Sweet Escape Pt, 1

Apr 13th, 2014
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  1. You wake up, staring at the bright blue sky. Your head is pounding, and your vision is a bit blurry.
  2. As you try to come to your senses, a blob of pink obscures your vision. You slowly sit up, as your vision clears and you see...well, a pony. But one you recognize. That's...that's Pinkie Pie.
  3. You rationalize to yourself, 'This must be another one of those dreams'. You pinch yourself. Ouch.
  4. Oh fuck. This is real. How did-
  5. You distracted by the mass of pink that's now practically vibrating with excitement, a wide smile spread across her face.
  7. "Um, hi?"
  9. "Hi are you new you look new I know everypony in town and none of them look like you so you must be new sooooo"
  11. She takes a deep breath
  13. "Welcome welcome welcome!
  14. A fine welcome to you!
  15. Welcome welcome welcome!
  16. I say how do you do?
  17. Welcome welcome welcome!
  18. I say hip hip hurray!
  19. Welcome welcome welcome!
  20. To Ponyville today!"
  22. You're showered with a blast of confetti and balloons
  24. "Uh, thanks"
  26. "I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?"
  27. "Um, I'm Anon"
  28. "Anon?" She giggles, "That's a silly name. So, where are you from?"
  30. Your brain stumbles, trying to figure out what to say. The truth might be a little hard to explain. Especially to a pony with such a short attention span
  32. "It's...a really far away place. You've probably never heard of it"
  33. "oooohhh, like some super secret awesome town on the other side of the world?"
  34. "Um, yeah, something like that"
  35. "That's SOOOO cool!"
  37. She starts to bounce around you, unable to contain her excitement
  38. "So what brings you to Ponyville? Are you visiting someone?"
  40. Again, you try to come up with an answer that'd make sense
  41. "Well I just sort of...popped into town. I didn't really plan on it"
  42. She skids to a stop and looks at you intently.
  44. "You mean you don't have any place to stay?!"
  45. "Um, I guess not"
  47. Her mouth opens in a prolonged gasp, before a stream of word vomit bursts out
  48. "ohmygoshyoushouldtotallystaywithmewecanhavesuperawesomepartiesandeatcupcakesandstayuplateandtellspookystoriesanditsgoingtobesomuchfun!"
  50. You got about a quarter of what she said, but you think she offered you a place to stay
  51. "Um, yeah, sure. That'd be great"
  53. She jumps around excitedly
  54. "This is going to be the best! We're going to have so much fun! Come on come on come on! Let's go!"
  56. She quickly hops off as you scramble to your feet and chase after her. Man, for just hopping, she sure keeps a good pace. As you pass through town, you spot some familiar sights. The library, town hall, the market. Various ponies mill around, occasionally giving you a curious glance. It doesn't seem like they're scared, so that's good. They're just...curious would be the best way to put it
  58. "We're here we're here we're here!"
  59. You tear your gaze away from the staring ponies and sights and look forward. Sugarcube Corner. You know this place. Well, more or less.
  61. "Come on!"
  62. The two of you head inside and upstairs. Her room is about what you'd expect. Boxs of party materials everywhere, half eaten pastries sprawled across the table, balloons hanging from the rafters. Yep, this seems like the sort of room she'd have.
  64. She hops over to her bed, jumping on top of it.
  65. "This is my room! And my bed! Your bed..."
  66. She sproings off, and on to the top of the armoire. A bed that seemingly shouldn't be able to fit in there unfolds from inside
  67. "Is right here!"
  69. "Uh, thanks. I really appreciate this"
  71. She beams at you
  72. "Well I wouldn't a very good welome pony if I didn't welcome everypony, now would I?"
  73. You don't know if you're supposed to respond to that or not.
  75. The grumbling of your stomach thankfully saves you from the possibly hypothetical question.
  77. "Oh! I didn't even offer you anything to eat! Come on! I have just the thing!"
  79. She bounds off down the stairs, leaving you to follow slowly in her wake
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