2/04 "First Day on the Job" (COD)

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  1. And the deal was done! After, at least in my head canon, some trickery involving deeds. And maybe a few dirty deeds done for dirt cheap, Vanamir was able to obtain...
  3. A Pirate Boat! Well constructed, nicely oiled, and a few sprigs of Mint and other herbs laying about it. What did those do? Nothing!
  5. But it was nice. The central mast did lack something though, a flag...
  6. Dun would do what any clown time wizard would do in such a circumstance of piracy, grabbing a sprig of mint from the ground before shoving it directly into his corncob pipe, beginning to puff away steadily at it before blowing a crisp cloud of smoke up towards the distant horizon of the sea.
  8. Truly enchanting.
  10. Having no naval experience of any kind behind that one ship wreck with Captain Mori, the clown would simply stand upon the front mast of the ship in a clown-like manner, possessing no fear of the tides or the adventure at hand.
  12. What a glorious and worthy endeavor it would be.
  13. (Dun)
  16. Somehow a ship was attained! The eyes of the masked one obscured at least one-way by an odd veil of illusion, peering about the boat.. that was also somehow in immaculate condition.. they await what should be handled next.
  18. An idle glance cast above, to where a flag should be. "..I think it's missing something." Though that was all they would note, instead surveying the upper deck of the craft a bit further.
  19. (Paradox)
  22. Was the Valmasian really ready to tread on yet another ship after all these years? Royal's nose remained crunched up as he crossed the gangplank, taking his place among the deck of the ship. How had the clown of the north star done this, exactly? Well, who would ever know.
  24. He sure as heck wasn't going to question it!
  26. "Yeeeah… So! Ain't got much experience sailin' m'self, so I'll be followin' leads 'ere. Don't expect much, yeah?" With a brief raise of his brow he'd saunter his way towards the side railings.
  28. At the mention of a flag, however, his gaze turns upward. "... Huh. Y'right."
  29. (Royal Corvinus)
  32. [20:23] The job was taken...
  34. In his very sparse visits to Theria the swordsman had saw an advertisement one that wouldn't just allot him more scope of the world of Esshar at large but also gave the opportunity to look into the actions of those up north that he couldn't quite put a finger on.
  36. Lumbering, and wordlessly he'd take a few steps from the snowy biome to a much more pleasant clearing where the boat was held his hues obscured but scanning the others gathering here at the docks. A simple paper was taken out from his pocket, pointing to the advert as he then placed it back in his pocket.
  38. ". . . . "
  40. Things were starting off decently. But if his hunch was right, this would be an expedition like any other, however his company would be evaluated by what they do here heavily and with the sounds of silence and analysis.
  42. "Here goes..."
  43. (Riot)
  46. Yup, through some rather... Legal, and well illegal means, Vanamir had managed to acquired herself, and by extension the Ardent Shields a boat! Though right now it did lack... A flag, but that was fine. After all, Vana was a glorious crafter, and well.
  48. Making a flag was child's play for the woman.
  50. "BAHAHAHA! Captain Vanamir, hopping on board. C'mon ye' scurvy dogs. Man yer stations!" A cackle followed. Did she tell everyone where their stations were? Nope, but that was fine.
  52. "I'll be manning the wheel in a moment, I just need to..." Well, she was already levitation, so she simply floated up towards where the flag should be, and a moment later? Her hand crafted flag was strung up.
  54. (
  56. "Lovely." She'd utter, as she floated back down to her position. "Now that I did that..." With her hand resting on steering wheel she'd yell out. "Get one last look at the land, it might be the last time we see it. Understood lads, and lasses? Hard t'tell with ye' masked bastards. Bah, it doesn't matter!"
  58. Without wasting anymore time, the boat would begin it's long journey towards the designated fishing location.
  60. Today was going to be lovely.
  61. (Vanamir)
  64. Well it's something to say that most of the people on board don't really have any idea, what so ever, on how to sail a boat. Or to bojangle the jingles needed to keep the entire affair going smoothly.
  66. So now, let's see how the crew handles it!
  68. As Vanamir sails forth to the supposed "Treasure Island", they'd notice something. A deep and thick fog would arise from the ocean itself. Blinding every sight of the deep blue that the crew would once have.
  70. Winds would pick up and rip through the sails, water would splash overboard and quickly accumulate in the ship's barge and cargo.
  72. Things weren't going exactly right. So, what would they do? Abandon ship or try to fix things all tidy like?
  73. Well, things started off going smoothly, but well... Things took a turn for the worst the moment their ship entered a thick fog. "Well shit..." The captain mumbled to herself, as she glanced around the ship. Her beautiful ship was being defiled, and so quickly into her maiden voyage.
  75. "You really hate to see it..." She'd mumble to herself, before a quick shake of her head followed. It was time to give out orders. Vana simply cleared her throat before barking out orders.
  79. Her attention then shifted to the rest of her crewmates, bellowing out a few more commands, as everything seemingly goes to shit.
  83. Withthat, she'd focus on keeping the ship on it's course.
  84. (Vanamir)
  87. They couldn't do much for the sails.. but for the water..? What they were able to prevent from coming over the sides they would do their best to slap it with intense waves of flame to evaporate it, of course avoiding the wood and other important bits, they weren't the most useful here it would seem but their aim was probably ok.
  89. "Hopefully this helps...."
  90. (Paradox)
  93. Dun was admittedly mentally occupied by bitter nostalgia, thinking back to the distant times of yesteryear when life had made complete sense. Before he lost his eye, before he lost Audree, before he'd become commander. The clown always found the cold, salty winds of the sea to bring about within him such a sense of wistfulness and discontent.
  95. It withered him from the inside, even as he stood strong.
  97. Blinking lightly as he realized the sails of the ship were being torn asunder by ruthless gales, sighing as he took a long, thoughtful drag from his corncob pipe before nodding firmly to the clown pirate captain. The instructions were clear enough, it was time for the time wizard to act.
  99. Raising his palms up towards the sails, the clown would take a deep breathe as he began to focus upon not only the sails as they were, but as they once had been. Channeling his own dreadful nostalgia into power, the wistful warlord of honks would do his best to maintain an exhausting, perpetual time loop upon the sails to ensure they repaired as swiftly as they rebroke.
  101. It wasn't a perfect fix, but it was a start.
  102. (Dun)
  105. There wasn't much the dual wielding sentinel could do for the boat, he himself could walk through the air due to his attunements but seeing the others as a collateral to that option he'd begin taking buckets and chucking water that pooled in off the side with a rather rapid amount of those lightspeed motions of his.
  107. Viewing as Sajid entered the fray from a floating cloud of sand, there'd be equal parts confusion and an innate sense of his watch being narrowed in knowing that he'd most likely be where the chaos lied going forwards.. if clowns weren't enough lunacy already.
  109. The masterful, and actually culpable use of Time Magic by Dun though would be faintly appreciated as the man kept up his rapid reparations.
  111. Hopefully it worked... but if worse came to worse? He'd probably have to drag a few to shore under his arms. I swear everytime I get on a boat... He'd think.
  112. (Riot)
  115. Royal remains lazily posted by the railings, merely watching the ocean roll on by. This "Treasure Island" was bound to be something good! A low and content hum is held in his throat--
  117. Only to pause as the deep and thick fog begins to rise form the ocean. Sapphires roll about as he stands up straight, the dust on his frame soon igniting briefly to provide light. Grumbling briefly he'd begin stomping his way down into the cargo-hold.
