Unplayable Races

Sep 5th, 2020
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  1. Kobolds: A wild and primitive species, Kobolds are oft compared to Goblins because of their relatively diminutive stature and savage nature. However Kobolds seem more like natural Beastkin, their appearance reflecting canine species. They keep dangerous monsters like Barghests and Bear Wolves as seeming companions, though it's thought that their mutual existence is less planned cooperation and more convenience. Little is known of their culture, beyond their tribes being diarchic in nature. Some adventurous merchants make small trades with them for trinkets, but they keep to themselves. In the Kingdom of Men they tend to keep to the Deep Woods, and in the lands of Dwarves they live in the craggy highlands.
  3. Formr: A strange race that lives only on the continent of the elves, their dwellings are made in the ruined and abandoned cities of that land. According to the stories the elves themselves tell, the Formr are pallid and lanky beings that came out of the caves after the time of war. The took over the remains of cities where great magic battles had taken place and no elf could live lest they be stricken by Fell Amult. Little of them is known but their appearance, being earless and hairless, standing a head above most of the Alvar with arms that reach their knees. Though the stagnant mana has faded somewhat from the ruined cities, there has been no incentive for any to explore them; in part because of the stories told, but there is discouragement from the elves as well as though they hide many secrets.
  5. Mazalt: A race that lives in the unconquered desert that spans one-fifth the land of the Orcs. They are nomads that trek between the oases of their desert basin. Yearly, the tribes make appearances at the edges of the desert and make trade of rare herbs and fruits that grow only in the sands and caves of their home. They stand taller than Halflings, but still shorter than Men; little is known of their appearance otherwise for they wrap themselves in robes of a light but opaque material. Their faces, when rarely seen, are covered in short and wiry fur and their noses droop in a sort of hooked shape. They are renowned for their friendliness and generosity in trade, but as well their protectiveness of the desert itself.
  7. Clippers: A sea-faring serpentine race from a small island to the south of the Oni's Great Island. They are generally diminutive in height, though their bodies stretch to seven feet at most only one third to half is upright as a Man. Their scales are brightly coloured and form alternating bands of colour from the top of their heads to the end of their tails. Their eyes are round and wide and there are holes where there should be ears; their heads are vaguely arrow shaped. By and large they ply the seas as merchants and sometimes pirates and it is not uncommon to see them paraded alongside captured buccaneer crews. An interesting, if barbaric, ritual is to remove the venomous fangs of any criminals that act out violent crimes.
  9. Beastkin: Beastkin are not a race, per se, but more a tragic result of rampant abuse of magic. The first appearance of these poor creatures was shortly after the contact between Man and the Demonkin. A Warlock named Heredine made a contract with the particularly wily and devilish Demonkin Astrathan. While the Demonkin was in full control of the body of Heredine, his soul remained fully awake unlike under most contracts. The two collaborated on many cursed and vile inquiries that no truly sane being would deem right. The last of these was the creation of Beastkin; via the merger of the soul of a monster and that of a sapient race, they would create new beings with traits of both. The victims of this depraved experimentation were often young girls and boys from nearby villages, brought to the isolated estate of the Warlock under spells. The ones that survived the traumatic process with their minds intact were invariably different from how they had been remembered before. The merger of the souls often made the victims far more aggressive and given to violent outbursts, as well as deep melancholy setting in between the fits. The exact extent of time that the cursed two carried on their depredations is unknown, but when it was finally uncovered the response was swift and intense. Half a legion of the Kings Mages as well as three of the Twelve Disciples of the Devil descended on the Warlock's estate and took him captive. Brought to the capital of the young Kingdom of Man, Heredine underwent exorcism and was subsequently tortured until death. The Demonkin, meanwhile, answered to the Devil himself and for breach of the Devil's contract with the Kingdom was Devoured. The Beastkin themselves were placed under the care of a specialized branch of the Magic Guild that attempted to cure them, but it was not possible to do. The first were allowed to live out their lives under the care of the Kingdom, but never left the Guild grounds for fear that other fiends might be inspired by them. Unfortunately this was for naught, and scarcely forty years passed before another Warlock created more, and then a decade past that another incident. The crackdown on their creation has been extreme and comprehensive, but the forbidden knowledge inevitably seems to worm its way to those that would abuse it. While Beastkin themselves are not outlawed beings, and in fact are often looked on with pity and kindness in the Kingdom of Men, the punishment for creating them is a drawn out and painful death. They are a rare sight in modern times, and their appearance varies depending on what poor soul was merged with them. Examples have been seen across all species but the elves, and crossed with all kinds of monsters.
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