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  1. twitter: @loonavrs_nim
  2. youtube: "orrery nim"
  3. (nim on loonacord)
  4. 2018/09/10 - Radio - Heejin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Yves, Chuu
  5. @ SBS Love FM - Kim Chang Ryul's Old School (4:05PM KST)
  6. Feel free to use these notes however you wish.
  7. - I typed most of this as I watched the broadcast, and then did a second pass to check for things I missed/misheard.
  9. (host  alone)
  10. LOONA... *kyaaaa
  11. They started as units, split up over and over and over again...
  12. And I saw an article about them.. There're  12 of 'em right? I was like.. waaaaw - when they start as ot12, they'll be daebak
  13. Today there aren't 12 of 'em, we'll have 6... The live studio's small, so we could unfortunately only get 6...
  14. ONLy 5??? *cries*
  15. Are you gonna be like this??
  16. Sadly 5... We'll have 5 members of loona in classes 3 and 4
  17. [(parts 3 and 4) I'll be back an hour later]
  18. -------------------------------
  19. (host) We're with the trending girl group, LOONA,
  20. who built the group up, bit by bit.
  21. We're under construction in the studio today, we hope to get ot12 when the studio's finished and clean!
  22. please send lots of support messages via text and on our app!
  23. ------------------------- (5PM KST)
  24. Host: Alright, done with the ads! lets meet loona!
  25. (lists sponsors for part 3 of the show)
  26. <<<<<<<<<<< LOONA walks in, wearing yellow
  27. Host: The hottest trend... Ambitious people on the show here right now... Human vitamins on the show today! To cheer you up after a tiring monday! they're super rookies! Not just in Korea, they're already popular abroad, 99억 project, let's start today's "Trend/Research/Lifestyle",
  28. everyone: "together!"
  29. HOST: Rookies with refreshing energy! Please say hi!
  30. LOONA: Hello, we're loona!
  31. everyone: wooooooooooo
  32. host: I feel soo good already! The vibe in here.. Was it always so bright?
  33. host: honestly with just us here, it was a bit gloomy... But now, the vibe, so good!
  34. loona: (thank you)
  35. host: Normally you guys are 12 members, but we're under construction in the studio, we could only fit in 5. Sorry about that. Please introduce yourselves
  36. Uwauwa, I'm the dove, Yves
  37. Hello, boowong x2 (owl sounds) I'm kim lip
  38. hello! dongle dongle! I'm a penguin!
  39. ...
  40. i'm the penguin,  chuu!
  41. host: i thought penguin was your name!
  42. chuu: so nervous~
  43. dangeun dangeun (carrot carrot), i'm the rabbit, heejin!
  44. i'm the fruity fruity fruit bat, choerry!
  45. host: oh you've all got animals? is that your concept?
  46. yves: one of our unique concepts is having a special animal that represents us
  47. Host: I thought it was just the chinese zodiac, since you had 12, why not just do that?
  48. (the older member would be... rat, then cow... then tiger)
  49. but any the best part of these animals... All of you guys are are so cute hahaha
  50. You guys are a 99억원 project... I was so curious about this, you guys started all split up! You're finally done debuting and together... how do you feel?
  51. heejin: i was the first member... i was always waiting and thinking "when are we gonna debut as a whole?" it took a while, but now it's packed, our energy's bright and exciting.
  52. host: you didn't start with 12 people pre-selected? or did you pick as you went along?
  53. heejin: yeah our member lineup were picked as we go
  54. lip: yeah, as our times as trainees were different...
  55. host: oh so it was like that~ then getting together finally must've been very emotional... what as it like at the showcase?
  56. lip: oh we were tearing up, just from seeing each others' faces...
  57. chuu: and we hugged each other and stuff..
  58. host: you guys are now getting your word out... not just korea, but to the world...
  59. host: on today's old school too, I hope lots of people send their support.
  60. fan: today the girls look like yellow chicks, cuteness bboom bboom!
  61. fan: why're these specific 5 members on today? did you pick straws?
  62. host: you didn't do that right??
  63. yves: today we picked our name, vibe-makers / atmosphere-setters!
  64. host: so the others can't set the vibe!
  65. them: nono!
  66. host: theyre all ok but you guys are the best at it, and you can talk well? specifically the more  excitable members?
  67. loona: yes...
  68. host: ok we'll see, don't get nervous. just talk as if i'm your dad! you like your dads, right?
  69. host: actually, first, let's say hi to mom and dad!
  70. yves: i'm from busan, so i'll use the accent
  71. yves in busan accept: mom dad i'm on [hosts']s radio show, it's fascinating, plz have fun listening! bye!