  119. "Fuckin' water... Fuckin' ocean always makin' these trips harder than they should--" A wave soon crashes, soaking the already annoyed Valmasian. With a light click of his tongue he'd form a bucket out of crystal. Thus began the painstaking process of dragging out the heavy amounts of water below the decks.
  120. (Royal Corvinus)
  123. Okay. He was sleeping.
  125. The yelling that the clown was making woke Sajid up from his slumber, and orders were coming forth. How he ever got here was a question on its own. However, it was necessary to notice that the ship is sinking. The fact that it was declining let him realize that he had to do something or it was game over for all of the people on the board.
  127. That was when the magical power that Sajid possessed was slowly coming forth. Sand coming to fill the holes as it slowly glued together the wood and hardened all at once. And with fire brought into the Sand at hot temperatures, the entirety of the ship's holes would be replaced with mana-infused glass that was capable of holding its own.
  129. Or so he hoped.
  130. (Sajid)
  133.  As a side note, it's called bilging. I'm deeply disappointed.
  135. But overall the crew would do a good job. Paradox, Royal, and Riot would work on getting rid of the water. Through buckets or more intense magical means.
  137. Sajid would take things a step further and use his sand magic to repair various holes and cracks that'd form. Aiding those bilging quite a bit.
  139. Dun, however, would perform a more arduous task. Focusing his newly discovered time magic, his own nostalgia personified, into the Sails to bring them to a more stable point.
  141. It drained him, but the sails would hold.
  143. While Vanamir herself held steady to the boat's wheel and tried to keep it on course, but maybe the Clown Pirate could feel a certain tug. Something beyond her own grasp that was forcing the boat to arrive at a certain destination.
  146. This destination would reveal itself. The storm fades but the fog remains and the ship itself comes to a gentle halt at series of makeshift docks.
  148. Those who'd look out at this sudden landfall would see a Fishing Hamlet, most notably a lighthouse sticking out of it. Yet the fog was too dense to make out anything else.
  156.  The bilging successful to at least some extent, they instead start focusing their concentrated flames into the water... surely this would blow some sort of fish onto the deck?
  158. Probably not. "Well guys.. what I'm doing doesn't seem very efishent."
  159. (Paradox)
  162.  Through skillful navigation, and glorious commands that the clown pirate captain had given, she'd simply smile. Her rather makeshift crew had done a glorious job at maintaining her vessel, Hel, it even brought a tear to her eyes.
  164. Just one, mind you, but still... She was just so gosh darn happy. Then again, when wasn't she?
  166. Carefully, she'd land the boat in the harbor. "Right lads, drop tha anchor, and we'll be good to go." Provided no one else dropped the anchor, she'd do it. If not? Well, she'd leap off of the boat, and get to work fishing.
  168. Only to realize... She didn't have a fishing rod. She'd simply blink, before smashing her foot onto one of the dock boards, gaining enough to wood, to properly make a rod.
  170. Which she does!
  172. Shame about that damage to the dock.
  174. Anyways, with that she'd throw her lure out into the ocean, and a moment later? WELL! She had caught not one, not two, but FOUR King Crabs. Truly she was the Queen of the Ocean.
  176. "BAHAHAHA! A fine day o'fishing. Shall we go find a new spot, or shall we continue to fish here, ye scurvy dogs?"
  177. (Vanamir)
  180. Dun as a whole damned, exhausted fool who was too busy trying to make the sails not do a whole damned explode, would not be nearly well focused enough to successfully fish mush of anything. Offering a brief moment of attention to the matter at hand, the clown would form a ring of constricting energy before throwing it like a boomerang into the water, humming for a moment as he felt the distant clench before leaving his palm open for the arrival of delicious fish.
  182. Two strangled bass would fall upon his hand, swiftly tucked into his crimson cloak for future comedic purposes as the gods intended. This was the way of things after all. Blinking steadily to Vanamir, the clown would tap his chin for a time as he mulled over the prospect to himself.
  184. "A new spot offers less likelihood of the fish getting wise to our efforts, but in truth it does not matter too much. What matters is that we HARPOON SOME SHIT."
  185. (Dun)
  188. New hatred acquired: The sea.
  190. With the storm eventually fading the Corvinus return back to the surface of the ship with a huff. "I swear to fuckin' Kraus... I'm done with all this shit already." He muttered, his attire briefly lighting aflame as he dried himself.
  192. Ah, the props of being a fire magi.
  194. Making sure to check the few four leaf clovers tucked into the band of his hat he'd stroll on towards the railings once more. Now... To fish. Only he didn't bring a fishing rod. Like an idiot.
  196. FUCK.
  198. Grumbling once more to himself he'd draw forth the dust from his attire it's converted into a ruby javelin. Sapphires narrow as the surface of the water is scanned... Before it's tossed forward with a mighty plunge into the water!
  200. Seconds later it's dragged back with not one but two measly sardines impaled upon its tip. Royal's gaze remains empty on the few tiny, pitiful fish he'd caught.
  202. "Yeah... Yeah-- Best to find a new spot or somethin'. Ain't think the few 'round here exactly enjoy what I jus' did to these shrimps."
  203. (Royal Corvinus)
  206. Vanamir says, "Indeed, what you did was shrimp-ly awful."
  207. What is even going on?
  209. The moment that the crew got off, they all went fishing. However, Sajid didn't have a fishing rod with him for the life of it. He was ill-prepared for a trip that may have costed such a thing. However, this didn't discourage the man from making such an attempt. He was an artist, and the artist knew how to improvise without sacrificing too much.
  211. So, Sajid dipped into the water with glass covering his mouth and nose for a few seconds. Only going forward deeper until he was fully satisfied where he was, Sajid would stay there for just a moment in complete utter silence. And in that silence, fish that were rare started to come across.
  213. Quick precision and the utility of his very hands given by God was enough for him to snap a rainbow and a black trout. Extraordinary things that he had never seen before and stored them into his inventory by pressing the 'Y' button his keyboard and dropping it with a click of his mouse.
  214. (Sajid)
  217. Placing a foot onto the side of the boat's mast and looking to the fish below, the man would view the others and their quite interesting styles of fishing, some sand.. shadows? And the conventional rod.. that honestly seemed to be the most successful ways to go about it.
  219. Shrugging some, and having his hand glow a hot, Riot would appear above the water horizontally and then flicker as he teleported about.
  221. Swiftly picking out some quite sizeable Tunas and being a Light attuned magi he'd not fall into the rapids as the element was actually weightless.
  223. Plucking, then appearing back onto the boat...
  225. --There'd be a sensation akin to burning on the back of Paradox's head as if someone was glaring an actual laser through her skull as she made that abhorrent pun.. though if she looked back Riot would simply be looking away innocently counting his fish and eyeing them for their weight.
  227. Not a bad haul..
  229. Honestly? Not the worst fishing he'd done... though one would wonder what else lay out here, with them bringing a fully armed circus, and group here, rather than wearing rolled up sailor tops and sipping martinis... They looked like they were sailing for war. Which Dun seemed to exfoliate rather clearly.
  232. (Riot)
  235. Ah! Yes, it was a great idea really. All things considered parking a gigantic pirate ship in the middle of some Fishing Hamlet would probably spook all the fish!
  237. And, well, more than just that. The Lighthouses light would shine and spin as hardy, sturdy, broad shouldered troglodyte villagers would come about. Looking weird, slimy, and hardly "human" you really would mistake them for Cavedwellers.
  239. Regardless a horde of them gather round the boat and begin to yell. It takes awhile for a more eloquent one to screech "DA PRIEST WANTS YA. LOIGHTHOUSE! NOW!"
