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  1. NAME: Aether Bright
  2. GENDER: Female
  3. RACE: Unicorn
  4. CLASS: Thaumaturge (Cleric/Mage)
  5. TALENT: +1 to spellcasting
  6. HITS/WOUNDS: 5/5
  8. SKILLS:
  9.     UNICORN CATALYST (Racial Skill): passive; a unicorn's horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  10.     UNICORN TELEKINESIS (Racial Skill): : spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  11.     POSH (Expanded Racial Skill): start the game with a magical item that gives a +1 to Telekinesis. If held by someone without that skill, the item's residual magic allows that spell to be cast at DC 8.
  12.     HEAL (Cleric Skill): recharge 1, spell, ranged; restores target's hits to full and restores one wound, or removes all status effects. Crit restores 2 wounds, crit fail deals a wound of damage to the target.
  13.     INURE (Expanded Cleric Skill): spell, ranged; target is immune to a specific damage type (fire, ice, poison, possessed etc) for a short time
  14.     SPELL RESONANCE (Expanded Mage Skill): Automatic Spell, Recharge 4; You may cast a spell you know Automatically, provided you have successfully cast it earlier in this combat. Normal spell recharge still applies.
  15.     MASTER CASTER (Multiclass Skill): passive; +1 to all spellcasting
  16.     PATRICIAN MAGICIAN (Talent): passive; additional +1 to all spellcasting
  17.     ROAD OF THE WISE (Numeri Skill): "The Wise, often called Animancers, are aligned with the direction East, the concept of Law and Learning, the time of Dawn, and the Spring. Once an encounter, the Wise can take two actions in a turn instead of one. Normal recharges apply."
  18.     TELEPORT (Astra Skill): automatic spell, recharge 2; warp yourself or a willing or helpless subject or an unattended item within a medium range to an unoccupied destination within equal distance. Warping a hostile target or carried item requires a roll.
  19.     PERSONAL TELEPORT (Astra Skill): Instant/Automatic, Recharge 0; Acts as Teleport but limited to self-use.
  22.     CLOAK (Posh Item): A dark teal cloak with a mint green border, mint green stars, and a round mint green clasp with white embellishments. Looks familiar.
  23.     SADDLEBAGS: Her personal saddlebags. They're a little bloated right now.
  24.     PENS: For taking notes.
  25.     NOTEPADS: For keeping notes.
  26.     BOOKS: Three books, including a copy of Sunburst's Mystic Manual, one of Aether’s favorite books.
  27.     CALCULATOR: “NEVER know when you'll need that…”
  28.     MISC SUPPLIES: “…enough research material for the hardiest of your teacher's outings into field research as you've ever taken.”
  29.     ASTRONOMICA MONOCERA (Iloastra): “It's a very special book, written by one of the most brilliant minds on Tetra, the Unicorn of the West. It is called the 'Astronomica Monocera', and it tells a good bit of the history of Tetra. Its origins, the Four, the Twelve, and even the constellations and planets. I thought it might make good reading material for you, Aether,” she says, passing her the tome. “But, it's not just a book either. It's a powerful magical artifact forged from a Soul, known as an Astra.”
  32.     Her coat is light turquoise (the color of the highlight in Starlight's mane), her mane is lavender (the color of Twilight's coat), and her eyes are the color gold (the color of Sunburst's coat). She lets her mane down casually, not caring about its appearance, but it still flows gracefully. She always wears the cloak her dad gave her, a historical artifact. Her cutie mark looks something like this:
  35.     She's smart, yes. She can understand any sound concept thrown at her, and she soaks up knowledge like the proverbial sponge (though pronouncing some names can be a little tricky for her). However, she can be a little awkward sometimes. Well, all the time, really. Her social skills are a little "underdeveloped." She's a little too open and honest about some things, she's easily distracted by things that interest her, she doesn't intuitively "read" people, she may seem rude or selfish when it's just that she's not aware of the unspoken interests of others', she might get lost talking about something only she's interested in, and she has trouble articulating her thoughts out loud sometimes. She's also a little naive, lacking common sense at times. Despite this, she's good-natured, wants to do the best she can, and sees the importance of making friends, and she's trying her best to become a better friend.
  38.     Aether Bright studies at the Twilight Sparkle School for Magic and Friendship, being mentored by the princess of friendship herself, who recognized both her talent and, well, "potential" to make friends. As Twilight's pupil, Aether studies subjects on magic and helps Twilight with research while trying to learn all she can about friendship, which proves to be a bit trickier than she had anticipated.
  39.     As a child, Aether's always shown herself to be quite capable in magic and predisposed to study all she can about it. Her father works as a registrar at a museum of magic, and he always encouraged her interest in magic. A nostalgic time for her would be when her father walked her through the museum on his off-hours, telling her all about the exhibits. This was one of the major factors that led to to study at this prestigious school, and as a going-to-school gift, he gave her the cloak of Sunburst, an artifact that had had been just collecting dust in the museum's inventory.
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