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  1. SupportEND CHAT
  2. Jacob S:
  3. Hi. Thanks for contacting Nest Live Chat. My name is Jacob. I’m here to help.
  4. Jacob S:
  5. Hello, Simon!
  6. Jacob S:
  7. How may I assist you today?
  8. Me:
  9. Hi Jacob. I just decided to get my revolv hub setup again and learned that you've discontinued the product and it won't even work anymore..
  10. Jacob S:
  11. I understand your concern. I'll do my best to help you in this case.\
  12. Jacob S:
  13. Please help me with the email address associated with your Nest account.
  14. Me:
  15. I don't remember what I used. It probably isn't active any longer as it was quite a while ago when I first tried and setup the revolv. At the time I decided it was too much hassle and put it on a shelf to figure oit later. That was over a year ago...
  16. Me:
  17. When I visit the revolv website now it says the hub and app don't work anymore.
  18. Me:
  19. I can setuo a new nest account if it helps this support process....
  20. Jacob S:
  21. I understand. That's for the precise information. I've checked this for you and I see that Nest has permanently disabled the Works With Nest for Revolv Smart Home Hub.
  22. Jacob S:
  23. I also see that Revolv stopped selling its smart home hub, which lets you control various appliances and home automation systems with a central app.
  24. Me:
  25. I would hope I could trade in the revolv hub for a nest hub equivalent. It seems like the fair thing to do in this situation
  26. Jacob S:
  27. Yes, that's correct. You can trade the Revolv Hub and purchase the Google Nest Hub equipment which will we handy for you. You can pair the Google Nest Hub through Google home app and access the same in Nest app.
  28. Me:
  29. What isbthe process to trade in the revolv hub for the Google Nest Hub? Do I send the Revolv hub in and then have the nest hub shipped back in its place?
  30. Jacob S:
  31. Simon, we don't have the option to process the requests from our end. You can sell the Revolv Hub on third party platform and purchase the Google Nest Hub from Google store.
  32. Me:
  33. Huh? Why would someone buy a non working revolv hub on a third party platform?
  34. Jacob S:
  35. I understand. Thanks for letting me know. In this case, you'll need to contact Revolv support who will be able to assist you with the best possible options.
  36. Jacob S:
  37. We don't have any option to create any return request for third party products.
  38. Me:
  39. When you visit it directs you to Nest support. Apparently Nest owns Revolv.
  40. Jacob S:
  41. Simon, I've checked from my resources and I see the refund program was ended on October 31, 2018.
  42. Me:
  43. Correct, i am not looking for a refund. But a trade in. You can't expect each customer to continually check the revolv website on the off chance that you decide to discontinue the product. Thats not reasonable.
  44. Jacob S:
  45. I completely understand. Simon, Nest completely moved to Google and we don't have any option to create any return orders or trade in. All the orders information are being managed by Google store. I'll do my best to help you in this case.
  46. Me:
  47. Thank you for any help you can provide... I have confidence that you understand the situation and will do your best to do what is fair in this situation.
  48. Jacob S:
  49. I totally understand and I personally want to help you in this case. I'll help you with the Google store team chat link will who will check this for you and assist you further:.
  50. Me:
  51. Ouch. I am afraid I will have to explain this entire scenario all over again to the new support representative.
  52. Jacob S:
  53. Not to worry, Simon. I've documented everything in the case notes, you can refer to case number: 09463062. I've documented everything in the case notes.
  54. Jacob S:
  55. Here's the link of Google store support:
  57. Me:
  58. Oh good. Thanks so much,
  59. The agent is typing.
  60. SEND
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