  72. lip - i'm from chungju, so there's no accent haha... mom, dad, i'm next to kim chang ryul right now, i'm so nervous, idk if you're listening, but hope you enjoy listening. love you!
  73. Chuu: i'm chuu~ mom, dad, dj doc sunbaenim that you loved (mashed up two songs' lyrics LOL) i'm on his show! enjoy watching, love you!
  74. heejin: mom dad you listening? i wanna see you! i'm on the radio! with kim chang ryul, i'm nervous, but enjoy! love you!
  75. choerry: mom dad., listening? hope you're listening. i'll be hwaiting today!
  76. all: hwaiting!
  77. host: yeah, i'd really love for everyone to get comfortable!
  78. host: so congrats on your ot12 debut! what was the response from your family?
  79. kim lip: my parents were against it at first, but now they're very happy about it :)
  80. she sends me pictures of myself all the time, she gets the pics before I do... idk where she gets them from lol
  81. host: why did they oppose it at first? did you study well?
  82. lip: no, not that well, but i tried hard. but at any rate they didn't like it. now they do though
  83. yves: my parents also didn't want me becoming an idol either, but now after debut (my mom runs a clothing shop) she plays loona songs on their speakers she bought for the store to show off :)
  84. host: yeah parents love to show the fruit of their childrens' labor, they ultimately becomes the best supporter! Always supportive...
  85. chuu: my parents did vocal singing
  86. host: oh you're from a musical family!
  87. chuu: mom didn't approve because she knew the scene, but my dad supported me the whole time over the years, i think that's why I could keep going
  88. host: he must've wanted to brag :)
  89. chuu: now? he buys like 50 albums each release!
  90. heejin: my parents also didn't want me to either... but now they love it, and they even watch our music shows!
  91. host: back in my days... we recorded on, like VCR... these days it's so convenient!
  92. choerry: also my parents didn't like it either... But as I kept at it, they started supported me. My younger sibling (grade 4) even did a cover of a song with choreo!
  93. host: ohhh i wonder if he's gonna audition! Grade 4... and covering.. That's super early! How early are kids training these days...
  94. Host: you gave me this album, it's from LOONA, your ot12 album. What kind of album is it?
  95. chuu introduces the album, you've all heard this before
  96. ...
  97. i'm very proud of the album!
  98. host: the art on the album is nice! and the album's super clean! the team feels super clean too!
  99. now we'll listen to a song from the album. LOONA, ++, hi high!
  100. --------------------------------------- bop
  101. that was LOONA's Hi High!
  102. like the lyrics, they're sweet, sour... Its a song that makes you feel good!
  103. Fan: so many members! How do you manage all your birthdays?
  104. LOONA: we have 4 bdays in november...
  105. host: that's not far off! It'd be funny if there were a ton of members in a short time...
  106. lip: we might just take care of all 4 november members at once
  107. host: Any members whose birthday is separate from the rest?  Lipves? that must be nice! They get celebrations for themselves only!
  108. Chuu/heejin are 1 day apart (not chingus, 1 year apart) they'll probs celebrate together too!
  109. Choerry is in june!
  110. host: aw its passed, you'll have to wait a while before your party lol
  111. fan: about changing phone with 20 months left on contract! heejin is love!
  112. host: heejin filmed a phone CF... everyone wants a phone CF! they're very coveted.. doing it right after debut, you must be honored!
  113. heejin: yeah i'm very thankful
  114. host: how was filming it?
  115. heejin: i was so nervous!
  116. host: hmmm, when won't you be nervous? lol you're nervous even today! please relax, have a good time
  117. host: speaking of, what kind of ads do you guys want to film?
  118. yves: since a while ago - i'm confident about my lips. lipstick CF
  119. host: it'd look pretty. what a great fit
  120. lip: me too, my name's kim lip... so... lipstick
  121. host: that's alright too!
  122. lipves: lets do it together
  123. host: ok those two are set...
  124. chuu: since a long time ago, I wanted to an ICE CREAM Cf. "oh so tasty!"
  125. host: heejin?
  126. heejin: with all 12, i want to film a school uniform CF
  127. host: even the outfits now look like uniforms! lol
  128. host: do a concept like having each girl wear different outfits where you don't get tired of them even wearing the whole year
  129. choerry: I wanna do a CF for a soft drink!
  130. host: you'll look pretty doing whatever! we'll listen to a song and comeback!