  241. They seem rowdy.
  242.  "I... think they want us in the Lighthouse?"
  244. A tilt of his head as he looked back at his crew of different degenerates. He was starting with the lesbian first before going to the lonely, sad, frail man of a clown. However, he was his person now. And it was because of that fact that he didn't wait for them in general.
  246. He moved forth with his guard up. Shards of glass coming out of the cloak that he wore. Which also had covered his face and a mask that covered his nose to his chin. It was an excellent little disguise that hid most of his factors while also exposing his hazel eyes.
  248. He was a brave one, but he was a foolish one, just like Dinh.
  249. (Sajid)
  252. "HM? HM?" The clown queen of the sea, would mutter, as she brought a hand towards her trusty clown nose, preparing to honk it menacingly should they continue to be rather rude.
  254. "Your priest eh?" She paused, honking her nose once. "Very well. We'll go and say hello to them." A simple nod follows, as she motioned for the rest of her crew to follow suit. Despite being outranked in Theria, here? Well, she was the captain of their glorious vessel, which made her the leader.
  256. What could possibly go wrong?
  258. One more menacing honk was given, before she simply floated towards the lighthouse.
  260. "Honk. Honk."
  261. (Vanamir)
  264. By Kraus what the fuck was that--
  266. Oh. It was just people, just looking really slimy and... Hm. Briefly narrowing his gaze at the few villagers he'd weigh if he'd actually humor those before him. Even then, would Vanamir just take this lightly?
  268. Dust rises up to form into the usual crystalline shard, hovering calmly just near his right ear.- Oh, they were going to go. "Y' sure 'bout this Van--"
  270. Off she went. With a low sigh the Valmasian just shakes his head, popping off the side of the ship as he followed along. What could possibly go wrong, after all?
  271. (Royal Corvinus)
  274. Dun would glance over the edge of the pirate ship with the unmelted eye of his mask with a thoughtful squint, tapping his chin steadily as he leaped upon the edge to get a better look at the trog villagers. Dancing upon the edge in performance for his filthy, vagrant fans, the clown would hop from foot to foot with merry cheer as the brass bells that adorned his burn marred cloak would jingle ambiently.
  276. Doing a hand stand upon the edge, Dun would cackle as he waved his hand before his person at the great crowd.
  278. "Worry not companions, I speak their tongue."
  280. The clown would take a deep breathe, clearing his throat before staring down at the unwashed masses with a chuckle.
  283. (Dun)
  286. The lighthouse shining bright, ugly villagers approaching, what in the name of sloppy second born babies were those things..?
  288. Though they gather around, the masked one stares at them.. what the fuck..? Was that even a language..? A glance to the others, perhaps they understood..?
  290. A glance to Vanamir, you only live once...
  291. (Paradox)
  294. Now viewing the odd misshapen being upon the Lighthouse, Riot would blink some in surprise beneath his helmet.
  296. He didn't know what in Helheim that thing was talking to them.. but it hadn't attacked them yet, so he'd give a shrug as he saw the others going.
  298. Did she have to honk...? Why was...?
  300. So many questions and so few answers here now as the armored marauder walked through the air over to the venue.... Hopefully they wouldn't be going into a trap... but it was most likely always one, on these types of adventures.
  301. (Riot)
  304. To give Paradox some insight, we'll say it's not a language. But rather the sound of a fat sack being smacked on by the humans tongue. Their necks would expand like a frog with every word.
  306. Just ever so slightly.
  309. As the crew came at the Villager's request they'd find a mass going on. a central figure clad in white (everyone can quite easily notice that he's way more... appropriate for decent company.) speaking of some prophecy.
  311. "Charybdis's light shines through our abyss and gives us guidance! If it wasn't for him our Hamlet's eternal fog would choke us out, but our lord gives us the means to survive.
  313. Now, as usual, a sacrifice is needed."
  315. The Sea-Priest turns to the crew and nods.
  317. "Welcome to our village. Are you here to learn about our Sea-Lord?"
  319. The Lighthouse itself carry dedicated glyphs and inscriptions, perhaps they're used for something?
  320. Well, this was entirely unexpected and out of character. The first voice was so hard to understand, but the other was so easy and quick. But, whatever it seemed to be more pleasant than anything else. So, with just a little hint of curiosity within the artist, Sajid would raise his finger.
  322. "I'll learn about your Sea-Lord, if it'll shut you up," he said with honesty. "And I'll even take your jewels, your gold, and your men. You can keep the women."
  324. Though, he did chuckle, it was more than evident that he wanted to learn about the Sea-Lord at another time. He had a mission, and that mission was something that he had to finish in a reasonable time.
  325. (Sajid)
  328. A sacrifice.
  330. Royal holds a sharp "HM." at that mention of such a cost. Sapphires turn towards those gathered, knowing very well enough that some may ask about said sea-lord...
  332. "What's he stand for?" He was curious too. What? Couldn't a Valmasian be at least a bit exploratory in terms of religious beliefs? "'n how much coin 'n jewels y' got?.. Jus' askin' fer a friend."
  334. A brief if not wide grin is flashed towards Sajid; At least the two could see eye to eye on one thing. Shoving his hands into his pockets that crystal shard remained primed above his left shoulder.
  335. (Royal Corvinus)
  338.  Dun would squint at the frog people and their strange, hodunk mannerisms with a degree of confusion and discontent, the clown warlord frankly finding such displays of mutant, inbred genes to be the kind that were at least modestly disconcerting. It was always the sketchy fishing hamlets in the middle of nowhere that ended up having either the best food, or the worst cults. There was no in-between.
  340. Tapping his melted mask's chin for a time in contemplation, the clown would do a back flip over the edge of the ship, landing with a heavy stomp of his black sabatons upon the beach landing to get a better look at the people down below.
  342. And to throw hands if necessary.
  344. "I will take the women, worry not. But first, who is this sea lord you speak of, and why does he require sacrifice? More importantly, does informing us about the sea lord involve sacrificing us."
  345. (Dun)
  348. The talk of Charybdis wouldn't really be comprehended.
  350. He'd never heard of any deities by that name, but at the prospect of the sacrifice Riot would cement his hues onto the Sea-Priest for a while feeling that he'd already heard enough of his practice to know it was fairly corrupted.
  352. Allowing the others to gather information on this.. Sea lord the man would simply cross his arms and glare down with an unmoving exterior. He wanted no women.. or anything Sajid had splayed out there for the things here on this island.
  354. Riot's only audible cue here would be a lengthened sigh but he wasn't moved to cleave anything just yet.
  355. (Riot)
  358. Ah yes, the small fishing hamlet seemed completely normal. Nope, no cult like vibes at all, everything here was up to the standards of a normal village.
  360. Okay, maybe none of that was true, but who cares? They're just here to fish, it's not like they're somehow going to end up being roped into becoming a sacrifice to this village, and their strange god.
  362. Right?
  364. Eh, worse comes to worse, she just beats a few people to death. What could possibly go wrong?
  366. Anyways! Once they arrived at the lighthouse, those eyes, who's color seems to match the sea's own, rested on the priest. A simply cant of the head follows, as she ponders about this Sea Lord thing.
  368. "Sea-Lord, eh?" No, no, no. That wouldn't do. As of like, five minutes ago, Vana had declared herself the Queen of the Oceans. Okay, maybe it was just in her mind, but who cares? She was the Clown Queen of the Oceans now.
  370. Though... Well, best to wait this out. Should the opportunity arise, she'd beat the life out of the priest, and then it's lord. As any good merc should.
