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GT4 100% FAQ

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Mar 24th, 2020
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  1. What are we doing?
  3. Tyler (thebook92), Shawn (sheeniethegee), Jonah (another_car_guy), and Paul (feathers51564) are completing a 100% No B-Spec speedrun of Gran Turismo 4.
  5. What's 100% No B-Spec?
  7. 1) Every license test, race, and driving mission will be completed and driven in its entirety without using B-Spec at any point.
  8. 2) No data from another save may be used. This includes importing save data from Gran Turismo 3 or buying cars from another save garage.
  9. 3) The timer starts when Gran Turismo Mode is selected and ends when we press OK on the black F1 car presentation screen.
  10. 4) Co-op is allowed. There's no way any of us can do this on their own.
  11. 5) Use a real PS2 and real disc. No emulators.
  13. How long is this going to take?
  15. We don't know for sure, since nobody's ever done this before, but a reasonable estimate is around 200 hours or a little over eight days.
  17. Are you taking rest breaks?
  19. Nope. We plan to play straight through, assuming we can stay awake!
  21. Why exactly are you doing this?
  23. 1) we're dumb.
  24. 2) we're quarantined for three weeks thanks to COVID-19 and we have nothing better to do.
  25. 3) nobody has ever completed this category before--let alone routed it--and we figured we might as well be the first.
  26. 4) we're all racing game fans, and they say run the games you love, right?
  28. Is this the longest speedrun ever?
  30. No. Baten Kaitos 100% is about 150 hours longer than this. But it's by far the longest we're willing to attempt.
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