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Alt Two Seals Char Sheets

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  3. Attributes
  5. POWER [1] +1 from force manipulation start
  7. POTENTIAL [1] +1 from shadow arts start
  8. VITALITY [1] +1 from martial arts start
  10. Non-Combat Abilities
  12. Charisma [3] – the silver tongue of a demagogue, the presence of royalty and looks to die for. Your powers of persuasion are difficult to match and your ability to sway the mind of others grants you support most kings would dream of. You have considerable bonuses in negotiations and it is easier to command respect, but true loyalty is beyond this skill, as are feats of myth.
  14. Combat Abilities
  16. PASSIVE: Multi-Tail Arrays [4] – mystic foxes cast spells by drawing magical arrays in the air with their tails, which are their means of channeling magical energy. Using multiple tails on a single array increases its power exponentially with each tail (i.e. one 8-tail array is exponentially more powerful than two 4-tail arrays), but generally takes longer to cast. You may split your tails across as many arrays as you wish, but each may only be actively casting one array at a time (some abilities do not actively use a tail and say as such). The level of this skill corresponds to the maximum number of tails you may use to cast a single array – you do not possess the power to focus on many complex arrays with your powers sealed.
  18. Martial Arts (Unique) [1] – a unique blend of your abilities and martial arts. Your spatial and force manipulation abilities allow you to casually ignore both physics and many fundamental rules of melee. Due to your reliance on magic, your more complex techniques are beyond you until your power is restored.
  19. Sub-skill: Puncture Blows [1] – by applying your force manipulation upon impact, your blows strike with extreme force and also ignore most magical and physical forms of protection.
  20. Sub-skill: The Anti-Newton [2] – (2 to 4 tails) by combining your spatial and force manipulation you make a mockery of the basic laws of motion. Momentum means nothing to your attacks, allowing you to attack recklessly with few openings. Miss a thrust and merely transfer your momentum to a different direction, instantly striking your opponent from the side even as they dodge.
  22. Spatial Manipulation [1] – the ability to bend space, and potentially time itself, to your will. An oft-overlooked specialty of mystic foxes, your use of astral power takes this one step further and allows you to tap into causality itself.
  23. Sub-skill: Blink [1] – (1 tail) the ability to teleport a short distance upon casting. Channeling [3] allows you to cast instantly, without actively using a tail.
  25. Force Manipulation [1] – the manipulation and creation of kinetic energy. The direct generation of raw force without a medium is the main weapon of most mystic foxes but is also their main defense. Due to its unique interaction between magic and physical, it is the swiss-army knife of your arsenal with strong anti-magic capabilities.
  26. Sub-skill: Force Barrier [1] – (1 to MAX tails) you summon a powerful barrier that protects you against most magical and physical attacks. It is mostly ineffective at preventing people from entering or leaving it, however. More tails enables you to increase the radius or defensive strength, but those tails must actively cast until the barrier drops.
  27. Sub-skill: Hammer Blows [2] – (1 to MAX tails) you strike at any number of foes with powerful blows of massless force at short range, punching through steel plate and shattering skulls. Ignores most magical defenses.
  29. Shadow Arts (Optional altogether) [1] – to use astral power is to bend reality to your will, and so your shadow arts are the representation of your astral power in its rawest form. You generate shadow constructs for various means in a small space around you. This ability is extremely resistant to all anti-magic techniques.
  30. Sub-skill: Scything Chaos [1] – (3 tails) you cut down anybody and anything showing you hostile intent within the radius of your astral projection. The shadow blades strike with extreme force and will prevent regeneration and healing until the target leaves your projection radius.
  32. Healing [1] – (1 to MAX tails) a very specific application of your spatial manipulation in conjunction with your race’s healing techniques. You do not regenerate or heal wounds so much as undo the cause and effect of them. At this level, you may rapidly heal all non-magical wounds. Magical wounds require you extended casting and all tails to heal.
  35. Summons
  37. Paper construct creation
  38. • 1 shadow caster. Directs and empowers other constructs. Can repair and resurrect basic constructs. Can shoot bladed arcs of shadow magic at a distance. Is very swift. Has anti-disruption measures.
  39. • 3-9 scything golems. Fast and lethal, with rapid repair abilities.
  40. • Limitless basic constructs. Relatively slow but can take a few hits. Strikes with extreme force and can grapple foes.
  42. Shadow puppets summoning
  43. • 1 lieutenant (female). Either a 4-tail mystic fox, a demon-hunter swordsman or a dark elf archer. Gets stronger with Karrem, as with all shadow puppets.
