Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. Wait a second, just... wait. You want to know what this thing can do before you make any decision about it. You quickly pick the Shroud up, and the first thing that you notice is the energy radiating from it is incredible! This burial shroud must've belonged to somebody of great importance to the Christian faith, but the strange thing is that you only actually noticed the holy energy being radiated from the piece of fabric when you actually picked it up. Otherwise it was simply a normal, if very pretty looking, piece of fabric.
  3. You don't spend more than twenty seconds looking at the holy artifact until you manage to discern a few things about it. The first is that whoever is wearing it must have their presence masked to the world to the level of a Servant with Presence Concealment A+ or potentially even higher! Second is that it must've belonged to somebody integral to the faith, perhaps an apostle? Of course, the third thing you realize is that if the Church find out you managed to steal this or even that you got your hands on this burial shroud, you're going to be in a whole lot of trouble with them.
  5. Part 18
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