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Yuki's Character Sheet Vol. 1

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Mar 30th, 2017
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  1. Yuki Konishi
  3. Yuki is about fifteen to sixteen years old. She has been living on the streets as a runaway for an undetermined amount of time.
  5. For a good while, she seems to prefer life on the streets, as it gives her more freedom and insight into the world around her, although she understands it's not the most ideal place to be. This is most prominent in the scene where she talks to Kathy at the McDonalds.
  7. She is close friends with a girl named Kathy who moved from America to Japan and is currently working at the local McDonalds. Her friend is willing to give her free food for a while. However, she is told that this may no longer be possible, as Kathy thinks her boss is catching onto this. Kathy gives Yuki a number for a manga cafe, as she is concerned about her mental and physical health.
  9. For a while, Yuki has had a crush on Kathy and signs of this are kind of obvious when she talks to Kathy at the McDonalds. She eventually kisses her when they're at her house, though she feels scared and embarassed about it afterwards.
  11. During the second act of the story, Yuki finds what she thinks is an abandoned home due to the broken fence and slight damage around the whole building. She decides to enter the home though the first story window. She roams around, looking for a bed to sleep in and she eventually finds an empty one on the second floor. She shines her phone's flashlight around and notices that there are plush toys scattered around, which she recognizes as Pokemon plushies or as she puts it, "Pocket Monster plushies."
  13. Yuki seems to have an interest in Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) and her knowledge of the franchise is fairly extensive. In fact, in a scene where she talks to the owner of the supposedly abandoned house, she is able to understand and talk about different subjects related to the franchise.
  15. To get by on the streets, Yuki was forced to learn how to be sneaky and how to steal things without getting caught. For example, if she's going to steal from a store and not get caught, she had to learn how to conceal the rush obtained from stealing an item, figure out how many items she could steal at a time without drawing suspicion, and what to say in case if she was questioned. Not only that but she also had to learn how to defend herself by learning unarmed combat in case a weapon like a knife was not available and learning what constitutes as self defense.
  17. Yuki carries a steak knife with her in case if someone tried to threaten her life, as that was the closest thing she owned to a pocket knife. Though this rarely seems to happen given how Tokyo, the setting of the story, is arguably one of the safest cities in the world.
  19. At the supposedly abandoned house, the owner (Kenjirō Furukawa), walks into his bedroom and collapses onto the bed, falling onto Yuki in the process. Yuki screams and Kenjrō jumps back and screams as well. He runs out of the room and comes back in with a knife. He turns on the light and Yuki also pulls out her knife. The owner asks her what she is doing in his house. Yuki responds with, "Your house? Wait... You mean this place isn't abandoned?" The owner responds with, "Yeah! Why did you think tha--- Oh... right." Yuki profusely apologizes and proceeds to leave. As she does so, "Look, I'll just pack up and find a nice comfy box to sleep in." The owner takes a closer Iook at Yuki and notices that she doesn't look well. He puts down his knife and says, "Or... Or! You could stay the night and we could continue this discussion in the morning." At first, Yuki is unsure about this. But once the owner says he has another bedroom he can sleep in, she accepts and the two go to bed.
  21. The next morning, Yuki and the owner continue their discussion from last night. The owner asks Yuki if she really meant what she said about finding a box to sleep in. Yuki says yes and she's been living on the streets for a while. The owner asks why this is. She confesses that she has run away from home. She explains that one night, she and her aunt were watching a TV program together when she accidentally made a comment about how beautiful the woman on the TV looked. Her aunt is shocked but tries her best to calmly ask Yuki to repeat what she said. Yuki complies and her aunt puts her hand on Yuki's hand and says, "It's okay. It can be treated." Yuki is taken aback by this and says that it's not a disease and that she is overreacting. Yuki's aunt calmly replies with, "Yuki, I've practiced psychology for a very long time and my experience tells me that this is a problem." Yuki starts to cry and runs up to her room. She sobs for twenty minutes and searches for "Gay Treatments" on Google and is horrified by what she finds. Upon thinking about the treatments, she decides to pack up her things and run away.
  23. According to Yuki, her father is supposedly in prison after getting caught smoking, "The Magic Dragon" that he got on his trip to Colorado. When questioned about her mother, she'll shrug.