  44. • 3-9 warrior puppets. Split between archers and naginatas.
  46. Oni binding
  47. • 1 lieutenant. Deceptively small oni with one eye and no arms. Commands other oni. Fights by summoning countless hands and blades from his body, with which he moves about the battlefield rapidly and attacks with.
  48. • Limitless basic oni. Swift and dangerous in combat with very strong elemental resistances, but weak to powerful physical attacks. Average at non-combat tasks. Mentally inactive outside of combat.
  52. Attributes
  53. POWER [2]
  54. CHANNELING [1]
  55. POTENTIAL [1]
  56. VITALITY [1]
  58. Non-combat Abilities
  60. Majesty (Draconic) [3] – you are the mightiest of dragons and the world knows it just from the way you carry yourself. Beyond your magical power is your overbearing force of personality and presence, which does not so much as demand recognition and subservience as actively force others to give it to you.
  62. Human Form [5] – all dragons possess a natural human form and their original draconic form, and change between them using magic. Although your power is sealed and you are limited to your human form, it is a body of mythical quality and the pinnacle of any dragon’s ability. Your human form is, without any magic, at the absolute theoretical peak of physical capability and is nearly immune to fatigue and bodily needs.
  64. Combat Abilities
  66. Essence of Purity [1] – you are Diosceme, the closest to the First Dragon and a seminal example of your race and the original great dragon. With your purity of form comes a level of power that draws on the very concepts that all dragons come from, allowing you to draw on a level of sorcery that verges on the reality-bending nature of astral power. This ability makes all other naturally draconic abilities nearly impossible to disrupt.
  67. Subskill: Purity of Form [1] – the fire that burns within you can reform your body into its original state, undoing all forms of damage. Only active anti-regeneration effects can hamper this ability. At Power [3], only very powerful magicks can hamper this.
  69. Dragonfire [1] – the magical fire common to all dragons, born from the First Flame and matched only by the flames of the greatest of pure fire elementals. Dragonfire is unique in that its magical nature allows you to actively control its temperature and what it does and doesn’t burn. You may generate and control a small amount of dragonfire at a time.
  70. Sub-skill: Firebreath [1] – a natural skill of dragons, but one that you have mastered even in your human form. You may generate dragonfire from your mouth, without any use of your hands or active spellcasting, although it must take the form of a breath attack and not a fireball or otherwise.
  71. Sub-skill: Inferno [2] – as a master of dragonfire, you may flood your surroundings with a massive surge of flames and damage only that which you wish to. With a short cast time and without using your hands, you may generate a massive surge of fire that fills a moderate radius in all directions.
  73. Draconic Empowerment [1] – although your human form is already immensely powerful, by pumping it full of magic you can demonstrate a level of raw strength and speed matched only by elite magical warriors. Your lack of martial skill is offset by the raw power you possess.
  74. Sub-skill: Draconic Endurance [1] – by focusing power within your body you greatly increase your protection against all forms of assault. You may add your Potential to your Vitality while active. This is a maintained ability that actively drains your magical reserves.
  75. Sub-skill: Draconic Fury [2] – by pumping magical power into your muscles your physical strength and speed increases immensely, and you also utilize that magical power to limit negative effects from the extra power. You add your Vitality to your Power for the purposes of physical attacks and your Vitality to your Channeling for any action that uses your body for casting. This is a maintained ability that actively drains your magical reserves.
  77. Conjuration [1] – your vast experience in magic combined with your raw power allows you to efficiently conjure weapons and attacks using raw magical energy. Magical lances, protective shields, explosions and even disrupting spells are within your power.
  78. Sub-skill: Magic shield [1] – you conjure a massive tower shield of raw magical energy to protect you. The shield may be held in the air using your magic, or carried bodily. It reflects all non-magical attacks it blocks but may let through some portion of a magical attack.
  79. Sub-skill: Fusillade [2] – you unleash a fusillade of weapons conjured using magic against your foes, summoning them in mid-air and propelling them towards your opponents at the speed of a crossbow bolt. As weapons conjured with magic, they count as magical and strike with incredible force but do not have any special effects to them. You may use this skill while actively fighting, but require Channeling [3] to use it while conjuring anything else.
  81. Summons
  83. Necromancy
  84. • 1 draconic vampire. Does not appear immediately, but will arrive within a couple of weeks as they sense your resurrection. Vote to determine what their powers are. Probably female.
