Karrem Sheet

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  1. Karrem
  3. Attributes
  5. POWER [1] +1 from force manipulation start
  7. POTENTIAL [1] +1 from shadow arts start
  8. VITALITY [1] +1 from martial arts start
  10. Non-Combat Abilities
  12. Charisma [3] – the silver tongue of a demagogue, the presence of royalty and looks to die for. Your powers of persuasion are difficult to match and your ability to sway the mind of others grants you support most kings would dream of. You have considerable bonuses in negotiations and it is easier to command respect, but true loyalty is beyond this skill, as are feats of myth.
  14. Combat Abilities
  16. PASSIVE: Multi-Tail Arrays [4] – mystic foxes cast spells by drawing magical arrays in the air with their tails, which are their means of channeling magical energy. Using multiple tails on a single array increases its power exponentially with each tail (i.e. one 8-tail array is exponentially more powerful than two 4-tail arrays), but generally takes longer to cast. You may split your tails across as many arrays as you wish, but each may only be actively casting one array at a time (some abilities do not actively use a tail and say as such). The level of this skill corresponds to the maximum number of tails you may use to cast a single array – you do not possess the power to focus on many complex arrays with your powers sealed.
  18. Martial Arts (Unique) [1] – a unique blend of your abilities and martial arts. Your spatial and force manipulation abilities allow you to casually ignore both physics and many fundamental rules of melee. Due to your reliance on magic, your more complex techniques are beyond you until your power is restored.
  19. Sub-skill: Puncture Blows [1] – by applying your force manipulation upon impact, your blows strike with extreme force and also ignore most magical and physical forms of protection.
  20. Sub-skill: The Anti-Newton [2] – (2 to 4 tails) by combining your spatial and force manipulation you make a mockery of the basic laws of motion. Momentum means nothing to your attacks, allowing you to attack recklessly with few openings. Miss a thrust and merely transfer your momentum to a different direction, instantly striking your opponent from the side even as they dodge.
  22. Spatial Manipulation [1] – the ability to bend space, and potentially time itself, to your will. An oft-overlooked specialty of mystic foxes, your use of astral power takes this one step further and allows you to tap into causality itself.
  23. Sub-skill: Blink [1] – (1 tail) the ability to teleport a short distance upon casting. Channeling [3] allows you to cast instantly, without actively using a tail.
  25. Force Manipulation [1] – the manipulation and creation of kinetic energy. The direct generation of raw force without a medium is the main weapon of most mystic foxes but is also their main defense. Due to its unique interaction between magic and physical, it is the swiss-army knife of your arsenal with strong anti-magic capabilities.
  26. Sub-skill: Force Barrier [1] – (1 to MAX tails) you summon a powerful barrier that protects you against most magical and physical attacks. It is mostly ineffective at preventing people from entering or leaving it, however. More tails enables you to increase the radius or defensive strength, but those tails must actively cast until the barrier drops.
  27. Sub-skill: Hammer Blows [2] – (1 to MAX tails) you strike at any number of foes with powerful blows of massless force at short range, punching through steel plate and shattering skulls. Ignores most magical defenses.
  29. Shadow Arts (Optional altogether) [1] – to use astral power is to bend reality to your will, and so your shadow arts are the representation of your astral power in its rawest form. You generate shadow constructs for various means in a small space around you. This ability is extremely resistant to all anti-magic techniques.
  30. Sub-skill: Scything Chaos [1] – (3 tails) you cut down anybody and anything showing you hostile intent within the radius of your astral projection. The shadow blades strike with extreme force and will prevent regeneration and healing until the target leaves your projection radius.
  32. Healing [1] – (1 to MAX tails) a very specific application of your spatial manipulation in conjunction with your race’s healing techniques. You do not regenerate or heal wounds so much as undo the cause and effect of them. At this level, you may rapidly heal all non-magical wounds. Magical wounds require you extended casting and all tails to heal.
  35. Summons
  37. Paper construct creation
  38. • 1 shadow caster. Directs and empowers other constructs. Can repair and resurrect basic constructs. Can shoot bladed arcs of shadow magic at a distance. Is very swift. Has anti-disruption measures.
  39. • 3-9 scything golems. Fast and lethal, with rapid repair abilities.
  40. • Limitless basic constructs. Relatively slow but can take a few hits. Strikes with extreme force and can grapple foes.
  42. Shadow puppets summoning
  43. • 1 lieutenant (female). Either a 4-tail mystic fox, a demon-hunter swordsman or a dark elf archer. Gets stronger with Karrem, as with all shadow puppets.
  44. • 3-9 warrior puppets. Split between archers and naginatas.
  46. Oni binding
  47. • 1 lieutenant. Deceptively small oni with one eye and no arms. Commands other oni. Fights by summoning countless hands and blades from his body, with which he moves about the battlefield rapidly and attacks with.
  48. • Limitless basic oni. Swift and dangerous in combat with very strong elemental resistances, but weak to powerful physical attacks. Average at non-combat tasks. Mentally inactive outside of combat.
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