Half-Moon in Equestria 2

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  1. You are Celestia.
  2. You have lived for at least a thousand years.
  3. You figure nothing would surprise you.
  6. The appearance of a strange creature appearing from empty air in the doorway to the throne room is more than enough to make you, and luna, who is at your side, jump.
  7. Whats more surprising is that the being hasnt noticed yours, or anyp0ny elses existence around him.
  8. Before you can say a word the being has sat down on its haunches and is scribbling rather quickly in a notebook its carrying. this of course draws your attentiion to its forehooves, or lack thereof. instead it has hands, simiar to those you remember from monkeys you saw many hundred years ago, before they went extinct.
  9. Most of this strange being was covered in a long cloak or robe of a darkish green hue, but what you could see of it, was a pinkish tan color except for a mane of brownish gold hair on its head.
  10. As you prepare to speak to it, it closes the book and starts digging in its pockets this motion causes all the gards to quickly circle it weapons at the ready. You can feel Your sister press up against your side shaking in fear slightly.
  11. The next big shock happens as the Thing stands up on its hind limbs and stands like that, with seemingly no effort. more than that it was more than twice as tall as your guards. You open your mouth to speak to it.
  13. You are Anonymous the Half-Moon alchemist
  14. You had traveled through an interspatial doorway you had created and found yourself who knows where.
  17. Finally taking a look around you, you see yourself surrounded by gold and dark blue aremored ponies wielding spears and blades in their mouthes. And they are only thigh high. looking up you see a pair of larger horses/unicorns/pegasii 'Alicorn' you think to yourself, sitting in what appear to be thrones. The smaller one, a beautifull deep blue with a dark mane, leaning against the larger, a white one with a rainbow mane.
  18. The white one opens its mouth and you hear a female voice say "What manner of being are you?"
  19. While this does surprise you, given your occupation, you show little of it. Bowing towards the thrones, and the Alicorns thereon you say "I am a Human, My name is Anonymous and My title would be The Half-Moon Alchemist. And who might I ask, do I have the pleasure of adressing?".
  21. Your response seems to startle the White one who adressed you, but she quickly regains her composure and replies "My name is Celestia, Princess and Monarch of this land, My sister, beside me is Luna Also a Princess and ruler".
  22. "It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance's Princess Celestia and Princess Luna" you say, With a light bow to each. "Would It be ok to inquire as to where I am?" you ask "I seem to have lost my way"
  23. "You are in Equestria, Mister Anonymous" Celestia answers looking into your eyes, your emerald green eyes.
  24. Rubbing your chin you think for a moment before one of your hands dives into a pocket, causing the guards to tighten formation slightly, before the hand returnes with a map. Flipping it open you scan over it for any sigh of Equestria, but find none. "Im sorry, but Equestria doesnt seem to be on my map, do you think you could have someone look over it to see if anything compares to one of your maps?"
  25. Nodding Celestia rings a bell beside the throne, and another unicorn walks in from a side door. Celestia says something to It 'Her' you think to yourself, noticing the more feminine shape, compared to the male guards around you.
  26. The unicorn walks forwards to you and you hold out the map, expecting fot the unicorn to come and take it away in her mouth, but instead, she stops just outside the ring of guards and a beam of energy comes from her horn, wraps around the map, and removes it from your grasp.
  27. The look of surprise on your face must have been evident, given some of the guards start chuckling, and the princesses and the unicorn all give a small smile.
  28. "Have you never seen magic before?" Celestia asks looking at you as you pick your jaw up.
  29. "yes, and no" you say "I havn't seen magic before, though i have seen, and can perform, something many people consider magic, albeit it is more of a scientific thing".
  30. This seems to pique both Celestia's and Luna's curiosity, as Celestia asks "Do you think you could show us this "Magic"?".
  31. Nodding, you reach into your robes, the guards stiffening up yet again, and you pull out several scrap pieces of paper and your pen. Drawing a basic transmutation circle on the largest piece, you place that piece circle down on your palm and place the other pieces on top. focusing your energy on the circle it glows and the papers change shape, meld together and form a rose made out of the paper you transmuted.
  32. Holding it out, the princess takes hold of it with the same sort of magic the unicorn used, and brought it over to them. Looking it over they notice your circle on the bottom and inquire "Is this circle how you perform this magic?" They both turn and look your way.
  33. "Yes" you reply "Though it isn't called magic, its called Alchemy, its an ability, that through these circles called transmutation circles we can change materials shape, size, density, even change the material itself. Different people specialise in different styles of alchemy, some excell at shape transormation, others are adept at material conversions."
  34. Both the Princesses and the guards stare facinatedly at you while you describe alchemy in its basic form.
  35. "Of course with such abilitys there are restrictions. There are 2 main ones, the first, and most important one is NEVER perform Human transmutations"You put Heavy Emphasis on NEVER "The other is the law of equivelant exchange. to obtain something, something of equal value must be lost."
  36. "Incredible" Celestia says turning her attention back to the rose "What was the price for this rose?"
  37. "The paper" you say. "Simple shape transmutations usually have little cost sice you are just changing the shape of the material. Of course a small amount of energy is drained from the alchemist, but for something as small as that it is almost inconsiquential. If I were to say, transmute the shape of the floor of this roon, the energy cost would be fairly high, and I would likely be tired afterward. It all depends on the size, the material and the change really."
  38. "Interesting" Celestia mutters to herself "The Big question now is, How did you suddenly appear at the doorway here?. From everything you have said, there should be no way for you to traverse space like that".
  39. This Question brings a smile to your face, as you go into a description as to how you were making a spatial bypassing door, and how something ended up going wrong and you ended up here.
  40. As you finish your story, Celestia seems deep in though for a moment before saying "I am going to send you to my Diciple, Twilight Sparkle so we can learn more about your powers, as well as yourself, while we try and find your way home."
  41. Bowing your head, you say "It Will be a pleasure to work with your Diciple, Princess. I am sure we will get along fine, and will have much to discuss"
  43. Nodding Princess Celestia says "Guards back to your posts. You two" She says gesturing towards a pair of guards "Escort Anonymous here to the chariotground and alert the pegasii to my decision".
  44. With a Crisp salute the guards show you to where chariots take off and land in the palace, and motion you to one of the largest there, you climb on, and are taken away. The chariot being pulled by a half dozen Pegasii in golden armor.
  45. Looking out over the edge you see the land layed out beneath you. "Its Realy Amazing, Thanks" you call out to the Pegasii pulling you.
  46. You cant see it but most get a smile, and one calls back "Don't Mention it, its our job".
  47. Relaxing, you decide to nap the rest of the trip.
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