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  1.  S EnableGroup Position off
  2.             @GroupSwitch group == "Position" and newState == 1 : Assign X = xpos(me); Assign Y = ypos(me);          Assign Z = zpos(me)
  3.             ?Position T(2000, 5000) not inFight(me) and meAvail and not meDisabled and (((xpos(me)-env("X"))            > env("RBega") or (xpos(me)-env("X")) <-env("RBega")) or ((ypos(me)-env("Y")) >env("RBega")or                           (ypos(me)-env("Y")) <-env("RBega"))) and alive(me) : moveto (env("X")+ random(3, env("RVozvrX")))                       (env("Y")+ random(2, env("RVozvrY"))) (env("Z"))
  4.             L Assign RVozvrX = 50  
  5.             L Assign RVozvrY = 50  
  6.             L Assign RBega = 100 // Possible movement range
  7.             ?Position @Teleport actor == me : EnableGroup Position off
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