Humanized - A Special Bond (Incest)

Dec 17th, 2013
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  1. Summer is good. School's out, the weather's nice, and there is much to do. Friends to see, cinemas to go to, anything a young man could ever want. Some days, however, are quite boring. Some days, nothing really happens. It's just another day of life; of drawing a bit, or perhaps watching some television.
  3. Television is usually a good time-waster, but as you zap through the channels, nothing catches your interest. The news are boring, the reality shows are idiotic, and there's only those old shows currently running. Every good show seems to be on hiatus, and it's a damn shame. At least you aren't listenting to Hemlock give another history lecture.
  5. As you're sitting on the couch, the loud sound of a vibrating phone catches your ear. You immediately answer the call after checking the display; when Mark calls, it can only lead to a night of fun. Granted, neither of you are anywhere near the age to go drinking or anything similar, but that doesn't mean the two of you can't have fun.
  7. "Hey", you say as the call connects.
  9. "Hey, man", he responds casually. "I'm bored. Wanna go to the movies later? That new sci-fi, whatever it was called, is out."
  11. With a grin on your face, you nod like an idiot. "Sure. When is it?"
  13. "Nine thirty. I'll just meet you there, yah?"
  15. "Sure. Aight, see ya."
  17. With the short call conluded and a smile on your face, you put down the phone once more and continue zooming through channels. You get no further than two channels worth of Roman history before a warm, lovely voice catches your attention.
  19. "Was it Mark, honey?" your mother says as she walks into the room. The moments your eyes fall upon her body, the comfortable warmth spreads in your body and all the way out to your fingertips.
  21. "Yeah", you answer quietly. "We're going to the movies later. Uhm, if that's okay with you, Flutter."
  23. The pink-haired adult chuckles as she walks to the couch and sits down. With her in close proximity, you can't help but lick your lips. They got very dry all of a sudden. Perhaps it's due to her slightly low-cut outfit, or simply her adorable chuckling. Whatever it is, your eyes immediately meet hers as she turns her head to face you.
  25. "I told you to just call me 'mom'", she says quietly. "Nobody uses that nickname anymore."
  27. "I like it", you say simply. "It's pretty cute."
  29. A slight blush appears on her cheeks, and she runs a hand through her hair. "You really think it's cute? It's just an old nickname. You don't have to use it."
  31. Scooting just a bit closer, you scratch her back gently for a second. "Well, I'm going to. It suits you."
  33. She sends you a warm smile which causes your heart to flutter. How anyone could ever resist such a smile is beyond you. She probably had hundreds of suitors in her teens and twenties.
  35. Her eyes light up very suddenly, and her smile is exchanged with a slightly surprised look on her face. For a brief second, worry settles in your body; she might have figured out your class-skipping throughout the last year. There's no telling how she'd punish something like that.
  37. "If you're going to the cinema", she says with a hint of assertiveness in her voice. "You'll need to make sure to eat before going."
  39. You roll your eyes. Not this again.
  41. "I already ate, it's fine", you respond matter-of-factly. Although you're ready to burst fire the next usual response, your brain freezes as you feel her hand on your lap. You inhale sharply and hold that breath as her thumb starts caressing your leg ever so slowly.
  43. "Are you sure?" she says quietly, almost a whisper. "You look like you could go for some more."
  45. The combination of her hand and your eyes slowly trailing up her curvy figure immediately sends blood rushing down your body and to one particular spot. As your eyes fall upon her rather heavy, well-rounded breasts, it's game over. Their slow movement as she breathes is hypnotizing, and the longer you stare, the harder it becomes to look away, and the harder you become.
  47. "Oh", she chuckles quietly. "You do want some more, then?"
  49. In one instant, she moves both of her hands. Her right, and free, hand grabs a hold of your left wrist and pulls it to her. You barely notice before she's planted your hand directly on her left breast and her own left hand on your still growing erection.You exhale sharply as her gentle hand grasps your shaft and begins stroking it through your pants, all the while your hand is kneading her breast on auto pilot.
  51. "M-Mom", you huff as you finally find the strength to look her in the eye.