  372. "Yes, yes, yes! Do tell us about your sea-lord." She'd turn to squint at Sajid, opting not to question how aggressively gay he was, and instead she'd just smile! Better then, them her. "Oh, and I don't really want t' be a sacrifice, so if at all possible, I'd like t'avoid all o'that."
  374. A nod follows.
  375. (Vanamir)
  378. It definitely was some mangled version of their language, but it couldn't have been more butchered if they tried. Coming further in with the... whatever it was.. they come to some sort of ritual gathering.
  380. Gazing upon the one clad in white, the one who seemed to at least speak in an understandable dialect.
  382. Remaining as silent as they had before their eyes settle upon the lighthouse, and the runes upon it.. what could that be for..?
  384. As the other provide their various lines of inquiry, the shadows concealing the eyes of Paradox fade for a few moments, though they weren't the color they should be. Blazing hues of light blue peer beyond a veil that could only be assumed the rest of their troupe couldn't see.
  386. They were looking for spirits and the like.
  387. (Paradox)
  392. Paradox herself might become a bit sidetracked, looking at something that'd be very interesting.
  394. "Oh? Is that how you greet someone like me? Threats against my school and my own possessions?
  396. Well."
  398. A grin is all that could be seen underneath that heavy white cloak.
  400. "Charybdis is the guide. Bringing souls from our hamlet to where they belong, and in exchange he brings us bounties of fish and other goods. A mighty sea-creature, but our debt remains unpaid.
  402. But our fog brought in a new crew to give.
  404. Fishers, prepare the vessel. Grab the map from my den, we've our sacrifice."
  406. Watery tentacles arise from the Priest's body. The disrespect was a tipping point, and the Clown Crew would be reprimanded.
  407. Sajid asks, "so it be like that?"
  408. Dun asks, "Oh, you're approaching me?"
  409. "Ah, so the one request I made, was denied... Ya' really, shouldn't a'done that."
  411. The self proclaimed Queen of the Ocean's body burst forth with the glorious light of her star: Dellingr! Despite her rather unstable connection with it, she was still able to manifest it's power in full. Perhaps at some point she should have stabilized it, but...
  413. Oh well! You win some, you lose some.
  415. "Hohohaha! Hohohaha! Bah! Ya' have nothing to worry about Mister Priest. Cause ya' see here, fter we finish sendin' ya, and all o'yer men t'Helheim, we'll be sending that god o'yers with ya."
  417. That unsettling crooked smile of hers, made it's return, as she took a step towards the man.
  419. "Sound good? Wait. Don't answer that, I don't really care."
  421. Like a shooting star, she rushed the man, tearing through the ground, and anything in it's path with her cosmic energy.
  423. All while cackling like that lunatic she was.
  424. (Vanamir)
  427. They only vaguely catch the gist of what was going on around them, their gaze turning distant as they seem to stare at the lighthouse as much as beyond it.
  429. Reading the tale told as much as they were able a smile splits the graceful features concealed beneath the mask.. shifting around in time to note the fog wasn't all that natural either. "He can say what he wants but... there's something here about a fish with a lamp on it's face, and something about some frog-fish-people dropping a sealed chest in the water behind a lighthouse." A moment of pondering. "Wonder if it's behind this one... but also keep an eye on that fog, something not quite right about it either." Their voice emerged muffled from beneath their covering, but it was clear it carried a maddened level of excitement.
  430. (Paradox)
  433. Why did he feel like he's seen this before?.. Sapphires squint as the tentacles rise from the Priest's body, a brief click of his tongue parting as he reels back a bit.
  435. "How do y'think y'god feels 'bout eatin' their own exactly?.. Merely curious 'gain."
  437. Chuckling half-heartedly Royal's soon to begin digging through his jacket. A tub is first produced, rubbed along a ruby-filling that held in his blood from a particularly nasty attack he'd suffered before. It'd aid him a smidge, but perhaps not for long.
  439. "Either way, was a pleasure learnin' 'bout y'god a bit!.. Now if y'excuse me... I'm goin' to send y' to 'em with the rest of those 'ere."
  441. Withdrawing his staff most crystal-spikes are soon to form; A chuckle escapes him as flames gather within the foci. There was so much heat to start dishing out towards the man before them.
  443. Well, man-squid-hybrid... Perhaps some calamari was on the menu?
  444. (Royal Corvinus)
  447. "What can I say? I'm the no gods, no masters sorta clown. Your gang of inbred sea-sheep ain't shit, and we're here to show you that."
  449. Dun was clearly amused by the distaste the locals displayed for the clown crew, barking out in audible laughter as he steadily slapped the black plate of his cuirass with his calloused palms, the matter a genuinely amusing display to the clown prince of crime. Did they think they were in a position to debate, to argue?
  451. How naïve.
  453. "Souls, huh? Souls for fish and other goods? Other goods being....treasure? Very well, we're here to commit piracy against your holdings, your stolen goods are now forfeit."
  455. The clown would clap his hands together as they both proceeded to blacken with condensed mana, nodding with a chuckle as he raised his fists before preparing to engage in some good old fashioned circus fisticuffs in the name of good, manly fun.
  457. "Whose first? Who dares throw hands with the clown?"
  458. (Dun)
  461. And so it began...
  463. Riot's suspicions were verified near instantly, as the Sea-Priest seemed to be more of a sea-cultist in the end.
  465. Unsheathing his blades from his back and having their edges burn and sear in the light of the stars above, the masked man would let out a prepared roar under his helmet setting his feet and igniting in the same coating as his weapons to defend himself and the others in this crew.
  467. A slight eye had been lingering on Paradox as he saw the glow of her gaze scanning the area, it mirroring the same as Eudocia's in essence to him but here there was a much clearer and more present danger eminent upon them.
  469. "Not another soul.. lost to the deep." he'd finally growl out in a voice foreign to anything but the retribution these squid-like and deformed vestiges needed to be brought to justice.
  471. Dashing forwards with a ferocity, the man would stab and slash but miss any vitals unless they belonged to the Sea-Priest. he didn't know what these fallen beings were.. or if it was their fault for becoming this.. But he'd make sure to have the bastard in charge pay.
  472. (Riot)
  475. A rumbling green mist billows out of the Sea-Priests cloak. Revealing something... different.
  476. Royal Corvinus says, "... The fuck is that."
  477. Sajid says, "..."
  478. Sajid says, "It's true art."
  479. Paradox says, "I thought the first one's were ugly."
  480. Dun asks, "...Father?"
  481. Vanamir says, "I need an adult."
  482. Riot says, "Ghn..."
  483. Sajid says, "It is art in its purest form."
  484. The cliffside on which the Lighthouse-Church lays would be besieged by the seas! Tendrils of water, humongous waves of hard-water that'd batter everyone in attendance would breach the rocks.
  486. Cutting into each of them and mixing the Crew's blood with the waves.
  488. Yet the priest's own magic wouldn't be enough to fell the party, it'd only be enough to draw a scar upon Vanamir's face. Diagonally across (in any fashion you choose).
  490. As his power waned the Priest's form would condense into flesh and blood, and Paradox would land the final blow.
  491. The masked figure fought the way they always have, from the darkness and shadows.. weaving through obstacles they battered their foe with concentrated explosions and illusion magic from afar.
  493. On occasion while blinding the priest they could be seen by their allies to dash into the main part of the fray, a devastating kick delivered to the legs or a shoulder.. all to debilitate their foe.
  495. Though they were strong, and it didn't stop them from felling one of their allies... it gave them their chance. The power of the priest fading, condensing back to flesh and blood.
