Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C4 intro)

Dec 29th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 4
  3. From a brother to a sister
  5. Intro
  7. The next day, March 31. Today will be a special day for me.
  9. Yes ... Today is the day Horikita Manabu will start his new journey. The promised time is right in the middle of the day.
  11. Acting as usual ... I arrived in front of the main gate early. He did not tell his other juniors about the day of his departure. So far no one but myself was present.
  13. Occasionally in the distance, I waited for his arrival, while staring at the students who went to the Keyaki mall.
  15. A year ago, I came to school through this main gate. A place that is usually close, but is never approached.
  17. Although it can be passed by bus for club activities and exams. But there are only two choices for walking out of this main gate, graduation or expulsion.
  19. Since there is no repetition system, one of these two situations will inevitably occur within 3 years.
  21. "Recently, I'm thinking about this kind of thing."
  23. It was about time to reach the 2nd grade, I often look back on my own feelings lately.
  25. Horikita's brother finally arrived ... 20 minutes before the scheduled time. After confirming my appearance, Horikita's brother turned his gaze to look at the environment around me.
  27. No need to ask what is the meaning of his action.
  29. "Unfortunately ... Your sister hasn't arrived yet."
  31. "Oh, I see..."
  33. The time now is around 11:40 a.m. Not that he was late.
  35. However, considering that there was only a little time left, he should have arrived earlier. When meeting with Ichinose the other day. It is still new in my mind that Horikita acts like she has a lot of free time.
  37. Could there be some kind of incident that is happening?
  39. "Want me to give her a call?" I suggested it like that.
  41. Rather than me, it should be easier to ask if it's Horikita's brother. I thought so, but ...
  43. "No, there's no need ..." Responding to my proposal, Horikita's brother refused by moving his hand.
  45. "If her health deteriorates, she should have contacted me."
  47. "Looks like ... She didn't fall asleep too..." That was not possible, but I said that there was such a possibility.
  49. "Even if she overslept, there's no need to wake her up either." If she overslept on this very important day, does that mean that she is no longer worthy to be covered with him...?
  51. Horikita's brother response did not change even on the last day of the meeting.
  53. "Well ... It's fine. Besides, there is still time before the promised hour." Maybe she is currently in a nervous state in her room because she is meeting her older brother.
  55. "Not to mention Suzune, I didn't expect you to come so early."
  57. "Somehow I feel you will also come early." Meeting place at midday. Of course, there is plenty of time until the bus departure.
  59. But ... Talking about the last farewell. Of course, both Horikita's brother and sister should expect to have a long talk here. And as expected, he appeared 20 minutes before the scheduled time.
  61. The only thing missing is the absence of Horikita who should be the main character. However, as long as there is no her, there is no choice but to talk about something. Just spending time in silence is the same as wasting it.
  63. After thinking a little, I talked about what I have been interested in lately.
  65. "Sorry, maybe it's better for me to act a little more about the student council issue for your sake."
  67. For the sake of stopping Nagumo Miyabi's 'tantrum' ... Horikta's brother has consulted me. However, at that time I still strongly desired a peaceful life, so I did not follow it. Even to introduce me to the Vice Chair of Student Council Kiriyama ..., but it only ended there.
  69. In the end, to this day ... I have not taken any action to move Nagumo.
  71. "Don't worry ... All of that is my responsibility, there is also a problem about me that imposes them on you." For Horikita's brother this school has become his past.
  73. From now on, whatever the situation, he has no need to worry about it anymore.
  75. "But, even so ... Let me warn you one last time. I basically take a positive attitude to our school's policy. Despite the basic idea of ​​power, there is plenty of room for the lower classes to win. Yes, although this isn't an easy fight, of course. "
  77. "I think ... There is no persuasive power if it comes from you who has always been class A for 3 years."
  79. "That's because many people don't realize the essence of it. Of course, there are a lot of improvement points on the side of the school too. But if you look back, you should know Either an uninhabited island exam or an exam at the end of the school year, there is always an opportunity for the lower classes to win against the upper classes."
  81. Not just the written exam factor, but the strong search through special exams as well.
  83. In the uninhabited island test, it is not difficult to win from Class A or Class B with its strong unity. The same applies to the final school exams. Even though it is a test that is greatly influenced by luck, in other words ... This is proof that the lower classes can win.