  53. With a smile, she lifts a finger and places it in front of her lips. "Shh. Momma'll take good care of you, sweetie."
  55. She moves her hand forward and places it at the back of your head, dragging you directly into her waiting, lucious lips. You try, but ultimately fail, at stifling the sudden moan forcing its way out of you. Despite your vocal encouragement, she takes everything slow. Her hand moves up and down your concealed erection with care and grace, and her lips gently press against yours. She doesn't open her mouth, but simply kisses you as you continue to play with her breast
  57. Already every thought has left your brain, and you desperately want more. But that's not how she is. Mom would want things to be nice and slow. You just can't help yourself; her hand is encouraging you far too much. With some clumsy shifting around, you slip your hand into her shirt and bra, grabbing a hold of her bare breast.
  59. Now it is her turn to moan, and she does so directly onto your lips. The vibrations only encourage you further, and especially with how cute her moans are. Yet she breaks the kiss and grabs a hold of your hand, swiftly pulling it away from underneath her shirt.
  61. "Now, sweetie..." she says quietly while attempting to get her suddenly ragged breathing under control. "What does momma say about greedy boys?"
  63. Unable to look her in the eye, you gulp and simply stare at her non-moving hand on your crotch. "Sorry."
  65. She slowly resumes her stroking of your shaft, much to both your enjoyment and torment. It's good, but it's far too slow. You want, no, you NEED more. You need her soft skin rubbing against yours as her warm voice serenades your ears. But you are in no position to request anything, and you reluctantly keep your head low.
  67. "You must be really hungry", she chuckles. "Tell you what. If I let you have this, you promise to help me at the animal shelter this Thursday, okay?"
  69. "O-Okay!" You respond immediately, without giving it a second thought. Her lovey-dovey antics at the shelter is more than worth it. Far more. This trade seems extremely unfair, and you're certain she's aware of that.
  71. Another blush lights up on her cheeks, and she once again runs a hand through her soft, pink hair. The pause doesn't last long, however, as she leans towards you and kisses you more gently than any other creature possibly could. Surprised by the sudden move, you simply close your eyes and leave your hands on the couch, content with taking in the wonderful sensation of feeling her slightly wet lips press against yours.
  73. As she kisses you with warm, tender care, her hands slowly unclasp your belt and pull it off your pants. Next is the button, and she opens it with ease. You barely notice, however, as you're lost in the warmth spreading inside of you. If only you could experience the splendor that is her tongue dancing around yours, you'd be completely set, but she is giving you no chance. Instead, you focus simply on the dampened jolts of pleasure shooting through your body with each movement of her lips.
  75. Pressing into your lips one last time, she moans quietly and gently runs her hand across your penis. Despite the fabric covering it, you feel it twitch awkwardly in your pants. It wants nothing more than to be free, but you heed your mother's words and do nothing. Wasting an opportunity such as this is absolutely out of the question.
  77. As she breaks yet another kiss, you are left wanting more. Even kissing is fine, but once you see her next move, that thought is pushed away entirely. Grabbing a hold of the edges of her bright yellow shirt, she slowly pulls it over her head and off her body. With nothing more but her equally coloured bra left, you are able to enjoy the sight of her bare upper body.
  79. Although quite slender in her youth, as evident by photographs, her aging has seen the addition of a few pounds. To be quite honest, you much prefer this look, as she is by no means overweight, but rather sports a perfectly curved figure. Large hips, quite sizeable breasts, and wonderful thighs simply cannot beat what you have seen on photos.
  81. "Wow..." you mutter. Even after so many times, you are still taken aback by the sight. Your quiet reaction makes the blush on her cheeks burn bright red, and she can't look at you as she puts her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra.
  83. Although you think them troublesome, she opens it with no effort, yet doesn't let it fall immediately. Rather, she puts her hands on both the cups and slowly slides it off. With each inch of skin it passes, her blush heats up, and once it finally reveals her erect nipples, she squeaks quietly.
  85. "Wow, Flutter..."
  87. "Please", she whispers. "I told you to call me 'mom'."
  89. Dropping her bra on the couch next to her, she finally looks you in the eye. "Now, sweetie, get those pants off, okay?"
