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  1. Drinking age
  2. The same. Alchohol doesnt bring that much good. I dont care for it.
  4. Abortion
  5. Pro choice. I wouldnt want my child to be aborted but i do want to atop others. I dont support abortions for everything juwt because you decided to raw dog doesnt mean a life shouldn't be allowed. If you cannot raise a child mentally or physically i will not stop you. Idk if thats pro choice or not
  7. Border wall.
  8. Dont build. A wall is a wall its a way of ignoring stuff that you have helped with. Insted or building a wall that will cost a lot and that will endup like all big walls eventually coming down we help the people.
  10. Gun control
  11. Fine as it is
  12. I belive there are some things that should be basic law for guns. Like people convicted of violence cant own or mentally unstable. But other than that its fine
  14. Legalise marijuana
  15. Yes. It doesnt make sense why its illegal.  
  17. Prison punishment
  18. Lighter. Our current system is just a circle. There is no reform for criminalals to change so they just go back to being retarded
  20. Is school racist.
  21. No? Doesnt make sense. The systems can be unfair like affirmative action. I get what its supost to do but it doesnt solve the big issue.
  23. Is school sexist.
  24. No. I dont see anything bad.
  26. Should we allow communist to run for president.
  27. Yes. We should allow anyone. By that logic we shouldnt allow facist or racist. Not allowin gone group to run is a step twords authoritarian government
  29. Should bystander have duty to interfere.
  30. No. Not legally morally yes.
  32. Should birth control  be available to all teens.
  33. Yes. If your going to make abortion illegal let them get protection.
  35. Are video games causing violence
  36. No. I play a lot of mrp and havent shot up my school.
  38. Hazing
  39. No. Im lazy
  41. Is technology helping. Or controlling
  42. It is helping. It is up to you to learn.
  44. Are humans born naturally good or evil.
  45. Good. Killing animals is a life necessity. Being hateful is learnt though life experience
  47. Should we continue space exploration.
  48. Yes. Since our government cant heal this world we need a new one.
  50. I am not religious
  52. The government shouldn't regulate my drink size because karin needs McDonald's every day
  54. Should we focus on climate change.
  55. Yes. Whats the point of doing all this other shit and saving money and being conservative when its all gonna be under the ocean or burnt in the atmosphere
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