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  1. Hi there, Kia, your mod team here. We wanted to touch base with you about several player concerns we have received about your conduct in Balance.
  3. As a mod team, we try to keep our hard-and-fast rules to a minimum in order to give our players space to get creative and make the best use of the space provided. As such, our rules are pretty basic: be amazing, mind the ic/ooc divide, don't infomod or metagame, etc. Unfortunately, we have received concerns regarding both poor IC/OOC divide and several instances of both infomodding and metagaming.
  5. First, we would like to address Wash's armor. We've received concerns that it's too OP, and after reviewing its use in recent threads and CTAs, we have to echo those concerns. From what we can see, Wash's armor is airtight and has HUD and frequency isolation, along with possibly other buffs. This is not listed on his inventory on your journal, so we have no way of telling whether there are more buffs on his armor as you're playing it. More concerning, his app contains no mention of the armor at all in the canon powers and path actions section. We have been unable to find anything in our records that indicates that you asked and received permission to have a canon-specific item with multiple buffs, which counts as a canon power import under our rules. It's definitely possible that you did get such explicit permission and we lost the records, in which case, please provide us with that information. However, if that is not the case, we'd like to ask that you remove one path action from Wash's current list and reduce his armor's buffs to one, which will serve to balance out his canon import power versus path actions as it should have been in his app.
  7. The second concern we have received is that you have a tendency to assume Wash has information that he has no IC justification for knowing. While we understand that the line between OOC knowledge and IC knowledge can sometimes get blurry, we ask that you double-check with the players in question before assuming that Wash would know information about their characters.
  9. We've also received several complaints that you have inserted Wash into specific player plots in the past without asking OOCly, as well as pulling characters into Wash's plots without asking OOCly. In any game, OOC communication is crucial, but in such a small game that is so reliant on OOC cooperation, we expect excellent OOC communication at all times. In the future, if you are not sure you're welcome in another player's plot, please be sure to ask explicitly to make sure all players involved agree. Under no circumstances should characters be included in a plot without the players agreeing to it ahead of time.
  11. ***Finally, concerns have been voiced that you struggle to allow Wash to make mistakes or fail ICly and are at times resistant to IC consequences for Wash's IC actions. Candidly, we were already in the middle of formulating a message to you regarding all of these concerns, so it was extremely disappointing to see another case of this going down in real time as a result of Wash's involvement in the Ogata situation. We strongly encourage Wash's involvement in player plots (with above-mentioned permission from all parties), but it is not acceptable to circumvent both OOC and IC rules, nor is it acceptable to backpedal IC actions taken in the face of IC consequences for said actions. In the future, we expect clear communication between you and other players as well as us, the mods. If you're uncertain about whether something is acceptable ICly or OOCly, ask. If you are unwilling for Wash to face IC consequences for an action, it may be best to avoid involvement at all.
  13. In sum, we understand that making mistakes in RP is inevitable, but we are troubled by the pattern of behavior that has been revealed to us by examples of your conduct in game over the past several months, including during the process of writing this message. This is an official warning that conduct bleeding into metagaming and IC/OOC divide issues will no longer be tolerated. Any further evidence of rule breaking will be followed by removal from the game.***
  15. Thank you for your time.
  17. Balance Mods
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