Sunset Shimmer Gets An Abortion (Part 1) [DadAnon]

Jan 31st, 2016
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  1. >"Thanks for letting me come home dad. I'm sorry I ran away. You were right. That Brad guy was a jerk."
  2. >Be Anonymous, father of seven teenage girls.
  3. >You hug your daughter.
  4. "It's okay, Sunset. I'm just happy your safe."
  5. >You feel her return the hug with a shaky grip.
  6. >"Do you... still love me?" you hear her whisper.
  7. "Of course, sweetie. I love you even when you make stupid decisions."
  8. >Her grip tightens and becomes less shaky.
  9. >"Thank you."
  10. "That doesn't mean you aren't grounded for the next year for running away though."
  11. >Sunset groans as the hug ends.
  12. >"Really?"
  13. "Yes, really. You're lucky your sisters are asleep right now, otherwise they'd be chewing you out for making them worry so much."
  14. >You and her laugh.
  15. >"Yeah, they would wouldn't they?"
  16. "Yep. Now go to sleep. It's 3 AM."
  17. >You watch her go up the stairs to the girls' bedroom.
  18. >When Sunset leaves your sight once, you sigh.
  19. >Now, how to deal with that little shit Brad?
  22. >Be Sunset Shimmer, oldest daughter of Anonymous
  24. >And you are not having a good time.
  25. >You are currently hunched over a toilet, emptying your dinner into it.
  26. >It's been three weeks since you came home.
  27. >As expected, your sisters had been a combination of happy that you're back and angry at your for your stupid decision.
  28. >You took it in stride.
  29. >Also as expected, Brad had showed up at school and tried to convince you to move back in with him.
  30. >You told him to fuck off, which he didn't like. He didn't do anything physical, seeing as you were in the hallway surrounding by dozens of other students.
  31. >But he said some... choice insults.
  32. >You told your Dad, who had the angriest expression you've ever seen on him.
  33. >One visit from Uncle Icognito later and Brad makes sure to stay FAR away from you now.
  34. >Which brings you to your current issue.
  35. >For the last two days, you've been feeling incredibly sick.
  36. >Your first guess was that you had caught something running home in the rain that night.
  37. >But then something terrifying happened that threw that theory right out the window.
  38. >You missed your period.
  40. >So.... there was a good chance you were pregnant with Brad's baby.
  41. >It's not definite! You haven't taken a pregnancy test yet after all. Your period could just be late.
  42. >But your teenage mind was doubtful.
  43. >Your were also ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED
  44. >You groaned as you pushed yourself up, wiping your mouth with paper towels.
  45. >You hoped everyone else was asleep right now so they wouldn't hear you.
  46. >"S-Sunset?"
  47. >Goddamn it.
  48. >You quickly turn to see a concerned Fluttershy at the door.
  49. "Hey sis... What are you doing up?"
  50. >"I uh...heard you vomiting."
  51. >You cringed.
  52. "Yeah, sorry about that. Is anybody else up?"
  53. >She shakes her head.
  54. >"No, it's just me. D-Do you need me to wake up Dad?"
  55. "No!"
  56. >Your sister jumps.
  57. >You sigh.
  58. "Sorry, just... no. Dad can't know about this."
  59. >You've made him worry enough.
  60. >"But if your sick, then he'd want to know about it."
  61. >Damn it.
  62. >Should you or shouldn't you tell her?
  63. "That's the thing. I'm not sure if I'm just sick."
  64. >You groan as that feeling of nausea returns.
  65. "HRK!"
  66. >You quickly force your face down into the toilet as you start vomiting again.
  67. >You hear Fluttershy squeak and go to her knees to assist you.
  68. >You feel her pull your hair out of the way with one hand, and rub your back with the other.
  69. >Fuck it.
  70. >If this is what you're going to deal with then you need to tell someone.
  71. >Fluttershy's not the worst person you could have told anyway.
  72. >That would be Applejack or Pinkie.
  73. >A few moments later you sigh as the vomit stops. You pull back up to look at your sister, who looks even more worried now.
  74. "Thanks, sis."
  75. >"Sunset, what did you mean by what you said before?"
  76. >You sigh again.
  77. "Fluttershy... I think I might be pregnant."
  81. >You are once again Anonymous, father of seven teenage girls.
  82. >Right now, you're simply enjoying your Saturday night by watching Pinkie, Rainbow, and Fluttershy play Battletoads in Battlemaniacs on your old SNES with the others doing their own thing nearby.
  83. >*THUMP!!*
  84. >Or at least you were.
  85. >Everyone almost jumps as you all hear a loud noise coming from the backyard.
  86. >"What was that?" Pinkie asks the question you're all probably thinking.
  87. "I'll check it out. You all stay here."
  88. >"Be careful!" you hear Twilight shout.
  89. >You head into the kitchen and grab a flashlight out of the cabinet.
  90. >Slowly but surely, you open the door to peek out through the screen door.
  91. >You can barely see anything.
  92. >*CLICK!*
  93. >You shine your flashlight to get a better look.
  94. >"SKREE!"
  95. >You see a raccoon running away from a fallen down trash can, the contents of which are spilled out everywhere.
  96. >You sigh in relief.
  97. "It's just raccoons getting into the garbage again, girls!"
  98. >You hear them let out their own sounds of relief.
  99. >"Don't hurt it!" you hear Fluttershy call out.
  100. "It already left, sweetie."
