Agarthan Black Market

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  1. [14:27] After some time of sending his spies and his prophets to different location Eniel finally had found the location of the Agarthan black market. Not an easy place to come by, and because of Eniel's own value as the leader of the Crimson Moon Society he knew he'd go for a higher price than most Making sure to disguise himself as best he could.
  3. As he walked down the streets bumping shoulders with the non magi he'd come across the items he had been searching for. Arcanium, and it seemed it was indeed a high valued item most of the non magi had wanted some...even small items infused with Arcanium granted an incredible object and it was something always placed away from the hands of thieves
  6. Eniel moved towards the vender aiming to grab as many pieces of the rare ore he could buy. Using some of his trade skills from living on a pirate ship for so long he eventually got to barter the price down to a more reasonable number. Eniel smiled handing the man a leather satchel of 20,000 coins in exchange for the two pieces of Arcanium.
  8. Eniel still needed one more to complete his weapon...his master piece really but he knew that for now this was the best option he had to gain any sort of extra power. He would have to do whatever it took to make the powers of the Grimoire stronger...and Arcanium was just one of the many ways to forge a powerful yet sturdy weapon.
  10. As he aimed to head back home. A carrying back of Arcanium dangling under his cloak. He'd ward off any who aimed to steal it from him with a pure chaotic manifestation of terror that shrouded his every movements making anyone who got too close fear for their lives.
  11. (Eniel Daigal)
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