  85. "Luck determines the magnitude of victory or defeat. That is a necessary consideration for first-year students who are still inexperienced to win against the upper classes. But ... At the same time it is something that is not acceptable to the upper classes. A factor which they don't like... "The school's consideration of the lower classes creates dissatisfaction from the upper classes.
  87. Apart from the movement to save 20 million personal points, basically working together as a class is part of the school system, and it is a mechanism that does not leave those who have low ability. Each class has students who excel and there are also some students who compete at lower levels. Nagumo must have experienced the same test as us all year and came to the same thought ...
  89. He wants to make it a more capability and achievement based system that can be won by individual strengths.
  91. The mechanism where someone at the top will always be at the top and someone at the bottom will always be at the bottom.
  93. "Perhaps, what Nagumo and the others are trying to do is not a mistake..."
  95. There will be some dissatisfaction, but at the same time, there must also be many students agreeing. And in the case of second grade students, the majority of students support it. Of course, it is not just a simple supported. There must be some students who are swayed by the surrounding situation and support with such an attitude. If everyone agrees, Then all classes should compete with each other.
  97. "In terms of class points ..., there is a big gap in Grade 2...?"
  99. "Yes ... Class A Nagumo got 1491 points this March. Class B is 889 points. Class C is 280 points. And Class D is 76 points."
  101. Considering that there was only one year left, Class A is already in a stable position Situation.
  103. Among them, Nagumo had the courage to propose assistance to any lower class.
  105. Of course ... With only 76 points, it's almost impossible to turn things around.
  107. "There should be lots of supporters about it. If you can't win it with your class, then the only way to go to class A is to win it individually."
  109. "Maybe so ... But ..., Nagumo's approach would make many people unhappy too." If you become too talented and individualistic, that will give rise to suspicion of your classmates.
  111. That can make everything around him become an enemy.
  113. Horikita's brother, no but Horikita Manabu thinks that the cooperation of the organization called class is absolute.
  115. As a result, creating an organization with a far-sighted future.
  117. "Isn't that the same with the current system? Three classes besides class A remain unhappy." I may only be able to imagine what the ideal Nagumo is trying to create, but if a system that allows victory for individuals is established, a Plus can be added as an aid to less than 40 students per class.
  119. "Yes ... For example ..."
  121. When I tried to talk, Horikita's brother spoke before me.
  123. "The personal points of students under class B are all collected at once, and they will use it as a gambling game to get to class A ... Is that right ...?"
  125. (TLkomen: it was revealed how Nagumo promised every talented student in each class could jump to class A)
  127. I nodded, we really thought of the same idea as him. Regardless of students who have dropped out of school ..., there are 120 students from class B to class D. If he collects all of their personal points, it might be easy to surpass 20 million points. It might even reach 40 million to 60 million points.
  129. Of course ... Not all students can take part in gambling. Right now I don't know what kind of system they will use ..., but until a while ago, Personal points can also be cashed at the time of graduation. Because of that, there are also some students who are fine with their personal points even though graduating as a Grade D student.
  131. However, if he is able to get the investors above all the existing conditions ... If you can't win as a class, it's not bad to make a bet at the last moment.
  133. With this, they can increase the number of students who can go to Class A. The higher the Class A points are, the easier it is to make the last bet come true.
  135. "Didn't you talk about that to your classmates?"
  137. "It would be a lie if I said there wasn't, but that could never be realized. Classes A and B compete with each other, but for classes C and D they are not able to leave enough points to do that." I remember contacting a third year D student one year ago who seemed to be in trouble. If you keep losing, it will be harder for him to get class points.
  139. If you fall into a situation where you have to spend every month with 0 points, it will only fall into a negative vortex.
  141. "If it's about that then it hasn't affected anything. However ... Nagumo plans to hold a festival involving even class A itself. In other words, putting the risk on his own colleagues."
  143. Students with low ability in class A have the potential to drop out of school. Surely that's right ... They wouldn't admit it if only Class A was in the safe zone of a meritocracy system. Both class A to class D must be equal level about it.
  145. "I don't know how far they will go, but that's a brave decision ..."
  147. "He is just bored with the current situation where his victory has been confirmed. This may be due to the fact that he, join the Student Council was just to kill time." If you have the ability and support, no one has the right to complain about it.
  149. "The class is a community of shared destiny. I think that this framework alone should not be broken."
  151. "Because of that, you can't agree with Nagumo's way huh ..."
