Growing Up ( Part 3)

Jan 27th, 2014
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  1. >But its not over for you yet.
  2. >Just as soon as you begin to inspect your room an old mare walk in.
  3. >She claims she's under order from the Madam Spoon to take your measurement and make a new outfit for you.
  4. >The prospect of new clothes appeal to you.
  5. >So you undress down to your underwear.
  6. >However it seems that she needs you bare assed so she rips your underwear from your body.
  7. >Your hands immediately move to your crotch.
  8. She chuckles and asks you to not be so embarrassed .
  9. >That's she's seen plenty of TOOLS in her day and yours will be no different.
  10. >You don't know whether to be relax or reel in thought of the things she may or may not be implying.
  11. >Nevertheless your hands move to your sides as she begins her work.
  12. >She surprisingly gentle as she takes your measurements.
  13. >That is until she slaps your ass on the way out.
  14. >Mumbling something about liking them firm.
  15. >You shudder at the thought as you redress.
  16. >You would go an explore your new home but the days events have taken it out of you.
  17. >Peaking into the hall you find a nearby maid pony and ask her to wake you up before breakfast is served.
  18. >She complies and tell yous that someone will be there to wake you at the specified time.
  19. >So you close the door and lock it.
  20. >Force of habit.
  21. >The room is now bathed in the dull light form the candles that line the room.
  22. >You see a fireplace in the far corner, across the bed.
  23. >You light the fire in it after extinguishing the candles.
  24. >Now the room is a little more comfortable.
  25. >With all those candles lining the room the place seemed...witchy
  26. >Feeling more than exhausted you slide into your new bed.
  27. >And holy crap is it soft.
  28. >Like they stuffed the mattress with cotton balls or something.
  29. >But one thing for sure...its allllrrriggghhhhttt
  30. >It doesn't take long for you to drop out.
  31. You don't know what time it is when a maid pony comes in and wakes you.
  32. >In a rather bullish way.
  33. >She yanks the curtains to the side.
  34. >Allowing the sun to score a direct it to your eyelids.
  35. >And before you can even wipe the cold from your eyes she informs you the Madam Spoon request that you be in the entrance hall within the hour to escort Young Silver Spoon to school
  36. >And that she leaves.
  37. >No good morning
  38. >No nothing.
  39. >You swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit up in a huff.
  40. >The look on your ace could make a royal guard flinch.
  41. >Off to side by the smoldering fireplace is a tray of food and what looks to be new clothes.
  42. >Your brains jumps at the memory of what the maid said and you make quick work the rather opulent breakfast.
  43. >Honestly it was you first time you had been full in a while.
  44. >The clothes are no joke either
  45. >Smooth as silk as you slipped them on.
  46. >Yet they felt as though they wouldn't be ripped so easily.
  47. >Must be a combination of something.
  48. >You showcase the new outfit in a mirror and...
  49. >You slump and sigh in depression.
  50. >It's exactly like your old toga.
  51. >With the exception of the color swap and what looks like a spoon embroidered on the left arm.
  52. >At least they picked a nice color.
  53. >The lavender combined with silver across the trim really brought out your eyes.
  54. >The sandals were nice too.
  55. >No more barefooting for you.
  56. >It only take five minutes for you to get to the entrance hall.
  57. >And its buzz with activity.
  58. >Maids and butters move this way and that with synchronized motion.
  59. >They greet you with a "Hello young master" as they pass
  60. >It felt nice being respected.
  61. >Even if because you're in the Spoon's care
  62. >45 minutes later.
  63. >You're pacing like a madman at this point.
  64. >Where the buck is this filly.
  65. >Its not until you ask a passing maid that your're informed that Silver Spoon left 5 minutes before you arrived in the entrance hall.
  66. >You bolt thought the front door and towards the school.
  67. >Rage clear in your eyes
  68. >You're down the path and on the road towards pony in record time.
  69. >You spot a silver and grey puff just up the road.
  70. >Just shy of the Ponyville welcome sign
  71. > Your gonna ring that pony filly's neck for ditching you like that.
  72. >But she seems to hear you coming. as she stops and turns to you.
  73. >The sudden stop by her was unexpected to you.
  74. >You had to jump over her jump to stop form slamming into her.
  75. >"About time you decided to show up Anon." she says in a mocking tone.
  76. >You spin around and berate her for knowingly sabotaging you
  77. >She in blatant disregard for your plight.
  78. >Claiming she left her regular time and that its not her fault.
  79. >She goes go to claim that she even walked slower so you could catch up and that you should be thanking her for not telling her mom.
  80. >Your eyebrow twitches at the audacity of this filly.
  81. >If not for your current living conditions you'd have slugged her one,
  82. >You shake off the aggravation and stretch your arm out towards the ponyville school
  83. >She smiles and sticks her head up.
  84. >Too high to see where shes going.
  85. >Resulting in her slamming into the Ponyville welcome sign.
  86. >You suppress a burst or laughter.
  87. >But the urge is completely gone when you see the state she's on
  88. >The glasses are on the ground. dusty but fine.
  89. >But she's in a panic,stomping on the ground in a desperate attempt to find.
  90. >You try to get to glasses him time but the loud crack stops you mere inches from her.
  91. >You can see her face.She frozen in fear and disbelief
  92. >Saying her name does nothing.
  93. >Touch her yields no response.
  94. >So you lightly lift her hoof take the glasses.
  95. >The frame itself is pine but the left lens is completely shattered.
  96. >You hear her mutter "are they ok?"
  97. >You're taken back by the fear in her voice
  98. >It more than just worrying about replacing them or being able to see.
  99. >You give her the bad new regardless.
  100. >She plops onto the ground as the tears cascade down her cheeks.
  101. >You do believe this is the first time you've seen a girl cry.
  102. >You try to reassure, but the tears don't stop
  103. >She tells you that the glasses are a family heirloom.
  104. >That they were passed down from the very first Spoon. Tea Spoon
  105. >And that her mom will be furious.
  106. >That she might even disown her.
  107. >You sit behind her and pull her into you.
  108. >You stroke and scratch her hair and neck respectively until she clams herself down enough.
  109. >Reminding her that her mom would never do that to her own flesh and blood.
  110. >Even though on the inside you're not really sure.
  111. >You barely know her at all.
  112. >You the words of comfort seem to make her feel better and she stands up from the ground
  113. >She's a bit dusty from eh ground so you pat her down and place he glasses back on her
  114. face.
  115. >She's thankful,but apprehensive.
  116. She can only see on her right side.
  117. >The left is just a blur.
  118. >So you volunteer to be he seeing eye human for the day.
  119. >Although she doesn't show her gratitude you see the spring in her step and she walks on your left.
  120. >Its not log till you see the school.
  121. >Cherilee is outside ringing a bell signalling the fillies to come inside.
  122. >But when she see's you and Silver together she nearly chokes on her bell.
  123. >"Anon? Silver,? Those clothes., Her glasses, What in the world is going on?" She say while holding the bell in her mouth.
  124. >You politely remove the bull from her mouth and promise to tell her later to save Silver the shame.
  125. >That is until Diamond struts up and Silver makes up a quick story abot how you're her newest servant.
  126. >The two fillies scamper off in a fit of giggles.
  127. >Leaving you standing there shaking your head.
  128. >Its gonna be a long day.
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