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  1. "Petrichor"
  3. A narcotic made from a cocktail of synthetically-produced chemicals and Witchcraft.
  5. Appearance: A bright gold, glowing, opaque liquid with a texture like water and a taste sweeter than honey.
  7. Consumption: Used either by drinking or direct injection into one's blood stream.
  9. Effects: Vary widely depending on amount consumed; lower amounts can be consumed for very relaxing effections, higher amounts can be consumed if you want to get fucking lit. Effects take about 20 minutes to start kicking in when it's drank, and only about 1-2 minutes when injected
  11. Low Dosage:
  12. - Slowed perception of time (everything seems to be going so slow woah....)
  13. - Relaxed muscles
  14. - Decrease in dexterity and sense of balance
  15. - Drowsiness
  16. - Intense sense of relaxation; peace, tranquility - pretty much incapable of worrying in this state, even if your life is in danger
  17. - Increase in thirst and hunger
  19. High Dosage:
  20. - Faster perception of time (everything seems to be going so fast woah!!!!)
  21. - Intense sense of euphoria; overwhelming happiness and excitement
  22. - Adrenaline rush
  23. - Nullifies negative feelings such as emotions like sadness, regret, anxiety and sensations like pain (can't feel pain at all)
  24. - All five senses much more sensitive and amplified
  25. - Increase in libido
  26. - Visual and auditory hallucinations; though you only see things you'd like to see or hear, things that make you happy to see or hear
  28. Addictive? Extremely; creates a very strong compulsive psychological desire, a sense of "need," rather than a physical dependency - one time is all it takes, really
  30. Health Drawbacks: Overuse can lead to temporary development of psychosis, loss of feeling (emotional and sensory) and loss of dexterity; extreme overuse can lead to these same drawbacks, but permanent
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