  153. He did not nod, but Horikita's brother accepted the words.
  155. I understood what he was trying to say, but I couldn't say which was true.
  157. Other than that....
  159. "I will see what Nagumo is trying to do. If he changes the school year instead ... The whole school becomes more meritocratic, I cannot deny not experiencing it." Without lying, I decided to report what happened in the future.
  161. "I see ... So you will go further than me."
  163. "You're exaggerating too much." I just have no intention of stopping Nagumo and have no way to stop it.
  165. Therefore ... It's not bad to see the world that Nagumo is trying to make.
  167. This one year that Horikta's brother has protected, is really firmly planted in me.
  169. "I'm not as great as you think ..."
  171. "No, sorry but I don't think so."
  173. Horikita's brother strongly denied the humility I showed.
  175. "In any way, it seems like your judgment about me hasn't decreased ..."
  177. "If there's a part that's decreasing, then I'm lowering the limit." Yeah ... Come to think of it, Horikita's brother hasn't changed his judgment about me for almost a year.
  179. Regardless of what he knows, the standards don't change.
  181. "I really don't understand. Which part of me you recognize."
  183. The only information the older brother has compared to other students is only about stopping acts of violence against his younger sister and adjusting my test scores upon entry.
  185. Other general information is only about the speed of the legs that I showed when I ran with this person in the relay.
  187. He doesn't know how good I am at studying or how good I am at sports.
  189. "To a certain extent, I can feel the opponent's skills with my own sensitivity and intuition."
  191. Is this something abstract and not something concrete huh ...? To be able to evaluate myself to that extent, that's really great.
  193. "How do you see me with that sensibility? I want to hear it, just think of it as a farewell gift for me. "
  195. I was interested, so I decided to ask.
  197. Actually, I just want to compare, does he see me as I see myself. Horikita's brother can definitely answer it without applying additional words.
  199. "Yeah, I see you ..." After a while, he looked back at this year.
  201. "Life experience up to now ... From the looks of it, there are so many deviations about it. There are no gaps anywhere. There is no need to say about your strategic knowledge, and no one seems to be able to say anything about the use of skills in physical strength. You are an opponent I didn't want to fight against. "
  203. That's really a good rating. If this is just a simple sensibility. Then it is true.
  205. "In other words, you gave me a completely white flag ?"
  207. (Tln: white flag means surrender.)
  209. "This and that are different matters. Even if you are a perfect opponent, there is always a chance of winning." I'm a little relieved by Horikita's brother who answers like that.
  211. "Especially, competing class in this school. No matter how much excellence, there is always a limit to doing something. "
  213. "That's right ... That's why I feel drawn to it..."
  215. "Ayanokouji ... What kind of environment did you grow up in? ... It's not a coincidence that you were born with all of your abilities, right? That's also not an area that can be reached because you have a family that educates you thoroughly and thoroughly."
  217. "Didn't you not grow up in an ordinary family environment ...?"
  219. An elite who is capable of serving as Chair of the Student Council must understand well how to climb up to this.
  221. "Nothing is suddenly above at first. There was a time when I had to struggle very much for it, but I have made continuous efforts based on it. From childhood until now and beyond." Horikita said that he stood on the pile.
  223. "Well... If you follow that theory, then I might have tried more than that."
  225. "That is true..."
  227. To win from those who have tried, must make efforts beyond his efforts. It's true that that's not all ..., but only one answer. Horikita Manabu took out his cell phone. Then, show the cell phone number displayed on the cell phone screen. Then he turned the screen and displayed another different number.
  229. "Remember these two cell phone numbers. If you have problems after graduation, you can always consult me. If you can't remember now, you can write them down, the first is mine and the other is Tachibana. But ... Make sure to delete it later. "
  231. Contact with people outside of school is prohibited even through this cell phone. Making notes carelessly will only hurt me.
  233. I'm fine with no problems, remembering the two 11 digit cell phone numbers in one corner of my head.
  235. Personally, I can't imagine a day when I will use this number ... But there is no loss in remembering that.
  237. "By the way .., I haven't heard it yet .., where are you going after this?" Because he also told me Tachibana's cell phone number, I understood that he would keep in touch even after graduating ... But ...
  239. "About that...."
  241. Horikita who tried to speak, confirmed the time on his cell phone and stopped his words.
  243. "I'll talk about it after you graduate. Now it's time for that." Soon the time is right at 12 noon.
