116 Urchin [Colt Saddle Arabian Samurai] MLPFEMTORPG

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  1. Name: Urchin
  2. Gender: Colt
  3. Race: Saddle Arabian
  4. Class: Samurai (Knight/Monk)
  5. Talent: Pile of Gemstones (Pickpocket: requires helpless foe; can be used while helpless; Quickly snatch an item from a dazed enemy. On success, steal a weapon, armor piece, or other item from the opponent. If the enemy has nothing to steal, they roll at DC+2 to get up. Counts as a basic attack.)
  6. Noncombat Talent: Scoundrel (Riff Raff: passive; +1 to general thievery and roguish things)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 5/5
  8. Alignment: Lawful Evil
  10. Skills:
  11.   (Free Racial) Arabian Endurance: automatic instant/passive; once per combat; Saddle Arabians are known for their tenacity and endurance in harsh conditions. Once per combat if you are rendered helpless you may use this racial skill to immediately recover on your turn. You are immune to any adverse effects typical for a desert, and you suffer no penalties for fighting in desert environs.
  12.   (Racial) Purebred: A Saddle Arabian bloodline is a result of centuries of selective breeding. Though others may frown at such a practice, its results are obvious. And not only the positive ones. Choose one of your skills. You gain a +2 bonus to this skill. All your other skills suffer a -1 penalty. If you don’t have any skills that can receive the -1 penalty, then the -1 applies to your weapon skills and combat actions aside from the chosen skill. (Tackle)
  13.   (Free Multiclass) Bushido: passive; A critical failure in combat causes you to take four hits instead of instantly rendering you helpless.
  14.   (Class) Grapple: passive, +1 to unarmed grabbing, throwing and wrestling down opponents
  15.   (Class) Stances: Passive; Switching stance is an Instant Automatic action.
  16. Stance of the Bear: You gain X max hits at the cost of X max wounds
  17. Stance of the Tiger: You cannot benefit from weapon tags, but gain +2 to all normal attacks
  18. Stance of the Cross: Self-inflicted helpless does not cause a wound of damage.
  19.   (Class) Tackle: Recharge 2; Tackle an enemy to the ground, leaving yourself on the ground as well. One target enemy becomes helpless. You become helpless.
  21. Inventory:
  22. Empty Coin Pouch
  23. Red Bandanna (Worn around forehead)
  25. Traits:
  26.     Urchin is a Saddle Arabian foal. His fur is sandy with splotches of brown, and has green eyes. Urchin is a homeless orphan hailing from Saddle Arabia. He was born and raised on the streets, and learned to pick pockets to be able to afford his next meal. However, after attempting and failing to pick the pocket of a powerful noble, Urchin fled to Equestria to avoid punishment. There, he was at once overwhelmed by their friendliness, and hopes to make a new life there as an adventuring pony. Still, he won't pass up a bag of bits if someone's purse is a little loose.
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