Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "Brocéliande Cristalla!" Morgan shouts out a spell, and at that very moment, a huge crystal emerges from the ground with engulfs the pseudo-servant within, the crystal remaining a liquid form for a few moments as chains of purple light burst from the ground and wrap around the form of Orochi, entangling his body. He tries to move against the effects of the binding spells, but suddenly the crystalline structure conjured by Morgan solidifies entirely, and to top things off, Tamamo dashes around the crystal and plasters the sides of it with hundreds of magically conjured Ofuda to seal the deity within. This crystal has already reached the level of a Noble Phantasm in its own right with the amount of magic that was poured into its creation.
  3. Then, silence. You continue to fondle the emblem in your pocket as you look at the perfect sealing spell that has been put into place. You can see the frozen form of Orochi within the crystal, perfectly unmoving. "Did... Did we just win?" You ask in bewilderment. There's... there's no way that it could be this easy, right? A quick look at the faces of the three Casters however is evidence enough that perhaps your plan of sealing Orochi... may have been a little premature. Cracks begin to form on the surface of the crystal, the chains binding Orochi begin to strain under an immense pressure, and the Ofuda upon the crystal begin to blacken with curses that they aren't capable of sealing.
  5. Then, not only do the Ofuda go pitch black, but so does the entire crystal itself. Orochi is obscured from view entirely as innumerable divine curses pollute and corrupt the perfect sealing spell that was used to bind him, and with a sound of shattering glass, and a burst of power that almost forces you off your feet, Orochi disintegrates the binding spells. "N-no way!" You can hear Tamamo shout in fear at the display of power from the Dragon God.
  7. Part 20
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