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  1. Sabbath Leaflet
  3. A leaflet the witches of sabbath hand out to people in the street for solicitation.
  4. It is intended to draw humans into Sabbath, however, at first glance it seems as if only an advertisement for a town baker or the teachings of the Chief God are written on it.
  6. Magic power is woven into the leaflets, and shows a vision leading to Sabbath to those who hold it in their hand.
  7. "That body overflowing with magical power, manipulating magic beyond human knowledge is yours"
  8. "A forever young and cute existence, that can easily steal the heart of a loved man is yours"
  9. "Spending everyday drowning in lust and corruption with young girls is yours"
  10. The illusions the flyer shows are "Sweet Words" used by Sabbath for solicitation, the truth behind it is possible to realize after joining Sabbath.
  11. It is projected into the head in the form of a dream while sleeping, or impulsive momentary visions. Despite not being real, it is accompanied by a strong sense of reality.
  13. And then, to those fascinated by the vision the leaflet brings, and who have come to desire it from the bottom of their heart, the "Sabbath Leaflet" reveals its true form, and shows the path to making that dream a reality.
  14. In doing so, you will be able to know the dates of Black Masses and their meeting locations, along with attaining qualifications for participation.
  17. Baphomet's Eye
  19. "Baphomet's Eye" is a gem-like spherical magic tool that imitates a pupil, that gives its possessor "the power to ascertain a suitably strong human with the qualities to become a witch".
  20. The power to see witches' qualities is said to be one of the powers held by the race "Baphomet". This magic tool was created by the Sabbath's head Baphomet by transforming her own power into crystals.
  21. Witches carrying out solicitation activities are given this item by a Baphomet. To those who possess the power of this magic tool things like, "a woman clad in stronger corruption by gaining a childish figure", "a woman whose desire is to become a young girl to be protected by men, and whose true nature is meek and desires dependence", "a woman who holds a strong aptitude to manipulate mamono mana in the form of magic" can be understood just by seeing them.
  23. Moreover, should a human come to possess this magic tool, be they male or female, when they see a young girl in their eyes, it seems they come to find sexual charm in that youth.
  24. Also, even if they should see a mature woman, it is said you can easily picture what she looked like as a child. Surely you will become acquainted with "Baphomet's Gaze".
  25. To the eye seeing a mamono of childish figure entrusting their body to a man, and the figure of drowning in pleasure, even though it should be socially despicable, that state of corruption seems joyous and ideal. They will be dyed to an appropriate heart as a person welcomed by Sabbath.
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