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Nov 7th, 2013
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  1. Anonymous #OPSafeWinter Engaged
  3. Fellow Anon and Citizens of the world, We are proud to announce #OPSafeWinter. In this age of consumerism there is very little love or care about each other, we're here to change that. No longer shall we stand by and watch isolation and fear be spread by the establishment, which is killing and destroying community and lives. We all have a voice, so make yours heard, you are the power, your choice, your life, you are the motivation for justice.
  5. Mission of the OP, to highlight the homeless situation in areas throughout world. Build up a resource network for food supply, blankets clothes socks etc. that can be donated.
  7. Amenities for warm showers etc.
  9. 1st Mission Please list the current homeless count in alphabetical order by town/City Country
  10. Within each town contact local charities, shops, businesses that will support with any of the above list and more.
  11. You can get the latest figures from your local council by sending them a freedom of information request if you are not sure of the figures in your town.
  13. 2nd Mission, coordinate with anons and others willing to participate in the execution/distribution of services we are able to provide. Whether its' transport, collection of donations etc.
  14. This is not definitive, any other suggestions ideas are welcome. Please list at the bottom of the pad as bullet points to make it easy to follow.
  16. Lets make winter as safe and comfortable for as many people within our reach and beyond.
  18. Please share this OP with as many people as possible
  20. Work together online or RL, everyone can help no matter how small or big the activity.
  22. Join us on IRC: Chan #OPSafeWinter
  23. Client:
  25. Twitter: @OPSafeWinter
  27. We are Anonymous.
  28. We are Legion.
  29. We do not forgive.
  30. We do not forget.
  31. Expect us.
  32. “We Are the Voice of the Voiceless”
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