  497. "Ooooh~!"
  499. A chance seen, they trigger a bright explosion just behind the cloaked one, using the light to cast the shadow forward. Fading from view they lunge seemingly out of the ground, placing their hands upon either side of their head. "I think you have a gift for me~." Words spoken in such a sweet but cruel tone, the only warning before Occultic mana flooded their body.
  501. Digging through flesh like hot iron it pours into their circuitry, into the deepest parts of them... to drink them dry.
  503. It was such an exhilarating feeling, to feed off of such a powerful being in such a way. Anyone watching could see the body begin to scream, but soon die, shriveling into a rotting husk before they were cast aside after a surveying of pockets and such.
  505. Turning to face the recovering group they speak in a rather chipper tone given what atrocity they had just committed.. "Soo.... about that chest behind a lighthouse..?" Their head tilted to the side, and without ever seeing a face the grin was heard in their voice.
  506. (Paradox)
  509. Dun was well experienced with throwing hands in large groups at this point, the recent visit to the battlefield of old reminding him painfully that if he slipped up, there was a high chance he was going to end up getting his back broken in two by a sassy bandit. The clown had learned a bit about timing since that battle, gauging when it was wise to truly lunge forth into the fray, and when it was wise to simply take a step back and think.
  511. Lunging and weaving through the battlefield as Paradox did her explosive work, the clown would instead focus on emanating the poisonous nostalgia that dwelled within the very fibers of his soul and mana upon the priest, withering his spirit with his own dread to the best of his ability in-between brutal, concussive kicks and blows lunged forth with sudden acceleration.
  513. And then it was done, the battle ended almost as soon as it began by the explosive finish of his fellow clown, offering the seaweed man a theatric bow as his body was hardened to survive the great tidal wave that brushed over him, soaking his cloak while leaving him otherwise unharmed in the grand scheme of things.
  515. "Ohohohohoho, what a show. Getting the hang of this timing thing, I quite like it."
  516. (Dun)
  519. Pain.
  521. Wave, after wave of pain coursed through the clowns body, as she hurled herself at the priest. Each of her fists coated in the glorious light of her star smashed into the priest, who was more akin to a grotesque creature of the sea, than a human.
  523. Despite her rushing at the beast with what one could only assume to be reckless abandon, there was a small amount of caution there. Not so much in the way of her fighting style, but more or less the output of her mana. After the encounter with the siege machine not too long ago, the woman needed to remember to overdo her circuitry.
  525. She wouldn't be making that mistake again... Well, actually she probably would, but it'd be done with a bit more care.
  527. "Absolutely DISGUSTING! GAH! I don't even want to look at you anymo-" Those were a rather poor choice of words there. As a tendril of razor sharp water cracked across her face, slashing across her right eye, in a diagonal fashion.
  529. "GAH!" She'd screech, as she pulled back ever so slightly from the fight to grasp at her bleeding eye. "Ow... Ow... Eye sea what you did there..." She'd mutter under her breath.
  531. Yes, even while injured she was still making puns. Truly a horrible person.
  533. Though by the time she had come back to her senses, the creature had been finished off by Pardox.
  535. "Oh, nice." She'd state, as she calmly made her way over towards the group. "What's this about a treasure behind the lighthouse?"
  536. (Vanamir)
  539. Being this close to so much taint... It wasn't anything the Light Magi could keep up for too long in good conscience.
  541. Regardless of the enegies of those he was fighting alongside, Riot's power would grown and explode out in a swiftness not seen by many in the climax of this colossal battle.
  543. Slashing past and destroying resolves of cultists and dispelling tentacles of riptide with a evaporating prose the swordsman was completely unbound in each of his actions but he still kept so much precision and a level of righteousness that didn't spread past halting their rather darkened deeds.
  545. But the way in which the man was finished off....
  547. The occult was horrible, it's power a terrifying prose of darkness, destruction and crippling nightmarish heights.. He'd see the life draining from the Sea-Priest's body and even though he'd attempted to sacrifice them to a lord of the deep...
  549. "--------!?"
  551. The man would -never- want anyone to go out like that.. Not even a demon deserved to be dissolved in their own skin. When the smoke cleared and the battle was over the swordsman would be breathing heavily as a golden ember burned within Riot that could only barely be seen from the joints of the sentinel's armor.
  553. Still clenching onto his blades.. still looking feral he'd finally lower them after a small amount of time, settling himself to continue his watch, and reminding himself that the occult wasn't illegal outside of their homeland..
  555. But when they all got back..?
  557. He didn't know.. His duties clashing with his need to analyze, turmoil making his light pulse like a furnace in contention.
  558. (Riot)
  561. As the battle concludes and Paradox drains the Sea-Priests energies, many new things would be revealed!
  563. Riot's quiet surprise at the Occultist was one of the biggest revelations. A growing anxiety, perhaps? A tension that the crew didn't need.
  565. Not when the other revelation was that the entire town was closing in on them. While Riot might've dealt with a good number of the nearby corrupted Towns members, even more would descend upon their location. They had little time to chit-chat and decide what to do, so let's go over everything.
  567. Their Ship lay anchored to the east, it wasn't very far off. A minute or two of running.
  569. Paradox says there's a chest behind the Lighthouse.
  571. The Priest talked about preparing a vessel and retrieving a map from his Den.
  574. They had to figure out what to do, and quick. The entire village would be upon them soon, and surely that'd be too much for a small group of Magi to handle.
  575. How ironic.
  577. As much as he wanted to leave, the idea of treasure was too much for him to pass up. However, he heard the people of the village coming in hot and quick. The option was there, and in honesty, he knew what he would want to do.
  579. The treasure - the one piece - that was what he wanted and something that he would obtain despite how bad it was going to be. Even if death were going to happen, it would at least be glorious. So, as the crazy bastard that he was, Sajid would take haste towards the treasure that was th
  580. (Sajid)
  583. As the captain here, it was time for her to issue out some orders. She'd wouldn't waste time with idle chit, chat. Instead she'd simply screech out her orders.
  585. "Paradox, or Sajid, go grab whatever's behind the lighthouse. DUN! Check the priests Den, use your time magic to move swiftly. Everyone else? WITH ME! We'll hold the villagers off, and clear out a path to the ship."
  587. With the orders given, the self proclaimed Queen of the Sea, would rush at the villagers who had begun to make their way here. A simple leap up into the air, which was promptly followed by her smashing her fist into the ground, sending her cosmic mana throughout the ground, searing any of the unfortunate villagers who happened to step on it.
  589. "I'm gonna leave you all star struck."
  591. Her own cosmic power seemed to be burning brightly around her, as she unleashed a torrent of it into the crowd, attempting to thin down the numbers just a bit more, before rushing in.
  593. No mercy would be given for those foolish enough to get into her path. The injury that she had sustained a few moments ago had left her fuming. Which meant these villagers would be the unfortunate group that she vented that frustration out on.
  595. And for a moment, a split second throughout the battlefield. A faint glimpse of red can be seen coming from the berserker. Her connection with her star stabilizing slightly. Almost as if forced by her rage.
  597. "Eat shit, and get tha' fook out o'me way! BAHAHAHAH!"
  598. (Vanamir)
  601. I'd say go for the box... but that's just me.."
  603. The steaming crimson armored man wasn't gone unnoticed, but they had acted entirely out of self-defense in a place where no laws bound their magic... if he were to be a law enforcer at all that is.