  91. For just a second you ignore her request and simply watch her beautiful bosom. One day you would ask, one day you would beg and plea to get just a minute in between those lovely creatures, but with how the day has progressed, you dare not ask that question today. Instead, you decide to slide your pants off and gently place them on the couch as instructed.
  93. "Sweetie", she chuckles. "Your underwear too."
  95. Now it is your turn to blush, but you quickly slide off your boxers, finally freeing your fully erect cock. Your hear your mother gasp slightly as it sees the light of day, and for some reason it serves to increase the blush on your cheeks. Unsure of what to do, you simply sit there with your hands fiddling about awkwardly.
  97. "It's gotten... quite big", she mutters. "My gosh..."
  99. She reaches out with a hand, but stops it mid-air. The split second of aniticipation building in you immediately disappears, but it is immediately renewed as you see her hand gently patting her own lap. Looking from it and to her eyes, you are greeted with a sensual, inviting stare, alongside a quiet chuckle.
  101. "Come to mama, sweetie", she whispers. "You need to get big and strong."
  103. Knowing exactly what the gesture means, you scoot around in the couch until you are in position to lean back. Making sure not to move too quickly, you place the back of your head directly in her lap and look up at her. Part of her eyes are visible to you, but the majority of her face is obscured by her breasts hanging directly above you.
  105. She runs a hand through your hair and smiles. As she reaches the back of your head, however, she lifts you upwards, and you follow her motion. Without a word from either of you, you open your mouth and gently latch onto her breast, causing her to gasp slightly.
  107. Her free hand slides down your shirt until it reaches your nipples. Once having found one, she grabs it between her thumb and index finger, squeezing it ever so lightly. Had your mouth not been full, you would have gasped, but instead it turns to a moan. Seemingly enjoying this reaction, she continues pinching and gently twisting your nipple as you suckle away.
  109. "That's good", she says with a smile. "Drink up, honey."
  111. Drink up you do. As you suck away at her plump chest, the most wonderful milk fills your mouth and slides down your throat. It's rather warm, and the taste is unlike anything you'd find in your bowl of cereal. It is far better, though, and you sorely wish this had become a daily occurrence. In the moment, you are content, and focus simply on the wonderful taste and pleasure coursing from your nipple and through your body.
  113. Choosing to let your nipples be, your mother removes her hand from your shirt and instead slides it down your body. She moves agonizingly slowly, but the anticipation buiding in your body will only make the moment that much sweeter. Unable to help yourself, you gently bite her nipple, eliciting a sharp moan from her.
  115. "O-Oh, sweetie..." she mumbles as her hand continues. As it hits your exposed skin, you shiver with delight. Only a few more inches. Just a little bit further.
  117. You moan continually as her fingertips finally come into contact with your glans and slides down the length of your shaft. Her soft skin makes you tremble, and when she grabs a gentle hold of your shaft, you latch on to her breast with both hands. She chuckles and squeezes your member a tad tighter, making you suck even harder than before.
  119. "You like mama's hand, sweetie?" she whispers. "Mama likes your cock so very much."
  121. Hearing a word such as that leave her mouth only arouses you further. Despite its relative innocence, it's a rare occurrence to hear your mother speak like this. Nevertheless, that, coupled with her beginning strokes, is enough to send your mind into a haze. Fire burns in your groin, and each stroke only fuels it further.
  123. "That's right, sweetie. Keep sucking", she whispers. "Mama will take good care of you."
  125. She strokes your shaft slowly, far slower than you would like. At this point, however, you don't care. The spectacular feeling of her hand is more than enough to keep your mind and desires at bay. Each stroke is like the touch of an angel, and every time she slips a finger up to caress your glans, you moan loudly into her breast.
  127. Noticing your reactions, she speeds up very slightly, pumping your dick with motherly care. Your skin tightens delightfully as she strokes downwards, and your shaft throbs with every upwards stroke she performs. While she does this, her fingers gently scratch the back of your head, and she pushes you slightly harder into her breast.
  129. "I love this cock", she whispers with a sultry voice. "Promise mama she will be the only one to take care of it."
  131. Due to your inability to speak, you simply nod as you drink away at the delicious milk pouring into your mouth. You have no idea if she noticed, but as she immediately begins stroking faster and harder, you take that as confirmation.
