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  1. create database bwo;
  2. use bwo;
  3. create table Customer(
  4. CustomerID varchar(5) primary key,
  5. CustomerName varchar(20),
  6. CustomerDOB date,
  7. CUstomerPhone varchar(13),
  8. CustomerEmail varchar(20),
  9. CustomerAddress varchar(29));
  11. create table WeddingPackage(
  12. WeddingPackageID varchar(5) primary key,
  13. WeddingPackageName varchar(20),
  14. WeddingPackagePrice int);
  16. create table AdditionalServiceType(
  17. AdditionalServiceTypeID varchar(5) primary key,
  18. AdditionalServiceTypeName varchar(20));
  20. create table AdditionalService(
  21. AdditionalServiceID varchar(5) primary key,
  22. AddtionalServiceTypeID varchar(5),
  23. AdditionalServiceName varchar(20),
  24. AdditionalServicePrice int,
  25. foreign key(AdditionalServiceTypeID) references AdditionalServiceType(AdditionalServiceTypeID));
  27. create table DetailTransaction(
  28. TransactionID varchar(5) primary key,
  29. AdditionalServiceID varchar(5) primary key,
  30. foreign key(TransactionID) references Transaction(TransactionID),
  31. foreign key(AdditionalServiceID) references AdditionalService(AddtitionalServiceID));
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