  245. In other words, the time when meeting Horikita's brother. But there ... I could not see the presence of his younger sister.
  247. His expression looked the same as usual, but it made me feel lonely somewhere.
  249. "Isn't it better to contact her?" I can't think that she won't show up here today.
  251. (Tln: actually the raw is more complex and it will definitely make you dizzy, but I've simplified it like this.)
  253. "No ... It's better not to." Even if she is involved in an incident, Horikta's brother seems to remain at his discretion not to contact her.
  255. I really understood that he actually didn't hate his younger sister.
  257. "There's no need for you to be stubborn, right? Sometimes it's not bad to reach out your hand first ..."
  259. "I'm afraid that my temporary emotions can hamper my sister's growth. If it's just being involved in an incident, then that's fine. But if she decides not to meet can make her grow ... Then that's better. More than that ... I'm just will be a barrier for her. "
  261. "Growing up without meeting you? Do you really think your sister arrived at such thoughts?"
  263. "Suzune will judge that." That is not an area that can be said ..., therefore he is not honest.
  265. "You don't seem to be showing optimistic things ..."
  267. "I just decided how to use that optimism."
  269. I think it's time to use it now. One minute passed from 12:00 hours.
  271. I thought he would go directly to the main gate, but he hasn't started walking towards it. While not showing his optimism, but apparently he showed a little.
  273. "I have something that I want to confirm with you. I want you to answer it as a sign of my graduation."
  275. Said Horikita's brother who changed the direction of the conversation and his gaze. I nodded at his optimism for the last time.
  277. "If it's something I can answer ..." Maybe when this conversation is over, Horikita's brother will walk towards the main gate.
  279. "Why do you spend time hiding your talents?" That's not something unexpected, but it's a pretty straightforward statement to the point.
  281. "It's simple. I just don't like to stand out ..."
  283. "Even if you hide your true identity, are you still going to implement it?"
  285. "I don't know ... I never thought about it that deep." When entering this school, I just want to live a normal student life.
  287. However, if asked like this, there might be some doubts about it.
  289. "Normally ... I will decide to spend time as an ordinary student that can be found anywhere. There is a winding road, and sometimes there are times when I have to do it."
  291. "Do you intend to continue doing the same thing in the future?"
  293. "I don't know ... Because lately I've been getting more attention. Although there are not many things to do seriously, they may have increased. "
  295. Actually, there are many parts that I can't understand. But for now I express my feelings honestly.
  297. After hearing that, what answer would Horikita's brother give?
  299. "Lately I ... Always think about what I can do and what I can't do at this school." He said so ... While looking far towards the school building.
  301. "Did I do my best? Is there no room for me to grow further?" In other words, that means ... He has lived a life in an environment that is almost the opposite of mine. That's why he climbed to the top until he became President of the Student Council.
  303. "Is it really meaningful for you to continue to live your school life behind the scenes like this ...?"
  305. "I don't think it's wrong to say it as comfort."
  307. "That might be true ... But, didn't you come to this school to leave something ...? If it's true ... Then, I think you should do your best for it."
  309. "Leaving something ... That can only be done by someone like you." I denied like that, but Horikita's brother seemed unsure about it.
  311. "If you can't leave anything to school, then you can leave something for the students. Carve out the students ... To never forget the memory that there is a student named Ayanokouji Kiyotaka." Carve out my existence in someone's heart. I never even thought about that.
  313. "I really thank you for making my sister grow. But ... I know very well for a year seeing you, that you are not a man who will end with just this. You are hiding an extraordinary power. That's why ... Don't disappoint me. "
  315. Encouragement as student council president and as a senior at the Advanced Nursing High School.
  317. "If you chase yourself within the limits, then make it a memorable memory for the past 3 years."
  319. "Becoming an unforgettable existence ? I might have dropped out while in the middle of two or three years."
  321. "Even if you were involved in an incident and were determined to drop out before 3 years. It is still possible to leave memories about you. When you look at the past 3 years ... If you can make a lot of students think that, he really thankful for meeting a student named Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. I think you've achieved the same thing as that. "
  323. It was told once more .., I felt the words gradually sink into my heart.
  325. "I understand ... I'll think about it carefully."
  327. Now ... That's the best answer I can reply.
  329. "It's okay. That's not the answer I have to look for, but you have to look for it ... Ayanokouji ..."
  331. About the student council president, led by Nagumo, about his younger sister Horikita, and even about school. The decision finally lies with myself.