  85. • 3-9 Phantoms. Insubstantial knights formed from the remaining magical energy of the recently deceased. Nearly invulnerable to physical attacks but extremely weak to magic.
  86. • Unlimited skeletons. Basic fighters and workers.
  88. Elemental and sprite summoning
  89. • 1 pure elemental. Vote to determine what type. Then roll to determine strength (can’t be one of the 4 greats).
  90. • 4 sprites, 2 of the type of the pure elemental and 2 of another random type. Wind, earth, fire and water. Very efficient workers and good at fighting in pairs if properly suited.
  92. Infernal binding (inferior)
  93. • 1 powerful infernal. Either Lance (weak demon prince of Darus) or a weak female Arcas devil of vaguely Pharosian origin (not Krisanem).
  94. • Unlimited regular demons
  96. MALIOR
  98. Attributes
  99. POWER [1]
  100. CHANNELING [1]
  101. POTENTIAL [2]
  102. VITALITY [1]
  104. Non-Combat Abilities
  106. Angelic Soulsight [1] – the ability to see the souls and astral energy of the world and the beings within it. As an angel, this allows you to visually tell when an individual is telling the truth, lying and everything in between (including disassembling) – this does not work on other divine beings (e.g. infernals and other angels). At this level, you may also see the origin and nature of non-magical beings.
  108. Majesty (Angelic) [1] – you are an angel, and as such possess a presence that all notice, even if only subconsciously. Individuals will be attracted to you, in all senses, and treat you with respect normally reserved for royalty. This effect is amplified when you are actively displaying your angelic nature (i.e. your wings and aura).
  110. Artificing [1] – the forging of angelic artifacts and weapons, artificing is the Angelic Discipline that enables angels to permanently reforge reality and create miracles of astral power. Your power can only sustain a number of artifacts/weapons equal to your Potential x2.
  111. Sub-skill: Basic Weapon Forging [1] – you may forge weapons using extended casting that contain abilities no higher than the level of your Artificing ability. They may contain one magical attribute, either from a sub-skill you possess or an equivalent ability.
  113. Combat Abilities
  115. Empowerment [1] – the projection of raw magical power into the material realm, including into the body of the angel. Physical capability, healing and weapon prowess are the domain of this Angelic Discipline.
  116. Sub-skill: Maintain Form [1] – the most basic yet vital skill of empowerment all angels must master, that of the creation and active maintenance of their physical form. With this you may regenerate non-magical wounds rapidly and require minimal rest but are unable to actively modify your appearance.
  117. Sub-skill: Angelic Fury [2] – you channel your full power into your body and weapon, increasing your lethality greatly. Add your Potential to your Power for the purposes of combat while active. Does not prevent use of other abilities, but you will rapidly draw on your reserves.
  119. Angelic Arts [1] – the Angelic Discipline most aligned with the spellcasting of mages, the Arts are the means by which angels weave reality to suit their needs. From firing magical lances, to magical barriers, to reaping the souls of mortals – the reality-bending abilities of angels lie here.
  120. Sub-skill: Divine Protection [1] – powerful two-dimensional magical barriers with a small radius that actively repel everything that attempts to pass it. Up to one may be maintained per point of Channeling.
  121. Sub-skill: Vengeance Lances [2] – you fire powerful lances of magical energy at your opponents. These lances possess high penetrative power but also deal high damage in their wake, even against targets they do not strike directly.
  123. Wings [1] – the most under-valued of the Angelic Disciplines, the wings that all angels possess can potentially be their most valuable weapon and defense all in one. As an astral construct, their powers are many.
  124. Sub-skill: Teleportation [1] – by shrouding yourself in your wings, you may teleport a short distance after a moment’s focus. While shrouded in your wings you are protected from most attacks. You may teleport a longer distance with extended casting.
  125. Sub-skill: Soul-sever [2] – you strike not just at your opponent’s body, but at their very soul and magical essence. Attacks with your wings deal extremely high levels of magical damage and are instantly lethal to weaker individuals and non-magic users but you actively consume magical energy while using your wings this way.
  127. Summons
  129. Inferior angel creation
  130. • 1 sentient angel with the chosen discipline equal to your strongest discipline. Female.
  131. • 3-9 automaton angels with same discipline as [1].
  133. Construct creation
  134. • Knight (offense), golem (defense) or humanoid (flexibility).
  135. • 1 command construct, with elite abilities.
  136. • 3-9 offensive specialists.
  137. • Infinite number of cannon fodder
  139. Mortal empowerment and control
  140. • Plot-driven
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