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20 Questions About.....TheDoc.

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  3. In Prototype, there is, actually, though he prefers to just go by "TheDoc". As of April 2015, Doc actually happens to be the newest addition to the Prototype Staff, him being a W-tank like Rhythm_BCA is. He's also Member #8 of the 1024 Club, as well as a member of the Big 7 [he's in 4th place with 800,313,325,185 BP as of this Pastebin] and he currently holds the distinction of reaching 1st place with the least amount of Star Force since the days of only 512 stars existing: He had only 550 Stars when he finally obtained his Star Of Immortality.
  5. With Doc being a staffer and all, I thought I'd go the route that I did with Rhythm, and allow him to choose 15 Q's instead of 10; he's a staffer who ALSO goes to college, after all.
  7. Community Q's:
  9. Q1. Favorite Mega Man Fan-Game? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  10. Doc: "As far as Classic-style games go, I would say Mega Man Rock Force has grown on me. Has the right amount of challenge (at least for Normal difficulty) and has a really fun new mechanic. The bosses could afford to do less damage, though. Mega Man X Corrupted looks promising, but that’s not out yet.
  12. Q2. What’s your thoughts on ACTUAL doctors? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  13. Doc: "The way I see it, there are two kinds of doctors: ones that are in it for the patients and ones that are in it for the money. Depending on the doctor you visit, you’ll either get a rushed and/or inaccurate diagnosis or a thorough study into your illness. Just the way the cuukee crumbles."
  15. Q3. How do you feel about your (somewhat) recent promotion? Do you feel like you were a good choice for the job? [MegaBossMan]
  16. Doc: "Well first off, I’m very glad to have been chosen for moderator because that shows that people trust me, and I find trust very valuable both when received and given. Secondly, moderating revolves around finding the balance between being too harsh and being too lenient in order to maintain the rules, and I think that I’m capable of finding that balance."
  18. Q4. If there was ONE Robot Master weapon you wish you had and could use in everyday life, which would it be? [MegaBossMan]
  19. Doc: "Oh, Time Stopper hands down, especially now that I’m in college :P "
  21. Q5. Besides Mega Man, what other games do you enjoy? Do you find yourself drifting to certain types? [MegaBossMan]
  22. Doc: "I enjoy a lot of different games, so I can’t really say I like any one type. I like shooters (3rd and 1st person), RPGs of various kinds (Paper Mario, Skyrim, and Monster Hunter as examples), fighting games if I find the motivation to practice (DBZ, SSB, Injustice), and sometimes puzzle games, although none really come to mind. Honestly, I’ll just play whatever I find appealing, which is a pretty wide variety. Sorry if I seemed to dodge that question :P "
  24. Q6. What are your thoughts are cuukees? Do you find yourself eating or crushing them? [MegaBossMan]
  25. Doc: "Eating. Crushing cuukees is the highest form of felony. Come to think of it, I feel like I know someone like that…"
  27. Q7. What made you decide to shoot up to the top of the leaderboard when you were originally around 25? [TobyJoey]
  28. Doc: "This is going to sound like a terrible reason (because it is), but I think it was a combination of determination to finally do something with my leaderboard standing and boredom. Then everyone told me that I wouldn’t make it to the top without basically all the Starforce. Challenge accepted ;)."
  30. Q8. How do you feel about Mighty Number 9? [TobyJoey]
  31. Doc: "I remember I looked into it a bit when it was first announced a couple years back and I was very excited to see that Inafune was indirectly keeping Mega Man alive. I don’t like making judgments about games before their release, but I have high hopes for it."
  33. Q9. What are your thoughts on the Battle Network series? [TobyJoey]
  34. Doc: "This may be biased considering that Megaman Battle Network 3 was my very first Megaman game, but I love the Battle Network series. There was a great combination of the need for careful strategy (making the chip folder), pattern learning, and lightning fast reflexes. I’ve played 3-6 and enjoyed them all. I could tell you what I liked/disliked about each individually, but that’s a story for another day. I’ll just say that MMBN3 still remains as my favorite BN game."
  36. Q10. Will you ever actually add profile data things to your profile? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  37. Doc: "Probably not. Personally, I’ve never been much of a profile person; I’d rather just interact with the community myself. Ya never know, though..."
  39. Q11. ...You’re too mysterious...i don't get it.... why though? [ZeroDXZ]
  40. Doc: "Ummm...uhhhhh....I’m.....I’m sorry? You’re gonna have to explain how you find me mysterious..."
  42. Q12. If not Skull-Man as an avatar, then whom else? [ZeroDXZ]
  43. Doc: "Actually, iirc I think the reason I chose Skull Man as an avatar was because I was using him in the RP thread... Honestly, I’m not picky on who my avatar is, but since I’ve used Skull Man for so long I figured I’d just keep him :P "
  45. Q13. There are tons of Robot Masters out there, so out of all of the robots, could you list a few of your favorites? [MegaBossMan]
  46. Doc: "I’ve never really thought about which Robot Masters I like most, but if I had to pick, I’d say Napalm Man, Gemini Man, [insert strike-thru here]The Law[/strike] Quick Man, and Punk. If we’re counting protagonists, I’d definitely also say Proto Man."
