanted was a situation where she was naked on the football field...
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