  25. Yuki's favorite food is Yakitori and is the type of food she steals the most often.
  27. One of Yuki's favorite TV shows is Malcolm in The Middle. According to her, Kathy was talking about an episode about how Malcolm, Dewey and Reese who vandalize a billboard and turn the act into a protest for women's rights by changing, "I want Reese!" to "I want respect!" and found the plot to be hilarious. From there, she became interested in watching more of the series and eventually started to really like it.
  29. She will sometimes assist Kenjirō with cooking and development of Super Sloth 3 (Specifically with beta testing various levels and reworking certain story elements). When she does this, she not only learns how to make specific recipes but also gets a glimpse of the often difficult creative process for making a video game.
  31. When she goes to the manga cafe Kathy talked about earlier, she tells the person at the desk that she would like to stay there. The person admits her and because Yuki didn't have enough money for the room, the desk person assigns her a place to stay but says that she'll have to do some work to make up for it. When she gets to her room she takes out her phone and lies down. She gives Kathy a call and says that she got a room at the manga cafe, to which Kathy congratulates her. Yuki says that she has to do some work there in order to make up the amount of money she wasn't able to pay.Kathy says, "Well it's not perfect, but it is a step above living on the streets." Yuki giggles and replies with, "I guess that's true."
  33. The two finish their phone call and Yuki decides to pack it in for the night. At around three in the morning, Yuki hears a knock at her door. She decides to speak in a british accent and asks who's there and a man's voice says, "Is your name Yuki Konishi?" Yuki says no and that they have the wrong cubicle. The man feels that something is off and asks Yuki to come out. Yuki refuses and says that she just got out of the shower. The man says, "At this hour?" and Yuki says that she couldn't sleep and thought that a shower might help her relax. At this point, Yuki locks the door and lies back down. The man then says, "Okay. Sorry to bother you." and walks away. Yuki falls back asleep, thinking that the man has left for good. At 3:10am however, the man comes back with a staff member and knocks on the door.
  35. This time, Yuki stays quiet and hides under the blankets provided by the desk person, thinking the man has returned. The lock clicks and the door slowly opens. She hears footsteps coming towards her and she gets out her knife. She lifts up the covers and screams at the top of her lungs while holding the knife to the ceiling. The man is startled and the staff member runs away and cries like a little girl. Yuki points the knife at the man and says, "Put your hands up and back away." The man laughs and says, "Yuki, I've been in a war. I've taken several bullets and a grenade. Do you think I'm going to be scared of that dinky little knife?" Yuki replies with, "Not if I cut you with it!" The man sighs and says, "Yuki, I'm not here to hurt you, okay? I just want to talk to you." Yuki refuses and dives over to her bag. She darts out of the room, barely escaping the man's grasp. She books it out of the cafe and as she's doing so, she overhears someone say, "I shouldn't have ratted her out." Yuki runs up to them and recognizes them as the desk person from earlier. She asks them, "You did what?" The desk person says they told the man where she was as he claimed to be a person that her aunt hired to find her.
  37. Yuki is upset but sees that the man is fast approaching and decides to continue hightailing it out of there. After this whole ordeal, she decides to never stay in another manga cafe.
  39. Over time, Yuki starts to become attracted to Kenjirō as he not only has a lot in common with her but is also accepting of her sexuality.
  41. Much like Kenjirō, she also has a crush on Chun-Li and is relieved to find out that he is not only okay with it but also has a crush on her as well.
  43. One of Yuki's favorite soft drinks is Coke.
  45. Yuki has short black hair that stops around the neck area. During the first third of the book, she is about four foot eleven inches and is unhealthfully scrawny. Her brown eyes have faint dark circles around them and while on the streets, she wears red, somewhat worn out tennis shoes. She also wears a light grey zip up with a fur hood and purple lettering on the front that reads "Aero". According to her, it was a gift from her father when he travelled to Chicago. She prefers to wear boot cut denim jeans, as she feels it is the most comfortable type of pants to wear. After she meets Kenjirō, he gives her a few pairs of his pants that no longer fit, along with a couple of T-Shirts. At a later point in the book, they go to a department store and buy themselves new coats.
  47. Yuki is very conscious of things like removing shoes before entering someone's home, even though she is living on the streets.
  49. Yuki also seems to have a fear of snakes, which is most prominent when she finds a baby golden pit viper in the pocket of a coat at a second hand store.
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