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Double Fine Game Club: The Secret Of Monkey Island (part 3)

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Sep 10th, 2012
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  1. (04:56:20 AM) Syd: I've bumped the forum thread.
  2. (04:56:28 AM) Syd: Looks like we'll be getting this rolling in a few minutes.
  3. (04:58:30 AM) lietu: awesome
  4. (04:58:44 AM) lietu: just bought the indie bundle with jorney down etc.
  5. (04:59:33 AM) Syd: Okay, the stream will be over at
  6. (04:59:39 AM) Syd: I'll be starting in a few moments
  7. (05:00:00 AM) mode (+ao lietu lietu) by ChanServ
  8. (05:00:23 AM) mode (+vvvvvvvvvvvv linc yama lokling ion ricin dsi1 Yarry e6r6i6c Syd drv bddn `md) by lietu
  9. (05:00:27 AM) mode (+vv Arthur_D Peder) by lietu
  10. (05:01:07 AM) Syd: Okay, starting stream. Let's get this going.
  11. (05:03:33 AM) lietu: played some way further last weekend myself, but loved the lock thing on the door if you come back again and again
  12. (05:10:21 AM) Syd: I think I'll save the locked door thing for the easter egg stream
  13. (05:10:43 AM) Syd: Don't want to drag this one out too long
  14. (05:11:18 AM) peeves [] entered the room.
  15. (05:11:25 AM) lietu: sure
  16. (05:14:44 AM) Syd: Now to get the head of the navigator
  17. (05:21:57 AM) Syd: I feel dumb now
  18. (05:22:04 AM) Syd: Haven't played though this part often
  19. (05:22:09 AM) Syd: But I do remember what I need to do
  20. (05:22:10 AM) Syd: For the most part
  21. (05:22:15 AM) lietu: just walk ahead
  22. (05:22:22 AM) lietu: along the corridor, until you get to the next room
  23. (05:22:32 AM) lietu: then wait for the head to turn, and walk to the way it points
  24. (05:24:24 AM) lietu: it's sort of annoying that this place is completely random, when I just played through this, it was basically "enter a room, and turn back, turn back again, turn back again, you're at the ship"
  25. (05:24:58 AM) Syd: I like the tune they play on the ship
  26. (05:25:16 AM) lietu: me too, but then again, most music in all monkey island games is great
  27. (05:26:24 AM) Syd: lol, forgot to use the necklace first
  28. (05:41:30 AM) Syd: Welp, that's that
  29. (05:41:35 AM) Syd: Over a bit sooner that I thought it'd be
  30. (05:41:44 AM) Syd: But I love SoMI's ending
  31. (05:42:02 AM) lietu: mjeah, I also forgot how close to the end I really was when I ended, I ended when I arrived back at melee
  32. (05:42:14 AM) lietu: *stopped
  33. (05:42:30 AM) Syd: I'll just let the credits run, I suppose
  34. (05:42:37 AM) Syd: But hey, my internet stayed stable. That's something
  35. (05:42:45 AM) lietu: but yeah, thanks for the stream .. even if the turnout for today doesn't seem to have been very excellent, it's nice to have it saved still
  36. (05:42:54 AM) Syd: Mhm
  37. (05:43:02 AM) Syd: Would have helped if DF announced it like last time
  38. (05:43:06 AM) Syd: but at least it'll be archived
  39. (05:43:16 AM) lietu: yeah, but I think they did it as a retweet from cheese
  40. (05:43:27 AM) Syd: Yeah, that's what got the attention
  41. (05:44:31 AM) Syd: I'll make sure that the stream gets archived so we don't lose it
  42. (05:45:03 AM) lietu: great
  43. (05:46:39 AM) Syd: Well, I gotta head out. I'll see you all around.
  44. (05:46:45 AM) lietu: cya
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