  131. Now listening: LOONA 1/3 - Love & Live
  132. -----------------------------------------------
  133. Back to old school, part 4 of the broadcast!
  134. HOST: Back with LOONA WOOO the energy is real!
  135. HOST: what should I call it? The feeling that you guys aren't quite acclimated but know how to have fun anyways :)
  136. Lots of messages coming up for LOONA from the fans!
  137. Fan: LOONA, whenever they see a mirror, they must feel great just existing...
  138. Host: whatever you guys do, it'll look pretty huh
  139. LOONA: thank you...
  140. host: you guys need to take good care of yourselves... you don't know what'll happen! you need to do well starting now!
  141. fan: are there any members who have too much energy, enough to tire out the staff?
  142. (Yves and Choerry point to Chuu)
  143. Heejin: the two members next to me...
  144. Chuu/Choerry: ???
  145. host : chuu? choerry?
  146. chuu: I think differently, she's not here now, but I feel like seeing Yeojin right about now...
  147. host: ah, the maknae that just screams and runs around, I assume? Why isn't she here?
  148. chuu: it'd be hard to contain her energy..
  149. host: be sure to take her next time, as twelve! Even if you become successful enough not to need this broadcast! Promise!
  150. LOONA: promise!
  151. host: I heard Kim Lip loves eating, so wasn't dieting hard?
  152. kim lip: yeah, i love eating, esp. when it comes to sweets... stopping myself from eating stuff like that was hard.
  153. host: is kim lip your real name?
  154. lip: no... it's kim jeong un
  155. *lolololol*
  156. maknae line: who's lectures the most of the unnies?
  157. choerry: I would say it's the girl next-next to me, Kim Lip
  158. chuu: next-next to you is me!!
  159. host: lip likes teasing you guys?
  160. choerry: no not that, she's such a perfectionist, if there's any flaw, she's like, fix that!
  161. host: well if shes like that won't that rub off and be a good thing?
  162. choerry: thats.. that's why it's a good thing!
  163. host: ok you're safe for now! lol i just threw it out there, but you caught the idea, that's how you gotta do it
  164. fan: they say yves looks like a lot of celebs - anyone in particular who people say you look like the most?
  165. lip: first impression - Jo Boa, her smile's shape is so similar
  166. host: Jo boa shes so popular these days... she's the best...
  167. chuu: in my eyes, sulli
  168. host: i'm gonna keep prodding!
  169. heejin: me too, her smile, again, is so pretty - on first glance she reminded me of sistar dasom
  170. host: yeah yeah yeah that's right she's got dasom
  171. yves: i can't sit still...
  172. host: then stand!! haha sorry
  173. host: ok lets stop here~ if there's only praise, there are people who can't handle compliments that well... (Yves raises hand)
  174. Host: i'm weak to priase too!
  175. members: o man the host is so handsome, leads the show so well
  178. fan) chuu sang an animation ost, sing a verse for us!
  179. host: really!
  180. chuu: i wanted to sing it because i was interested as a student
  181. (sings) ho!
  182. host: she sounds like an old show called 뽀뽀뽀, reminds me of the character 뽀미 what's that show called now?
  183. members: now it's like boni-hani
  184. host: yeah be like hani ! the kids would love you!
  185. chuu: please call me, kiddos!
  187. fan: anyone you guys look up to?
  188. yves: I looked up to wonder girls - sunmi especially!
  189. host: sunmi's the hottest person these days.,.. and her latest song's so hot..
  190. yves: please listen to siren, it's so good
  191. host: please cover it!
  192. yves: i already scanned the choreo~
  193. chuu: she did in 30 minutes!
  194. host: when you meet someone you tend to freeze... have you seen sunmi?
  195. yves: i saw her on a music bcast while on stage, and the members were like unnie unnie! i couldnt make eye contact or say hi...
  196. host: you know you'll be performing as units, or solos, later on? just imagine you and sunmi standing on stage like bam! I hope to see you two on stage like that.
  197. Yves: oof thank you
  198. Host: Kim Lip?  
  199. Lip: BoA and park hyoshin
  200. Host: park hyoshin??? can you sing one of his songs??
  201. Lip: uhh.. (sings)
  202. Host: that was good! hes got a heavy vibe, but your eyes.. so bright, changed the vibe to feeling like an adept cat on the music
  203. chuu: the style of song that i like, is IU's...
  204. host: iu's got a nice bouncy vibe to her songs, it fits you quite well!
  205. chuu: oh raindrop~ iloveyou iu sunbaenim!
  206. host: heejin?
  207. heejin: i used to ride the bus as a trainee from the countryside to come up all the way to seoul...
  208. host: you had a hard time as a trainee!
  209. heejin: yeah but it was fun! anyhow, the bus rides was long, and I sang along to Lucia's songs
  210. host: choerry?
  211. choerry: younha is my role model. i like all her songs, specifically 혜성 (comet) and 기다리다 (i wait)
  212. how does it start again? (sings) (seems to forget lyrics) at the end hehe
  213. host: maknaes getting nervous haha, you did great!