  605. One didn't survive in their trained profession without being able to read others, he clearly didn't like that. Though it seemed the Captain heeded their wishes, the masked one dashing off behind the lighthouse... aiming to plunge their massive shadowy arm below the water to try and snag the chest..
  607. If it wasn't out of their reach of course, then they would have to figure something else out.
  608. (Paradox)
  611. Dun would dust himself off steadily as he looked about the surroundings, realizing they were in the middle of an island of inbred fish people that probably numbered in the hundreds, each no doubt with their own pitchfork with which to stab the clown into swiss cheese at a moment's notice.
  613. The fool welcomed the challenge, but he wasn't too picky was he?
  615. Yet, listening in to the captain's orders with a thoughtful tap of his chin, he'd prepare to act as was required of him without the slightest bit of fear, anxiety, or discontent. Since he'd thrown away the chains that had bound him, he'd become a free, almost immovable man, incapable of being distraught when everything appeared just so....funny to him.
  617. A perfect comedy.
  619. The clown would take a deep breathe as he centered his energies, allowing the flow of mana around him to begin to phase with almost ethereal afterimages as Dun accelerated his own personal timestream, his black sabatons suddenly moving with maddening swiftness almost as if the man was a VHS tape on fast forward.
  621. Not great for his heart, but boy was he fast.
  623. The clown would go to the den to seek the chart, whatever dangers that might imply being faced.
  625. (Dun)
  628. What was keeping him here, honestly? His orders were given, and truth be told he wasn't about to linger about to be tossed by the villagers. Grumbling as he may very well be leaving behind treasures...
  630. Well, he could part with some for now. Rushing off alongside his Captain he was ready to dip!
  631. (Royal Corvinus)
  634. His daze was broken by the others funneling in, with no room or time to despair Riot would continue slamming and slashing back all of those that advanced in upon them to hold them off and allow the rest of the group time to think.
  636. A tireless paladin of compassion, and stoic might he'd keep up his acts for however long it took funneling his frustrations towards the occult outwards and going much more sporadic then he'd gone before.
  638. "---GHGRRHN....!!"
  640. The façade was upkept in the heat of battle, though at seeing and hearing the clowness' charge he'd transmute into a comet of surging uproar crashing and careening through all and anything with the power allotted to him by those very same stars that still graced them on this night.
  642. Onward march..
  644. Nothing held back.. surpass the darkness, and bring forth the light.
  646. Faster.. and brighter he burned in this pit of peril, fighting alongside an unlikely pair as he went beyond even his more fierce limits here.
  647. (Riot)
  652. Paradox would beat Sajid to the Chest! Reaching forth a shadowy claw into the still rippling tides below they'd retrieve a barnacled bronze chest, in the shape of a pipe. Easily held in their hand, but heavy in its own right.
  654. The onward sprint would begin.
  656. Paradox and Sajid are a bit behind given they went for the chest, but everyone else is a fair distance away.
  658. Sajid says, "."
  659. Sajid says, "oh"
  660. Sajid says, "my"
  661. Sajid says, "god"
  662. Dun would go and somehow find the Priest's personal abode. While he wouldn't find an exact map... he would find a few letters that roughly explain where this Sea-Beast might be. Where the Hamlet's ship is heading!
  664. Maybe it's worth pursuing.
  667. It starts with Royal falling behind. Vanamir trips over themselves, too! Sajid stabs himself with his own glass and Riot gets to the ship just fine. Paradox too can't keep up with Riot.
  670. Most of the crew is battered and bruised by the incoming tide of mutants. Yet they're never able to fully catch up to them. Maybe it's because there are too many of them so they technically become a fighting force.
  672. (But you'll be asked to powerdown your vit for the next fight, except for Riot and Dun.)
  677. Eventually the group gets back to the Ship with Dun being the first.
  680. If Paradox opens the case they'll discover... Arcanium.
  682. Dun should have a decent idea of where to go, too.
  684. Despite being bloodied in the escape, the cloaked figure jumps high above the incest born frog people, chest beneath one arm as the other forms that shadowy limb again.
  686. Gripping the railing of the ship they pull themselves over the side into a roll. "Now now.." Holding the box they place a finger to whatever locking mechanism there was and creates a small explosion inside, just enough to blow it open and check the contents. A measure of caution taken only in turning themselves into a state of semi-shadow.
  688. After a check of the contents they turn to the rest of the group.. "So I'm gonna assume the lantern-faced fish is what they worship..? Or I could be wrong.." Though who knows..?
  690. Maybe it was just an inbred frog person's drawing of a fish.
  691. (Paradox)
  694. Dun would make use of his enhanced passage of time to do a few mental errands while he allowed his body to catch up to the present state of things, mulling over how his life had gone in the last two decades with a thoughtful hum. Meanwhile, the scenery zoomed by as he weaved into the priest's home, made a huge mess, jumped on his bed a few times just for the sake of it, and finally swiped the letters before zooming back down to sprint back towards the ship.
  696. All in good fun.
  698. Standing upon the mast of the great pirate vessel with his right, serpentine scarred arm folded over his left, the clown would await the arrival of his compatriots with confusion as to why they seemed to be running so fast, only to note the hordes of fishmen that were likely close to eating their innards.
  700. Whoops.
  702. "Stole some of the seaweed man's letters along with a spare loin cloth. Jumped on his bed a bit too, considered filing my taxes while I waited for all of you. Yet, you've arrived, and our destination is set. Directions aren't too clear, but there's a place mentioned in these letters a bit off the coast from the island...think it might be where we need to go."
  703. (Dun)
  706. Oh Kraus, oh fuck why were they so FAST!? Royal continued to try and draw forth emeralds to help his rush out of town. Heaving and huffing he kept those legs moving, trying to avoid the oncoming onslaught that came from the villagers--
  708. Only to have pikes stabbed into his side, arrows shot towards his back, and worst of all some clubs on his head. Cursing his tongue off he'd hold tight onto his hat, peering on back towards those chasing them. "FUCK Y'ALL! Y'FUCKIN' GOD SMELLS LIKE BAD CATCH ON A SUNDAY MORNIN' Y'BUNCHA' INBREDS!"
  710. Wheezing as he ascended back onto the ship the Valmasian slams a fist into the boards on the floor. "I. Hate. THESE. FUCKERS!" Rolling onto his back he'd let out a loud groan as he assessed his wounds. Slowly shaking his head back and forth he'd grumble to himself for a time...
  712. "Jus'... Jus' find these fuckers' sea god.- Where the fuck is this fucker 'n how big we talkin'?" Royal grumbled out, letting his sapphires peer over towards those that had arrived alongside him.
  713. (Royal Corvinus)
  716. Perhaps Vana had let her rage get the best of her, or perhaps she had simply lost her footing on the blood of the fishing hamlet's blood. Either way she found herself falling face first onto the ground. Blood, and dirt mixed with the already ridiculous amount of make-up, and face paint on her face.
  718. "FOOK. SHIT."
  720. Such awe inspiring words from the Captain of the... Crap, she had forgotten to name her ship, hadn't she. Through the dirt, she glance up, resting her eyes on her ship's glorious Jolly rogers, as she felt what felt like a near endless amount of fists, and feet connect with her body.
  722. Wave, after wave of pain coursed through the clowness' body. As that rage that was fueling her a few moments continued to bubble up, as her face nearly became as red, as the ball that rested upon her nose.
  724. "I am so fookin' shick o' all o'yer shit y'stupid fookin' MUTANT FUCKS!" The Queen of theSea roared out, as the cosmic magic flared up around her once more. Though this time that crimson that had appeared before, remained for a tad bit longer, as a pillar of it spread around her, and towards any of the mutants unfortunate enough to be close to her.
