Peedeephile Ahnon (SweetiexAnon, shitpost, comedy?) to do

Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. >>Are you a peedeefile, Ahnon?
  2. >>*pdf-file
  3. >>the cmc stumbles on rarara/RD or whatever talking about the school project they're doing with Anon
  4. >>And his pdf file
  5. >"Anon's a pedophile?!"
  6. >>shenanigans happen
  7. >>Did you know that there's an opposite term for pedophilia called teleiophilia? It's when a child is sexually attracted to adults
  9. >the cmc's, or rather, AB and scoots decides to find a way to get this disgusting degenerate arrested
  10. >Sweetie comes along, but since she's had a crush on Anon for a while now...
  11. >Oh
  12. >"W-why not bait him?"
  13. >"That's it! Sweetie, you're a genius!"
  14. >Of course she insists on playing the bait
  15. >Sweetie passes the next two days trying to 'frame him', but mostly just hugging him a lot and even going as far as kissing him
  16. >On his cheeks, but that's a start right
  17. >"He won't be able to resist this kind of stuff since he's a pedophile,"
  18. >"How do you know that?"
  19. >"I read that in some chineighse comic on the net,"
  20. >But it doesn't work, Anon just believes that they're playing some kind of games or daring sweetie to do it, since he can always spot the other two watching from afar, 'hidden' behind light poles and shit
  21. >Week later, Sweetie's got enough so time to get to plan B
  22. >Anon comes home to find a pair of panties hooked to his doorknob
  23. "What the hell?"
  24. >They're still warm
  25. >How did these got here?
  26. >A breeze makes him realize that a window's certainly wide open
  27. >A burglar?
  28. >He drops his bag and grabs the first thing he could use as a weapon
  29. >The cucumber he planned to salad this evening
  30. >This'll do
  31. >Starts going through his house, metal gear style
  32. >And surely enough, the door of his room is wide open
  33. >Okay, one, two, three
  34. "ALLAHU ACKB--"
  35. >He freezes completely mid jump
  36. >And drops the cucumber
  37. >Sweetie is sitting on his bed, facing him
  38. >And she blushes as her legs spread even more
  39. >And he realizes who's panties were on the doorknob
  40. >"H-hi Anon,"
  41. >Then frantic fillygirl fucking happens while the other two are watching and masturbating from the tree right in front of his chamber
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