  101. >Time to do some clean up.
  102. >You grab some disposable gloves and head outside.
  103. >As you begin to clean up, you notice something in the light of your flashlight.
  104. >A small, white stick. Kind of looks like a pregnancy te-
  105. >WAIT.
  106. >Why was a pregnancy test in your trash?!
  107. >Unless...
  108. >You pick it up with your left hand to inspect it closer.
  109. >It's positive.
  110. >....
  111. >WELP.
  114. >After you finish picking up the displaced trash, you head back into the house.
  115. >The positive pregnancy test is tucked inside your pocket.
  116. >You took off the disposable gloves and tossed them into the trash.
  117. >You take a deep breath as you prepare for what's about to happen.
  118. >You're too young to be a grandfather.
  119. >Then again you're also too young to have seven daughters and you have them anyway.
  120. >Jesus, how are you going to support another growing girl (or boy) on your paycheck?
  121. >You barely make enough to make ends meet as it is!
  122. >You briefly consider calling up Incognito again for advice on how to approach this.
  123. >But then you discard that notion.
  124. >He'd probably suggest giving Sunset a coat hanger abortion while making her drink vodka as 'anesthetic'.
  125. >Then there's the matter of which of your daughters is pregnant to begin with. Your mind quickly leaps to Sunset considering you know she hasn't quite told you EVERYTHING that happened while she lived with that Brad kid.
  126. >The same kid you had Incognito scare off...
  127. >Ugh.
  128. >You had to make sure of this.
  129. >You walk back into the living room.
  130. >The girls had gone back to whatever it was they were doing before.
  131. >You clear your throat to get their attention.
  132. "Girls?"
  133. >They all turn to you.
  134. >You take a deep breath and reach into your pocket.
  135. "Could one of you please explain...."
  136. >You take out the pregnancy test and hold it up for all of them to see.
  137. "Why I found this while cleaning up the trash?"
  140. >Most of them gasp.
  141. >"Holy shit..." Rainbow mutters.
  142. "No swearing, Dash."
  143. >You gauge their reactions to see if the 'culprit' will implicate themselves.
  144. >Rarity looks scandalized as she looks at her sisters in an effort to figure out who it is as well.
  145. >Applejack looks like she's still processing this.
  146. >Pinkie is biting her fingernails
  147. >Fluttershy is nervous, but she's nervous all the time so that doesn't help much. Although she does look more nervous than usual...
  148. >Wait a minute.
  149. >You notice her sneak a glance at Sunset, and your gaze immediately switches over to her.
  150. >Shame is written clear on her face.
  151. "Sunset?"
  152. >She immediately looks down when you lock eyes.
  153. >Yep, you got her.
  154. "Sunset, can we go talk in private?"
  155. >Wordlessly, she stands up from her spot on the couch.
  156. >You wave her over and the two of you head for your bedroom.
  157. >*CLICK!*
  158. >When you get there, you make sure to close the door behind both of you.
  159. >You turn back to Sunset.
  160. >She's purposefully not looking you in the eye.
  161. >She's shaking a little as well...
  162. "Sunset, I'm not mad at you."
  163. >Disappointed really. You were more mad at that Brad kid anyway.
  164. >You sit down on you bed and pat the space next to you.
  165. >Slowly, she follows suit.
  166. >You notice her face is wet.
  167. "Aw, geez..."
  168. >You move to take her into a hug.
  169. >She hesitantly, returns it.
  170. >"You... always warned us about how hard being a single parent is for you, and how you never wanted that for us."
  171. >Her voice is breaking.
  172. >"I.... I'm so sorry, Dad!"
  173. >She starts full on crying into your shoulder.
  174. >You sigh and rub her back.
  175. "It's okay, Sunny. We'll get through this."
  176. >Hopefully.
  178. >The question is, what to do about that Brad boy...
  179. >You certainly didn't want him anywhere near your future grandchild.
  180. >If Sunset wants to keep it that is.
  181. >But he needs to at least know what he's done.
  182. >For now you sit there, holding your daughter as she sobs.
  183. >"I'm so sorry..."
  184. "It's okay."
  185. >"No it isn't! You already work two jobs and now I'll have to get one but it probably won't even cover a fraction of what a baby costs!"
  186. "It's okay."
  187. >"I'm the oldest. The one who's supposed to set a good example for the others. You told me that. And then I go and do something stupid like this..."
  188. >You hold her tighter.
  189. >"Sunset."
  190. >She stops talking.
  191. >You detach from the hug to look her straight in the eye.
  192. "Have you even decided whether or not you even want to keep this baby? There's always... abortion."
  193. >She looks apprehensive.
  194. >"I-I don't know."
  195. "Decide that first. I'm not saying you need to do it right now this second, but you do need to choose."
  196. >You sigh.
  197. "If you do decide to keep it, we also need to tell that Brad kid."
  198. >Like hell that little shit is getting out of paying child support if Sunset decides to keep it.
  199. >Sunset becomes tense at that.
  200. >"I'm not sure..."
  201. "I know. But he at least deserves to know what he's done in that case."
  202. >"I guess..."
  203. >You pull her into another hug.
  204. "Just know that I will support you no matter what, abortion or no abortion."
  205. >She returns it.
  206. >"I love you, Daddy..."
  207. >Heh. She hasn't called you that in years.
  208. "I love you too, Sunset."
  209. >Shame it had to come from this.
  210. >THE END (of Part 1)
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