  726. Beaten, bruised, and with her mana circuitry pushed to their limits once more, the cosmic magic would fade from around her, as she sprinted past the other mutants, until she finally made it back to her ship.
  728. "Ow... Ow.. C'mon. We're settin' sail. We got one last thin' t'do. I told that priest fooker we were killin' his god, so that's exactly what we're gonna do. Dun, give me directions."
  730. She pauses, as she limps over to her steering wheel, entirely fed up with the people of that island.
  732. "Now."
  733. (Vanamir)
  736. Reaching the ship rather handedly in his comet assisted flight, the man would slam down like a falling star.
  738. Looking over his shoulder he'd realize though, everyone else had been within the line of fire being clubbed and battered upon a half emptied bottle of ale next to him as he was leaned against the mast of the ship and tapped his wrist.
  740. There wasn't any real difficulty in being fast for Riot, but it did seem like he could spare a bit more protection to a few of the others. Attempting to set his nerves at ease though, and keep himself from acting on the behalf of the other responsibilities he kept.
  742. It was interesting, though to see a whole abundance of these.. beings. perhaps they were all worshippers once? Transmogrified by the faith they put in the false diety? Or perhaps they were some experiment gone wrong... a failing of the now deceased Sea-Priest..
  744. Either way, the swordsman wouldn't have an apprehension with taking out the entity responsible for all of this madness.. Here's hoping that the deed would ensure they were able to enlighten those still trapped in this seething Hell-Hole.
  745. (Riot)
  749. They're now all aboard the ship and thankfully setting sail away from the hamlet. With the directions in mind they're able to better navigate the fog.
  751. They'd sail for a bit, giving them a bit to handle other things... but this respite wouldn't last forever.
  754. Soon they'd find it. The Hamlet's Ship.
  756. Another full sized pirate ship. And it knew fully what it had to do.
  758. Soon a rain of cannonballs would bombard the waters about Vanamir's ship. It was time to main the stations and fight off this ship.
  761. This is a fully fledged pirate ship battle. Want to ram it? Do it. Want to send someone over to board the ship? Do it.
  763. But think quickly, one well placed cannon shot will sink your ship.
  764. [23:19] A naval battle.
  766. Ideal.
  768. The clown mercenary warlord had waited for a glorious moment like this, it was just the kind of nonsense and shenanigans that the clown lived for. Top tier fool hijinks, a worthy show fit for a true and absolute circus. Dun couldn't help but cackle with cheer at the amusement of such a prospect.
  770. Leaping forth to stand directly the ram of the ship, the warlord would stand still as he waited for the noble ship, The Whole Circus, to approach their assailers with a taste of their own medicine. They could use the other ship's offense against them with the right orders, but Dun was following Vanamir's lead on this one.
  772. "We can try to ram it, and I'll redirect the kinetic energy to explosive effect at the moment of contact by standing here on the mast. Or I can watch for cannon fire and actively halt it from harming the ship. The choice is yours captain, I'm not picky."
  774. Igniting forth in a brilliant blue shroud of pulsating, shimmering mana, the pugilist would begin to harden his muscles in preparation to act in the ship’s defense as a human ram. Flattening his palm forward as he took his post, his shroud would be pushed to its limit by the sudden blackening and hardening of the palm, usually the sort of thing he could only pull off for a few seconds.
  776. But to defend the ship, he would use every last ounce of reserves he had. No matter how hard it pushed him.
  778. The warlord was ready for some action, no fear.
  779. (Dun)
  782. It wouldn't take too long out at sea for them to run into a bit of trouble. Though this time, it didn't come in the form of a sea creature of sorts. Nope, this was an enemy ship, hellbent on raining cannons onto their ship.
  784. Right now? Well, Vana was having none of it.
  786. With a glint of mischief, and well, rage in her eyes, the Queen of the Seas, would once more bark out some orders to her trusty crews.
  788. "THOSE BASTARDS WANT TO RAIN DOWN CANNONBALLS ON US, DO THEY? WELL WE'LL RETURN THE FAVOR TWO-THREE FOLD!" The woman shouted. They may have canons on their ship, but Vana's crew? Well, she had three explosion magi aboard it.
  794. True to her word, that's exactly what she'd do. Using her skills as a captain, she'd attempt to wave through the hail of cannon fire, all while building up as much speed, as she aimed to ram the enemy ship.
  796. "BAHAHA! WHY STOP AT JUST ONE OF THOSE DUN!" That maddening cackle of hers would pick up once more. "WE'RE DOING BOTH! READY YOURSELF! HERE WE GO!"
  798. Provided everything went to plan? Their ship would soon crash into the enemies.
  800. "It's boarding time. Take their treasure, and leave no survivors. We'll use their own ship to repair ours once we're done with it."
  801. (Vanamir)
  804. Out of the frying pan and RIGHT into the fire. As they're sailing away a cannonball just nearly crashes into Royal's shoulder as he begins to rise. Sapphire orbs immediately dart towards the location they'd come from.
  806. Another fucking ship.
  808. He'd been given orders.
  810. "ALRIGHT. THAT'S IT. I'VE FUCKIN' HAD IT." The Corvinus barked his staff immediately drawn as he turned towards the rain of cannonballs heading their direction. Whirling his staff about a heavy bolt of flame is concentrated on his foci; Dust lifting off his frame to create an array of lethal crystal-spikes.
  812. From a small fireball grows a raging inferno, molding itself into a concentrated blast. Truth be told he could just blow it to smithereens, but to start it off?.. He'd set them aflame. "FUCK THE WHOLE LOT OF 'EM."
  814. Roaring, the concentrated mass of flames is sent streaking toward the ship. Should it make contact the mass would be lit aflame... Just before the rain of crystals are sent forward, primed to explode upon contact.
  815. (Royal Corvinus)
  818. The moment cannonballs start flying towards them the one dubbed as Paradox springs into action, making fingerguns in the direction of each enemy cannon.. the goal of course to reverse-detonate the cannonballs back into their own ship.
  820. "Too bad for them.. my aim is exshiptional~!" Focusing on turning their own weaponry against them, or disabling it at the very least.
  822. Though of course the moment the other ship was close enough..? Paradox would be flying across the gap into the fray.
  823. (Paradox)
  826. Naval battles, Sajid hated Naval battles.
  828. As they were firing towards the ship, the only thing that Sajid wanted to do was get close and board it. He wanted to utilize his magic to scorch and burn before turning those who dared get in his way into glass. However, he wasn't the one in charge of it at all.
  830. It was the crazy Clown Lady and her ship, and as such, Sajid would respect what they were going to do and supply his magic with it all the other people. And with the explosive amounts of chaotic energy coming across, not only would he take some lives, but he would assist in destroying the ship.
  832. Every single bang as he counted up to Four with every single hit that came across with his very fingers. Every smooth, mechanical laugh that escaped from him.
  834. "ONE!"
  836. The explosion was hitting the centre of the ship as he did a simple twirl, only pointing his finger at the head of the boat and shooting it as well.
  838. "TWO!"
  840. With every last shot and count, it was starting to show that his magic was getting more potent and precise. Every laughter that escaped him, the muscles in his arms began to tense and release. However, it was just a beautiful moment that put him in a state of peaceful bliss.
  842. "THREE!"
  844. Though, it was the fourth shot that made it powerful. All the magic that he had in him was starting to release without any care for his magical circuits or the refreshing rate of what he had. However, that was when he pointed his finger directly at the Lieutenant of the ship, and a bang went.