  333. In this world full of ingredients that can make you grow and develop. Wherever it is, there are always instructions to improve yourself.
  335. Even now, dealing with Horikita's brother is part of it. Assuming that I will spend the rest of my school life quietly behind the scenes ..., it is true that I will definitely leave something later ...
  337. My memory. But, memories that seem so pleasant. At first I was satisfied with that. That's why I lived as calmly as possible for the past year. But that might not be the answer, it seems.
  339. There is a meaning why I came to this school.
  341. Yes, it is true.
  343. "In the end ... I just like lecturing you, please forgive me."
  345. "No. I feel like I received the best words from my senior for his juniors."
  347. Parting with you ... Somewhere I feel lonely. I decided to stop saying that.
  349. "Huh ... Looks like we both show sides that don't look like us, huh..." Sometimes we might be able to talk because we know that there is distance about it.
  351. And sometimes you can understand without using words.
  353. "It's about time ... I'll leave ..." Feeling his sister didn't show up even after 12:10, his brother said that.
  355. After that, Horikita's brother who saw the school somewhere felt reluctant then looked towards the first year dormitory.
  357. The absence of a younger sister who was supposed to come. Surely no one can anticipate this development.
  359. Is that your answer Horikita ...?
  361. (Tln: I mean the little sister Suzune)
  363. I could not help feeling that doubt. I certainly admit that brother and sister have a slightly complicated relationship.
  365. (Tln: complicated / bad, just like you guys, the kanji means the same thing.)
  367. However, you should have suffered for many years in order to break this relationship.
  369. And finally, time to get the right answer. I reached into my pocket then take out my cell phone.
  371. Shouldn't we force her to meet her brother here? Whether it's for a moment or a glance, if you can push Horikita even if forced.
  373. No .... Wouldn't it have the opposite effect if you did that? I might break the relationship between brother and sister who will start to melt it. In the end, whether she wanted to meet or not want to meet was something that only the two of them felt. This is not something a third party has to intervene in.
  375. "Sorry ... By the end, my sister has caused you problems..." Seeing my feelings, Horikta's brother calmly apologized to me.
  377. "I have not received any losses." Turning his back, the man who led for three years in this school... Will leave...
  379. "For the past three years ... I have pride that I can continue to lead, without stopping."
  381. That includes everything.
  383. The last word of Brother Horikita looked back for 3 years.
  385. "I lost many of my classmates along the way. Even in other classes ... "Even though he said that, he didn't feel disappointed.
  387. "As a result, we had a total of 24 school dropouts before graduation. Even in the third Grade there were 13 dropouts."
  389. I don't understand ... Whether this is more or not than last year.
  391. If I'm not mistaken ... Nagumo and the others in Grade 2, there were 17 students who dropped out until last winter.
  393. "You only have 3 people in Grade 1 ..." It's not hard to imagine that it will be tighter when you pass the next school year.
  395. "Is it necessary for students who are unable to solve their problems to fall?"
  397. (Tln: in raw mean it fell, but here it might mean dropping out of school or drop out)
  399. "Of course, Students who drop out are basically those who don't meet the standards. But sometimes you can also lose a student who excels." Sometimes you beat someone, or sometimes you get defeated by a stronger opponent. It is not uncommon for a student who is not expected to disappear.
  401. "Some voices have questioned the school system like that ..., but at the same time I am also really grateful to this school."
  403. Horikita's brother does not deny the way the school does things, to eliminate his peers.
  405. "In this school, students study education for the future of Japan. It is impossible for 100 to adapt to 100 people. The same is true for finding a university or finding a job in any company." Passing or failing is assessed not only regarding suitability or unsuitability, but also from various final results as well.
  407. "I can learn about that philosophy. I can feel it from my skin. After leaving here, I will never lose the selection because of half-hanging."
  409. That much you can grow, huh? How many students will reach this height in the same school year ...?
  411. "Enough to get here huh ..." The main gate. a few meters away the main gate could be seen.
  413. Then ..., for the last time Horikta's brother faced me.
  415. "This may be a one-sided request, but I leave Suzune to you." Saying that, Horikita's brother extended his right hand to me.
  417. "Can you accept shaking hands with me?"
  419. "Sure...."
  421. I held the hand in his presence.
  423. Shaking hands is the act of holding his hand and my hand together. Horikita's brother hand grip contains mysterious power.
