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  1. [grobe0ba] and tell zach
  2. [grobe0ba] and the taking so long is me taking a 3 hour smoke break
  3. [Matt] 3 hour break?!
  4. [Matt] WTF man
  5. [grobe0ba] why not?
  6. [grobe0ba] i ran into some friends
  7. [grobe0ba] watched a movie
  8. [grobe0ba] or most of it
  9. [grobe0ba] smoked
  10. [grobe0ba] dipped
  11. [grobe0ba] relaxed
  12. grobe0ba: became less grouchy so i wont shout at nom
  13. [grobe0ba] or zach
  14. [grobe0ba] or you
  15. [grobe0ba] or anyone
  16. [grobe0ba] all around good things
  17. [grobe0ba] with the exception of me not getting that done yet
  18. [grobe0ba] i'm going to sleep in an hour
  19. [grobe0ba] if it isn't working
  20. [Matt] Whats wrong with yelling at me?
  21. [grobe0ba] i'll work on it tomorrow
  22. [grobe0ba] i honestly don't know if i can MAKE it work
  23. [grobe0ba] it should've worked the first time
  24. [Matt] And its good to yell at zach as he's not here
  25. [grobe0ba] lol
  26. [Matt] no way to get bitched back at ;)
  27. [Matt] like so "Zach your a fucktard!" [/fake yell]
  28. [nom] :|
  29. [Matt] Its a joke nom
  30. [Matt] I dont think that
  31. [nom] I WANT
  32. [nom] MY
  33. [nom] BOT
  34. [nom] TODAY
  35. [nom] :|
  36. [grobe0ba] nom, i remind you once again
  37. [grobe0ba] personal shit is personal
  38. [grobe0ba] business is business
  39. [grobe0ba] i'm taking my own time
  40. [grobe0ba] and money to host your shit
  41. [grobe0ba] i'll be pushed only so far
  42. [nom] If that's how it's going to be..
  43. [nom] Ill take my shit back to danp
  44. [nom] :|
  45. * Matt is staying out of this
  46. [grobe0ba] nom, i'm not threatening
  47. * nom rolls eyes
  48. [nom] and
  49. [nom]  i dont
  50. [nom]  like
  51. [grobe0ba] i just don't want to be put into a position
  52. [nom]  the fucking fact
  53. [nom]  PEOPLE
  54. [nom] CAN
  55. [nom] GET
  56. [nom] ONTO
  57. [grobe0ba] where i would kick anyone else off my server
  58. [nom] MY SHELL
  59. [grobe0ba] and leave you on
  60. [grobe0ba] nom, FIX IT THEN
  62. [grobe0ba] you TOLD me to tell zach
  63. [grobe0ba] and danp
  64. [nom] I CANT EVEN GET ON IT!
  65. [Matt] passwd
  66. [nom] fuck it
  67. [Matt] enter current password:
  68. [nom]  just fuck it
  69. [nom] -.-`
  70. [Matt] enter new password:
  71. [Matt] repeat:
  72. [Matt] done
  73. * nom is away: Pm it if needed.<3
  74. [grobe0ba] ...
  75. [grobe0ba] i don't know anymore
  76. [grobe0ba] i try to help, and be useful
  77. [grobe0ba] i donate my time, and my money
  78. [grobe0ba] what do i get?
  79. [Matt] welcome to my world @ grobe0ba
  80. [grobe0ba] behaviour that would have me removing anybody else's account
  81. [grobe0ba] and no gratitude
  82. [Matt] most people are greedy
  83. [grobe0ba] i don't think she's said thx once
  84. [Matt] not saying she is but most people are
  85. [grobe0ba] i go out of my way to help friends
  86. [grobe0ba] as in
  87. [grobe0ba] loaning
  88. [grobe0ba] and giving
  89. [grobe0ba] thousands of dollars
  90. [grobe0ba] all i ask
  91. [Matt] same
  92. [grobe0ba] is for them to show some gratitude
  93. [grobe0ba] say thx once
  94. [Matt] is for some apprecate?
  95. [grobe0ba] just fucking ONCE
  96. [grobe0ba] every saturday night, i go out, use some gas up
  97. [grobe0ba] look for people on the interstate
  98. [grobe0ba] that are pulled over, needing help
  99. [grobe0ba] i've personal reasons for doing so
  100. [grobe0ba] as in
  101. [grobe0ba] i love driving
  102. [grobe0ba] and being outside in my jeep driving
  103. [grobe0ba] but the knowledge that i've helped someone
  104. [grobe0ba] it makes it worth it
  105. [nom] before
  106. [nom] i smash
  107. [nom] the ever living
  108. [nom] fucking
  109. [nom] shit
  110. [nom] out of
  111. [nom] my computer
  112. [nom] im going for a fucking walk..
  113. [grobe0ba] see what i mean?
  114. [grobe0ba] all temper
  115. [grobe0ba] no compassion
  116. [grobe0ba] i'm a complete and total ass at times
  117. [grobe0ba] well, most of the time
  118. [nom] ...
  119. [grobe0ba] but i can still be polite and show gratitude
  120. [grobe0ba] "hey base, thx!"
  121. [grobe0ba] that's all i ask for
  122. [grobe0ba] all i get
  123. [grobe0ba] is
  124. [grobe0ba] i WANT
  125. [nom] because you've done nothing but piss me off?
  126. [grobe0ba] i WANT
  127. [grobe0ba] NOW
  128. [grobe0ba] because i'm still donating time and money
  129. [grobe0ba] right now, i'm just venting a bit
  130. [grobe0ba] pretty calm, for me
  131. [nom] :|
  132. [grobe0ba] as shitty a day as its been
  133. [grobe0ba] it's had it's good points
  134. [grobe0ba] chilling with my brother
  135. [grobe0ba] relaxing a bit
  136. [nom] ....
  137. [grobe0ba] and some fun working on my shit here
  138. [nom] okay grobe0ba
  139. [nom] You can have my server
  140. [grobe0ba] getting my hands dirty with some real work
  141. [nom] and shove it up your fucking ass
  142. [nom] k?
  143. [nom] All i asked for was the fucking password
  144. [grobe0ba] after months of sitting in a classrom
  145. [nom]  for the fucking boc.
  146. [grobe0ba] *classroom
  147. [nom] bov
  148. [nom] box*
  149. [nom] \then finding out
  150. [nom] GOOGLE
  152. [nom] WAS ON IT
  153. [grobe0ba] HE HAS A SHELL
  154. [grobe0ba] I AM FRIENDS WITH HIM
  155. [grobe0ba] MY FRIENDS ARE MY CHOICE
  157. [grobe0ba] IS MY CHOICE
  158. [grobe0ba] *line removed for good reasons*
  159. [grobe0ba] YOU do NOT get to dictate
  160. [grobe0ba] who gets to use MY server
  161. [grobe0ba] MINE
  162. [grobe0ba] _I_ PAY FOR IT
  163. [grobe0ba] out of the wages I MAKE
  165. [grobe0ba] losing sweat
  166. [grobe0ba] and BLOOD
  167. [grobe0ba] FOR MY COUNTRY
  168. --- Disconnected ().
  169.  Quit: seems im not wanted on my own fucking server, k fucking bye...(xchat!2.8.6)
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