  214. now.. is this called odd eye circle? a song by OEC - Girl Front!
  215. Lip: Let's listen to Odd Eye Circle's song, Girl Front!
  216. ----
  217. Host: That was LOONA/OEC's girl front!
  218. Host: there's a lot of messages coming in, Yves is looking intently at the messages from the fans
  219. Host: do you want to be a dj later?
  220. yves: yes, totally!
  221. host: do you think you can do well?
  222. yves: yeah, like this (comes over to host)
  223. host: how does ddable dj sound like... (proposition as a joke)
  224. (his old fashioned pronounciation, apologizes for that LOL)
  226. other than LOONA, anything else you guys want to try?
  227. Yves: MC - music show MC. I could wreck it.
  228. Host: LOLOLOL you can't use that kinda language as an MC
  229. Yves: Oh i'm sorry, I can ensure a great time as MC ;)
  230. Host: your pronounciation's great, you'd be a great MC.
  231. Host: Lip?
  232. lip: I want to try mukbang, and generally want to learn a lot of things, like composing or writing lyrics for songs
  233. Host: to improve your musicianship!
  234. Lip: and please call me in variety shows!
  235. Shows: Uhh, Battle trip, and uhhhhh... and... uhh...
  236. host: say them all!
  237. Lip: uhhhhh if it involves eating, i'm down to go! and... (forgets name, members remind her) law of the jungle!
  238. Chuu: please send Lip!
  239. Host: SBS PDs might be listening you know!
  240. Chuu: IDK if I can say this because it's a secretive show - King of Masked Singer! I also like running - so running man! As a fixed member!
  241. Host: WOW! The members are so solid now... It won't be easy...
  242. Chuu: i'll try hard!
  243. Host: if you consistently show this energy you can do it!
  245. Host: anything other than variety? acting? separate album? musicals?
  246. chuu: i watched sitcoms like High Kick as a kid a lot, so I wanna show up on those, so acting.
  247. host: nothing extreme, just relaxing sitcoms, ok
  248. heejin: I want to try acting too...
  249. host: Heejin's visuals...  Seriously, actress visuals. You HAVE to become an actress! Your facial profile's great for it, you need to try it!
  250. choerry: Variety, and... I also did a webdrama, so drama!
  251. host: our maknae's multi-talented!
  252. choerry: dramas, and many variety shows!
  253. host: that's great. You've got so much energy!
  255. fan: school-attending members? do they go crazy when they see you?
  256. choerry: I do go in for attendance every day, as it fits our schedules, and when they see me, classmates say they keep up with my shows, it's nice to hear and I'm thankful!
  257. host: do they ask for signatures and stuff?
  258. choerry: yes yes... when they do, I remember it :)
  260. fan: any rules in the house? must be hectic with 12 people living there...
  261. Yves: Heejin made a cleaning todo list, like recycling, taking out the trash, vacuuming.. If you do something on the list, you put a sticker to confirm who did what
  262. host: who checks?
  263. members: all of us?
  264. lip: I have to something to say, I'm going to expose them right now, yyxy seriously does nothing!!
  265. chuu: exclude me from that!
  266. yves: me too!
  267. lip: we put stickers in there, there's 1/3 and OEC, but yyxy's rows are always empty! Or have like, one sticker!
  268. Yves: real cleaning is cleaning that no one notices...
  269. Host: everyone's got something to say...! Saving your words is good can be too, guys
  270. ------------- ad break-----------------
  271. love4eva intro?
  272. HOST: we had this show with LOONA. ah it felt like I was the one being healed! last farewells?
  273. Yves: i couldn't even dream about being on this show... (bounce with me... host's legendary song and please call all 12 of us!
  274. host: you promise you'll come!
  275. lip: I was so nervous before, so I'm thankful for the host for getting us comfortable! I hope to have fun here again as 12! please love hi high!
  276. chuu: I'm chuu! I hope many more people get curious about loona! we had fun here today thanks to the host. Thank you!
  277. heejin: i was so nervous coming in, the host made us so comfortable, it was fun being on Old School! Thank you! and please love our title song, Hi High!
  278. host: I'm the one who's thankful. Choerry last?
  279. Choerry: i had such a fun time on Old School, thanks to everyone for listening! I hope to become a big icon like the host!!
  280. Host: Promise you'll come as OT12 later! Bye!
  281. LOONA: Yea! Thank you!
  282. Host: The song just zoomed past while we were doing this, yyxy's [love]4eva! we have 20 seconds left... I'll say bye too! All the students of Old School, please love them!
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