  425. Then we both let go of each other.
  427. "Until we meet again, Ayanokouji ..." Leaving a parting word, he began to approach the main gate. If he leaves here, then no one can do anything about it.
  429. 2 years at the shortest. Or meet him again, will only come true after the dropout from school.
  431. And I will never meet this man again ...
  433. "Brother ..." A loud scream came from behind me. There is no room for doubt in this situation, whose voice it is ... Listening to that voice, Horikita's brother stopped.
  435. Apparently, right at the last minute it seems like ...
  437. After noon, they will be separated in meters. If her arrival was only one minute late, surely it would not be possible to see his face.
  439. When Horikita's brother looked back, by seeing his eyes, I understood for the first time that there was a strong shock including ...
  441. Is it really surprising that your little sister came ...?
  443. Of course there are ... I think like that ... but apparently not.
  445. No ... That's not all... Is that right? The real reason for the shock, as soon as I found out the answer ...
  447. "You...."
  449. Past the scheduled time ... Horikita, who was running out of breath, stood beside me.
  451. But right now, to Horikita, I'm the same as the surrounding scenery. Not seen in her view.
  453. Then she took a step closer to her brother while breathing.
  455. "I'm sorry for being late ...!" She apologized while bowing her head.
  457. Why late? Usually will ask like that.
  459. "No ......" But for this time ... There was no need to answer that reason
  461. With just one look, you will be able to understand the reason. Confusion, not ... But pure surprise. That's because there is a big difference between yesterday's Horikita and today's Horikita.
  463. So is this ...? The reason why Horikita's brother found out that her younger sister did not grow up soon after entering this school? Horikita Manabu seems lost for words after seeing Horikita's current state.
  465. Yes ... so do I. ... On this last day of farewell. I can clearly understand the readiness of Horikita to come to this place with the intention of being late.
  467. With a sister like that ..., there's no way her brother would scold her.
  469. "Looks like you've changed, huh ..." A brother who was relieved by the appearance of his younger sister calmly said that.
  471. "I ... Has it really changed?"
  473. "No ... I will correct it, you seem to have returned to your old self ... Suzune ..." That was not the beginning, but returned to the origin.
  475. "One year ... No... It takes years for that." Horikita slowly answered the question from the brother, while holding her breath.
  477. "Why can't I return to my former self faster ... Even if I'm sorry, I can't always regret it ..." One step, Horikita began to approach her brother.
  479. "What are you thinking right now ...?"
  481. "What is it ... To be honest ..., a lie if I say there is still no part that makes me confused." Horikita was confused because her words did not continue well.
  483. While staring at her with soothing eyes, Horikita's brother waited for the spinning words.
  485. "But ... I can say this with certainty. I have always followed the shadow of my brother. However, today, that kind of me is no longer here."
  487. Horikita Suzune only lives for her brother, and only thinks of her brother.
  489. Study and exercise are all for the sake of being recognized by her brother.
  491. "Then ... Because you have stopped chasing my back, what will you do in the future?" Starting from the brother. Horikita regulated her breathing, then twisted more words.
  493. "Because now I have learned my lesson from chasing someone's back. I will find a way in my own way."
  495. Right now, Horikita has only just let go of her own doubts. She finally began to look around the environment.
  497. Still, She could not stop her footsteps.
  499. "And then....!" Live your own way.
  501. Looks easy, but is very difficult to do.
  503. Just by showing it ... It should be good enough as a gift for her brother. But ..., Horikita doesn't seem to end with just that.
  505. "I, from now on will walk forward with my classmates." Be an example to those around her, and to those who will guide others. That is a very important factor as a leader.
  507. "And I will study together with my friends in this school ..., to find my way." When I met Horikita a year ago, I didn't think she could grow this far.
  509. More superior than others, a model student who is insolent. A neighbor who is just adjacent to my seat. Just having good and bad individual abilities ... That's my picture of her.
  511. "I see ... Finally, you really returned to your heart, as I once remembered." Not like me ... That might be seen by Horikita Manabu.
  513. Someone who knows and believes the potential of her younger sister more than anyone.
  515. Horikita's brother placed the luggage he was carrying and shortened the remaining distance from Horikita.
  517. Freed from the distance that the two were almost separated.
  519. Both of them are now within range if they want to reach out to each other with their hands.
  521. "Do you know what is my biggest reason to stay away from you?"
  523. "....No."
