Program1: Milling piece(test)

Oct 13th, 2012
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  1. Simple G-code program for Mazak CNC-millingmachines:
  3. %01
  4. N1  G92 X52 Y52 Z24
  5. N2  T04 M6
  6. N3  G00 X-52 Y14 Z3 M04 M08
  7. N4  G01 Z0 F0.08 S100
  8. N5  G01 X172
  9. N6  G00 X-52 Y30 Z100
  10. N7  T07 M06
  11. N9  G01 Z-1
  12. N10 G01 X172
  13. N11 G00 z2
  14. N12 G00 X-52
  15. N13 G01 X-2
  16. N14 G01 X172
  17. N15 G01 Z2
  18. N16 G00 X-52
  19. N17 G01 Z-3
  20. N18 G01 X172
  21. N19 G00 Z2
  22. N20 G00 X-52
  23. N21 G01 Z-4
  24. N22 G01 X172
  25. N23 G00 Z2
  26. N24 G00 X-52
  27. N25 G01 Z-5
  28. N26 G01 X172
  29. N27 G00 Z2
  30. N28 G00 X-52
  31. N29 G01 Z-6
  32. N30 G01 X172
  33. N31 M30
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