  48. Q14. Can I rattle your bones? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  49. Doc: "Depends. Can I use your head for a game of ring toss?"
  51. Q15. Hot or cold weather? [TobyJoey]
  52. Doc: "I’ve always seemed to handle cold weather better, but maybe that’s just because I live in Indiana."
  54. Mike's Q's
  56. Q16: OOH, PAPER MARIO! What other Mario games do you like playing?
  57. Doc: "I’ve played some Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros., and Mario Kart, but mostly just for fun with family. As such, I’m not a huge stickler on which Mario Party games I play. Also, I’m no good at Mario Kart... However, Paper Mario: TTYD remains as one of my most favorite video games of all time. I share a childhood with that game..."
  59. Q17: What are your most loved and most hated Classic series games, in that order [and why]?
  60. Doc: "Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve played most of them, but if you insist *cracks knuckles* here we go. Keep in mind I haven’t played 8 & 9 yet, so:
  61. 1. MM10 – It did an excellent job of capturing the feel of the Classic series and the weapons were fantastic. Commando Man’s level design did make me pull my hair out a little bit (the sandstorms...), but overall I think it was really solid, providing enough difficulty without cheapshotting the tar outta you. Also, even though it really isn’t fair to the earlier games, it had some awesome nostalgia moments like the Weapon Archives and the Square Devil that reminded the players of the highlights of the old games while doing a pretty good job executing them as bosses for the current one.
  62. 2. MM1 – There was something about the combination of simplicity and difficulty in MM1 that made me like it. Some weapons are less useful than others, but the majority of them are as simple as they are useful, and I love that. Hyper Bomb is literally just throwing a stereotypical cartoonish bomb, yet it’s great for covering a large area with good damage output. MM1 does suffer from forcing you to find/use the Magnet Beam to go through Wily’s Castle, but since it’s the ugly duckling of the game, I try to ignore it.
  63. 3. MM7 – Closest thing to MMX that the Classic series got, because of the Rush Adaptor more than anything. You felt super accomplished once you managed to collect all 4 Rush Plates, and there’s nothing like the feeling of fighting Super Bass with the Rush Adaptor. Speaking of which, MM7 introduced Bass, so that’s a thing.
  64. 4. MM4 – The weapons were much more useful and the utilities were easter eggs that acted as rewards for you exploring enough instead of being another means to stop your forward motion and make you switch to the right weapon to get through the Wily stages. It doesn’t beat 5 & 6 by a ton, though; honestly you could put those 3 in the same group and still be fine.
  65. 5. MM6 – I don’t remember much about this game, but I guess that’s because it was kind of a forgettable game. I’m not saying the RMs were horrible, but for being the 6th and final NES installment, it offered nothing new minus the Rush adaptors. The RMs themselves have been remembered, but the game itself is kind of left in the wake of the advancement of Mega Man. It’s a solid game but not for being the 6th.
  66. 6. MM5 – About the same level as MM6, but the weapons were worse off. Charge Kick had no advantage given that I already had Napalm Bomb, Power Stone was a major pain to aim, Crystal Eye shot randomly to the point that you were better off using your buster or Gyro Attack, etc. Also, Super Arrow’s ammo was blatantly awful.
  67. 7. MM3 – The Doc Robots were an interesting idea, but in execution they were just annoying to go through. MANY of the weapons I never used outside of weaknesses, and from what I remember of the Wily stages, they were more of a pain than a challenge.
  68. 8. MM2 – Cheap insta-death everywhere (moreso than usual) and an annoying reliance on your weapons/items in the Wily stages. It makes sense to have scenarios where such tools would make your life easier, but it should always be possible to pass something buster-only imo. For example, DA BOOBEAMZ."
  70. Q18: You've been a member of Prototype for about 2 years, now; Do you still remember how you found Prototype?
  71. Doc: "I heard about it on Cutstuff where CHAOS_FANTAZY also hails from. Pretty sure Tails also heard it from there, but I could be wrong..."
  73. Q19: College. Tell everyone how expensive it is.
  74. Doc: "Yea, it's pretty pricey, and I'm really thankful that I even have an opportunity to attend. It's totally worth it, though; you get to explore all the different fields of life you might have an interest in and hopefully find your niche in society through that journey. As long as you're willing to be diligent enough, that is. :) "
  76. Q20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwLn_His9Yw
  77. Doc: "SHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m hunting wabbits!"
  79. *whispers* Oh, oh, sowwy. Special thanks to The Doc for being such a top-notch "20 Questions" subject. Additional special thanks go out to MegaBossMan, ThatOneEnderMan, TobyJoey and ZeroDXZ for making some very good suggestions.
  81. Now, make suwe you weave vewy, vewy qwietwy; you don't wanna scawe off the wabbit. :P
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