  846. But with that bang, not only would the skull explode from the inside out, leaving a gory mess, but the blood would stain the wood of the ship as he screamed.
  848. "FOUR!"
  849. (Sajid)
  852. Seafaring combat.. How exhilarating.
  854. The battle looked to be upon them, and one not just on the land anymore. Riot wasn't necessarily the sort that had many ranged moves, but opening his palm up and allowing a multitude of light to scatter up above into the air, he'd flex his gauntlet laden hand and have a rain of offensive light slam down onto the other ship as he listened to Vanamir's sea graced orders.
  856. It wasn't anything the man had been accustomed to on his journeys... for certain. But it definitely brought a wash of excitement over the dual swordsman to be able to engage in an epic as such.
  858. Rays, and beams of light would phase and zoom outwards in a radiant glow from the earthen covered legate but he still only gave out a few sparse grunts, and noises of exertion as the crew of motley maniacs spent their time defending.
  860. Being tasked with making sure the vessel wasn't detonated by stray cannon fire, and other violence, Riot's efforts would surely become defensive as he used the beams to prism, and coalesce in to slice and mince the volleying spheres of death headed their way.
  862. As they got close enough, though. The light would begin to overtake the man and he'd nod to Vanamir, soaring up into the sky and -just- surpassing the skyline, he'd then crash back down as a shining astral assailant of doom, and fervor.
  864. He'd be sinking their ship someway or another, but fighting to beat down the mutants, and find the fish-whale, he'd find that his glow could find a bit more freedom here.
  865. (Riot)
  868. The initial barrage would be deftly destroyed. Paradox and Corvus creating their own explosions, either to assail the ship or destroy the incoming cannon fire.
  870. Riot was a living SAM site, knocking anything out of the air.
  872. Dun would do his best to reflect the force of the blasts and a few of the enemies cannons would explode.
  874. All the while Vanamir would bark orders and be stark raving mad.
  876. However after Sajid explodes the skull of the second in command, the real threat steps out. A massive burly man who gestures towards the crew. Wanting some of them to board.
  879. As it stands, only two people can venture over to the enemy ship. Otherwise your own ship might be in a bit of danger.
  881. Choose two to jump over, so far it looks like Paradox and Riot.
  882. Thankfully, everything seemed to go according to plan. It was time to board their fucking ship, and seeing as Paradox, and Riot were already on their way there?
  884. Those were the two obvious options.
  886. "Riot, Paradox. Get in there, and cause some damage. Don't destroy the ship. We'll be taking it, and adding it to my growing fleet. Got that? Oh, and bring me back the Captain's hat. As the captain, it's only right that I get that."
  888. A simple nod follows, as she glanced over to the rest of her crew.
  890. "The rest of you lot stay back, and defend the ship, and Glass? If things seem to be going bad for Paradox, and Riot?
  892. Join them."
  894. There, orders have been given, now it was time to see if things actually went according to plan. Which to be fair, they had a lovely crew, so they'd be fine.
  896. Right?
  898. (Vanamir)
  902. Slamming onto the deck the nimble being slips into a roll, the burly man clearly the target they throw their hand forward, a blast of distorted reality clearing the path.
  904. They knew the crimson one was somewhere above.. he just needed a distraction to capitalize on.. Hm. "HEY LOOK, A DISTRACTION~!!" They point off to the side, an illusory cannonball forming as if it were about to slam into the side of the Captain! Oh no!
  906. Though they wouldn't stop there, they lunge themselves, a wash of darkness quickly overtaking the vision of the man.. how would he ever dodge the 'cannonball' now?!?!
  907. (Paradox)
  910. Dun had received his orders, and he wasn't going to diverge from Vanamir's maddening caucus. It was ideal, in truth, fully and thoroughly exciting work the likes of which the clown warlord dreamed of in truth. If each and every one of his glorious sea adventures ended up like this, well, the clown would never lack for entertainment the rest of his days.
  912. Continuing to raise his palm as he darted around the shift with the swiftness of his enhanced timestream, Dun would prove the ultimate line of cannon defense against any oncoming fire by using his body as either an immovable object or a redirection of force. The SS The Whole Circus would be preserved at any cost.
  915. (Dun)
  918. Royal's all but happy to simply sit back and rain Hel-fire upon the ship. Crystals continue to rain down upon the enemy crew, weaving past the two that had jumped across...
  920. All the while priming his own defenses. Heat continued to build up about his frame as crystals channeled his fire magic. His staff taps twice against the ship's floor as he lowered himself down. Watching, waiting for those that may jump across.
  922. This was turning out to be very, very fun after all. "Take any coin y'can over there!"
  923. (Royal Corvinus)
  926. [23:43] The Knight of the Wilds was already on it, dashing in on the burly man and with the aid of the occultist's actions Riot would be right beside them with a swift and precise slash with his weapon. Looking to debilitate, and defeat rather than outright kill here... He'd work swiftly, hoping to be the one to finish the man and incapacitate them.
  928. "!!!!"
  930. He'd have certainty, that they'd be able to subvdue their crew..
  932. Though he didn't know about synergy when next to the opposite of his entire reason for fighting. Hopefully things worked out, though he'd still be apprehensive should Paradox attempt to finish him like the Priest.
  933. (Riot)
  938. The fury of the Fishy Captain would be fully felt by his two opponents. Razor-sharp whips would cut through their armor and dig deep into their body. And with every strike the Captain would take in a bit of their own essence.
  940. Riot would be gripped by a massive Water Tentacle! His own bodily fluids would be drained, leaving him visibly withered and weakened.
  942. Paradox would be next in line. Dark ichorous rings emerge from his body and home around them, crashing straight into their body and breaking some ribs.
  944. Riot would end this captains whole career.
  945. [00:00] It was a monumental clash, Shadows and Light intermingling in-between blows felt oh-so familiar to the fully Nyesh-clad thespian of swordplay. Each opening was capitalized on, and each trade of blows would end with the duo winning out between the deck of the foreign ship.
  947. Feeling the fight drag on, and the weight getting down on him, Riot would get smashed backwards with a tsunami summoned of the man, and he'd drop to a knee as he struggled through labored breaths seeing as the spectral hued duchess of chaos held him back from a finishing blow.
  949. She was defending him... with the occult... -with- it... it b oiled him.. -confused- him..
  951. Was the light not enough?
  953. "No."
  955. A leak in his now dented armor.. a crack of this masquerade showing off the glowing golden eye of the man beneath. Rising back up like an event horizon, roaring internally with the might of the rosegolden starlight shined out from him until it enveloped him AND his blades in a humming howl of his valor.
  957. In a showing of lightspeed movement, masterful technique, and the sheer havoc wracking along his mind at the moment--before that final swing came down upon the hooded woman..
  959. The captain's arm would be gone.
  961. A flurry.
  963. More, more, and more still, a haze of afterimages at the hundreds, growing into thousands of times Riot slashed the man before kicking him overboard and leaving a spray of blood...
  965. By all intents and purposes?
  967. He was dead..
  969. But in the reality, a small piece of wood, and a cauterized stub awaited the captain as he slipped into near-fatal unconsciousness and faded away into the sea. Surgical, and calculated blows on his flesh, but nothing that'd take his ability to live on... Until he met whatever fate awaited him deep at sea.
  971. A long sigh leaking out, and some blood from the man's helmet leaked out as he stumbled, but the smoke would unveil only him sitting there and roaring to the stars in triumph.
  973. "Ghn…"
  974. (Riot)
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