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  1. ShazepeToday at 11:52 AM
  2. hey, do you have some issues with flower?  Like did she do something to upset you?  You definitely can't keep treating her this way and giving the type of responses i've seen
  3. please lmk
  4. HikooToday at 11:52 AM
  5. yeah...
  6. how do u know..
  7. at all man idk shes the ONLY mod that i have issues with
  8. all mods are more than friends to me, even i try help her idk i feel she dosent like me or something call me jerk and rude in most petty stuff
  9. ShazepeToday at 11:53 AM
  10. I can see the chat logs
  11. HikooToday at 11:53 AM
  12. she said early in chat looking for spurce logs
  13. so id love to help her
  14. i ask her how many u looking for using red color
  15. Anyways she said ill look for someone else u begin rude, cuz i used red color
  16. reason i used red color that she told me before, if i didnt saw ur msgs use red color
  17. im really done with her even im trying to be nice and help her.
  18. u can check Console logs to be more clear.
  19. She ignored me then she resign from mod.
  20. ShazepeToday at 11:56 AM
  21. ok, well some of the stuff I've seen is a bit different.  It is kind of harassment on your part, even if she did something to offend you, and then you reply trying to play it off differently.  She told me you asked if she wants you to kill yourself
  22. she says she has no problem with u btw, so I think you should relax, be nicer, and please don't respond with that kind of stuff anymore
  23. HikooToday at 11:59 AM
  24. at all then i saw her on
  25. i ask for other staff
  26. cuz i cant handle with her
  27. she always say she dont hate me or something
  28. but my eyes really dosent lie
  29. if u want u can ask all mods i have no Any issues with any1
  30. even she first mod on ss ive meet and i know from so long
  31. we cant even agree on 1 something she take everything srsly
  32. but yea i told her what u want me to do im just trying to help
  33. want me to kill my self then she left i was so mad like im trying
  34. to help and begin called rude so i really cant do any thing more
  35. than this
  36. im pretty sure i always saw her running around spawn and i would like send 1 million msg and im rejected then she say please be patience im sure i can be patience but like if she have nothing to do its would be so annoying, at all i have no problem with her i really like her as a friend and respect her so much the question is to her we never like never agree or was in 1 thing together, so from while i stoped msging her for mod stuff even she the only mod was on i prefer to wait other mods at other way i dont like begin ignored or rejected, and i respect her, peronsally i have nothing bad with her the question is to her i love everyone in Safe Survival, dont have any problem with any Staff, even she have me blocked on discord, and ignored me then she resign but yea if she sure that she have reasonable to ignore / block me i understand this, and all what i wanted to do just to help her nothing else, and i really dont think im rude for using ''Red color'' while msging her, thanks and if u have any other questions im always on.
  37. ShazepeToday at 12:06 PM
  38. Ok well imo messaging her a lot and bothering her in a few other ways I heard isn't gonna get you on her good side.  So try something different, just be calm and try like you would to any other mod.
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