Apr 13th, 2020
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  1. my true scary story:
  3. i woke up one day to a bang, then pain.
  4. i hit my toe against my doorframe while i was asleep.
  5. my toenail started bleeding and eventually, after a month of taking care of it, stopping the bleeding, trimming the toenail to its core, it came clean off.
  6. it regrew after 9 months or so, and during that, i started to have an ingrown toenail in its place.
  7. it started rotting, strange, greyish black liquid came out of it, with each day of squeezing it out, it was getting whiter and thinner.
  8. one day, i thought everything was fine, but then i felt something wet in my slipper while walking to the kitchen.
  9. it was blood, from a hole in my toe caused by the rotting.
  10. my mother helped me patch it up, put a bandage on it, covered it in a cast, a few weeks passed, putting on a fresh bandage each day, checking on the toe. everything was okay.
  12. but then
  14. i moved to a new apartment, which had a rotten sofa in my room and there was a fire in the basement at some point which caused more rotting.
  15. then the same toe from before started rotting again, but this time, the same toe on my other foot started rotting aswell, in the same way.
  16. after that, i went to surgery, got my ingrown toenail cut the sides of my toenail trimmed, after that i went to surgery again, but for the other toe. skin was sowed back together to stop the bleeding, a few weeks later i went to get the strings removed, it was painful. but after all that, no more rotting, no more strange liquid. to this day, i get occasional anxiety thinking the strange liquid is coming out of my toenails again.
  17. the surgery and string removal was traumatizing, if not the worst thing ive experienced in my life. but it wasnt as bad as that one time in kindergarten.
  19. now i have fully healed, im living a happy life with no more problems with my toes.
  20. moved out of the apartment which caused the rotting, feeling healthier now, all is good.
  22. thank you for reading.
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