  133. "I'll do something special for you, honey", she whispers. "Keep your head up. Mama needs both hands for this."
  135. Obliging to her will, you sustain your own head as she removes her right hand. Your body is shivering with anticipation; she has never done this before. No matter what it is, you're sure it will be splendid; mom always knows best.
  137. She shuffles around for abit, moving her right hand around your head and body. As she does so, she speeds up her stroking of your throbbing shaft, but does not increase the pressure. Each stroke is light, but so much more wonderful than anything else she could have done. Her thumb is firmly placed on your tip, caressing it by circling around as her remaining four fingers pump away at your cock.
  139. You hear a quiet plop, and opening your eyes, you see your mother moving her right index finger from her mouth. Noticing you watching, she chuckles and smiles warmly.
  141. "No peaking, honey", she says quietly. "If you peak, mama isn't going to let you come all over her breasts."
  143. With those words in mind, you immediately close your eyes again and simply wait for whatever is going to happen. Only once before have you been graced with the opportunity to spill your seed on those beautiful orbs hanging on your mother's body, and that is not an opportunity to waste.
  145. As she pumps away with her light strokes, you suddenly feel her right hand at your balls, kneading and massaging them as lightly as she pleasures your dick. The sensations are too much, and you are sent into a cascade of moans muffled by the breast in your mouth. She chuckles at your reaction and quickly removes her hand from your balls, much to your dismay.
  147. "You'll enjoy this", she whispers. Before you can even think, you realise her plan. Your eyes shoot open as you feel her wet finger prodding against your anus, and you catch her eyes up above.
  149. She blows you a kiss as she keeps prodding and circling her finger around your anus. Up and down it goes, not entering, but simply teasing you with what's to come. Despite having never experienced this, your muscles tighten with excitement and pleasure as she gently plays with your dick and hole at the same time.
  151. Then it happens. On a seemingly random down-stroke of your shaft, she pushes the tip of her finger into you with ease. You stop sucking and clench your muscles at the sudden intrusion, but solely because of pleasure. Your mother doesn't move her finger, and she slows down the speed of her stroking; letting you get comfortable with the situation.
  153. After a few moments pass, she starts wiggling her fingertip back and forth, pushing against your sensitive walls and eliciting moans from your throat. As she hears those, she returns to her former speed of stroking, and pushes her finger just a slight bit further in. As it proceeds into your anus, the fire in your body erupts in an explosion of pleasure, and you completely forget all about suckling on her breast.
  155. "That's mama's boy", she chuckles as she watches you squirm at her every move. She perfectly alternates her strokes and finger thrusts, leaving you assaulted with pleasure at every corner. No longer does she move slowly, but rather pistons her finger in and out of your anus, hammering your prostate furiously.
  157. This, along her light strokes, is more than enough to send you close to the edge. No matter how you try, you cannot delay the impending orgasm. Your body shivers and trembles as it is electrocuted with ecstasy. Being filled like this, even if it is just by a finger, makes you latch on harder to her breast. You are completely at her mercy, and you love every second of it.
  159. She buries her finger deep inside of you and leaves it there, in addition to slowing down her stroking noticably. "Getting close, honey?"
  161. You let go of her breast, wanting to answer. Such a task is nigh impossible, as you can do nothing but huff and puff. You manage to mumble some gibberish, causing your mother to chuckle.
  163. "You've been so good today", she says as she leans forward and towards you. "I'll let you have a special treat."
  165. After ravaging both your cock and anus, she removes her hands from both, leaving you only with a rock-hard, throbbing erection and a need to come. You instinctively move a hand to your shaft, but immediately let go. Finishing yourself off is absolutely not worth it. And once you see what she has in mind, your eyes grow wider than saucers.
  167. Moving as slowly as ever, she shuffles around the couch and eventually leans backwards. With her hands, she grabs a hold of both her tits, squeezing them together gently. For a moment, you don't understand what's going on, but then it dawns on you. It couldn't be, but it is. After all these times, you're finally getting to experience it.