  525. It's possible Horikita didn't understand her brother's feelings well.
  527. She just broke the curse of her past. Unconsciously, She was in a condition like a treasure box that was forced to be opened. There is no 'key' to answer that question. Why did Horikita's brother reject his sister so much?
  529. Why push her away ?
  531. "I really care about you ..."
  533. "Hu ..!?" Like telling her the 'key' ... Horikita's brother gave her last present.
  535. "And when you were little ... I felt a great talent from you. Even though you are not yet skilled, you are like a shining rough stone. In the end, the rough stone is polished, and I have hope that you will be able to show a power that surpasses more than I can. " The final step, Horikita's brother approached her.
  537. The distance that can touch it is only by lifting a little arm.
  539. "But you are trapped in an illusion. Then you decide that you are inferior to me, giving up if it is not possible to overwhelm me, and choosing the option to discard your own growth. You only choose to catch up behind my back as a final stop. I just can't forgive such a thing ... "
  541. Just wanted to chase after her brother's shadow and stand next to him. Surely that's not a bad thing.
  543. It can be said that it is a laudable goal.
  545. However, in other words ... The ultimate goal is when she can stand together parallel to her brother. It was truly like the last stop.
  547. A younger sister who wants to overtake her older brother, and an older brother conflict that she wants to go beyond. That was the one who created a big gap in the two brothers.
  549. "Be strong ... And be even better..."
  551. Gently, her brother hugged his younger sister ... Horikita made her best effort just to stand alone ..., but the brother hugged herself tightly.
  553. [Short hair] Horikita swings.
  555. "Bro ....."
  557. "You'll be fine. I'm sure of it now ..." not for me to be able to say anything more.
  559. There is a room where you can't say anything.
  561. "There is something that I kept quiet for a number of years ... So I have to apologize to you ..."
  563. "Apologize?"
  565. Not knowing what that was, Horikita listened while holding her brother's chest.
  567. "During this time, I am the main reason why we have a relationship like this ..."
  569. "What does it mean...?" In a small voice, Horikita asked.
  571. "Back then, I once said I like long hair, right ... But it was a lie..."
  573. "Eh, is that true !?" Horikita let out a surprised voice that had never been known before.
  575. "I intend to see if you really accept my words and will extend your hair even if you lose color in yourself, when you choose that short hair style. I just want to make sure of that ... "As a result, Horikita began to lengthen her hair to match her brother's preferences.
  577. Therefore ... When he met her again at this school, he immediately understood.
  579. Nothing has changed from Horikita Suzune.
  581. To the younger sister who just kept chasing her brother's back, He felt disappointed ...
  583. There is no need to check whether she is successful or not in learning or sports.
  585. "... Forgive that lie."
  587. "It's cruel ... Brother..."
  589. "I will not make any excuses."
  592. (As illustration)
  595. Chances are Horikita's brother did not correct his lie intentionally.
  597. For the sake of being able to feel and believe that his little sister will change one day.
  599. "I forgive it ... My big brother's lie... Thanks to that lie, I am me today." Because Horikita found out, She laughed and forgave the lie. Holding the younger sister's shoulder and then face to face. Horikita showed her brother the best smile she could make.
  601. In response, Horikita's brother also smiled to take off his mask. He is not a man who never shows his smile.
  603. But ... This is the first time I've seen his soft, soothing smile. I might not be able to see a smile like that again.
  605. One more year ... If he can spend another year in the same school as me.
  607. I feel I can be more familiar with a man named Horikita Manabu. And that could be a change.
  609. Very regrettable.
  611. "Suzune. Two years later, I'm waiting for you outside the main gate. Show me your growth ..."
  613. "Fine ... I will fight and fight to the end ..." Whatever is holding back Horikita's growth has been removed.
  615. From here onwards, Horikita only looked forward and continued running.
  617. "Ayanokouji ... I really hope to see you again ..." Maybe Horikita's brother has the same feelings as me.
  619. "Yes..."
  621. While I know that it is a wish that will never come true, I strongly agree that the feeling is the same.
  623. "It's time ..." It's near 12:30
  625. Without realizing it .., the time of the bus will come near. They both seemed reluctant, but slowly they both took their distance.
  627. "See you later ..." Saying that, Horikita's brother passed the main gate.
  629. Thus, the departure of a man. Horikita stared straight at his back and continued to stare at him without even blinking.
  631. Horikita Manabu with his younger sister ... I feel like they are leaving me directions.
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