  169. "I want you to as fast as you want, sweetie", Flutter says. "And when you're ready to burst, I want you to cover as much of them as you want. If you want, you can even shoot it on my face."
  171. Despite the great success of her attempt at seduction, she cannot help but blush. It's honestly quite adorable, you think. It never was like her to talk dirty. Yet you're not one to complain, because the sudden increase in throbbing of your member is testimony to her ability to pull this off.
  173. Instead of wasting time with detail, however, you go for your target. Positioning yourself on your mother's stomach, you grab a hold of your over-sensitive shaft and inch forwards. She is gently squeezing herbreasts together still, giving you the perfect spot to enter in between. The blush on her face flares up as you slowly lodge your dick in between her tits, but she looks you in the eye the entire time.
  175. The soft flesh clamps down on your dick in ways you have never experienced, and you are left breathless as you push forward. Even your mother has to let out a moan, but she stifles it by biting her lip. You pay it no mind, as there is something far more pressing at hand. Once your dick is in position and ready to thrust, you look her in the eye. She simply nods, and you exhale slowly.
  177. Rather than starting off at full speed, you go slow. All the way back until only your tip remains inside, and then back in. Her boobs jiggle slightly as your groin hits thems, but more importantly the soft skin caressing every inch of your dick envelops you in a blanket of plaeasure.
  179. You wanted to take your time, really savour everything, but simply can't. After two slow thrusts, you speed up as much as possible. Flutter shrieks, but it is quickly replaced by continuous moaning. You wonder if she gets any pleasure from this, but it doesn't matter; you most certainly are, and she IS doing this for you, after all.
  181. "Oh, sweetie! Come all over me! Let it all out on mama!" she pants.
  183. She didn't need to say anything, for your vision is quickly turning white, and the explosion is imminent. Thrusting in between her plump breasts is unlike anything you have ever experienced, and you can take no more. It's far too much for your sensitive shaft to take, and you groan loudly as you are just about to burst.
  185. "M-Mom!" you yell as you thrust forward for the final time. With the length of your dick, it just barely peeks out from between her tits as you lose control. Torrents of sperm erupt from it and shoot directly at her face. In a split second, her eyes are closed as half of her face is coated in your seed.
  187. It doesn't stop, however, and in just a few moments more, her face and neck are completely covered in your sticky white juices. She chuckles every time you shoot a new load on her, and she wiggles her breasts back and forth in order to milk every last drop.
  189. Unable to control yourself, you collapse backwards as you're still coming, resulting in a few small loads being shot onto your own stomach. As you fall down, Flutter sits up right, wiping her face clean with her hands. Instead of simply getting rid of your seed, however, she licks it off her hands and swallows it. Looking upon your panting figure, she opts instead to lean forward towards you rather than clean herself fully.
  191. Dragging her fingers in the small pools of semen on your body, she coats her fingers in it and move them towards your face. You look at the sticky fingers with surprise, but she hovers them right in front of your mouth.
  193. "Come on, sweetie", she whispers. "You've gotta grow big and strong, don't you? Do it for me."
  195. Although unsure of the situation, you open your mouth slowly and let her put in her fingers. You are immediately met with the salty taste of your own semen. At first it seems quite disgusting, but as you lick your mother's fingers, you quickly adjust to the taste and lap it all up.
  197. "That's a good boy", she mutters. "My boy."
  199. Once her fingers are clean, Flutter scoots forward and lays down next to you. Her breasts press up against your body, and she wraps an arm around you and hug you tightly. She gives you a peck on the cheek and chuckles, all while she moves a hand downwards to play with your quickly softening dick some more.
  201. "Why don't you stay home tonight?" she whispers in your ear. "I'd like that a lot."
  203. "But I promised..."
  205. A wet, slow lick to your ear sends shivers down your spine, and at the same time, Flutter slips one of her sticky fingers into your anus and slowly thrusts in and out. Despite having just come, the pleasure is intense.
  207. "Do it for mama?" She gently bites down on your ear as her finger wiggles around inside of you, playing with your prostate. "You do like your mama, don't you?"
  209. "M-Mmh... Ok-Okay..." you pant. "Anything f-for you, mmhom."
  211. "That's mama's boy."
  214. The end.
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